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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - June 17, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeThur Kingsport times june 17, 1354 7-c no sign proclaims there he no swimming at warriors path fit ale Park. People swimming in spite of tile signs raise.-, a by question. Is it Safe to swim despite tile sign signs facts fail to Loicl at warriors path state Park a pole of rubbish Mars what would otherwise he a perfect picnic site above at warriors Park. The Park rules and regulations tic Iowa declare rubbish must be placed in cans but there Are no cans provided. Set fast looms in Hayward divorce Hollywood uni Beauty Susan Hayward will be u today in i or bitterly contested divorce suit against her estranged husband s. S. Harm attorney for Barker. Is expected to revive the vivid picture drawn by a pre Vious witness of a woman resembling miss Hayward dashing nude a Lawn with a Man in hot suit. Reports persist meanwhile that a settlement of or More Lor Barker May put an end to the sensational squabble which the red haired Star reportedly Lears May Hurt her Ca reer. Vlahn is expected to question miss Hayward about the unclothed sprint in an Effort to discredit testimony of an earlier witness who said the actress screamed As she ran Don t kill me Don t kill me. Somebody please help the defense counsel Lias stated he believes the witness mrs. Lodge Swain former maid at the House next door to bark ers was prevented by a Gate and trellis from seeing All she claimed to see of the Chase last july 17 in Barker s Back Yard. There was one report last night in Hollywood that miss Hayward s lawyers had offered a s150.qoo settlement to Barker if he would let her get the de Cree by default. But counsel for both sides denied it. In a second report earlier yesterday Vlahn insisted that miss Hay Ward offered through her attorneys a sum payable in equal instalments Over a period of 10 years but her counsel. Martin gang denied it. Claims son old rules and r governing tin. ,6 by elms East Temie Steans Are voicing a of disappointment in warriors path state Park. Garbage and other there was evidence that at patrons of the Park say they picnics is on had been made to Burn would like for this Point to to Delvs e of j Tennessee site possibilities of the new but at present there Are waste including Watermelon things that Are bothering them. Rinds paper plates first one of the finest Chicken Bones and other areas ill any state Park has no rubbish piled Al the ends of garbage cans. The Only place to nearly All the tables. J i by ing jogs m on kick i torts except or bridle Trail posses h arms of Teplo stat Sia Par build fires except a places provided. Dispose of waste from ground the waste but much of it clarified. Of course if anyone this writer walked Over the would t Burn. J injured or becomes ill from Clyde n. C. If Elmer entire picnic area tuesday not Only is the sight of waste swimming in the Basin they will Roosevelt Mason 30, will be tried Illey Are delighted with the and did not Sec a single car a Tabie unsightly no recourse. _ Jhc re july 12 on a charge of let . Waste ,.ul Bill did see piles rom some is not very the state is protected since the i Ting an unlicensed signs forbid swimming and his car. Charles m Woodruff Park who ignore the warning do so Ati state patrolmen w. R. Wood is doing the Best he their own risk. In who made the arrest said he can with the few employees he in All other aspects the Park is saw the Mason car Aboul but without garbage cans pleasing the people. Every Sun Jit is next to impossible to keep Day thousands of people visit the i the area clean. Park. The ironic part is the second the roads Are being graded item of rules and regulations of regularly and before Loo Long the Park state it shall be in they will be surfaced lawful to dispose of rub the boat Dock is in full opera Bish except in cans Tion and the state has several i Woodruff explains he has had boats and motors for hire and by i gone Levin Karachi. But when they go Back cans ordered and has been they Are being used by Many Karachi Pakistan to their Home villages no mat promised them but As yet they boating fans first glance. Karachi looks like a Ter How Short the visit might have not arrived. As one person said we Are Man s world. The streets arc be. They return to the second complaint is mis proud of the Park and glad Toi crowded with men. The few the clinging to the past keeps leading signs at the boat Basin j have it. It will be one of the Fin women who can he seen hide moslem women from working in these signs say no recreational areas in this their faces behind veils or Bur stores and offices from appear water impure. Yet of the country when they1 hoods with Eye slits. Ing in Large numbers in Are people swimming there us a place to put our rub purdah the seclusion of rants and from shopping in Day. Ibish after a Karachi is still conf rash 01j he old and j he new Miles an hour with a Driver i who looked a bit Short in the Saddle. Mason protested that his son is a capable Driver who also runs a farm tractor. The boy was t charged. He s five. Women practice by Many mrs droves. I lems still is alive in Pakistan arg go Fly i Oil Uuie r i Jill planners study tighter rules on subdivisions Knox Vilf a Rice re , . Tion of the opening of new sub. The subcontinent i divisions May be in the wind the custom is a despite the growing of modern ideas. Young pakistanis Are anxious to modernize their customs to i bring women out into the open and to give them a place in bus mess and society. But the new ideas Are taking hold slowly. Although the concept of Pur ated trom Carson Newman col Riah is not backed by any Spe luge in Jefferson City recently. Civic authority in the Koran. They Are mrs Carolyn Carson tradition and customs Over nun Elm Ore daughter of or. And dress of years have Given j bin Carson of 1310 a a Tauga Street miss Joanne Hall. Moslem comm Mues on of air act mrs c. B 5 Ancl miss Billic three girls Imit ins from discussion at an i area plan nine. Conference Henri Myslm hard one daughter of or and Haner even for a modern Young mrs Koy t of 246 like to Ira Hall cd Street. Here and at Norris tenn., on wednesday. Members of local planning commissions from throughout East Tennessee were told that i the Boom in population and the movement from Rural to Urban areas has caused land in fringe areas to be parcelled up into sub divisions at a right rate. This in Zohra. That is not her real while at Carson Newman. Mrs. Name since she asked to remain was in to he unidentified has attended school Patian literary society a Capel in the states and is i Tunini t f it Ria Tisl Studeni Union one of u e f t few choir and was on the Honor Roll m the offices Sophomore Vear. She or the modern they might be in out in Cit Rpp in Bachelor Init Mill a. U us i there is some doubt As to How or. Woodruff is of the opinion impure the water is at this Point i that the rubbish cans will be and also How Safe it is to swim in j Here before too Long and there a boat Basin where Power boats will be plenty of help to keep Are being used. I the Park clean and patrolled. Mil Vuja. U Pilj in Cajon of to work their husbands or fam turn has placed a tremendous i t m " Hall Nancia Burden on some cities and counties to improve streets inv a out the t t0 when i marry i fully women s student Active in l i t e r a r y society. Quit my work. finite service band. Young men probably would of teachers of America a i i suggested were us inter Reg Jap to nov being ill purdah but Lula ions requiring the Subdivider they still would want me to stay to Bear a greater Cost of do Home As much As possible. They Jve loping the streets sewage and consider it backward to Wear a drainage. Burka hut they still Are not. I Kingsport City manager d. A prepared to let their wives roam Moulton in his office 1 hurs the streets at will. Government future and is on the appalachian staff. She received the Bachelor of arts degree. J miss Pate has been Active in the hypatia literary society Young women s auxiliary. Vol a. Untener band. Modern Portia. Fun Auy morning tha Kingsport Here in Karachi i never go lure of series to bettor Oft than some shopping alone or to a student ally i other m this respect be rant or movie alone. The men Wil be is Eccl in he i of who s who in american col she re .1.1.1. The Bachelor of arts de also requires sub insult me. Requiring property owners to they would Point at me. Perhaps pos a share the Cost of improvements question my morals and possibly i . Flu i i have girl friends who Are modern As i am. They also work for Hie government Gree and graduated with the Dis on of Ari with Aid of russian signs is a 3c Korkut i5k.ady of Chester. A. Airmen passing his guard station soon learn simis mean Stop and present your i s. Samples. A. B. Ai Lien Davdi a. Milton and c Ity manager Moulton. Cool sales talk was just hot air Phyllis Terry graduates Fror i i Chicago Paul Green miss Polis a. Field Tel i police he s burning up daughter of or. Terry. Mir it the a . Miss Terry a her Jor. Has served As v n it s getting so a Man have honest fight unction of Magna cum laude. Youngster finds Selznick to Velum women Aren f line weaker sex i Hollywood David o. Fiel Znick says he will return to Olimi production with a movie version of Tolstoy s War and i i the producer made gone Knoxville fourteen a year old Mack Garrett. Has Ric cited two things wrestling in t what it s cracked up to be and women Aren t the weaker sex. I Mack and his 11-year-old Ter Anna decided to imitate Over ,1 Deal with three men for Fin air conditioner. Orrin Field told dec Active Mal to Law Parypinski hint he gave Thror men a fish for an air conc i Lorn. Tinner they told him they could pet at a wholesale Price. He had with the greatest Money grosser of All time. Sparks. Nov. A u. A wild the . Copy Council sek Nick said yesterday a.1. Against considers and Sim Battery. Mar in scope to gone with lir i Liener Forelli. Sparks wed incl he intends to 1 Nils a who punch one another will he produce it is such. President liable to lines up to shoo and jail met them in a tavern. the b. S. A. Treasurer of her sentences of up to 250 Days or ing in the nil degree heat yes in her Junior sri Torday Greenfield told Par pin Lor years group editor of the the Colin oilmen furthermore ski it sounded like a Cool Deal newspaper vice president ind decided two peo Jile who of the Light in Public and thereby Ter Council. I a the Iligir fellow shall in. Cd ill is. And i Truing Terr i Timilty of an Aff Niy. Such for the of will be subbed to a Max he Ennis c l in. Inn i pern Lyol in , w. A. ,11 id the v. C. A. A line 01 Bull. On television. Anna apr plied an Amlock and Mack we flying Over her shoulders. Niglis i Ospital a rays revealed Mack a broken left. Arm. Just dial his last production was Duel in the Sun in 1945 which starred his wife Jennifer Jones. He went directed by the Liri i men to a Norl ride garage to pick up the machine. Hut he Iii Kly Dison venal Hinr talk was jus a 01 hot tie re was no machine. Cab service open 7 Days per week a 5-5831 inn Garden cabs am types of trope stirs it Callory. K. 11iai. Cd

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