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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 28, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeBeatrice Fairfax says absence May make heart grow fonder but go slow and 0616005 fill Willimm i of Sipll i 11111110 i dear Beatrice Fairfax i am r 30-year-old Divorcee and a Younts Man two older than myself whom i have known for several years. He. Was married and is now divorced. Since both of us Nave been f ret i we have seen quite a Little of Cache Otilit a and Are very Dunne Nihil. I am not sure that what i feel for him is love but am very fond of him. He seen is feel the same Way. Somehow i think that in Lime the trouble is that he has taken a of government Job which requires him to go out of the country and he will probably be away at least a couple of years. I would gladly wait for him. But How can i Sug Gest such a thing to him mrs. R. M. Dear mrs. R. A if this Young Man goes away asking you to wait Lor him it would hardly look As though he were very deeply interested in you. Moreover if he actually did have a real interest m you. What is there to prevent him from asking you to marry him now and taking you along with him on his overseas As altogether. I m afraid you have very slim evidence on which to build up a Case for his wanting to marry you and my opinion would be that you had better accept the fact that he looks upon you As someone he enjoys having for a Friend and let it go lit that. Disillusioning though the thought May be. It seems to me it would be Milan to face squarely the possibility that he suspects your emotions Are becoming More involved with him than his Are with you and that this might be the very Rea son Why he sought a Job that would take him away. Such a thing often happens you know when a Man thinks to Best to extricate himself from a situation that shows signs becoming hard to handle. Adage Mav be trl e but take no chances on the other hand of course one does t forget that in Circum Brinces like absence May Well make the heart grow fonder us the old saying has it. It May be that Afler there Are several thou Sand Miles of distance Between you. He May discover that he misses you greatly and that his feeling for you actually runs much deeper than he had realized. In such a Case he would probably lose no time Send ing a message to Tell you so 3 to. Nov. Frank intent has defended his system making judicial appoint me he consistently considers in and All recommendations. The governor s statement last night followed announcement of a Resolution of the Cio Council at Memphis recommending he con sult All segments of Memphis society in making future appoint ments. The Resolution approved by representatives of the various Cio unions labelled in american and undemocratic the selection methods. The Memphis and Shelby county bar association conducts a poll among its members and the Law yer winning the poll is the Council said. Thus we have Only a Small segment of the Mem Phis population deciding on who a Bill x x x be our Clement declared lop Man in the poll does not always get the Job Alth Tieh i believe it has probably turned out this Way in Shelby he cited cases in Nashville and Chattanooga when the second or third place runners in the bar association poll got the Job. He added it should be noted however that the bar is in a Good position to evaluate the judicial tempera ment of the applicants and can therefore Render a service to All the people and by making their recommendations James Johnsons entertain with Lovely Lawn party or. And entertained mrs. James Johnson wednesday evening americans View Model Moscow russian guide Points out crops to touring u. S. Farmers during their visit to Moscow s permanent agricultural exhibition leaving for the soviet farm country. The american Farmers Are guests of Russia while similar soviet group studies u. S. Methods in the Midwest. Three games played by City Loop teams Cine Allen pitched Oakwood Market to a 10-3 win Over w. B. Greene wednesday in City league action while Bunny bread Defeated Volunteer drive in 12-11. Lynn Garden Defeated Moose Lodge 9-5 in another City league game which went eight innings. Larry Powell was charged with the Greene nine s loss. He was backed by Romette. Leading hitters Mchorris and batters for Oakwood with a Lawn party at Hie Home of were Tommy Holtzclaw. 3-3, Ron Nie Mcnutt 2-3, and Gene Allen -3. Kenney Kaynes took Over in the last three innings to win Lor Bunny bread behind leading hitters Lester Ball. 3-4. Charlie Berry in and one Shopie rim. Hii Ynes had a 2-3 Mark. Court ruling May reduce objection to Aid for schools Louiia Parsons thursday july 28, 1955 Kingsport afternoon party honors miss Carter hider firkus country club was the More mrs. Bryant Hubert of u beautifully appointed Ford Hubble mrs. Leslie Arnold afternoon parly saturday honouring mrs. Ralph suit. Mrs. Peggy Liss theft Carter whose mar-1 Grimm and mrs. James Ellis use to Ralph v. Wexler will be Mary la tilt in. N event of september 10. Orate Chadwell. Mrs. Howard wat mrs. Ray Stephic Sou. Miss Mary mrs. Harry plenary. Mrs. De inks and mrs. J. A. Dudney were Bedford mrs. Prater mrs. Lint hostesses for the affair. A Russell Brown mrs. Coy Tilson Olor scheme of Pink and while was mrs. Troy Price. Mrs. James m. Sed in the decorations and refresh Crowder. Mrs. Lewis tangle mrs. Lents. The Semnik table was Coy Bill Spivey. Mrs. Ruth Walker. Mrs Eri with a cloth of Pink with Creasy. Mrs. J. W. Phil or threads interwoven and mrs. H. E. Blankenship red with a Floral arrangement of mrs. Mack Riddle miss Ina Hick Ink lads White i Rideu Man miss Ruth Bolinger miss an air Fern and baby breath. Silver Label Bicley miss Nell Payne. Miss holding Mil while to Alletty Quillen miss Jennie Shana ers flanked either Side of . Miss Vylice Hawkins miss to bouquet. Summer Flowers in Stata miss Eunice Stata and while were used in other dec miss Flora Eidson miss Betty rations. Nelma miss Mary Larkey. Miss miss Carter u charming Brit Dot Church miss Jean Jones and Ette. Was Lovely in an at croon mass Phyllis Barnes Ressot two tone Cotton brocade i Princess shape Talho vietto. Willi wide lunge Collar which draped entirely i found the off shoulder neck line. Ler accessories were of Pink. I the hostesses presented the ride elect a Corsage of Pink and i Ivy ill carnations and a beverage Jil in her chosen China pattern knoxv1lle Iff at least 10 jills of China and Crystal were Tennessee elites either have Annex from other guests. This year or Are in invited Ruels included process. The University of ten Oscar Cai tar. Mother of the re ported today. Of the municipal techno mrs. Sarah Wexler. Mother of service records in miss Ruth Wox d to cd Are con Ler and miss Dorothy Wexler Sis so cig ters of the bridegroom to be mrs. Miss Elizabeth Menull. Mas Mildred Poe mrs. Evelyn Wexler librarian said Chattanooga. Clin ton Halls Kingsport Millington Morristown Paris. Shelbyville. Mrs. Bob Blair. Tullahoma and Waverly either also mrs. Charles easter annexed territory or started feel enc Montgomery. Mrs. Bill action toward annexation. 10 cities in state mrs. W. R. Bacall. Mrs. Fred cell dress mrs. Tommy Alexander and Glover. Mrs. Frank Countiss. Mrs. She said Mas officials believe by Dorothy manners with theme songs becoming while Louella Parsons is on and More important in the cation her column will be written by Dorothy manners Hollywood july 27 ins movies musical otherwise it s no Surprise that those top recording boys the Ames Federal control which Federal the Zygy title really its the opponents feared. Since May 17, 1954." said or. H. C. Brearley we have had fed eral control of education by supreme court decision without Benefit of Federal by congressional Story he s just bought from Las Izlo Vadnay and Dwight Taylor and did t coma out of left Field it s about an american million Aire with a Chain of hotels All Over the world Are you Liste Nln con Rad who runs into roman opens at Peabody College Here was for rank to the original supreme court decision which decl the beginning and finish of Lucy s and Desi s comedy. The Ames recording of the tune will released around came time As the Hollywood in shorts Dorothy Malone was Liber Ace s Date at the very close family party hosted by Joe tells me that four Heller before Lee and his sought Seq med wardrobe look of for while you re waiting to Selmr. And mrs. Don Willaker on whether it s going to be a matten2i25 e. Sevier ave. Of absence makes the heart grow the gracious picnic honoured or out of sight out Don Bradford or. And her do All you can to increase Mother mis. Reedy your interests and your friendships invited guests included or. And and keep Busy. Don t just sit around mrs. Don Bradfordjr and Chil dreaming and wishing and wonder Iren. And miss Sandra Bradford ing of Johnson City. Or. Ami mrs. This be helpful to you in Weaver of Bristol my or. Wins. For one. In will keep you Madge Richmond. Mrs. Bud Mil from uni Rowic your life in such Hom. And mrs. Nell Lyons of that if nothing More Ever Jim Sporl. Inmei. Of your relationship you warm t have left yourself out on a and for the other. It p o provide you with a lot of interesting j " j v a bleats to write to him about if a Cru Ilar correspondence develops of Vryn Don to though be the first to write. Wait and see if a letter from him conies with reasonable prompt Curry took Over the Mound alter Galion of the races in Public Berry started and gave up seven schools unconstitutional. Hits. Haynes relieved Curry lifter i actresses will be sought sequin need Yle complications Paris. In the Light comedy which will be made in Rome. It follows Viva vols couch.1-3. Hit a Homer. I other hitters for the vols were Boggs 4-4, and Kussem 2-4. Welch was handed the loss. Darkness stopped the game in the Fiill or. Brearley. Who has had Liik Las vegas on his schedule. Cleo Moore and Tony Travis n warmed Over Romance dining at in univ Holew Lor i inn Gard nne winning 10 a up h hits. in a Tai be Hue in race relations study i mrs j. Carroll a Nisi entered both in this co Utility and through Volt get no Rise out of Rock Good Samaritan today Lor medical out the world told a summer nor Ross Hunter by men a observation. Lie lecture audience at will Success spoil Rock Ralph Dietrich is now on the George a Ehod s up Island of . Off the i Imp it. Confess that i do not coming Broadway Plov which of Virginia scouting Luca the question of integration As Itu new Tel blast at Holly tons for his and Ness indicating that he expects to keep in touch with you while away. president Over gave be Shelburn Wallace. 3-4, and toll seems More in Len 1-s Arllier and cd Ion of How to Deal wisely Moase jul a Home run the conflicting wishes of two in of Jho names in the title pitch. It or Reading h 1 tiers were to ,m5 or y., Goorge Wade. Mrs. Paul Barnes part of the activity was simulated mrs. Jack Davenport. Mrs. Philip Iby the new general Law passed by g f Ellers. Mrs. Larry Ellis mrs. The 1955 legislature providing for Marjorie Henderson mrs. Jimmie annexation by City ordinance. Eller mrs. Charles pc land. Mrs. J the Mas is a part of the tit Bruce Rice mrs. Maurice division. Ladles fashion floor the second o. Rich elected the weather picture by Tut associated Chicago Cloudy Letroit. Cloudy m of the Mator Frank Phipps de then when you answer let the tone Robert Meredith treasurer p. H. So nor custodian of . Mime a lpns traverse cily. Re Cir fully hero for a woman in teetering on the Brink of being in Ioup if you feel int describes your own position More accurately is j and miss Rachel Bailey. He nil too Apt to let herself read into Lonan. What a Man says or writes what1 s Sutherland was Cloudy Ken wants in believe Helena Cloudy Poi Iland. Cloudy or. R. S is there Iii i Eivid into the club As a new Mem Albuquerque Cloudy nuer. In Ime i of anuei.-.-. later a Uret so take it slow the chapter was also invited to he i . Clear i Home of mrs. P. O. Rich for n Pic Salt Lake c i Clear thick to Vou. Nov and Nic on 11. Will Aio san Diego. Rio Iirth t rom be com hop. Bine a Mii of me Luh Shu Ernul to. Cicar and the facts As they reveal them following the us mess . Nciver. Clear Reives. That Way you might win m line on won. the end. Or. If you Don to you la Ai s Union. After giving the a Nicory Kansas City Clear Leasi have avoided doing or say of the mrs. Rich con Memphis Cluny eluded her bulk by saying. It is Oklahoma City Clear a Ness 100 76 102 97 i 100 74 84 78 i la 7fi Martin Berke Wood. Ley s first Independent. just happened to run into Rock the newbery award novel by Mur Jiu id Hunter at. I.1-i and n. Seemed Lueille Henry. From there Ralph qui-5. As Komi a time As any to ask them goes to Chicago to Confer about Wenli it they resented the coincidence to series. 1 i want to he mire to catch the i portent groups of the american Rock laughed. Ross and i think Climax to show or. Jekyll and Ueo ule we should he invited to the open or. Hyde tomorrow Ghl. Star or. Brearley said segregation ing. Then if we Don t like it. Weirig Mike Ronnie because my v tr-.-. N Burden to n Law tvs sue ave Lorl mid real Friend Gil slew not has u very Rood by give him a seven year itch but he was kidding. V. Or George seems to be role. Than is the antagonism or ill a of the he added prejudice is of course no unfortunate human error. But or i d no More Stoms 77 so Are thievery and murder. With Rock and Bli haps it is More dangerous to in him a Call came to the office that 71 Nore race prejudice As some Are producer buddy Adler at 20th, so trying o do than it is to ignore Axel ocl to do the and murder. Screenplay of William luge s bus 72 nor is it Wise to ignore 7151 fact that in the United states to Marjorie Steele mrs. Hunting ton har Lordi must have a mum Lical in mind. She s inking vocal twice weekly with coach Liis is the comedy Bemis readied 53jday pro negro prejudice also sex by Hie studio for the gala return 11 three Busy people. Jane Wynn. James Mason and Dick Powell Are Linding time to make trailers at la Fllch ills week Lor the heart fund drive. For her Yjih birthday present Jack of the Sands in Las vegas. gifting his daughter. Carole with u5 per cent of his Isle and sometimes May be As Marilyn Monroe the Long sus Shi Dally harmful is rsl11 wll Hom a in Ami Abel so i leave in new York. Imn i. Id Terry Moore who Lias always a Svilich in her Rimini to Holl. Vood and mover haulage and mid eng anything full wish you had t. Week s club events thursday not air fruitful of or a rent of business and professional Wom an s club. . At utilities Lor f dish supper followed by my enter Taminen and Short women of holy Trinity lutheran. Col gals Church. . For Jodi quiver mop Mpr in ladies parlor Pio pram on 10 be led by mrs. C h. Neufer. Women of the Brt Liel trashy Orrlan Church 6 ., picnic at the Church. Or mines of America that make her great but the men that cultivate and use them. America was a great land when Columbus Dis covered it. But americans have made it a great in Relief ments were served to me new Orleans Clear members. St. Louis Clear Boston rain Cleveland Clouds Louisville Cloudy new Yoi a Cloudy Washington Cloudy manii Clear 92 so 85 "8 64 m 4i m As Iii 13 j so 13 Silcox appointed operating manager of Penn Dixie Home building doubles in state in 5 months that knew no season Barrier Long to Loti Llull Silica Cotton in our collection of Calendar hoppers you la find slim coat dresses Ultra Chic tunic styles two piece suits jacket dresses in smart new fall colors. Tint niic1 at in re knoxv1i.i.k to Home Liui Dinc . The Are Loving in the Lirosi months of this with the idea that Terry s Romance year. with the Szmej i h Nicky Hilton May be resume period in 1054. The 1 i Merally of it left off abruptly in Tennessee Bureau of Hii mess re . Search reported to Lav although Nicky s father owns j the Bureau said Tennessee several other hotels he Hull tag was 105.4 per general operating manager of much of his time at. The Bel air cent ahead of the Pace set from Cement corporation Pool one of his favorite to Mav. August 1. 1955, hns been 2 he will be in charge of All operating and engineering activities Cottons from 14.95 to appointment of m. L. Silcox does Good deed for late brother Man returns to jail to pay for blankets to Ilir fi.enri.-. The fut Day br1oham Rity to Mill Wiio tin1 it div and i i. C. Hov be Cirrani us Pitt. Of Gate City paid tribute to their r us a Lac Madi i Church Hill band Buo Siers club. He at to Clisol cafeteria. In in u . Tar nine. Tho a n the ohm Minn 1uo, Man explained to if or of cer in ii one i old he run Pony sur Corriv f p. New Harri. Pir Girioni and inst Wiuf a. Who is be Tirier on Soptei i. I Ftp 45 cars with the com Pany fir i Silcox v to i at ims j a upon with Penn Dixie since m up inn in is it of tie f f. 1 Jin Clinch find. Cifu Plant n 1945 and nit mini Jiff r Tor v. I h offi Rev in saturday Indian Springs f Nimni Unity whih Prisic Marc Milton fit mend Cibin fur Pic i Kiou i f Jii Indian spnny.1-1 is hour uni their to he. i inv Ripper for at 4. Ice roam supper. Hirst . I. A Uni Low r. of helped. Iri c. F Adri Inmon. And. He Newhard. Npcinli7.pd him a mull -ribitl1 Knirr j a lit Ceni it Riidu Shiv alias Poi a find coment come inv. Pen i seven a years Fth in. Betoi c ind c Iii Iii company the the . T y u five Ceu them a new arrivals h i a pcs. H near Clark c Iii Era in i.oni1, no. I Sale a at if k Nch Pon mini Zinent co. Hito to Iii a. From it a by he pin Iii no Chapiro of the pm. Tennessee Man held Okinawa Man puts Teeth _ into political dispute in counterfeiting monday Island school denial Clini in i p ill h. Kirl to h Hill run o pre int c lass of Hihl Nyrl i Ark Merlh Nuisl clip Rah 7 Pii i a in my i Harl on and hit k l ml.-. T i in Hufh k Gnu ii in Iii. a kind l. Iii a i Ninfi invited is Tuny Ili in i. And mrs. Wednesday leu to a pcs of Moth a . 1 mrs. J. F crap fort on re. R Iii. Lilt Nyrl ill no i Mulji a h Kitii-1. L a or. At Hych. July i id i t , .1 c f Stio no a Turnr. 1 Luu t lit r Fri h. Onuf Nour. C. it Hych. In lids Olllie no . Clivi g h j. Kii sur or Iti .i-i .11 i ii. M in i nip re i i of Cycle Coli m i if two if Anil in 1 in 1" Jiin Iii in h i i t jul v. Iii to in to Firari Kiln i t. In Studebaker most for your Money in the Low Price Field drive it All taif tilings Vou i ii i t a slut la Jet Aclin ii Power Thi Conan Insler v-8 gives top per i Ruml in the Low Prii a Iii Suity is Ude hiker a styling has won Cri l Economy. San Etc Haker won the in Lilkas for the Sei straight lot crams in put trip Quality into Ever v car Thev build yen. Net. Nil to Iii Stii Lebaker oilers Lor tie . Of the is nil lowest Price car no wonder Slu Denaker is tile Rinart Ca Huy 1- Ken v aim. Much Hill or Marr when von in nil Studebaker division of Studebaker Packard corporation. Ont of Thi 4 major full line producers of cars and trucks used car used truck buyers certified Sib cars and trucks Early morning fire it. M of a .or.1 pal a c t at m my plod 1 of. m. 7 a conic in for your trial hire now Dean s motors Coin ii. And Niu d a. 214 Cumberland dial cd 6-9031

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