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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - June 4, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee14 thursday june 4, 1953 Kingsport times promised czech Paradise appears loaded by Phil Newsom up foreign news editor ten weeks ago Czecho Slovakia s newly fleeced presi Dent Antonin Zapotocky prom ised the czechs a new today most of his audience have reason to suspect the word Der the Strain of trying to dance to Moscow s communist tune. Her profitable markets with the West have been Cut off. Her valuable consumer porcelain toys musical instruments have been scrapped in favor of greater output of the guns tanks and other War a f i a Nixon ainu ubi Ici was pair of Dice and that the Terral Russia demands. Dice were loaded. Prague radio in announcing All czechs Are under orders to its financial reforms let slip line up this morning june 4 at Banks and special Money Exchange centers and submit to a financial shake Down that would make big Julie s crooked game in Guys and dolls look like a Charity basically the Deal works like this if you be managed to keep a few dollars they Call them crowns in Czechoslovakia Jin Ling in your pocket or nesting in he company till you step up to he window and Shell them out of the Man for Crisp new cur Rency. Fifty of the old capitalistic crowns will get you one of the new pegged to the russian role. Bank savings for workers will be run through the wringer at rates scaled from five to one for the first Hundred dollars Worth to 30 to one for the More re spectacle sums. Owners of Sev 1oaded Many a Plank and door Light above is believed to have achieved a record in hauling build ing materials for the same company for More than 38 years. All the houses in some sections of the City have been built of materials that Light has Laid Down on the building site haul ing them first through the Muddy roads by mule and later by truck. Citizens Supply employee believed to hold record Bill Light employee of of houses known As the Supply corp. Since was begun june 2, 1915, is be-1 after Many years trucks re this bit of interesting information. The new 50 Crown notes will be engraved with a picture of a czech partisan shaking hands with a soviet Soldier. At least the czechs should know whom to blame for their financial plight. Retired minister attends Church on Stretcher at 100 new Orleans retired minister celebrated his 100th birthday by going to Church on a Stretcher. Or. George Summey attended eral billion crowns of Bank ac-1 services yesterday at the third counts dating Back before 1945, presbyterian Church Here where Sereff y test for smokers urged before operations lived to have set an employ placed the mules As a Mode of transportation and Light started driving a Large Arleader truck the first owned by the ment record for Kingsport. For Over 38 years he has for the same company company with the same name and in the _ _ same location and under the citizens Supply co. Personnel same management. Of no Lusht to has delivered More building a Light.509 Harris ave is for he construction of and impounded since then have the government also had news for anyone foolish enough to have invested in czech govern ment Loans or government securities. They re worthless too. But that s not All. A whopping 80 per cent Cut in wages and salaries has been de Creed by the government. In other words if your pay Check was crowns last month the next one will be for . That bitter Pill was sugar coated thinly with an announce ment that prices will be Cut an years ago. Last year he celebrated his 99th birthday in the Church. Congratulations were received from president Eisenhower nov. Robert Kennoth of Louisiana and Many Church leaders. Or. Summey was the youngest person to graduate from David son College at Davidson n. C., and is now the College s oldest alumnus. The Century old minister was born in Asheville n. C., and was ordained average of 31 per cent. At Best churches years old. He started to work for the company driving a team Homes and buildings than any other Man in the City. Of mules before any Kingsport Light has four Chil Dren Ray streets were paved. He Kingsport Leroy of Bristol Nof 11-1 to Vlf Tim Tito a Nusl _ _ _ j that in the Winter the mud Here was almost knee deep on the mules and it was a Long time before trucks were practical for use on Kingsport roads. He delivered practically All of the building material to build All the houses in what originally was called White residential Section of Kingsport and most of the material for the i Arthur Light and mrs. George Holden of Johnson City. A Bonus and a Complete new outfit have been Given to Light in recognition of his rec Ord. Company personnel said Light in All the years he has been with the firm has never complained about the wages he was paid and has never asked for a raise. That would leave a 50 per cent Gap Between the Cut in wages and the Cut in prices. Bread prices for instance Are Cut Only 12 per cent flour 22 per cent. The biggest per cent Are for heavy Industrial goods. Want to buy a Dye cutting Plant Comrade but even that is not the end of the Story. One additional de Cree has been quietly issued. It provides czech workers can be required to work unlimited on top of the stand Ard 48-hour week in the inter ests of the nothing said either about time and one half or other benefits. It All adds up to something that has been Long suspected. The czech Economy is stagger ing to the Point of collapse in. In in Tucky North 1873. He served Tennessee Ken Carolina South Carolina and Louisiana. Knox gun victim reported improved Knoxville investment broker Lucien l. Bailey is re ported slightly improved follow ing a second operation in a Knoxville Hospital where he has been since he was shot in the head while playing Golf sunday his family says he still is in critical condition. Two boys who say the shooting was accidental Are being held Bailey was shot with a stolen .2 Caliper Rifle. Never had fatso was it possible to oct your family Wash so clean Ufa tic wore such cleaning Power when science brought you tide it gave Yon the greatest cleaning Power the was Day world had Ever known a cleaning Power that got clothes cleaner than any other washing product you had Ever used. Till tide cafe along you never Hod it to clean and now tide combines its terrific cleaning Power with wonderful Mil Nett. Tide a so kind to hands More so than any other detergent known. And tide is so tafe for All Wash colors. Colors love tide s gentle suds Moling wite Clowes to blowing no bluing except for stubborn Suins no need to bleach no need to Blue All by itself tide gets shirts towels sheets so dancing White you la be try see for yourself no wonder More women be tide h their Aiton Atic in fact in Alt kinds of washing than any other product m to offer will Wash As Ocan yet is so mild by Alton v. Blakeslee a science reporter new York safety test for cigarette smokers before they aesthetics for operations was recommended today to the american medical association convention. The test is to cough to make sure the breathing airways Are Clear. Or for heavy smokers to keep coughing until they Are Clear. The test and reason for it were described by or. Barnett a. Greene and or. S. Berkowitz of Brooklyn. Smoking and especially the in Haling of cigarette smoke is a main cause of bronchitis or inflammation of the breathing air ways they said. Smoking is four to seven times More common cause of bronchitis than any thing else including various infections. The bronchitis can Fead to numerous complications during or after taking aesthetics even those Given by vein and not breathed in like Ether Greene said. Sometimes it can cause death due to phlegm blocking the breathing tubes. Anyone smoking More than a pack of cigarettes a Day is Likely to have such bronchitis the Doc tors said. Two packs a Day is fairly sure to produce it. The cough test is a safety measure. The airways Are Clear if the cough is a single event not particularly easy to do. An abnormal cough is one which is self propagating leading to More coughs either wet or "dry.1 troubles can be avoided by ask ing patients to cough to make sure the airways Are Clear. Another convention report tells of successful magnetic artificial eyes for people who lose an Eye. Artificial eyes look most nor Mal if they move in step with the Normal real Eye. The magnets to move artificial eyes look like a Good answer said or. Richard c. Troutman of new York hos University. A Magnet is placed in the Eye socket after the diseased or damaged Eye is removed. It is attached to the Muscles which normally control the movements of the eyeball in synchronization with the Muscles of the opposite Good Eye. Later the artificial Eye is put in place with a Magnet attached to the Back of the Glass Eye. It then moves in response to the Eye Muscles. Or. Seymour j. Gray of har Vard medical school suggested that stomach ulcers May be brought on not by nervous stimulation but through hormones. The stomach itself he said May be a gland like Organ of tie body reacting to hormones just As do other glands of the body so he explained the hypo thalamus gland in the brain it acting to human emotions Susji As worry May affect the Pitu diary gland in the brain which releases a hormone act which prompts the adrenal glands sitting Over the kidneys to produce adrenal hormones which perhaps affect the Stom Ach. The stomach May be activated to produce More acids arid pepsin which Are blamed for causing stomach ulcers. It was the second time he has new liquid kills Roaches and ants he was pastor from 1903 to 1928. I been advised to simply forget the whole thing. That Money is j left his bed since he wast co worthless. To a Hospital almost two scientists discover easy Way to kill crawling insects Roaches and ants Are the most difficult household pests to control and they can be brought into the Home at any time. Science has recently discovered a colourless Brush on insecticide that not Only kills but controls crawling pests. It is called Johnston s no Roach. Developed after years of re search no Roach is an invisible odourless stainless liquid so powerful that one application re Mains effective for months. Best of All no Roach May be brushed on without having to move your pots and pans. It is not a contaminating Spray or Messy powder contains no Dot no sodium flu Oride and no phosphorus. Effective for months simply Brush Johnston s no Roach wherever Roaches ants Silverfish or water bugs Are found around Kitchen cabinets and sink Woodwork on baseboards window Sills and door Sills. Insects that walk Over the coating become paralysed and die within two or three hours. The coating will continue to kill All insects that walk Over it for months to come. Guard against crawling insects this modern no Roach Way. 8 of. Pint it. Cut rate super markets Oakwood markets the Little store red Circle stores Dye Lowe also at your neighbourhood grocery store dist. By giant Dollar wholesale co. Broker Hanks brokerage co. Bristol insist on genuine Johnston s no Roach that s i Call re1l Coffee for some reason wide open outdoors makes the goodness of mfg special Coffee even More delicious and re freshing. On your next trip take a thermos full of mfg with you and Dis a cover what we mean. Fill your cup Rich smooth Coffee flavor there s Pride and Protection in a Clorox clean Wash t for makes Clorox Cotaa limits Art realty wac tit snowy a moves it wily rain Giness but agly stains As will. Eve met important your links Art sanitary tto. It to bar knit laundering no duct equals Clorox in germ killing off Kutncy More Clorox laundering benefits Clorox Deodorizes leaves Cottons and linens fresh Dean smelling. And Clorox a liquid contains no Gritty particles to damage Wash and Washer. Clorox further conserves linens because extra gentle free from caustic made by a pc tended formula exclusive with Clorox. Clorox kills germs in Kitchen and bathroom cleaning too yet your Kitchen and Balh-1 room not Only look cleaner. For Ether and Clorox Cyttan. For in routine cleaning Clorox cod Orniti Dii Inch. And Clorox n Nan Pobo Sioui Loo. Provide i Tan Ito Tion with to Tufty. Label direction for the Many vies of of Fox. Ai Turlais i favorite atm Pluim doras Ufau Emu

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