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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 28, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeKingsport times 2 tuesday july 28, 1953 Coal Miner s courts Fuffy Richmond an Appeal was granted monday by the state supreme court of appeals to a Wise county Coal company and a workmen s compensation insurance company. The Appeal was from a Deci. Sion of the Industrial commis Sion granting maximum benefits a a Miner injured on the Job. J the court agreed to review the commission s decision that or dered the insurance company to pay the maximum benefits to Matt Messer of Wise who was injured in a slate fall while working in a mine owned by the j. A. Fourst Coal company. Last june the Industrial com a Mission found Messer s wage loss was total As a result of the cadent and directed that he re a chive maximum benefits for 300 from the Date of the mis Hap. The mine company and Fie notions labor peace hit by four Industry walkouts allies gain More area on truce line Tokyo cease firs the breaking Point recently and i line across Korea gives the allies a full scale strike was on in in a Little More than twice As much Ery strike was near settlement Diana. J0f North Korea As the comm today but the nations labor meanwhile the Al Cannery lists have of South Korea in peace was shattered by other workers called a strike today i command Headquarters said to by United press a 76-Day-old Milwaukee brew walkouts among atomic Energy Cannery Telephone workers. Some Cio United brew Ery workers were scheduled to j vote at a. Mass meeting today on ratification of an agreement l to end their strike against six Milwaukee breweries. Approval of the undisclosed agreement was considered certain. Boys club above Are the new directors of the Kingsport boys club. They Are left to right Trent Solomon l. M. Baumgartner Joe Pylant mrs. L. W. Hurst mrs. Don Anderson vice chairman miss Marjory Sulli Van Secretary and Carl counts treasurer and f. Stewart Crosley. Other members of the executive committee who were not present when the picture was made include John Faust. Or. Al Ai Ett and Fred Chetwood. Photo by Lyle Byland against 40 California fruit pro Day. Messing plants and california1 the allies hold Square fruit growers asked president Miles of ground North of Paral Eisenhower to invoke the Taft a Lei 38, mostly on the Eastern two Hartley act with a. Anti strike thirds of the Battelline. The injunction. Wages were at is communists hold 975 Square sue. Miles South of the parallel in and in Oak Ridge tenn., the the Kaeson Panmunjom Haejun government was faced with a strike by some non Scien the breweries Schlitz Tiftic atomic Energy Plant work Millers. Peninsula area on the West. Hindsight on korean truce fund Bill is signed Washington lift there were some practical Washington name to Honor son sen. Tobey the picket lines. Gettelman. I depend lers including Al craftsmen the striking craftsmen de ent and Blatz promised to have such As electricians and plumb handed a cent hourly wage Beer flowing within eight hours ers. The strike halted work at increase plus armistice Day off. Of a settlement. I atomic Energy projects x-10 and the Carbide and chemicals hopeful news came from Chi y-12 and stopped construction corp., operating the research in Cage where the president of the work at a project known As for the atomic Encio communications workers i when about Al construe i Ergy commission offered Only Union said the Union Ruid de Tion workers refused to five per cent wage increase. In Ideal to take another at i peaceful collective bargaining with 11 Telephone companies of the nationwide Bell system. Contract negotiations Between the several Utility systems and the Cio workers had been on surfers contend in their Peti just in Case things go sour As Well As the Elsen Nowr monday signed a Bill Temple n. H. 185 Tion for Appeal that Messer is a Good time to ask compulsions to save lives Able to work and should not be self where you stand on a korean in seeking a truce and in the allowed total loss benefits. Bibles ballooned into soviet Union truce in july 1953. I respite following to seek peace appropriating for Lor the veterans town Mav its the atomic Energy commission name to Tobey in Honor of its w. T you May be saying we conviction that Thi Alfor the present fiscal year. Selectman Henry fish said have tried to whip the chinese had taken every reasonable and about four billion of the total. Suggestion would go before the i i is for the veterans Admi Isira i town meeting next March. Tion and one billion for the Tobey will be buried Here to in 1953. There never should have humane course to avoid War been an that the american people can you d have the Benefit of Hind strength and fury for a atomic Energy commission. Big War if it comes. Newi there is a grim possibility of a . Been for tas or Mav be the course through comm in cry get de behind the Iron curtain by i0r Luis com a y or May de the balloons says an official of the starting of Day. Lean organization the Rev. John g. B. Carruth facial of the a series of Nis expansion Short of War and v an apr communist successes and Ameri a breakup in the alliances on Chi Gsg a an Amer can disasters tween the United states and its a truce stops the friends this country might Nevor i Western front Korea up anyway. Increased War Asam do As Strong As it is now Marine it co j t Hin pol Taft will receive new York Rob in t r puiu1 Aii u j. 1 ill its us. I of guidepost a. Taft will remain at new from Europe yesterday said he t. Certain v would Post Man ii did the two administrations j York Hospital for further treat helped set up the project. Men and resources have for intensification men were demolishing. Instead of returning to he said Possession of the so the two main for War the red bunkers on outpost Esther m. Washington As scheduled on Sian orthodox Bible is not cease fire Are an end to wanted i wednesday the Hospital flawed in the soviet Union but killing and a vague Hope for leading 159 million people in a. May not be printed or sold. He the future. The Eisenhower which la would and a which become sen. Mccarthy s tactics in red quizzes Are shown by Bill Freehoff anti Republican is no to be times news writer pro communist in spite of what. Can be one. Two or even half a dozen no doubt that in spite of the Good senators May say. Declined to say from which Truman administrations we a world wide nerds in a demo country the bibles were Dis both willing to take a Chance on rare some solid basis in popular a group of chinese on a patched. It. And enthusiastic support. 100 Yards away looked on and. Washington in this country there seems Toj laughed he the marines i sower Nyht gave i have been More apathy fifth of a series of dinners he has enthusiasm for the korean at noon today. Hill command been holding at the White House fighting. There were no massing officer of the 3rd battalion for government officials Busi meetings or angry Demontra i of the 5th marines sent his men Ness Nien and others tons demanding hotter War Onia truck loaded with hot lunches j among the 16 men inv ted1 the red chinese. On frays. Two negroes a. A. Alex i that was the practical con the marines came out of their Lander local contractor and or sic aeration common tvs both and bunkers sat Down in full View of Frodo Rick d Patterson presi at Home. The chinese to laughed Dent of Tuskegee Institute in Al thierr was also an the chinese. Practical consideration this country s european allies Labama Fli Wim free victors guide to Newyork contains illustrated map of entire City showing bus and subway lines with Liotos and information on where to to How to gel there. Yours free simply while dept a. Ani when yen visit new Fork Why not stay at the King Edward and enjoy the finest it costs no More 300 rooms with hath radio Tele vision. One Block from 5th Avenue or Broadway a few Steps to radio City. Quiet restful. Grenadier dining room cocktail lounge. T3 Fullr Ifft Lyl Ted Trad Fife nth Stift two if Iron Der m i a n. To mlle Matrol Ana 2-pc. Wool knit ors use our Lay a Way work he has done in exposing the the reporter is an ext reply Joe or Carthy literate its drawings Are urged military activity does Well done and its Book Lead to a world War. Red conspiracy Wisconsin s bag iterate Organ. Its drawings Are very Well done and its Book Lead to a world War. J views Are quite Good. It is by no should history show this truce Means an objective journal of was a tragic mistake by the i news. Its stories Are slanted. And Truman adminis go a Little too far at times. As an example the a member of ment s overseas information the subjects of books rather thoroughly the senator turned his attention to magazines. Do you Purchase the reporter Mccarthy asked. Yes replied the official and it s a Good Are you aware that two Mem Bers of the United states Senate have called the reporter pro asked Mccarthy. No replied the official. I Don t consider it a pro communist Magazine at that Point in the colloquy Mccarthy made it quite Clear that the opinion of members of the Senate Are not to be taken lightly. If a senator says a Maga Zine is pro communist. Mccar thy implied Woll then by Golly it is pro communist. Then Mccarthy shot another query. Do you Purchase any violently anti communist magazines like for example the free the official did t know he d have to Check on that. At this Point Mccarthy stated that it struck him Odd that the official could say right off the state department purchased such a Magazine As the reporter but could say if the department purchased such a Magazine As the Mccarthy did not insist that the state department Stop Pur chasing the but you can bet that if the department does not Purchase the Freeman it most certainly will do so in Short order. Now the Point Here however is that the reporter quite clearly is not by any fair stand Ards a communist Organ. Nor is it pro red. It is. A very Liberal Magazine not quite As far to the left As the nation or the new re Public but Liberal. It is. Of course almost violently anti Mccarthy. It was almost As equally Anu Taft during last year s pre nomination Campaign. But to be anti Mccarthy or blamed for it. There is Mccarthy s insistence that the pessimism in this country reporter be off set by the i the value of the truce. Freeman was in order. 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