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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - June 24, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeSheaf wave hits part of nation new records Sef Baton Betty Atkinson tries out the ice prior to her first performance in a London England show. Betty known As America s number one drum majorette was taught to skate by her husband. They re Rora Long Beach Calif. By International news service flood and drought imperilled Iowa and Colorado respectively today while no Relief was in sight from a heat wave which has hit the Central Rockies and the Central plateau of the coun try. The hot weather extended into the Central and Northern great Plains pcs Moines la., braced itself against the embroiled pcs Moines River which Hiroa Cneri to Wash Over levees in the capital City of Iowa at a Crest of almost 30 feet. Nov. Dan Thornton said in Denver that Colorado was in the clutch of its worst drought in history with no Relief in sight. The fifth straight Day of plus 100 degree temperature was fore cast. He planned to seek Federal designation for the state is a disaster area. Meanwhile new record High temperatures for june were set at Many places yesterday in Wyoming Colorado and Utah. Pueblo colo., had 105 and Mil Ford Utah 104. For All time highs it was 102 at Denver. 100 at Cheyenne wyo., 10 at Casper i 100 at Lander the hottest place in the nation i go Ste Day was at Gila any. Where he Mercury soar to 113 degrees. Along the Pacific coast it ore., had 61, Ratoosh Island. Wash., new England and the Florida coast reported rain this morning thundershowers were general aka staff correspondent around the Gulf of Mexico yes Washington near every Ter Day while a few isolated and territory in the Union Rie storms hit the Rocky Moun now has the Opportunity to buy f t f 11 f i thursday. June 24. 19s4 King port senator says . Should Rawline number of unwed movers against commies Washington vet increasing in nation san Francisco the of Young people Are one cause number of unwed mothers is in or. Schauffler said. Hut declared 1 to warn the communes they can go no further n the they Tan to no further in then i of o said today it is too late for y. S. And a sex he Stern. In he Kph hysteria which armed in Call soday is wet to blame a is a calculated instrument of the free world h 1han Ald yesterday. Journalism and so called Many influences Are a work entertainment trend. Producing an emotional Sham beyond this there Are Loose Fosters Many o he bad examples and Lack aggression. Deviations and denatured Bio of supervision in parental and senior Senate foreign Urcla trends which Are common Home influences liquor Nar tons committee member ii folks. Or. . Auto Alexander Smith c Schauffler of port and finally gang influences of 30 congressmen who attended Landrt Ore the american which Combine the above ele a White House briefing yester medical Assn merits and tend in certain Day. Said he believes that if a he he had seen too Many groups. Almost to enforce pre line is firm y drawn by the free h in tunes of marital sex _ think these matters cannot be White beating the summer is Here and the Wales locks Niro enough for a dip. Hut these two cuties in Helsinki Finland scorns a trifle hesitant about dunking themselves nil the Way. Lation i i i i s new Hospital on wheels developed by cd planners gobbling up All of strategic in decently handler Many of them by the Sochina. The intensive White House briefing of congressional Lead having their babies May Tura ers Ruth democratic and to out to be a maturing experience served As a prelude to often a distinct psychological the visit this week Mil of As compared to an by Kenneth o. Tain area. Tile Savins emergency Hospit Ith primp minister sir Winston Lobo Mon Churchill and foreign minister or. Schauffler said there were i Anthony Eden with president ,83.100 illegitimate live births in Eisenhower at the White House. 1938. And 142.000 in 1950. Nearly the problem posed by the half these mothers in were communist threat in Indochina i under 20. And were girls is expected to hold top spot in under 17. The talks Between Churchill and a much higher percentage of. The president. Unmarried mothers nowadays i Smith who visited the Trou comes from comparatively Privi a ble stricken far East last groups High school Stu a said that if Britain and France dents College students Young had indicated a willingness to women with Good jobs As Coin go All out to curb red aggression pared with the poor working the Lyonl of the Hospital in in Vietnam three or four girl or penniless Domestic of eludes a triage room for this country might have the beginning of the classification of casualties a been Able to take decisive a i modern customs which pie Shock treatment Ward three lion. precocious operating rooms sterilization i however he said that u. S. Room Central Supply now would he too Deal on the outcome of the pharmacy Laboratory. A Ray late. Churchill Eisenhower talks ind room and Floral go. Flowers of Alt a Nakak As tour Telephone dial i 5-5174 c Lrol. Mrs. Phil Rizzuto serves Home team Blue Bonnet Robin Yvonne Darnell he settled at Omaha Beach sex i Leo Heroux reads a Day history to wife Anne Marie and children nor Man and Nancy. He was with the a Day boys who did f make if i lit equipped to rare for the worst room he Asual a concerning the Outlook for the the efforts of new French pie m a a Var fire or of 10 physicians. 20 Grade strategic area. Smith said Mier Mendes France to a com attack. . 125 trained Auxili-1 i have a feeling that Russia plish a settlement in Indochina the Federal civil defence and such As nurses aides and will not be so foolish As to try to Churchill and Eisenhower will ministration has developed a 75 untrained auxiliaries will be i take Laos and Cambodia i the i begin their urgent discussions portable 200-bed Hospital which required to Man the Hospital two other Inri chinese Stales i of the world situation As soon Gate City. A. R o b i n a single moving Van can speedily enough supplies to last 24 at least not for years. There May i is the British prime minister Ai Yvonne Darnell two year old transport to areas of disaster hours Arn stored in each unit be a stoppage of the comm Rives in Washington Friday daughter of or. And mrs. Harry the first assembled unit has just we everything from wonder lists at an imaginary line. Morning. Darnell. Route 1, died at been set up in one of to aspirin. Fourteen Stra. I would like a. Statement from . Wednesday in a ton s temporary buildings. The Girlly located Federal War the United nations that the City Hospital after a Brief ill the government is offering to houses presently contain communists can go no further Ness. Pay half the Price of each hos million Worth of Back up sup this far. But no surviving besides the parents Pitzl. Which costs s26.435. Four plies ready to be moved in after Smith said that the u. S. Now Are the paternal grandparents. Teen states and Hawaii have no the first Day. Or. And mrs. Lemuel Darnell of ready put in orders for d3 of the Gate City and the maternal units although some states have grandparents. Or. And mrs. Noi been Able to afford Lloyd Lane also of Gate City. Tire Hospital As yet Simeral services will be con new York. Maryland. _ ducted at 2 . Friday at the Ohio Antl Hawaii purchased 47 la full univ Bellamy Chapel with the Rev. Complete units. Us Ciway 111 Earl Austin officiating. Burial a a follow in the Lane cemetery. Or Carlisle s. . Who is in the body will be removed from the civil defense hos the Scott county funeral Home Pital explains that its to the residence at 3 . Thurs purpose is to provide an Early los Day i Hospital for severely ill casual ties As close to stricken areas As b. D. Curtis civil defense officials estimate states have n i f August registration has to go into a watch and wait period and that what eventuate will depend a great registration for voting in the. Dalton Floral Lynn Flowers for All occasion a arrangements Eva ranted dial Circle c-u22 Circle 5-3jh Groseclose Flowers All occasions dial Circle 6-6108 All Hillside charming housewife and Yankee fan mrs. Phil Rizzuto is used to cheering winners says Blue Bonnet won her fight away. Golden Blue Bonnet s sunny Sweet flavor makes a hit with she says. I love the Way it spreads so easily and smoothly. Much better nutritionally yes unlike most Margarine Blue Bonnet contains both vitamins a and d. Yet club Bonnet costs much less than the highest priced spread. Blue Bonnet helps give families the food Energy they need. Buy Blue Bonnet for All 3 flavor nutrition and Economy. And of course Blue Bonnet it smoother spreading hurs Dav the in the Blountville courthouse will be by Rosette Hargrove Nea staff correspondent Coleville. Ery june 6. For the last five years. 32-year-old Leo Heroux dons his freshly pressed go uniform and All his medals to attend a Day anniversary ceremonies on the Home. Leo Heroux who was born in Lowell. Mass. And lived most his pre War life in Central Falls amphibious engineers. He came in after the first wave of in Fantry on a Day 1944. To clean up the Omaha and survived. Two Days later he walked into a farmhouse in the nearest Vil Lage and asked for a Glass of milk in Exchange for Candy bars and cigarettes. There he saw pretty Black haired Anne Marie Broeck 21, the Village school mistress. He spoke a Little French and she a Little English. He fell in love with her at first sight. They carried on their court ship by mail after Leo went on to Cherbourg to Northern France and finally to Germany. Heroux served 32 months in the army including two years in european theater. He went Home with the Croix re Guerre with Palm several citations and Marie who now Speaks fluent English is interpreter with the British Battle monuments com. Mission in Bayeux. The Heroux and the Brocks All live together in the same farmhouse and sometimes Anne Marie sighs for the comforts of an american Home. She did. How refrigerator and washing machine. They Are the object of much admiration in the Village i when he thinks Back to that momentous a Day Leo Heroux says by far my worst experience in the whole War was the the Rev. Troy Jones will of mls Ievins some 21.000 dictate. And burial will be in new person witri0ut, . Bethel cemetery. Nationally they figure at least r r r emergency Hospital units. Guy c. Cratt would be needed. Under such circumstances the Weber City. A. Guy c. Craft. 49. Gate City died unix Mobile Hospital unit fills the Bill. M it can be set up in and suitable j peeled y thursday at . H a modern i h. At Holston Valley Community it of Abolt Hospital. A guard several years n ten Nessee Eastman co., he was a lifelong resident of Scott county. Funeral services will be arranged by Scott county funeral Home. Survivors Are his widow mrs. Nell Blackwell Craft a son John Howard his Mother mrs. Jim Dungannon and a Howard Craft of Gate City. School. It requires 1.500 Square feet. Each unit weighs approximately 13 i tons the noon hour. She added that persons who have moved from one precinct to another in the county May change their registration by writing a card or letter to the registrar. Always use Low even tempera in a tires when heating milk Saucepan or in a double boiler. Wounded on Omaha Beach of my buddies were blown up by a land mine right before my eyes. That s Why i never miss be ing with the boys who did t make it on memorial Day and a Day anniversary every his most cherished souvenir is an american Flag which he found on a wrecked let on the Beach. It will wave again on a Day Reese runs wi1.i i Brooklyn folks Here in Brooklyn claim that Peewee Reese is the Best base runner in the game. And they pull out records to Back up their claims. The records show that the of an attack. Only the Barest necessities Are included in the units which Are designed not for luxury but to save lives. At that the hospitals Are provided with 288 different types of equipment such As five folding operating tables a port same Broom swept clean Able Field a Ray unit. 200 folding Canvas cots with sheets blankets new York Dpi league Umpire Bill Ste the same whisk Broom to dust off Home plate for 20 years. Now i the old Broom has been retired and is enshrined at the National baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown n. Y. Stewart says he first used the Little cleaner on sept. 23. 1933. The last time it was placed in operation was the 1953 world series. Canvas cots with sheets Dian Keis National and Surg Cai knives for Stewart used i probes scissors and other when assembled in a building Flowers dial cd s-11z1 Hutch Wallin Florist it5 e. Mall St. Automobile buyer saves 5164 through state farm Pun i compared finance and insurance coals before 1 bought my new car. Through the state farm Bank plan my Azent Laved i Over the first int of i d been one of Many actual cases the rank plan Eften you two proven Money Vinit methods for car Huy in financing Throck nearby hunk part Ford Ficarra on car you want and compare them truth Bank plan too first Call or your Suu farm before you buy. Orbie r. Fleenor insure. K. Center at Dale i 6-1861 Marie went 10 the states to marry her i. But Teroux. Who is of frent h Canadian descent found it difficult to Settle Down in his pre War Ion in a Central Falls Tex tile factory and Anne Marie was of in nostalgic for France. Alter two years they decided in return to her native land. By that time had a two year old son. Norman soon followed by Nancy now four and lastly. now nine months old. Heroux went into business with his father in Law who after the War save up farming to set up an automobile driving school. Heroux is completely acclimated now to the French Way of life but he has preserved his american nationality. 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