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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 21, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 tuesday july 21, 1953 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. Edwardf. Jr., Publ liner j. W. Wait owner Ftp a Titt w. J. Id Tor kill pintle Idt Loi 42d u it ret direct. Linn of Ata Orlatha Frei Southern nent Papcin pull Sheri Asa Ocultoa Ana the audit Bureau of circulation a3 Independent Dera Calls newspaper published each after noon except saturday and sunday. The associated Preia i entitled to the uie for Publ cities of All Newi dispatches credited to to or not other lie credited id this paper and also the local news published herein. Entered at Post office in Ken sport. Tenn. A second class matter 27. Im4. Under Thi act of Alarcon 8, National adverts inf Shannon As . Inc. Ult of laces in new York. Choc aug. Detroit Atlanta St. Louis. Kansas Clef. Los Angeles and ban Francisco. Subscription rate by mall first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier Eaily sunday today s Bible thought and with All receivable Ness of unrighteous Ness in them thai perish because they received not the love of the truth that they might be thes. The times daily tonic keep one thing forever in truth and if you do this though it May seem to Ead you away from the men it will assuredly conduct you to the throne of Horace Mann. Another big loss de. Note in yesterday s editorial reference was made to the article by Marquis Childs. Through error the article referred to did not appear yesterday but does appear today is is a very unpleasant duty that comes up every so often to note the passing of another Man who has been one of the City s leaders. Now it is Henry g. Dunning who has been taken from us and taken in the prime of life. Henry Dunning will be remembered for Many things but we like to remember him for a very simple Quality yet a very rare Quality. He was a Good Man. He did not know How to speak roughly to anyone he did t know How to take advantage of anyone or How to be selfish. We do not believe anyone Ever saw him angry. These qualities Are rare enough in the world. They Are More rare among men at the top. In our cynical world the popular idea is that you have to be Tough gotta think of number if you want to succeed. Henry Dunning proved the cynics Are not always right. Certainly he succeeded without the cynics weapons. He became the head of a very Large and successful store for Many years he was one of the guiding hands of the merchants association and then helped organize and be came the first president of the Kings port chamber of Commerce. He stood Hiah not Only among the business men City but among the top level management of the great Chain of which his store was a part. But it was in the Field of Public serv ice that Henry Dunning demonstrated his value to his City. Aside from business and perhaps to the loss of his business he gave a great Many hours to organizations and projects that built the City. As a civic Leader he served through the presidency of the kiwanis club through membership on the Hospital Board As a member of the selective service Board the salvation army Board the smoke abatement committee and As a Leader in Community Chest work. This in addition to his great services to his Church. We have said that the duty to note the passing of a great citizen comes All too often. Yet it is a matter of Pride that we have men of this whose passing we have to accept. We Hope we will have More and More citizens carrying on the tradition of sound citizenship Nobel character and Able leadership such As we witnessed in the life of Henry Dunning. Statesmanship one of the least publicized men in the United states Senate but a Strong candidate for the title Best mind in the is Walter f. George of Georgia. One of the least creditable actions of Franklin Roosevelt was his Effort to Rele Gate this Man to private life. It would have been an unhappy stroke of Fortune if he had succeeded. George a Man with a powerful grasp of financial matters is no longer chairman of the finance com Mittee but it is Safe to say that the pres ent chairman senator Milliken of Colo Rado no Small figure himself would be dismayed to lose the help of the georgian. An oddity about senator George is that he is under the curious curious for a Man in Public be ing averse to the limelight. He makes no startling press statements no dramatic speeches. But when he does Rise in the Senate to speak he has an attentive audience and when he gets through there is Little More to be said. The recent debate on the Senate floor Over the excess profits tax was an interesting example. Senator Sparkman was battling for All he was Worth to pre vent Extension. One would not go so far As to say that Sparkman never forgets he is a Democrat but he has a Good Mem Ory for that fact and since the admin merry go Rounce letter to editor by Drew Pearson Mccarthy ites have been attacking protestant churches in the u. S. For being pro communist the communists have been attacking protestants behind the Iron curtain for being anti communist. This anti protestant drive is headed by none other than the father of Klaus Fuchs the atom spy jailed in England. Communist leaders Are branding the protestant clergy behind the Iron curtain As an outpost of Anglo american and they May have taken a Cue from the House in american activities committee which is using an expelled presbyterian min ister or. Carl Mcintire to make it look As if the clergy itself approves of the attacks on churchmen. For just As Mcintire is now Gath ering petitions supporting an investigation on communists in the protestant churches so the reds have found a group of so called progressive clergymen to mask an attack on the protestant churches. Professor Emil Fuchs father of the atom spy gathered these dissidents together at Chemnitz renamed Karl Marx City in East Germany for a he charged German Church leaders with undermining the Confidence of the majority of the Church members by ignoring one of the most important revolutions in the history of Man he referred of course to the russian Revo Lution. The conference dutifully went on record against the misuse of the Church As an out Post of Anglo american backing up the propaganda drive with Teeth the reds threw protestant Deacon her Bert Bohnke of Haid Muehl East Germany into a concentration Camp for eight years for owning agita Tive publications and for allegedly excluding a communist Young Pioneer from religious lessons because of the boy s poor performance. No ministers have been jailed in this country of their teachings. Bishop g. Bromley Oxnam of the methodist Church has been pilloried in Congress on Evi Dence just As false and distorted As the communists used against the unfortunate protes Tant Deacon. Plain fact is that both the my Carthy ites and the communists Are attacking the clergy not because they Are disloyal but because they dare to preach against totalitarian tactics both Here and behind the Iron curtain. Taft obeys doctors the ailing but Strong willed senator Taft has been fussing at his doctors Over certain treatments he has been forced to take. He finally submitted to one particularly trying treatment the other Day. And the male nurse pleased with the results remarked that was a the next Day the nurse came to administer the same treatment Over again. Taft resisted. The nurse called in the doctors who insisted. But i already went through that yester Day and an the nurse said it was a protested the senator. However the doctors refused to be talked out of it and the crumbling Taft reluctantly submitted. I senatorial assistant Jack Martin ribbed him afterwards about taking orders from the they presented some reasonable argue explained Taft who. In Senate debate is always ready to change his views in the face of sound logic. Had the army doctors in Washington s Walter Reed Hospital so buffaloes that they were afraid to order him to Cut Down on his Senate activities. That s the Rea son he was finally persuaded to go to a civilian Hospital in new York City where the doctors weren t afraid to talk Back to him. Is ration wanted to keep the tax in effect it seemed like Good strategy to show this was a bad idea and also show that Here was another example of Republican disregard for the Little Man. In this Case it was the Little business Man who found a Champion in senator Sparkman. With an occasional assist from senators Humphrey and Murray the alabamian was going along swimmingly in his denunciation of the excess profits tax As an imposition on the Small business Man and picturing Small businesses collapsing on All sides due to this tax. Then somebody asked or. Sparkman if he had supported the excess profits tax when it was put into effect. We imagine the senator sort of paused before he said yes to that one. He did not say but that was when it was a demo cratic instead he made the strange confession i wish to say i am sorry i Ever voted for this tax. I remember at that time the senior senator from Georgia pointed out to us Many times its bad precisely. With senator George a bad tax is a bad tax whether it s his party s measure or the other party s. If Sparkman and others had listened to George there would not have been an excess profits tax. But the debate continuing senator George got to his feet and proceeded to give the Senate another example of leadership that could Rise above party. He pointed out that the excess profits tax never was and could not be an Equit Able tax but he pointed out the necessity of postponing its death. It was t a speech just a common sense talk. It had no politics in it. Incidentally he had some words for those who were trying to condemn the tax on the grounds of battling for the Little fellow. He pointed out that while growing businesses were handicapped by the tax they were Small Only in com Parison with the Industrial giants. Most of them were quite respectable in size and in fact quite Large compared to the average business Man tax payer. There Are some four million businesses in this country of which about one tenth Are corporations. And a tenth of the tenth pay the excess profits tax. Consequently the picture of business closing up in All directions because of the tax was made to look ridiculous. When senator George finished there was Little More said. Editor Kingsport times dear sir at the regular monthly meet ing of the City recreation com Mission favourable comment was voiced by All of the members on the recent Hole in one tournament sponsored by your paper. We Felt that it was in keeping with our desire to provide a recreational program for All and that the Good turnout indicated a widespread interest. We wish to commend the Kingsport times news for this service and express our appreciation for your continued in Terest in the recreation program of the City. Sincerely a. G. Coffin jr., chairman Kingsport recreation commission. Hollywood by Erskine Johnson close ups and Lon shots it May upset the boys on tin pan Alley but Johnnie Johnston says that biggies in the record Busi Ness Are unfair to established singers. Johnnie had to plunk out a Small Fortune to record four sides on his own. Among them come Back to me by Milton Berle. And the brisk sales Are proving that somebody s wrong. Says Johnnie whose recording of Laura sold Over a million copies i d have a better Chance Mak ing records if i changed my name. The record companies do not want names anymore. They figure big names Haven t been Selling records lately. All the singers with big hits have come from left Field. You walk into a record com Pany with a Fry Cook from Pomona and they la buy him if he can could Saskatchewan be an other Shane for Alan Ladd Raoul Walsh leaving to direct the film on location in Saskatchewan s already mad be cause the location site is in Al and said i Only wish i had the time and the Money George Stevens spent on but we be got a Good a typical Alan Ladd without a shirt no doubt. Myrna Loy s reported ready to leave Washington d. C., and her state department Hubby for a try in telefilm the Queen of Sheba is no longer just an idea at Fox. The script s completed and on the cinemascope slate whether her studio likes it or not Jane Russell is practically spearheading a National Campaign to liberalize immigration Laws so that european War orphans can be brought to the u. S. For adoption. More confusion Mem s camera department Whiz John Arnold was asked if he d write an article for a National Magazine on Hollywood s new big screens. I m replied Arnold but it s too confusing. After i d write about it there would be More goal for big screen is 35 my. Film that can to fit any theater Dorothy Cooper who wrote Small town girl and other big Mem hits will pen the scripts for Robert Young s father knows Best telefilm the Buzz gets louder that Richard Widmark s big reason for pulling out of Fox next april is his health big reverse at the London palladium. Singer Al Martino stole the hand clapping from Betty and Jane Kean who were supposed to be the big at traction. Jean Carroll the gorgeous miss Colorado in the miss universe contest is the daughter of Nate Watt assistant director of to s my Little she lived in Hollywood until she was in with out a thought of film Fame. But As a Denver housewife she May Relief qbhe3b3hse3e3 Washington calling Washington it May be that in the near future president Eisenhower will deliver the most important speech of his entire career. If he says what some of his advisers Are urging him to say it could be an utterance As grave As has come from any president of the United states. At least one draft of the speech has been prepared and the specialists and experts Are continuing to work on it despite the fact that both the final decision and the timing Are still to be made. The ultimate decision rests of course on Eisenhower himself. What the president will say if he decides to make the speech at this time will transcend merely personal considerations. He will in effect be presenting humanity itself with one of those either or choices that Mark the great Crossroads of history. The president is being urged to Tell the american Public and incidentally the rest of the world both Friend and foe the Basic facts about the development of the Hydrogen bomb. Those facts Are overwhelming. The president is being told with substantiating data to support the statements that Only he with the full weight of his office can convey their dire meaning. Hints and generalizations simply do not get Over to the Public the full and terrible significance of what has been achieved. As we reporter in this space a month ago Progress on Hydro ment of the a bomb was pro posed. In the controversy Over whether billions of dollars should be invested in the Effort the most optimistic advocate was or. Edward Teller one of the physicists working from Early in world War ii on the pioneering phase of atomic fission. The present stage of development three and a half years later exceeds Teller s most hopeful claims. Some officials who have tended to favor continuing strict secrecy on All atomic developments Are now beginning to reverse them1 selves. They have faced the fact that the destruction of civilized life on this planet is at hand if the atomic arms race goes on unhindered to the conclusion of War. At least a half dozen High level conferences have dealt with this staggering problem in recent weeks. A hint came in president Eisenhower s last press conference. The president was asked whether the Law enforcing rigid secrecy should be relaxed. He re plied that he thought the time had come to give the american people More information adding that Only an informed Popula Tion could make Good decisions. He also pointed out that the Law had been framed in the expectation that the United states could keep secret the details of manufacture of the bomb. But since then the soviet Union has exploded three bombs and great Britain one. Therefore he said he thought the time had come optimistic when develop i q in tract Afu i wind up with a contract a u i one of Mary Pickford s Rea sons for a trip to Europe to Corner former pal and partner Charlie Chaplin to collect Money he owes her. Sad note Hollywood s major studios now employ. Per sons compared to six years ago. The secret s out a i s keeping one of Glenn Miller s secrets but i m not. The ohm biography of the famed bandleader with Jimmy Stewart and june Allyson playing the Millers shows them Waltzing on their 10th wedding anniversary. But Miller could t dance. Took office things other than the problem of the atom demanded his attention. Gordon Dean just retired As chairman of the atomic Energy commission did not have a close or altogether Happy relationship with the White House. He had been appointed chairman by president Truman. But in his last weeks by Marquis Childs Dean drafted a report for the president. He said publicly on several occasions that greater knowledge was imperative. What he was saying privately and what he is believed to have said in the report to Eisenhower is that the time has come when something like an ultimatum must be Given to accept Complete inspection control of All atomic development by an International organization or face destruction. This raises of course the time element. J. Robert Oppenheimer another Pioneer in atomic development estimated recently that the United states was four years ahead of Russia in the atom race. Theoretically therefore we will have a stockpile of Hydrogen bombs when they explode their first one. But this would be Small Consolation since a War with Hydro Gen bombs Means total destruction. Recently brigadier general Thomas r. Phillips ret Mili tary analyst of the St. Louis Post dispatch in an article put together All available Public in formation about the Hydrogen test bomb exploded at eniwetok last november. Reports agree that an Island half a mile wide and three Miles Long disappeared in a fire that burned for six hours. Intense heat was Felt 30 Miles away. Phillips computed that the explosion was equivalent to that produced by Between and tons of int. Such a bomb would vaporize All Concrete and steel in a Circle with a radius of 10 Miles. The size of the bomb can be increased indefinitely. But what the latest research shows is most startling of All probability Hydrogen fusion can be con trolled As can atomic fission. This is therefore a source of Power from unlimited material. So for humanity at this awesome Crossroads it is Liwally either Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe there is the Story or tha preacher who told his startled people that if they wanted to learn what was the nearest thing to hell on they should come and listen to him preach the next sunday. A Small boy in a baseball uni form and a woman in a Mink coat. Both enjoy the wearing of them regardless of How warm the weather. In Winter what does Mother have to yell at the children for it s Johnny Mary Susie Joe come Back and close that door in summer what does Mother have to yell at the children for it s Johnny Mary Susie Joe please Don t slam that door it s a mighty thin argument that has t got two sides. It s possible to get somewhere in this world without knowing where you Are going but How do you know that s where you will enjoy being some husbands get to enjoy the Beach on their vacation by convincing the wife they would rather be in the mountains. I want to be quite different i want to be unique and so to spend vacation a different kind of place i seek. It s so very unoriginal or so it seems to me that everybody has to go to the mountains or the sea. You just mention your Vaca Tion folks say Mountain or the As if there were no other place you could be headed for. And so i la shun the mountains and i won t go near the sea. I la go some place that s Nei but by gosh where will that be it s very interesting to read about the quaint language into which waitresses in has houses used to translate the customers orders. But there is a faint suspicion that the writing boys took a few simplicities like cup Java and to scram and built up a whole vocabulary like a naturalist constructing a life size dip Lod Baccus from a Shin Bone. Most of the quoted sayings Are so Good that it took some word Mechanic hard work to think of them and far beyond the imagination of the average hash House waitress whose throbbing feet left her in no mood for thinking up literary gems. Some of the imaginative writ ers would make wonderful hash slingers. Simple Sadie said the bos porous was where they made Bosch Crescent lights. An advantage is what an advertiser has Over his non Adver Tising competitor. Every Deer is interested in the affairs of the Hart. A Cowboy must have been the singing a Saddle with a built in radio. That ought it his horse. It sounds reasonable that a Bride should buy her going away outfit in a depart ment store. Bankers like de positive kind of people. Doctor by Edwin p Jordan. . Side glances i la i Oft. A str Rist t. M. Pm. An. Fish again your father refuses to take us to tha Lake until finished the Bass he put in tha Freezer a correspondent who says he is 39 years old writes that he has been having attacks of gout off and on for approximately 10 years. In addition he says i never did get quite Clear As to what caused this statement is certainly not surprising since no one else is Clear about it either there is a Strong family ten Dency towards gout and most students of the disease now be Lieve that it is truly inherited though probably not All of those who have it will develop recognizable signs of the Active Dis ease. In other words it is considered to be an inherited Dis order of metabolism similar in some respects to diabetes. Incidentally it is much More com Mon among men than women. There Are Many other Peculiar things about gout. Acute attacks of the disease tend to occur most often in the Spring and fall. In its typical form it starts Sud Denly in the Middle of the night with severe pain at the base of one of the big toes. The pain is terrific and usually wakes the victim from a sound sleep. Some of those who have had an acute attack describe it As though the joint were being pried apart with a red hot poker a thoroughly unpleasant Sensa Tion i should imagine. There is a chronic form of the disease usually called gouty arthritis. This is a late stage of the disease in which Crystal like substances called rates made of the products of purines which Are present in some foods Are deposited in or near the joints and in some other locations. Sometimes these deposits reach enormous size Hen s eggs or larger. If Given at the beginning of an attack cortisone or act May Ward off the development of the pain and the swelling. However these substances frequently seem to delay the at tack which comes anyway later rather than Stop it altogether. Gout can be relieved but fortunately acute gout can be greatly relieved by proper supervision improved diet and attention to living conditions. Other drugs one of them quite new have great value in gout. Those who have the Dis ease Are usually required to re Frain from most alcoholic liquors and from foods which contain a High proportion of purines such As sweetbreads liver kid Neys Squab and calves Tongue. Indeed there Are other foods such As pork beef veal sausage Gravy and several kinds of fish which May also be taboo for a victim of gout because of the relatively High amounts of Purine that they contain. Gout is considered an unusual though not rare disease. By proper management much can be done to Lessen the frequency of attacks and to Ward off the development of gouty arthritis or chronic gout. Long known though it has been there Are still Many unsolved problems concerning the origin and management of this curious disorder. Out our Way Why there s f this Why i Moth Fig in Jill Here but flies am v mosquitoes j heroes Are Mape not Boom

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