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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 28, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 tuesday. July 28, 1953 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper j. P. Edwards ji., so. J. A Cagusi id Tor j. W. Writ. Elii Pink by id Itoi 220-13 i Market Street Lim sport lean member of the Assoni Teo Eress Southern eur Bilsten association Ana hit audit Diean of Cucu Kallod Independent Democrat la newspaper each after noon except saturday Ana sunday i be Assoc Latec Fiew i exclusively entitled to the use for publication of Alt 313 atches credited co it or Dot otherwise credited id term and also. The ocal news Publ Sheo herein. Enl Refl a Post Odice in Kingsport. Tenn. Second class Mali untie october 27. 1844. Under the act of March 8. Isis Gamonal advertising representatives. Shannon a at inc. With offices in new Yort. A Horafo Detroit a Man. St Lou i. Kansas Clit Anitria and Ancis co. Subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year . By Carrier daily and sunday on today s Bible thought and they shall Bear the punishment of their iniquity the punishment of the Prophet shall be even As the punishment of him that Leketh unto Ezekiel the times daily tonic an avenging god closely follows the thank god thank god if those words Are not on the lips they Are in the minds of millions of people As the news comes that the shooting War has actually stopped. There have been so Many disappointments so Many sudden switches so Many unpredictable actions that held things up that there was reason enough for the cynics to say ill believe it when i see now the fathers and mothers and wives can relax. The news of the armistice has created no great ringing of Bells and celebrating. Everyone seems to feel instinctively that it May not last. There is suspicion that Between the chinese and the South koreans there will be incidents that will Start the Blaze again. Syn Man r Iee has submitted with bad Grace. He has undoubtedly instilled his feeling of Discon tent in the breasts of Many of his people. And oddly enough he has made a great Many people in this country feel that the United states has Given him shabby treatment. There Are plenty americans in High place and Low who feel that in some Way the armistice is a surrender to the and therefore if the South koreans do provoke the enemy there Are those who believe it will be better in the Long run because the Only solution is Vic tory. There Are in this country As Well a in Korea Many persons who give grudging acceptance to the truce. There is no reason at All for saying we have compromised with the reds. We have done what we set out to do. Namely prevent aggression. We never set out to unify Korea by Force. As a matter of fact there is no More Chance of a really United Korea by Force of arms than there would be Hope of uniting Germany by having West German armies with our help in Vade and destroy East Germany. There is a Chance that the unification of Korea can be accomplished by negotiation. There is a Chance that Given the Chance to hold a free election the koreans will vote for United democratic government. There is a Chance that the reds convinced that they cannot get what they want will quit trying. At least the Armi Stice gives us the Chance to find out. And meanwhile the guns Are silent. The casualties Stop. Thank god for that. It Cetera the Agenda of the political peace con Ference which must be held was a matter of debate As the reds wanted to include certain subjects that we did not want brought up. The Compromise reached on this Point is one of the triumphs of Diplo Matic language. The subject which the conference will take up Are the unification of Korea the evacuation of Korea by foreign forces the rehabilitation of Korea and it when the conferees get around to discussing it Cetera most anything can happen. Just what Means in this Case no one knows. And other things Means nothing except those other things which both sides agree to discuss. Our Side does not intend to let Formosa be included among other nor the recognition of the Mao government. Probably the reds wiil not want included the indo chinese question among but this it Cetera makes it very Clear How very very optimistic it would be to think any peace settlement can be reached in ninety Days. Especially when one considers that the preliminary negotiations dragged on so Long. In this connection the renewal of the War can be considered a certainty if syn Man Rhee Sticks to his threat to Start something at the end of six months. It is going to be necessary before time comes to per Suade or. Rhee give the conferees More time they Are going to need it. At the same time there is Hope that the political conferees will not follow the example of the Panmunjom negotiators who often went through the motions of meeting and sat in Stony silence like two motorists on a narrow Road or simply walking in and walking out of the tent and calling it a meeting. Merry go round Hollywood by Drew Pearson has Beer kept under cover but general motors has been whipping up the Senate attack against the air Force. Inside Story is that . Has been looking after its former president. Secretary of de sense Wilson like an anxious Mother. When Wilson stubbed his toe against the air Force. General motors rushed in to Comfort him and spank the air Force. . Moguls got their no. 1 boy in the sen White maned Homer Lead the attack on the air Force. Yet believe it or not. The same senator Ferguson was pounding his fists and shouting to the skies against air Force cuts Only last year. What changed Ferguson s mind almost Over night of course was general motors which is a powerful political Force in Michigan. Through its dealers g. M. Has made some handsome Campaign contributions to Ferguson in the past. What s More Ferguson nigh pressured the air Force to cancel its contracts with Kaiser Frazer a. . Competitor. One week before the announcement was made. Ferguson sat Down for two hours with Secretary of the air Force Talbott and helped pave the Way for voiding the Kaiser Frazer contract. After the news hit Michigan however. Fer Suson suddenly reversed himself. The loss of jobs in his Home state had made the move politically unpopular. Remembering to was up for re election next year Ferguson be Gan raising a Public clamor with the air Force to reopen the Kaiser Frazer Plant. The Michigan Republican has been switch ing positions so fast that folks Back Home Are calling him about face congressional mind Reading new York s clairvoyant congressman Ralph did a mind Reading act the other Day on the House floor. His gop colleague. Con Gressman Charles Wolverton of new Jersey Gol up to make a motion. I shouted Gwinn. Nobody has asked anything observed congressman Carl Hinshaw California re publican. Well i object to what he is going to snorted Gwinn. My Friend has possibly a Good mind but i i in i knew he had in mind what i had in shrugged the puzzled Wolverton. Queen s dilemma on the grounds of Windsor Palace in ene land a private cottage is locked deserted and gathering dust. Once it was the scene of Gay parties attended by the King and Queen of England and by their two children the pres ent Queen Elizabeth and her sister. Princess Margaret. Tenants of the Royal cottage have now split up and gone their separate ways divorced. Thereby hangs one of the crises of England a crisis no less grave in English eyes than that when King Edward Viii. Now the Duke of Windsor married divorced Wallis Simpson of Baltimore. Opinion is about evenly divided among diplomats As to whether 1, Peter Townsend. Who once occupied the Royal cottage should not be censured for divorcing his wife and press ing his attentions on Princess Margaret or 2. Whether the Queen Mother is not to blame for not having realized what was going on under her nose All these years. All Are agreed however that the Romance Between Princess Margaret and a divorced commoner has Given her sister the Queen one of the most difficult decisions she will Ever have to make. For Margaret now 23, cannot get married without her sister s consent until she is 25. The Queen this week approved a change in Britain s Regency Law which removed one obstacle to the Romance. But. As head of the Church of England she cannot give her official permission for her sister to marry a Divorcee without the risk of bringing the Wrath of the Bishops Down upon her head in a Man Ner which might seriously jeopardize the Posi Tion of the Crown in the eyes of the British people. She swore Aher Coronation to uphold Laws of the Church. Teen age love the problem which to americans May seem one for the society editors is so serious in England that it has already been taken up with the Cabinet and has been the subject of a Royal family conference at which Margaret told her sister tha her love for Peter town Send could not be abandoned. It was immediately after this that Townsend was abruptly transferred to Belgium and Princess Margaret was taken by her Mother on a Quick tour of South Africa. Townsend the tall handsome 38-year-old Divorcee who has caused All the trouble was born in Burma son of an English army offi cer. After a meteoric career in the Raf he was appointed aide to King George when mar Garet was about 13. Since then he has been a member of the Royal family has Ridden with Margaret gone dancing with her almost helped to raise her. Family intimates say that she has loved him for years and that the Queen Mother was Blind not to have seer it Long ago. Probable fact is that both the Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth were so fond of Townsend consid ered him so much a part of the family that they hated to have him transferred. So. Even after his divorce last Winter he stayed in itself highly unusual for divorcees Are not presented at court Are not permitted inside the Royal enclosure at Ascot and cannot be come members of the Queen s guards. Some friends of the Royal family say that Townsend is a most ambitious Young Man who deliberately pressed for a divorce with a View to marrying Margaret and that he should take himself out of the picture. But he has t done so. Meanwhile prime minister Churchill whose advice was sought believes that time is the healer of All troubles and that the Best policy is to wait and Hope. Social Security enlarged about More people will be included under social Security by a special Mes Sage which president Eisenhower will Send to Congress Early this week. It is aimed to carry out presidential pledges made during the election Campaign and will place under social Security a Large list of peo ple hitherto not enjoying old age or unemployment benefits. They will include ministers of the gospel and Lay Church workers state and local government employees self employed such As doctors and lawyers medical internet civil employees of the coast guard and american citizens employed on foreign Flag vessels such As those of Panama and Liberia provided the vessels Are owned by americans. There is no use of insisting on Freedom for teachers unless the teachers Are teaching free g. Espy Maine educator to National Council of chief state school officers. By Erskine Johnson close lips and Lon shots when will Hollywood learn that for one advertisement that mis represents a movie a thousand angry moviegoers May go Back to their television sets billboards and ads for Mem s Bright a simple touch ing Story about a schoolteacher and a problem child show Dor Othy Dandridge wearing a Low Cut strapless gown. But in the film Dorothy. The schoolteacher wears Only simple High necked dresses. Hollywood has been guilty and has been forgiven for Many things. But deliberate false advertising is Box office Poison. Remember the dance George raft and the late Carole Lom Bard did in Paramount s Bolero Back in 1934? George will repeat the dance for the first time in his new Niter act at the Flamingo hotel in Las vegas. Hut Gay audiences probably won t be aware of a grim ironic Noie. Just across the desert from Flamingo you can see the Mountain where Carole died in a plane crash Lucille Ball was tossing a salad. But it was Lucy who got tossed. It s a typical i love Lucy routine tossed by writers into the Long. Long the mom movie Lucille and Desi Arnaz Are making. The trailer in which the to comedy team is touring the nation hits a bumpy Road just As Lucille decides to prepare lunch. Result the salad lands on Lucy s head. Lucy lands on the floor. Next she s under an Angel food cake. Then she s sloshed Wilh goulash hungarian style. The final lurch of the trailer brings Down a Cascade of pickles showing improvement Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe the spirit of brotherly love would be greatly advanced if party line phones were made part time phones with certain hours allocated to each party liner. Nobody uses the Telephone so often or talks so Long As the other party on a party line. It would be wonderful if every idea that popped up in the Cap Itol was a capital idea. Modern prisons says a no Logist gives a Man a Chance to find himself. But the trouble is that most criminals would much rather lose themselves on the outside. A fellow says it won t be Long before women give up skirts entirely and Wear just shorts Iri summer and Slacks in Winter. Wanna Het skirts May be More impractical but there Are a couple of Good reasons Why some women will go right on wearing them. When a husband does some thing to upset his wife he should be sorry. But he should t be a sorry husband. Washington calling Washington the Eisen Valley authority. By Marquis Childs a a. When All the install owes fruit sour Cream mints Hower administration has gone but one of the Able members tons Are completed in 1955-56 anchovies onions. Cocktail sauce and about one third of the total to the Rescue of cattle growers of the president s own party caught in a falling Market and senator John Sherman Cooper will go to development of atomic the salad did t Wilt but Lucy in the Southwest squeezed by a of Kentucky speaking on the Energy at Oak Ridge and Padu fierce drouth now in its third floor of the Senate the other Cah. Kentucky. Practically every year. The Rescue appears to be Day put Tva in another per production Educa succeeding. The Panicky Selling spec Tive. He went Back to the Tion health and so up. Wave thai threatened has been origins of the act creating the one May say that this should changing times note not too Long ago the ladies filled Heaters with sighs when checked and cattle prices Are big Power resources program in have been done by private in Paul Henreid simultaneously lit two Cisa rets in a romantic scene. Firming up. 1933 and showed that it too was Temprise. But in the first place the administration is asking in the larger View. A Rescue private Enterprise had not done now they la howl at him Light Congress for s150.000.000 for a operation and one that has been it. And second and More import ing two Oriental pipes and pass loan and Aid program. This will phenomenally successful. Tant the benefits intended by to Lau Ette Luez in help to tide Over cattle growers he was joined by senator Lis Congress such As flood control not Only in the drouth area but Ter Hill id Alai in a successful could not have been provided in Many parts of the country move to restore to the Tva a on a free Enterprise basis who Are Riding the speculative Propri Tion the comparatively the appropriations for Tva Boom touched off by the korean Small sum of for Tva s were a subsidy to help the peo War. Resource program. Senator Coop pie of a Region just As on a much. It is an old american customer quoted from the original act smaller and More temporary this business of the Federal gov ing one Siren of a company called wedding pictures was formed to produce Thi Marie Wilson Bob cum mings co starter marry me hmm my would Ern ment bailing out citizens suf to show that the project was in the interest of the National scale the for drouth Relief is a subsidy to the people have Fering from drouth flood grass defense and for agricultural and of a Region. As regularized on a Hir if hoppers and other natural Dis Industrial development intend year to year basis Tva is pay nit i asters two years ago Congress Sci to Foster an or Jerly and ing Back Over 40 years the fed a woman who left her Hus band came Back and shot him dead after she had been missing for two years. Maybe she went away to take target practice. A subway ride once upon a time Cost just a then a dime. But now the riders have a greater expense it s going to Cost them fifteen cents. So into the subway they Are crushed fifteen cents for the Chance to get squashed such is the privilege of civilization in the biggest City in the nation. But in this system there is Christian virtue which spiritually should help not Hurt you for Only in the subway a person can get so close to his Fellowman had been an offering of mortician productions and should Judy Garland s remake of a Star is born be produced by Stork pictures. Inc.? appropriated a total of proper physical economic and eral Money appropriated for the 000 for flood victims in the mis Souri Valley. Social development of the Val Power installations. But still Ley area. There pc no tax on the is an argument Wyeth there May be some believers the Tennessee Valley had even operation and to that extent or subway loading methods came in keeping government out of before the depression of the it is a subsidy. From a study of sardine packing business so dedicated in their thirties been a depressed area. Senator Cooper s View of Tva packers got the idea Faith that they would Call this statistics on health education deserves study by the adminis David Brian wrote a screen that was and so on were far below the traction. It gets away from easy treatment of his Early expert the phrase that president Eisen National average. This reporter phrases like creeping socialism from a Man is 2000 Miles from Holly conces in show business and sub Hower applied to the Tennessee recalls seeing a careful study and shows More truly what the the subways should have Al made by economists and Sociol role of the Federal government Bow patrons could gifts showing for a typical coun has been on Power and natural Park theirs when they Are go to in Tennessee How the re resources. Ing to ride sources had been steadily mined Hundred years ago Civili away in a deficit operation with nation had not interfered with Young people educated at Public the natural balance of land and Ida Lupino is on the Side of expense migrating to the cities water on this continent. Then Hollywood ites who think that of the the argument for keeping gov which is probably the fore run movie censorship in t the Mon freight rates put a penalty Ern ment out was entirely valid. Ner of a regular fifteen cent Type casting is still Shadow Ster it s cracked up to be and on the Region. Partly this was a but with millions of tons of top piece which will become nation ing the career of skip homier should be respected for the Good hangover from the disaster to soil washing Down to the sea fitted the script to an agent As a possible starring film for himself. The agent read the Story and then telephoned Brian it s great Brian. What a part for Kirk works under Shadow the fifteen cent ride is going mean a fifteen cent Token. Who at 12 played the role of the obnoxious child nazi in the stage and film versions of tomorrow the now 23 and dreaming of sym of the film Industry. The South of Thi civil War part each year in disastrous floods Ida took a taboo subject for by it was the fact of the Nevi her movie the to the censors and found them pretty Broad minded about a table concentration of capital and consequently control in two or three cities in the North. By that argument seems slightly outdated. Eisenhower is said to have reminded one of the big cattle watch for a new plus pathetic roles skip wailing Story that concerns a Man with the resources of the Region were growers who called on him for the government May soon be i wish i d never met the Little even As a Marine in Beach two wives. Being steadily drawn off with Aid of their meeting in Colorado they gave us _ their Blessing comparatively Little enrichment during the Campaign last year. And they recognized it As some to the area. Then said Ike you told me you head skip can t be a hero thing that happens in real life so the Rescue operation was wanted just one keep teamed with Tony Curtis and can t be Ida told undertaken. Power capacity has the government out of the cat Frank Lovejoy he goes through me nine times out of 10 the gone from an average of tie business. But at the film As an insulting so and objections of the censors ire 000 kilowatts in 1933-35 to so whose every remark is a whip valid. If you listen to them and Iash make the changes they suggest his last big role shooting your picture is stronger for Gregory Peck in the Back in v who says the age of miracles is past imagine a government commission with Herbert Hoover and Farley both on it. The sorry no new film processes today. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Ii Hollywood i be just about decided that screens from cinemascope to Hollywood is a no Man s land every other kind of scope a inc Tajii Vav us v c seeing a dozen new sized movie creation of the saliva Musl by about Lorna acc a person who has excessive so War ii commonly known As mean that it is dangerous to bal. Is probably the most prom have More children even after Ising. With regard to the Dura having had two Normal children Tion of symptoms one can Only with Normal births mrs. M. B. Great excess of saliva in the say that they May last for weeks can have perfectly Mouth it seems to be a family or months and the kidneys May Normal births and Normal Chil characteristic but i am really remain permanently damaged to Dren following a Placenta Pray a greater or lesser degree. I via. There is an increase in fre should like to be More encourage Quency of Placenta Pravia. Par car condition of ing about this condition but the alleging the number of children saliva secretion is thing is to avoid Poi previously born and associated there Are 17 girls for every eligible male. The place to find i think i la write a Book titled i Wake up screaming " Side glances Morton. 1-28 quite uncomfortable. There any cause for quite uncomfortable and Ambar at times. Mrs. S. J. A _ excessive known As pay Laisum. Sometimes from m the first with the rapidity with which la it is associated with an easily identifiable inflammatory Condi Tion of the Mouth or nearby re ouf our Way chairs boxes and fences Why Dom t you Lear to onto a horse Altce a Cowpe Kucher by time i am set up on Hoss that was both me and Hoss need places the Boss s son has got another murder mystery to keep him Busy this Sura would be a Nice place to. Work if he ran the place. Bors follow one another. Your w obstetrician should be consulted losing your third concerning your own particular Gions which can by corrected in child in a p Vacenta Pravia birth problem some instances it is associated with general diseases some of which can be successfully treated and some not. In Many cases however no definite cause can be1 found though it is said ofter. To accompany neurosis or per haps emotional instability. When a cause can be discovered of course this should be treated As indicated but when not Little can be done except perhaps to use drugs of the Belladonna fam ily which however must be Given with care and cannot be used for an indefinite period of time. Q would you please say something about arsenic Poison ing i have been suffering from this for a Long time and wonder How Long it will take to get Over it. E. G. Is said in the in Quiry concerning How the arse Nic poisoning was acquired. Certainly the first step is to Trace the source and make sure that no further arsenic is penetrating into the system the Sec Ond step is to try to increase the elimination of arsenic through the kidneys and bowels. For this purpose a chemical sub stance developed during world the Lead pants

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