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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - June 9, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee12 tuesday 9, 1953 Kingsport times Tobert Zane Gray 177 w. 3evier Street received a Mas Ter of arts degree in education from East Tennessee state College on june 6. He was the first president of the graduate student organization on the state Campus. Stacy Franklin Ford will be awarded the Bachelor of science degree in chemistry at 3 p. M. Sunday in Miles stadium at Blacksburg a. The Kingsport student is graduating from Virginia polytechnic Institute. 7 amendments to unrevised Tenn. Charter go before voters in nov. Editor s i the first of a Ries of proposed drafted the state s limited constitutional Coa by John Nashville a. Harris pro posed amendments to Tennes see s 83-year-old unrevised Char residence in the state was not altered. For clarification the Conven Tion also changed the language enumerating officials for whom qualified voters can cast their ballots. Few who know Rhee s life Story will question sincerity of Aims by Earnest Hoberecht up Asiatic chief Tokyo is the most important thing in the life of Sygman Rhee. Nothing comes before it. His goal is free United Korea. He is not worried about the rest of the what it will think of him. The big ques Tion he asks himself in times of stress is this what will the korean history books say about while Many persons May Dis agree with syn Man Rhee few who know him and his life s work Challenge his sincerity. His methods and his state ments frequently have come in for criticism and there Are some who believe he has acted on emotion rather than reason More than once in his Long Ca reer. Even though top United nations leaders Here probably Dis agree with him on a lot of Points there is no doubt but that they have considerable sympathy for him and his prob lems. There is a great Deal to be said for the old one of the highest in officials in this area said recently. He has Many Good arguments on his friends of Korea even though him while he was in jail and he became a Christian. He was released in 1904 and went to the United states to study at George Washington University Harvard and Prince ton where he won a doctor of philosophy degree in theology. That same year 1910, Japan took Over Korea and Rhee re turned to agitate against foreign j influence. He finally had to flee and went to Hawaii. In 1919, a group of anti Jap Ense koreans met in Seoul and named Rhee president of what they called korean provisional government. During the years that followed Rhee bad gered countries around the world to recognize him As a chief of state. Although the United states refused he lived most of the time in Washington. He even carried his plea to the league of nations in Geneva and it was there that he met and married Francesca Donner an austrian who contributed much to his career. She is with him in Seoul today. Rhee and his wife returned to Korea soon after the end of world War ii. The japanese were gone but the country was divided at the 38th parallel. Any other responsible Constitution now says to constitutional convention in eligible persons May vote Lor he entire state be offered o the general Assem the voters in a special election and other civil officers for next november. Ithe county or District in which youth is struck by stray Bullet a Long Island youth was shot by a stray Bullet at his Home monday night. Edward Evans 17, the son of Willie Evans 1815 Long Island drive was treated at the Holston Valley Community Hospital at in i948 South Korea held its . Monday for a Punk they do not always stand behind inst elections and selected a leg Turea Bullet wound in the left Rhee 100 per cent Are Assembly. The Assembly shoulder. He was released after to Point out that he More than resident Bob Morelock son of or. And mrs. Ralph Morelock route 7, has been named win Ner of the civitan club s citizenship award at Lynn View High school. President. His ambition had been Only partly achieved. Soviet controlled communists held the North time to building an Independent of the nation and of and democratic Korea. His work forts to Mutis the country by Tenn. Escapee who came Bock learns Fate today Nashville Clinton of Gilbert Davidson county negro Ive the state prison Escapee who voluntarily returned last month after ten years of Freedom learns his Fate today from the Tennessee pardons and paroles Board. The Board met and apparently reached a decision. But a spokesman said its rec . Till noon special Purchase of Flat Bamboo Bushel clothes baskets each for laundry or general us around the Yard two handles caled Revo the 99-member convention i he recessed last Friday after spend Patriot and even Large number of delegates Rhee was born March 26, 1875. Ing seven weeks hammering the wording needing the time he was 19 he was in proposed changes in the and the new propos ithe thick of korean politics. He sections to which the Call amendment provides Quali limited. Tied voters shall be entitled to the suffrage clause in the con-1 vote for electors for president Stit ution considered one of vice president of the United states members of the Gen eral Assembly and other civil officers for the county or District in which such persons re least controversial under convention scrutiny provoked a rough and Tumble Battle when a bloc of delegates proposed lowering the minimum voting age from 21 to 18. although the convention re drafters of the 1951 the lower voting age act under the convention As proposals proponents of the sem bled had included the suf Frage Section primarily to allow formal abolition of the poll tax As a voting prerequisite. Idea have announced plans to continue to press for suffrage for 18-year-Olds. Delegate Wilbur Watson of vented vision. The constitutional pro actually this has been a com Rutledge a retired army colonel polished by an act of the 1951. And one of the strongest adv general Assembly which Circum-1 Cates of the lower age said he intends to go to Washington in an Effort to get Congress to pro the delegates turned Down the i pose an amendment to the fed plan to lower the age to 18, then eral Constitution vetoed a proposed amendment and Watson and 16 other Del which would have reduced the Gates have obtained a general campaigned against the old korean monarchy even though he claimed Royal blood. Slapped into jail he stayed there seven years. He was Tor tured daily during the first half year of imprisonment. He was handcuffed his feet put in stocks and a 20-Pound weight Slung around his neck. His fingers were mashed and lighted Sticks were jammed beneath his Finger nails. When he became korean pres ident More than 50 years later he still had the habit of blow ing on his damaged Finger tips. Methodist missionaries visited age to 18. Leaders in the 18-year-old movement then offered a plan to permit the voting age to be determined by legislative action. This too met defeat. As finally adopted the pro posed amendment 1. Eliminates the poll tax As a voting requirement by providing Fiere shall be no other qualification attached to the right of suffrage outside of age and residence restrictions. 2. Formally Grants women the right to Privi Ege already provided them by the Federal extending the franchise to every person of welfare charter of incorporation for an organization known As vote at 18, formed to con duct an educational Campaign in the nation As Well As in ten Nessee. At present Georgia is the Only state which has granted the franchise to 18-year-Olds, but several members of Congress and officials of the Eisenhower administration have indicated they favor extending suffrage to youths nationally. Such an age reduction in ten Nessee would affect an estimated persons Between 18 and 21. Other convention drafted the age 21 the present amendments would increase the Section gives the ballot Only to governor s term to four years age i expand the gubernatorial veto i Power make minor changes in every male person of the of 21." 3. Reduces from six months to the amending process increase three months the minimum county residence required before a person is eligible to vote. The provision requiring one year s legislators pay and allow local governments to exercise Home two different Home Rule amendments were prepared and both will be offered to the electorate. Each of the seven Amend ments will be voted on separately and ratification will require a simple majority of those balloting on the proposal. The convention recessed until july 14, at which time the Dele Gates will return to recheck grammar and Correct any tech Nical errors in the proposals. Kidney slow Down May bring restless nights kidney function slows Down Many complain of Nae Rinc backache head aches dizziness and loss of Pep and a Nerry. Don t Suiter restless nights with these Dis comforts if reduced kidney function in get this you to such common causes j As stress and Strain Over exertion or expo sure to cold. Minor bladder irritations due to cold or wrong diet my cause betting up j Mehta or frequent passages. I Don t neglect your kidneys if these Condi. Tons bother you. Try Doan s mild diuretic. Used successfully by millions for Over 50 years. It s amazing How Many times Doan t give Happy Relief from these air com help the 15 Miles of kidney tubes and Fil finish out a Mac. Get Doan s Pilu and Al conferences were fruitless. Rhee was very grateful when the United states rushed troops to Korea to meet the communist attack. However he always has insisted that the communists would not have attacked if South Korea had been Given sufficient arms and ammunition to defend herself. Many koreans believe the United states invited the communist attack by repeated state ments from High officials to the effect that Korea was outside the u. S. Far East military de sense line and was Indefenso a rightly or wrongly Rhee and Many other koreans feel the United nations the War unify Korea. Rhee knows the pre War unification talks were fruitless and he fears any subsequent Politi Cal efforts will be just Asun successful. 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