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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 22, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeFriday july 27, 1955 King profit Majok Thijs at ii Aton twirling above Are is 12 Kin Sporl girls at Landing the third annual Baton twirling Moli High synd will Bolh major tics of Dobyns bin net. J he school continues through july 29. School at East stale College. City and county schools from this area they Are. Loft to right front Row Linda a nil do Hobman Junior Nelson Kin Sporl Junior High Barrios. John so vice Junior High Katity Oit or Kin wirl Jiining Linda Loki Kkt John Sevier Junior Simank , John Sevier Junior High Kibaek Row Hob on Junior High haui1aha 1ikvins. Robinson Junior High Sandra Dan Sevier Junior High Elene Gilliam by tiv Kytt and Nydi i. Area twirl bosons in Etc program by Tammi morn than a California Mother picked top Secretary to to urn it Rindini lir Shirri manual a stun i at it is ii. Student. L a school of in inn in Dayton Olio. Chattanooga. Only find Nunnzi is scr Rel. I al al pretty 38-Ycnr-old i Solhei from Hull of University Ai Uulu s. Mrs. U e. Huntley in Abil Riu Texas where she was Man who works in Arctic room 21 a a envied by others hip featured uni Jer for the uni school at Kam most of Trio pros Are from Lias Jeen acclaimed the nation s top Secretary of 1953. Blonde Bluc porn City schools some county Seli ools in the Are in Ketron inti l. Altos Illier Hie halon h n larger of student Nim at and of incr time since it an enrolment of 1ij and i mrm a said. Mrs. I Huntley. Cod it of Kirk Eddio f.1 was fleeced Secretary of the i troll Lank year al yesterday s luncheon ses inn icebox Detroit tempera lures rubble around 100. Eddie woj Lowick is troubled Wilh icicle on ills Chin. N technician at the de Arsenal. He works in u re Rin y. Knny Yilli. And Jot Mcinti Ord. Kevin. Miss Broil ice Pluyd who with the Gnu inn no ii of 01 tiie into Annii wiil National i where hey test units to be used Jiuu und last year is association convention in Arctic regions. This year or Nim of a i de dec was rom fort the today big As garage pressing Wilh the Nnoli Inry the United states air Force girl a Iipp. 7-1b. Few ii ii students elude Judy i31ankenbeckle son Junior i mum John Bevier Junor Nikii Dean Jolius Sevier is j Patesel s first year hut them in he said in jokes in thinks it s u lot Kob i no fun and would like to Conn Back . He said Cli Ildren in most of Stales usually take lessons when they want to Sandra yell Malor Elte at Kobylis Hennell Leain he menu Janis Snyder. Majorette at Robyn. Lie noticed a Lack of experience on Bennett Sally Deskins. a Betty Adams Lynn View Jayc Kyjin View Lindsi i n Pait of most of the slide nos in this area. I suppose it s be cause there Are no in lie mentioned also thai he never Jii a i Sipline a Roble Aid when he kid do Armind Thev Tio it because let Rhein or them 1 Plesel Lynn View Phyllis cab this Perl of the he said Han. View i Atsy Alley or View Linda Leeper John Sevier a Junior if b i try 1 a views Helen Carty or Iron memo rial Nancy Cai Ler. Kelson mime rial Kathy Morse Jun in hich Barbara Levuis. Voljin son Junior i huh palsy Baim John Sevier Junior limb Kenney Duih Iii s t Wilkse Bobbin director of Ali nuke they Are it Unicoi county in Irwin tic ecu in Tours of try is Lor the ire Brien hit is by or. M. K. A Kahn it session. Panel by mar narc , curl Alicd Public Sec Clary of us midi., and n Unruh Cue on okla it was Only 71 be vegas has f bid enough for duo by Bob Thomas Hollywood on today i triple deals with James Stewart on Lindbergh Doris Day on no and Alfred Hitchcock on re . This parlay came about because All three Are working on Para count s the who knew too they have just returned rom in Marrakech Afri Ca and London three continent picture this. Stewart in turn had just re turned from a Goodwill trip to the Orient. He was asked if he will now stay put for a while. He replied. As soon As i finish this movie. I go Back to Paris for the a Nybergh picture. Also to Ireland Iceland and Green the much travelled Stewart is playing Charles Lindbergh in the spirit of St. and it is the result o r longstanding ambition on his part. Next comes Doris Day. Her complaint she does t Singh. She does a Mere three songs in the Man who knew too i think i la get a Small combo and sing in a night she mused. As a matter of fact Jim my Stewart and i May play Las vegas and Reno that May sound like an unlikely duo but Doris declared they have already played one engagement. It was in she re lated in the hotel lobby. Jimmy sat Down at the piano started playing a tune. Be fore you knew it i was singing and he was playing for two hours. What would Las vegas bid Foi that act not enough unfortunately. Then there s Alfred Hitchcock the Semi Pudgy he s been dieting major Domo of the picture. It s a remake of the film he made in 1935. Featuring Peter Lorre in his first English speaking film. There s a certain danger indo ing he remarked. You run a risk if the first film a been successful and Well known. But the Man who knew too much1 was not seen a great Deal in this country except in Art houses. We have brought it up to Dale while leaving the plot the where Quality counts Low Zero. A drops o 105 below on cooler puffed Eddie amid a thick Cloud of frosty vapor. Cd dec is an amazingly popular j. in at work during the current mrs. Ilu Nellcy unlike of homa. Is the pc Ieuv of Almli lib or Hoard chairman North Ann Miclin aviation inc., in everybody to come Down los alludes. Him husband who help he says. They vol Nocom Penird her Here is a los i Leer to do errands without los instirancr1 Man. J i net 111 i rouble at Home the wife she Ivy Baker treasurer. I k to have Lull Anil Hie i Irh Mill have urn Loo while they learn school. Luigi. We weren t really i la Rirl there noted one of Hie of Hans Bennett a priest. United Lenys Eddie. Seems delivered the i knows How Cool it is Here address at. Jealous. And think of our session Ami urged room could make 400 ions of ice Cream bars an Eddie works in an army Arctic suit Weikl Liik 24 pounds. Any one for a lie in let. The boys keep it on tap it sets cold the fellow keynote opening to rpm Rve mid expand the in Luiu i i made by women in Busi Ness Iii id professional Fields. Or. Oxley the Side. Bui neither ii Field Heil no tin mint lit Kutsc. He a i net. V resident Mann i i1 the a Iii a courses art1 brim Tui Rel ii year by stir hard Drini minor Lor the v of invt hand and Palmer n the Kirici Mil in Anjil Siul Oxley. No 7.lltt at recently Are Tihle Lucio take the int Nizik. And i think Eddie has just one Gripe with my Walklin Ikuwo need it. It s u Uzieal help al his Job. Hand director i nol inn melons can stay led wanted Niobe than a few on i Wilh ill l in film of m in fund Chi a. I irl the by to till fact Uch Stru-1 dorm Torles. Liry were one stated mend the Here to Leai that Horn the kills they Are under Rule Luikim in the hut la s Worth and univ we came i to Virl Kingsley Church announces plans Iii Rurik will of held at the act Holst Church on Bloom in Dale Road sunday at 1 . Special school of music will be Gin at the Church. Teach ers Are prof. W. B. Wilbert miss Faye Ingram and c. E. Deweese. Pentecostal Church revival in Progress Revlon a services at . An now in pronres.1 at the first Pente also chill Holl Nesa Church. Service. Will annl Linin Imon july 31. Mrs. Remsh Luviner Brand is conducting the revival. The Rev. G. R. Taylor pastor of the Church which in located on part Street in Highland. Coats Aho suits 5 in Fob fic o the season wimm from looms of Forstmann fabulous imported fabrics Beautiful blends of Beaver fur or Cash f. Mere creamed Wilh Virgin Wool handsome tweeds Supply flon Nel and fur like bar Orissa styled with the custom care of.1-.k coded finest fur. See the new King bodied lines in Ove Blouw costumes tunic suits clutch Ond wrap cools. I fashion favored fitted Tilhou i in Princtiss Reefer Ond Trench Coots in with swirling skirts. To a special trim showing if the new saturday july 23 m i Roger Huemme v special you Craft five will in person to help you choose the styles suited to your individual personality Ond Tourt c collection of Coats and suits featuring the my us rot fill 1959 he Lias to leave at the end of times news classified ads it open saturday . To 5 . Warehouse wanted. My accounts fun to Stop Dom Safe 6 u n 0 w a n d s v e free delivery buy on easy payments at Homeland e. 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Try the Ruilt in Lin Ricau al inc pc Tilers healer nearest von now Fedders gives you More Cooling Power a Type u the of 0 r less than the puce of one exclusive new Tedders Hill Luscri warms up a room fur Spring and tall in he see to heat of tool Auto Arai lilt an inn to nth. See the 1955 Fedders in Avion How i appliance dept. Dobyns Taylor

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