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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 28, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeSkies 7 10 . Prominent Star a it. In so Witheas in u p a. Will be Low in the morn it Wiluth visible planet Saturn in Gnu thrust at Jupi or. Rises a m. Rises a m All times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 149 Kingsport tenn., tuesday july 28, 1953 14 pages five cents the weather fair tonight Low 65. Wednesday increasing Cloud iness continued More humid with possible showers. Thursday rain. Yesterday s High 90, last night s Low 57, noon Reading 85. War prisoner Exchange starts aug. 5 health officer outlines l program against polio pull Back along Korea War front or. J. W. Erwin Sullivan of any one particular that tract the disease elsewhere. Or county health department i they can do to protect them he might be in the Early stage Rector thus week said that Par selves. I of the disease when leaving and ends May help protect their the National foundation has consequently he would be sick children against polio by Fol with the help of those who kno Laway from Home. Should he be lowing a 10-Point health pro what there is to be known about j com ill at Home you would at i Gram. Polio Little As it is. Have drawn j least be where your friends Are during the last few up a list of hings that May Best j and where you could have Thel a pm an i n or. Erwin said people in the be done to help prevent the Dis i careful attention of your of Nam aim Corn Eastern end of Sullivan county ease. We do not know of any physician. Bf8an have asked Many questions thing better to advise and1 "2. Good personal Hygiene it i 11 t resp about How they can protect their would like to give them to you should be practice. The hands front pocket korean families and children from polio for your guidance. Should be washed carefully be myelitis. "1 children should be allowed fore eating and after using thei allies leave islands off North Korea no violations reported United nations forces include the people in the Kingsport to continue their daily play or toilet especially important area May soon be asking the association with other children same questions and i thought or friends that they have been it Well to give you All that we with right along. Keep them know to do. Away from new people or Strang unfortunately the Mode of ers. Especially in close daily Liv spread of the disease from per ing. Your children probably will son to person has not been def be safer by remaining right in Ini Cly determined and thus we your own Home. Should you Are unable to advise the people leave town your child May con when polio is revelant. T is Nese and North korean comm Treme tiredness or nervousness see protect Page 3 Kingsport area counts a fourth stricken by polio Public health team checks effectiveness of n. C. Inoculations i _ Congress hears vote on refugees measure Washington branches of Congress today seared for action on president across Korea. Far behind red the Al lies began evacuating islands off both the East and West coasts of North Korea. The islands served As radar station Points ground control stations for air strikes against the communists and for air sea Rescue operations. In keeping with the armistice signed monday the Battlefront i withdrawal must be completed j by 10 . Thursday. The Allied predicted they could Muster j held islands must be evacuated enough votes to pass the Bill on the White House list of must by 10 . Aug. 5. In the Early hours of the Armi Eisenhower s emergency Immi legislation for this waning ses Stice no violations or incidents station Bill perhaps the last Sion. Were reported. At the final 8th j major obstacle to adjournment the Senate version would a army briefing of War Corre iof Congress which is scheduled theorize admission of per Spon dents a staff officer said for this week end. Sons Over three years. Eisen Kingsport. Which has in the House rep. Walter originally asked for a to admit 240.000 in two prepared to wage an All out Thrity born Effort against the proposal the last infantry action was a patrol clash at a. M. Mon i Day on the Eastern he said the measure 19 hours before the truce be spared in the polio epidemic that admit in the next three years j would be a valuable cold effective. Has hit areas counted its 240.000 refugees and others. In weapon by providing Asylum for while Allied and communist fourth victim Torbay in the hoi addition to regular immigration Ston Valley Community Hospi. Quotas. Tai. Republican he is Billy Ray Parsons Throe i year curl san of or. Anci mrs Woodrow Parsons. 1223 Fairview Avenue who was to the Hospital monday afternoon. His condition was listed As fair tuesday morning. Three other area children entered the Hospital last week end. With polio. They were listed Asj Lloyd Yates 6. Son of or. And Frank Yates route 3. Church Hill Harry Bruce Jar 4. San of or. And mrs. B. Jar rails. Route 8. King sport leaders however. Iron curtain refugees. Two of the chief opponents see Congress Page 3 the demarcation locates the new military demarcation line agreed to by Al lied and red negotiators at according to a map released by Gen. Mark w. Clark s Headquarters. The line is anchored on the Itjin River in the extreme West and curves to a Point about 5 Miles South of Kyosong on the East coast. Most of the outposts on which Battles have been fought during the past year will be in the demilitarized Between the armies. A wire photo map Wiley proposes new rotation system widening scope of peace Parley would seat russians red China talk peace for All parts of Asia from press dispatches in army starts oct. 1 Tokyo u. S. Army today announced a new rotation system which will make the Normal tour for All soldiers in Korea 16 months beginning oct. 1. The tour for u. S. Soldiers in the Philippines will be 24 months. Married soldiers in Okinawa who have their families with them and unmarried soldiers will serve 30 months and personnel in Okinawa whose dependents do not accompany them will serve 20 months. Americans Rush preparations for return of Date of Swap Given after first session of truce commission Panmunjom Korea a the communists agreed today to f.-5 Start the Exchange of War prisoners including americans in aug. 5. They will Exchange More than Allied captives for chinese and North korean prisoners who want to return to communism in operation big the announcement came after the military armistice com Mission ended its first meeting Here. American army teams flocked to the nearby Allied base at Munsanto prepare for the Pris Oner Exchange. They assembled at Freedom where sick and wounded prisoners were exchanged in Little switch last april. Construction gangs also went in Japan soldiers accompanied by dependents and French hit red italians reject offensive against communists mounts Rome. Italy ital Ian chamber of deputies today soldiers moved freely in the open Washington sen. Alcan ried soldiers will serve 36 months tuesday the joint Allied Corn Der Wiley a wis said soldiers whose dependents Monist military armistice red China and Russia do accompany them will Mission held its first meeting at should be represented at the serve 24 months. Panmunjom to begin supervision forthcoming korean peace con in the past rotation has been of the truce. Ference. J on a system of Points for the in command armistice he said we might be constructive team headed by it. Gen. To broaden the conference a Soldier at the front got four Liam k. Harrison was disbanded to negotiate a peace for All a month while a Soldier n of in Winin or. R-4-n i a. I in a rear area in Korea got two. And the members and staff not just headed for other assignments. Wiley chairman of the Senate Harrison went to Tokyo with foreign relations committee i Clark to resume his Job As said chief of staff. The 2v2-mile-wide Buffer zone More casualties to be reported fighting Over but statistics delayed to work building up the roads Over which communist vehicles must travel to reach the Pris Oner Exchange Point. Maj. Gen. Blackshear m. Bry an senior United nations Dele Gate on the armistice commis Sion said the allies could have started the Exchange within a the Allied movement of communist repatriates was reported in Progress already. I most famous of the american prisoners is major Gen. William f. Dean who was captured by the communists on july 22, 1950, while withdrawing . First prisoners to be exchanged by the communists will be about 500 men who Are sick or wounded. Col. L. C. Friedersdorf chief of the Allied staff of the joint Washington prisoner repatriation commit families will be hearing for Sev Days to come of men killed meanwhile in san Francisco wounded or missing in Korea. Tee announced that the sched ule was agreed upon in the com Mittee s first meeting tuesday will be marked off on its South lean speak with authority the United states should the nation s selective service even though the fighting ceased afternoon. Insist that the communists be chief said draft eligible men Are yesterday morning. When Bryan was asked for represented by someone kidding themselves if the Public will be Hanoi. Indochina and Marie Mullins. 14. Daughter ten battalions of the toughest of or. And mrs. Kyle and Best French Shock troops in the new govern mint of Ern and Northern boundaries Marker signs at numerous Washington him to resign. The downfall of de and with ground pan jews for Aerial observation. Gasperi. South korean president Mullins route 1, fall Branch. Indochina were hurled Torbay j had been forecast by the twin i Man Rhee said he had been give All were reported in a communist Viet support Given his guarantee the 16 unit condition today. Operational base on the Annam in a week of parliamentary de Jed nations which fought in the the cases were the first to be i "el1 Abate. Korean War Are determined to reported from the Kingsport rain was the latest it was hastened by with a jointly against summer blow n the mounting French of resentment of a United states any new red aggression Rhee Sive against communist Reb and Western big three invite Imade the statement to his a area this summer. In Washington de a new policy of not obstruct commandos on rearmament. Ing a Italy has been Feu Clink bitterly y with Yugoslavia Ever since the end of world War ii Over con Gytri Gamma globulin ukr cimons narrow were giver thousands of fast a jars South of Hanoi Tennessee Anci Southwest Vir. Shortly before Gioia youngsters recently when including Armor and Artil the disease hit in Carter county cry was reported to have sur drafted within a year a manpower shortage. He warned that the monthly draft quota May be doubled in see rotate Page 3 Hospital says Taft in turn for worse new York Rob Little boy walking Down who did the talking on the ar-1 Ert a. Taffs condition has de shortly before noon the u s and Western plans for Street both hands full of used whatever agreements1 the Norard somewhat in the last also be Olio at hols ton the s t r i k i n g Force of Valley Community Hospital Are French Union Claude Carrier. 11, and Tony swarmed ashore Early Carrier. 3. Both of and against the rebel Heid Harry Lee Slemp 16. Of big . Sector of he Annan Una Gap coast Between tro1 strategic Trieste area. De Gasperi closely identified Sheet scenes Secre tary of state Dulles said today the United states will not Huv korean Unity at the Price of red chinese membership in the United nations. He added this country has the right to veto any move to Grant chinese communists a seat. Dulles announced that he will Fly to Korea next sunday to Confer with South korean president syn Man Rhee. He maintained this would com Mit the Mao tse Tung not just the chinese volunteers Reading the his reaction to his first negotiator they think the korean truce will names of Battle casualties in Tion with the communists he change their status. Newspapers two or three it was just like walking maj. Gen. Lewis b. Hershey from now. Ion a predicted in a news conference these delays Are products of col. John k. Weber of san yesterday that 18-year the military system which makes j Antonio tex., and his staff con fathers and present 4fs will Point of stressing accuracy feared with the reds on Selec due to above All else in dealing with human lives and of the official insistence that the families concerned must be the first to hear that anything has happened to a european army and the Atlan tic pact took the rap for italian cardboard Polaroid glasses gathered up from sidewalk in and the Bristol. . Area rounded the enemy. The am resentment of Western efforts front of 3-d movie theater. Tion of a site for the armistice commission s permanent head quarters Here. And senior officers of both delegations to the joint observe their sons husbands or teams which will watch the ers. J2y2-mile demilitarized Buffer the average lag Between the zone held their first meeting to occurrence of a casualty on a j Exchange credentials Field of Battle and the receipt eighty swedish and 10 Swiss of the formal notification by his delegates to the Neutral nation next of Kin ranges from three team were expected to arrive to five Days. Such reports Are Here tuesday. The czechoslovak were re by train meanwhile a u. S. Public Phinious Force joined up i h Tita health team began a Survey to battalion of paratroopers drop he Drew Stony silence from old Day of the of in the enemy a rear friends and jeers from the left Gamma globulin inoculation pro the French command expected in today s final Appeal to the Grams amid fears that May a full scale Battle to develop i chamber to give his tottering have spread from the disease ther late today or during he government a vote of confidence., struck area. Nitchi the reds were reported when the vote was taken the first checked and rechecked in j and polish members the unit to which the Man on their Way attached and then Are relayed from piping via Manchuria to the appropriate Headquarters in Washington. Here formal telegrams Are prepared and sent Rig trailer truck cramped by passing gasoline truck at intersection swings Over and goes around left Side of traffic Light. Businessman hurry intr to overtime fines collected in court six new ases Warp report Rel in attempting to bring in reinforce i official tally was announced office pauses to read headlines Lincoln and Burke counter from the in it mints which Border on Caldwell and areas. Catawba counties where a total of 225 cases of polio have been recorded. Four cases cropped up in Lin Coln county alone. Only one polio victim was previously report a cd there. The Burke county toil Rose to 14 with two new cases1 added yesterday. Catawba county which along with Caldwell county inoculated some children earlier this month had six new cases. In contrast the incidence rate in neighbouring Caldwell county has dropped sharply since the mass inoculations. Four persons perish in resort hotel fire Rosendale. N. Y. Flames flashed through to Frame Buik incs a Lakeside resort hotel near Here Farly to Day killing four vacationers and injuring at least nine. The Shri Kinc whist in of a in Cal freight train sounded a fire alarm for the hotel s remaining 250 guests. About 120 of them were housed in the burning buildings. The c Ead were identified hours later by Deputy sheriff Early Conn Theodore of Ozone Park. N. Y. Or. And Vincent Mitchell and son. Evin 9, of Brooklyn. From the surrounding As 263 for the government and 1288 against. Without bothering to pick it up. Are reached. I24 new York Hospital these were the major develop announced today ments the Ohio Republican under 1. Officials admitted privately went abdominal surgery at the j to the families giving Brief de they have been so Busy with the Hospital on july 8 and had been j tails and. In Case the Man is Day to Day truce problems they scheduled to leave tomorrow it wounded telling his next of kill have been Able to do very Little was announced yesterday that where they can write to him. Advance planning for the to the would not leave because fur a tentative Battle casualty one Dollar Bonds paid to the Lotical conference coming up in1 Trier treatment appeared War Tal for the korean War will for parking meter violations less than three months. J be available for perhaps 10 Days j hit what is probably an All time 2. The Senate appropriations the Hospital s bulletin today last wednesday the Cumuli High in City court tuesday committee took immediate Steps said senator Taft s condition live total of casualties to Grant president Eisenhower s1 has deteriorated somewhat Dur Jin the summary was j a total of s129 was forfeited request for to staffing the last 24 hours. He is re during the last 24 hours of thei in overtime parking Bonds a giant rehabilitation program spending less Well to treatment for South Korea. And is not taking food Satis fac Good news to tired bearded and Grimy u. S. Marines just off the fighting line on the Western korean front read the Good news in an official handout telling about the sign ing of the armistice at Panmunjom that ended fighting in Korea after three years and one month. A wire photo via radio from Tokyo House okays Reece s probe of foundations Washington Iff the House voted 209-163 yesterday to authorize a new investigation by a special five Man committee of tax exempt foundations. Sen ate action is not required. The stated purpose of the investigation sponsored by rep. Reece is to determine whether such foundations Are patience pays 3 some influential Congress men declared the free nations1 there was no amplification of which fought in Korea should the bulletin. Have a decisive voice in the United nations delegation to the peace conference. 4. The administration has decided according to an administration Leader in the Senate that it will not be bound by any agreement among its allies at the conference to Back red China s admission to the United nations. 5. Secretary of state John Fos Ter Dulles said late monday what has happened in Korea makes it much less Likely there will be a third world Washington Rean truce has evidently boosted president Eisenhower s prestige but the uncertainties of peace negotiations hang As a threat Over the political future of his administration. Democrats generally agreed with republicans that if Eisen Hower were a candidate today fighting in Korea the Pentagon i court clerk j. 3. Anderson received reports of 350 addition said the unusual number of Al killed wounded and parking tickets paid by motor but All of these occurred several j its monday was probably due Days before the truce was signed to reminder letters sent out by the City during the past few Days. Anderson said he believed the total was the largest Ever collected in a single Day by the court. Two persons received fines during the tuesday session for Public drunkenness and Ono person received a Fine for speeding. Other forfeitures included five the to Hower s great accomplishments Bonds of each for speeding uncertainties ahead but signing of a truce Ike s prestige thus far. He has carried out. One Bond for making an in one of his main Campaign prom a Legal turn and three Bonds uses the pledge to do everything for illegal parking. He could to bring a halt to the shooting in Carlson said. It has been a task that has quire monumental and the president has displayed that patience where a lesser so lunar tables the san Druitt i so lunar periods. M patience printed below bus a ten taken from John the cease fire in Korea might 1 Man might have acted rashly result in a More sweeping Victo _. By for him than he rolled up in last november s presidential election. Carlson one of Eisenhower s top political advisers said he thinks the president s popularity has zoomed and he expects but the politicians to be reflected for Republic also the possibility of Adverse can candidates next year developments in Korea which1 some other republicans might Lead even to a resumption of the shooting and a popularity nosedive for Republican using their Money for in candidates in next year s american and subversive Active Gressional elections. Ties for political purposes propaganda or attempts to influence sen. Carlson a Kan said he regards the achievement of a truce in Korea As one of Eisen thought one result of the truce might be to enhance Eisenhower s strength in Congress. If his popularity continues the presi Dent might members in find fewer gop opposition to his policies and his legislative Road smoothed somewhat. Good territory or Hunting m food cover during these times. If you wish to find Best sport that each Day Aas to offer the major periods Are shown in bold face Type these Belo at the time shown and last for an hour and a half or two hours thereafter the minor per feds. we in regular if Shorter duration Ose Eastern slander of Lime . Dau 28 tuesday 4.30 i 29 wednesday 30 thursday 31 Friday 10-55 1 saturday 11 10 11-49 3 sunday 11-55 Lake stages in Tampa Lake level tuesday. Feet Low. Fall inc Cherokee 29.4 feet Low. Fall inc s. Hollon 40.7 feet Low. Is my Boone. 4.8 fellow. Steady

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