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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 22, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeMerry go Rounce Hollywood an Independent democratic newspaper c. P a Danu. Or. Publisher bin of Treen. Pitk Lornt pc off Rel manager w. J. Mai Iliffe. Keillor of editorial Binkley. Head of Despir Lynu internet Trontl nov. Skakson if Nova Overlook uni this cily whore the of the world is by Iii discussed arc the same Alps Over which hmm bal Broukal Aleph Ems in what then the most modern Ever foil kit by Man. Elephants were the first Ron Repton of he modern tank used to trample foot soldiers and since Ilien Man in each Cwi Lury has developed new and Mure fiendish instruments of deals Pori is Slick from the crossbow my Cannon to atomic artillery and the Hydrogen bomb. During the latter part o Man s incr eaird mania for self destruction the Liny Alpine coun try which is Host to this conference at the sum Mit has managed of necessity to remain out of War. It has managed because of the Klim realization that War meant annihilation. So perhaps the big four Mee Liik Here could draw a lesson from the perfection of weapons since Hannibal s time and from Switzerland s grim determination to avoid War. If they Don t draw it. Other people will do 11 for Vliem. For All this week As Eisenhower. Bul Gayln. Eden and Faure sat around the Confer ence labile there have been unseen observers looking Over their shoulders those Obsen i s Are not merely the a Oltzik men who will meet death if War comes and the mothers who brought them into the world Bill also present peering Over the shoulders of the bit f our is another uninvited observer the atomic scientist. Actually no atomic is in Geneva specially for these Parley. Though they contrived the neans of wiping out. No atomic adviser was invited to sit on any delegation staff. But in Advance of ills conference they expressed their ardent plea to abolish War. No defense for they know what few others know that a nuclear War might set off n Chain reaction which could Burn up the atmosphere of the entire Earth s surface they know thai Cobalt bombs if released n Hundred Miles Oil the Pacific const would wipe out All vegetation in a Belt 500 Miles wide across the United Stales. They also know that Russia has exploded dozen or More nuclear weapons. They know what president i Ower suppressed last May. That Russia had sex always draws a murmur of Pio ded a i Dronen weapon just As powerful As the Bikini a device which caused so much . Applause. Al a Ukini they Alm know that Russia has secret bases near the Josef islands inside the Aidlic Circle from which could be launched guided mis Siles to blow up any american City. Thev also know thai guided missiles Able to Speed Over 3.000 Miles per hour Are now Able Lolly Between new York and Moscow 111 iwo hours. Thev know thai against them there would be absolutely no defense. And they know Hal when their knifes Slon can devise n Hydrogen warhead for Uiese miss los which they can l indy when Moscow or new York can be blown up in Lolo merely by up Ilni n billion. They also know unit Man. In his desp Ornie sire to protect himself and his fiendish desire to kill Colliers n i ready has devised preliminary plans for so aligning rocket platforms or bases in outer space. They know that. Liny slurs or satellites officially called minimum of Bilal unmanned satellites of Earth or mouse for Shojii no ready have been do vim d to whirl around the Earth s my Rance not of 17.000 Miles Pel hour in serve As watchdogs against guided missiles. That s Bow far Man has progressed since Han Nibal s time in devising Insl Ruments to exterminate himself. Nen c. My int at Amoco turd prom. Southern up Mutli till Audi of an Lido Vodell Publ Ned etch her foot ten in not porn. Tenn. Conj i oct Bir 17 under act of 1171 subscription rate by mall first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year. I1s.oo. By Carrier daily and sunday one week today s Bible thought and it was known throughout nil Lopen find Many believed to the acts 9.42. The daily tonic when in god thou believes. Near god toil Wilt certainly c. G. Leland. China and the in a great Many people say thai if red China is allowed into the United nations against our wishes we should immediately pull out. Stop giving the organization any financial help and see How they like that. Of course they would t like that one Little bit and so this sort of pro but it is always surprising to hear this statement particularly by those who Are supposed to know something about the organization and Constitution of the United nations. Surely anyone who has followed the Workings of the in knows that it could not possibly take such a step As deciding red China was entitled to membership without. The consent of the United states. We Are one of the five permanent members of the Security Council. We As Well As Russia have the Power of veto. So if All the Oiler nations decided la Iii red China should be admitted we Only have to say no to prevent it. It just can t be done against our will. If this withdrawal advice Means that if All the other nations take sides against us in this matter we should Tell them to take their organization and jump in the Lake with it and quit the in to show our resentment that would very plainly be cutting off our nose to Spile our face. That would do just what we do not want done for red China would step in when we opened the Gale to leave. With the u. S. Oul. There would be no further veto and hip ends would have their Victory. Of course such a step might Well be the death blow to any Hope of making the uni cd nations u working Organiza Tion. 11 would in All likelihood go Down the same path Hal swallowed up lie league of nations. We All know of course there Are Many who feel that will be perfectly nil right. They will Tell you in s been a farce All along a financial Drain principally on the United Stales. These people do nol Call themselves isolationists or Ameri can first cars but since there is no other alternative to cooperative net Ion except a go it alone policy in makes Little Dif Ference what one Calls it. No one can say what might have happened in the world if there had been no United nations. We do know unit Sev eral situations which might have started big wars were averted. One May say the United nations does not deserve credit but we do know that when there was no United nations Italy and Japan were not stopped from outrageous aggression. And we can be sure of one thing. The chances of War will be greater without the United nations than they Are with it. This for the same reason that you have a much better Chance of averting a pm Accident if you have brakes on your car. You May have a wreck even with the Best brakes in the world. And you May avoid having a wreck if you have no brakes providing you never have a Situa a i lion where brakes Are needed. Just so. The third world War May come upon us. United nations or no United nations. But if we have Learned any lesson at All from history it should be that if we let the in collapse like the league of nations the chances of that War snuffing out the lives of millions of people will be much greater. Ditching the United nations because it blocks our Indi dual in Tion is like throwing away a Iii Belt be cause it impedes our groping for peace As i milk newsman t Newcorn ponied Frank b. Pc relay of Sunli under another re publican pres Donl. Calvin coolie age to Paris to Siun a trealy to outlaw War. Of course. Was Abend of his Lime. He the a horrors of War and defoliated a treaty in full new War but he lacked two important things necessary to make Liis to aty the calve 1. The Bama Ninfi Power to make other countries relinquish their weapons of War. And. 2. World Tinl. Another War meant the end of the world just before Kellogg come Mlo office his m Hunt s. Nway Americus s chief Burga Imrik Power Bimle ships. We Wen then thu world s greatest Billle ship Power and we junked them fur a Wrenty which great poll Ion Hay Bill lost us the Pover to orce disarmament on other nations. Today w. Have that Powei. We Haven to thrown or bartered away our Hufine stockpile of i Tomle bombs at , not cd. And we Shuhl nol any More than Neuirng swit7erlantl will Lake the supplies of munitions and food out of her Moun twin until world moment is within finally their s world wide now Pei tips even among tic Kremlin lenders so belligerent in Mie past and so Mccrut Abr to div who seem almost Amateur richly groping for peace that modern War would mean the end of imm kind. To perhaps tin atomic Snen tills in Kim Over Hie us four s shoulders Here urged hint we outlaw War Errn l so a Ott Hase Eller All. A the beginning from the Wall Siveret journal no one would turn Iii named hint in would be pm the any it Brunn. Over since Hiroshima the Nave Uilk Mii about us Iii atomic Power Lor peaceful commercial purposes the politicians and planners been Dun Iii up projects Tor Irini u. These projects were All in tin future. Some of them were on tin Side but Meisl of Mem envisioned constr in in. It Pilot Plant which would Woik out the Siul Ohmi Mayhe five years ten from now the lights could be 1st by atomic i nerdy. Some of these Pilot arc Alre Liiv under thu re ate St projects in his country and n least one in and it Ai. Hail Iii. But everybody said that the problems were Loi Mui Nolc different from those in us Iii Jii Omie Power for War and War and great was still it Lone Viv Uff 80 when n came. Of Umidi it to come u no much a Byln up and a Fanfair of int Fra Weil in Milton. New Al 5 Mun div Lewis Straus. the by kkbk1ne Johnson Honolulu show direct from the Neon lights blinked it out on he marquee of the club go Neft on a Side Street in downtown Hono Lulu. But h turned out to be spiced with the Yankee Doodle Dandy in Mience. The mistress of ceremonies was tall blonde from Brooklyn who opened the show with a Brassy warbling of there s no business like show the japanese chorus dolls rave h a u. S. Twist in More ways than one. They willed Batons and even did the Mambo. The six piece band played this Geisha girl and. The featured n inaction turned Mil to be direct from sikhs instead of strip per. Her Only contribution to the old hawaiian Way was tossing orchids at servicemen. In Between there was classical japanese dancing from h troupe of japanese dolls who Are paid. I was told a month and Board. It s authentic japanese Annc my Chi Nese Friend. Honolulu Accuu Iuit. Inn Juvik Luke told me As we left the Royal hawaiian hotel for a night on the town. With i 40 per cent japanese population Honolulu has several after dark whoopee spots with. 1m ported irom Tokyo shows attract ing i of the town s Many faces including u. S. Tourists. The club was typical of a Grade c american night club. The usual dim lighting the six piece bund the Small stage with a lighted runway. The audience wan different strange mix Ture of japanese. Chinese. Navy and army men in uniform and americans w e a ring everything from formal attire to shirts and Slacks. The menu fish was on the we recommend list. I had a hamburgers the classical dancing. Tin sorry to Sun will never replace television night baseball or Marge and Gower Champion. The costumes were fabulous but Hie japanese dance form of acting out Hail raising tales of Slit ting1 tin throats of their wives and sweethearts is too bloody even Lor four dancers mass slaughtered one Atli Buttle and Spears in Tine number. The floor looked like a . Traffic Accident photograph. Jut the japanese in the audience applauded and we lulled. The u. S. Tourists groaned. Doii slip it Rife was too Jin Tab like Home. Hut of her Wise Honolulu s Afier Briark life is much like u. S. Night club enl i to aliment too much so in Tad. There were Lulu dancers co medians and singers of Yankee and Hawaii in songs. Al one spot though. There was an Eyebrow Lifler u line of Jupa chorus girls dancing1 urn French can can. Another Home of japanese Hie Oasis was right in line with Hawaii s melting pot of Ilie Pacific repel lion. The Nina jul a Hill i Masai u i Pacheco. Was a place kicker Ullh the san Francisco 4flers professional food Ball learn in 1949 and he t anyone to forget in. The main dining room where you can mexican food in Honolulu while watching dulls doing the Mambo. Is Rie Coral de Willi lithographed photos of . Pro Grid stars and is called the Gridiron Toom there s also in animated Neon sign on ii roof of the place of a football player kicking a pigskin. There s even Irown Derby in Honolulu with Chicago is vie be Gio enter to intent. And n Siul sums. I m sorry i missed Sam to find oui what he s and about. Inv Bill s Becj Iuse be did t own the bar during world War ii when Honolulu was the times Square of the i Neffic Tor of one Spet Hting. Starved for Iun soldiers Mil we left idul main n Honolulu bar owner re tired after the guld Rush. Hulk ask the r of ease of Cardinal mods announced from May fur incr mouse Hope Tinl the terror behind the Iron curtain has relaxed. At the some time it recalls grim and mysterious Davs when the world saw pictures of the Oai Dinal s rial and witnessed in Liis vacant. Stare and emn Caleri Ace the Marks of the confession the prelate s Confes Sion was uttered in a manner which proved Tinl he had been rehearsed in whip to Sny. Even his former associates found it difficult to believe i hut this was indeed Joseph car Rimnal the trial of Mie Cardinal contributed to the revulsion a cast the russian purge inns. It showed i he Stalin technique it its Woiski. Mac s window w. I. Cavm Fyk it is a Good Brt that Khrushchev is not drinking so much Vodka Champagne at Geneva As of did it Belgrade. Jockeys picked other editors it damaged Russia in the eyes of the world. Ilie Russia of that period did not. Mind committing crimes but the worlds reaction to the treatment of May have caused the Kremlin to recall the remain. Of Napoleon ii is worse than a crime it is a Chattanooga times. Kigork the impression in Washington is that senator Albert Gore May be the if Al main nov Lender of the Senate. That would be a Feather in ten Nessee s Cap fur sure. Gore v Well be chosen for the Job it is fell if ailing senator Lyn Don Johnson is unable to Retuis to it in january. Johnson who suffered a heart attack a few Days a no will require a Long rest. He May not feel it feasible to resume the arduous task of leadership. As for senator crore the Piess chronicle believes he could Dis charge the duties with do Stachon. He has shown himself to be one of the democratic parly s most adroit debaters. Like a Good Law yer he prepares his Case Well. He never enters any Senate under taking without exhaustive research and preparation. Promotion to the demo Craic leadership spot would be a filling recognition for senator genre s conspicuous City press chronicle. Aims and Man s when general red Grav retiring is army it Kiel of slate had occasion to review the u. S. Military abroad. Found them quite an imposing list. There Are. Of course commit ments to our immediate neighbors. Canada and some Twenty latin american countries embracing i Al fed he whole West pm Henri Phet i. Our military obligations in i i it rope include the eleven Norih Atlantic treaty or nations. West Germany and that oui Pom deep in communist Lei i glory. The cily of Ber Lin. To must be added Spain and we have obligations of one Sorl or another in Iran. Saudi Arabia. . Kliopia. Australia and new zealand the additional six Manila pad nations of Sou then is Asia. Japan Korea and the re Public of China. Reviewing these commitments m Evi in Quarter of the Globe vary ing in kind extent and risk u is hardly surprising hint. General Usiri Ziway should write to defense Secretary Wilson As his a rung Thounh i hit the United Dors not have the military Power to carry out All of them should we be called upon to do so More or less it the same Lime. And no one. As Hie general is Leporter to have said knows when these ominous sight drafts May be presented for pay for general Ridgway this discrepancy Between Aims and Means arises the question whether the of our Annii Saiy fiut is Ade quate. Present military he concludes cannot support fully american this is an appropriate answer for n military Man. It is not up to general Ridgway to question the extent of the commitments his Job is in assess Hie adequacy of the military forces to meet those commitments. But that in turn raid s another question. How Large a military Force must we maintain in order to support full Amei lean diplomacy in All those areas and when we come to that question nol. Even general Ridgway can offer a precise answer Short of total mobilization indefinitely sustained. The Best we can do is to acquire a military posture which while admittedly inadequate to the total potential demand will yet meet the reason Wibly expected demands and which can be safely maintained for a Long time. And if ills cannot he made to answer the military lion general Ridgway asks then it will be Lime to stale his question in n different Way. A time of ask whether the commitments we have undertaken All Over the world Are Loo great for our military Power. Wall is. Journal. Work not rep. Clarence Cannon chairman of the House appropriations Coin in it Lee must have won some not Able honors As a Prophet of and doom Hun Sony. We. Have fallen on evil he said. Within 30 to co Davs they i the russians could sweep every country in the free he said i lie Heads a More land sea and air Miench than the United Stales and thai this com Lirui of e i f l Ai Iii inn is no longer applicable since rus Sian i and ust by is so Wui Elv Dis Persed. And besides be added military experts say Russia has he ability to destroy .s3 of our civic in i he fir.-4 blow of a new War thus making effective retaliation impossible. Rep. Kurrel p. Scovner was Quick to bring of 11 in is in Back to the House. I m nol. Worried for a single he said. We. Have bombers to carry death and destruction to any part of Russia it any time. I m not Point to Inse any sleep Longhi worrying Shnur nov statement. The gentleman Cannon makes we re inclined to go along with a. Hearing of Nikita drinking m much one russian said Vodka you expect from such a time was when Junior prow ing up kept longing Lor the Chance to put aside the shorties and get his first pair of Long punts. And As he donned his Brand new suit. Thao s when life began and As he gazed at himself in the looking Glass he said. Today i am a Manl but Tempus not Only fug its it brings changes not a few and the boy who longed for Logies has a son who is longing Loo but he Longs to gel out of Longini he wants to expose his calf. By cutting each Long pants Lef approximately in half. Of course about Bermuda shorts there s nothing reprehensible in fact when summer Rolls around. They May be very sensible. Of course it takes some daring folks. From inhibitions free to Start the style and disregard or maybe like the publicity. Who knows before too Many years folks will look Back on Long pants style. And at such old fashioned Gar ments they will give a tolerant then the sons of the shorts Wear i s will pop up with some innovation to make their elders their Heads like every new Genera lion rep. Not because we have any inside information. We re just willing to believe the russians can t overrun the free world in 30 of fid Days simply because they Haven t. Hem id cuu Wiur. It Mas said re Folk in calling a press conference at. London to unveil his renounce War or die by six signatory scientists including the late Albert Bert Rand Russell explained that these were All agreed thai some thing dramatic had to be done to Jolt the world into of us danger. Fortunately it takes no Ivory Tower irom which to upon the facts of life in this nuclear age. Of Russell has supposed that none but the philosophers and the scientists of this company were aware of grievous possibilities he must have been in off Remote from sight and sound for quite a spell. There is nothing wrong with their Resolution in View of the fact that in any future world War nuclear weapons will certainly be employed and thai such weapons threaten the continued existence of Mankind we urge the governments of the world to and to acknowledge publicly that their purpose cannot be furthered by a world War and we urge i hem consequently in find peaceful moans Jor the sell lenient of All matters Between there is Point in the big scr Point is that Reco Nilion of 11. Is behind what the free world. If by the United Stales has been undertaking toward understanding and enforceable agreement. As h Matler of fact the meeting of the Rig f our leaders in Geneva next week is the direct result of a world demand for avoidance of War. Thai demand was produced by the realization that a human race which knows How to destroy itself Liou i by is Ishii enough also to save Uiselt. Kven More effectively and dramatically did president Eisenhower emphas.i7.e the dangers and out line the before tins Resolution was drawn up. Tinl was in december 1953. When he addressed to the conscience of the world the Appeal to move out of ils chamber of into an area of International policy of Hope. Avoidance of War is Hie objective of men. Should Russia the Nemesis of peace i denounce War As the instrument of policy and re noun re world Conquest As communism s aim the immediate Rioneer could subside. Banner. A judge says thurr Are no but children Only t Hough less and stupid parents. Like i he Nduati who make such general statements about children about the Only Safe. Genrrali7a Tion one can make about children and juvenile that it is not Safe to generalize about them. When you think of the tremendous number of combinations you can make with just 26 letters and come up with so Many different words you get an idea of Why you gel an endless variety of people from All the possible combinations of ingredients that go into the making of a human being. Most husbands like the kind of dresses that their wives Cline to Taihei than the kind that clinic to their wives. A Fei y first is an excellent slogan. Rul to up a what about saying safety first lost and All the to i lie old Days Par i. Of my process of "ralsinr11 children we to up end them once in a while the fellow who owns the Ponon Tomt Laid the Kolden pm of can kill her without cutting her head off. Of can kill her by trying to Niaki Lay More prs than her con Mit tinn will stand. The Aii Ipi it an is very pretty. But the Avei Atje Amer ican girl is not As pretty As she thinks she is. The noun is Ripi ease been described As third person very singular Nuder Ponder and objectionable Case. Sliv does t some smart Road map maker Pul them up on Lifton toller1. In be carried like a Cipr in the picket it would of non a those people who to crazy incr to fold the darn i hints Back t or t her in the Way. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Side glances Washington Ken i it of the Pil abroad no be a Home Ham ii Ion. N. Y ii he the Vecio the Beans of g lie to loan import Fred says he does t want to spend our vacation at an expensive resort hotel but i say he v. W. Is evid Smitly con fused n it in a Nim 1 Para ship which n in lids human beings and in Ripe l ii in Ninon name non wonn. She Lii the a this Liny Anu nil Lias h Hook on one end and Wlsh let i the in invites can be Ini i Kim for cancer cells. Ref nip Romp to n in disease Ilean he that a killed worker with the App could nol mis Lake Hortik Worms Loi t cell. Actually their of parasites Bolli considered to he round one end of the site Sli Khlly curved and m is i Doshh us which has Jeiven the name hookworm. Tun kinds of Param Tes can Lii one i1- Imus in lie Oil Woi id Heen found to he Fie Quieu in the a Naifie islands the other is the new wot id species the of the a Are passed in the intestinal of n Peison is infected. In regions a suit poor Ion. The runs hedonic mixed Sand or earn and develop lilo forms which can a fact others if they Are swallowed infection follow they can also Burrow my i and the Lefoie. People whom ilk Fli footed Cunnin mated a i Rouen by Peconie ill i u .1 v 1 he Vii Uitos of a Rood Deal bin seem to de paid on die of attacking worm of Neiry is Par uni Lai in common. Anaemia pm Var no under Demelf pm enl. And excessive lialcnes1- of he skin Are Conni Mon Siutiti the Imp of Aii ack on this a Livy twi proper of Vonse. Wei inc of shoe1, and Popei of food great strides Haft been in nip in preventing hookworm disease he these methods. Nevertheless some men stationed in the Pacific islands during the. War apparently acquired the parasites. There Are several methods of Ireni Meni which Rinc about fairly Sal is Flunory results. The driers used to ret rid of the Worms How Ever Are fairly powerful and must be handled with rare. In colder regions of the world in places where sewage. Disposal is satisfactory and shoes Are really worn hookworm has a pin much of n problem it remains a health enemy in certain overcrowded and poverty stricken areas of the out our Way the Effie nov w of. They expert 15 track1w Down All th1 electric to Wpm is slim for toaster of est so a that to Jim club warm no pa17 re i arc emm for v i c7 w Kiim i m 1 network

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