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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 21, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeCourt continued from Page 1 when the budget and tax rate will be considered. Along with his quarterly re port of expenditures Otis Pendleton Highway commissioner asked that in state Gaso line Revenue now being held Ini Knox City. Tex. Up Man willing to for Eye offered by woman i death notice h. G. Dunning funeral services for h. G. Major Gen Choi Duk Shin Birmingham Ala. Ages of six months and 10 53, manager of a local who has been boycotting f Pritchett of Jackson will be injected on a store and civic Lead i continued from Page 1 United nations command of Pritchett elected to head to group continued from Page 1 to curb the Bristol area polio outbreak. Children Between the truce talks he had no in Tention of attending the Armi signing. Ville fla., was elected president basis. I or who died at Holston Valley Reserve by the trustee be added if wife who offered to sell one Rhee was reported to be pre Here yesterday of a four state youngsters in adjoining Carter j Community Hospital sunday District of the National postal county tenn., where ail Chil morning will be held at j transport association. To his budget. Dren under 13 Are under quaran i . Wednesday at the first Lulille Llu Kun vile jut a la us u1c to 1 t _ of her eyes for s10.000 found a paring a Blunt Public statement1 Alabama ten Une also will receive the anti. Baptist Church. Or. William r. A. I _ i no supp. R Londa. And. Sore Fiji w scroll Nactor to vip i Pendleton the Money today a Man willing to disavowing reported assurances polio injections. Carter county Rigell pastor of the Central i Oahu l. Ilc uhv1jc v w a o i noun la Ulf Tel v w 11 in 1 cuu1 t 17n nah Turnr of tin. Needed for Basing approaches to Gamble Cash for a Chance for to the communists by chief it h and have reported Baptist Church in Johnson City the mood Bluff Bride across formal sight. I Goti Ator it Gen. William vice president and h. 24 cases of the disease this year will conduct services assisted by the projected fort Patrick Hen the 28-year-old woman ran Harrison that South Korea pc of Macon ga., Sec the National foundation for the Rev. J. L. Trent by Lake near Kingsport. The a classified advertisement in the would abide by a truce Indef Bridge being built to replace the Wichita Falls. Tex. Record news nicely. Infantile paralysis is sending or burial will follow in the Oak members of the association Robert Bergman of cemetery. The body will be handle mail on trains at. Air re. C., to Johnson City to removed from Hamlett Dobson Hemlock Bridee. Is scheduled for last Friday offering to sell an the aged president and All of a other tace d v r Ity of completion september 15. Pen provide Secundy for her a major advisers 2 Sytse e Seal i inn, liner n t Konro cos Winoc Oxnam been hospitalized at Johnson i hour before services. City since june 7. With 37 still. Another survivor not listed in in the crowded polio Ward. A previous obituary is a grand in Avery county n. C., movies daughter Jenny Lou Compton. Kingsport times tuesday july 21, 1953 3 Congress continued from Page 1 leaders appeared to be backing away today from any immediate increase in the Federal debt limit and sen. Byrd a a this May Force president Eisenhower to make Sharp spending cuts. Byrd who has been consulting with administration fiscal Lead w1u11 Douai Cau i ers in an interview he has re Republican wins Rock Island 111. Re publican was elected yesterday to fill a vacancy on the Illinois supreme court and his demo cratic opponent in conceding the democratic party apparently is not organized for a comeback fight circuit judge Ray Klingbiel of East Moline won a sweeping judicial churches. Sunday schools and pallbearers will be l. P. Greg other social events were suspend Ory j. T. Parker a. E. King a. Of news offer was the he that could upset the truce before cies have been put on record ased until further notice today b. Coleman Hugh Nelms Kyle continued from Page 1 the court adopted the re Sohi Frank Benow. A retired Wichi Long enough for a postwar Tion. Transferring the funds to a. Kan., contractor in Cas political conference to do some the commissioner s budget. Cade. Colo he had decided to thing about unifying Korea. In addition the court com accept the offer after talking Rhee s rumblings threatened a ple pc the following action i h his doctor. New storm from the communists 1. Transferred s6.000 from the Ordinary fund to the other he heard about the Eye hard working officers could opposed to As polio struck with Savage huddle. L. L. Cusac n. M. Lang expense item in the circuit through a Story in a Wichita a whip it into final shape. Oxnam attacked the com Ford Paul Wilson and don1 court clerk s account o pay for Anri decided to accept it korean sources rare re Mittee for releasing or f Mcrae p0unlv Fuller. Fld Kitiona expense incurred by in ----1 heavy court journey cd new sum. I Uuk i Khouw ment had endorsed the no time respond Sidmey. Of polio and of her probable last .-.pring. Whether an operation to replace limit on the political Confer it can be shown that these cases were diagnosed he Sion program of the Deomina recon Nenn to my Eyo would work but i think ence reports Are the result of county had been of their Choice in lieu of or Paritem a. It Svon a be Worth a try str Litho Uanno Fri Nisi incompetence or of free of polio until this past Flowers. Made it Clear to them he would rect oppose any Effort in this session of Congress to raise the 275 billion Dollar debt ceiling. Y wow the if the debt limit in t raised limit but Byrd he the administration soon will be j thinks the Treasury probably will compelled to Cut spending below Ibe to t by unti january the level that Congress has a and Power e la Salt basis reached it will have to be the National debt now stands without reaching or raising the ceiling. Mus raw flu Iuka Jense by Iuie vacationing in Colorado. Act pc angrily to communist re and unevaluated material for officer ordered the Quad it is the request of the family sessions Ana adj most my left Eye m the South korean govern which the committee accepts no Antine when five positive those who wish make a ear. Session Bunow . I Don t know ment Nail endorsed the no time of polio and other contribution to the foreign mis the to Rynart from Readl be de Cande no Eye was fall Nave refused to confirm the slanted he the Enci when it suddenly broke reared a Psid partial District to. U i be communist report because of result being the same in either has not reached a stage dared a District lost his left Eye when he was the secret of the , namely to question enough to warrant mass enable enforcement of a wire to free a mule. The wire snapped and pierced 3. Appointed a four mar. Level truce meetings. Pyung. Who attended to Pillory or to intimidate the he but we re new York Arthur s. Div dual to damage reputation to my to do everything we can Fleming director of the office it before it gets defense mobilization says the Public gatherings were Hoven 4t h a Bop the Rok govt Ament to Reed no while a patriotic citizen prohibited As of 8 . This the Economy As a Juji since. Hov uis s be or Funchs a her Marne Norw put Rome in. Carcen Noi Reisui a Pri in Public or Mimi Flemmins told a meeting of strict. Perry Slaughter. 14th Zirri to obstruct an armistice on two is morning. 4 Nirri. And j. R. Or lev. 3rd d conditions he the preparation and the county is Only a few Miles the american association o strict i 1. That the u s government publication of these flies puts from Elizabethton and Johnson nurserymen inc., yesterday that 4. Up err Tori Paul Zimmerman promised to protect South to into the hands of irresponsible City. Tenn. The Outing of controls had no county Coroner for another Era against any future comm individuals and agencies a meanwhile reports circulated averse feet on the Welense two year term. Nist aggression or else make a wicked i. Re elected Thorp Man Rpp Ronti Nimeh from 1 Mutual Security pact. It gives Hup commissioner another of a a Reimis apr 2 that the u. S. Government vicious expression of Kun flux sections of Gamma globulin by two year term. The numbers Arp Trade rival was tade pave definite assurances to help he in which an in Nat a. S. Jackson. 7th District c. J Harr. St District. Eanes. 5th District. Day old u. S. Offer to Send million dollars Worth of Ameri can food to Germany s soviet zone with no strings attached. 1 he East German communist in Central Illinois that gives Rise to a new and children May have received in actions of Gamma globulin by Gate crashing a mass Inocula i Public ust one Dav after Prest con docent person May he beaten by lion program in Macon and Sam in Eisenhower renewed a in Ference following an assailants who am despite the injections at de client Eisenhower renewed a in in anonymity and at Cater. 111., four new cases a Crew during a specific length of time times immunity and whose j reported two of them among now. Pyung . Harrison has whips Are cleverly constructed children who had received told the communists at pan-1 lists of so called subversive cases were also reported Munnom that in animations and whose floggings at Caldwell county. N. C., which 1 the in would not interfere appear All too often to be sadistic i recently completed injections., continued from past 1 government and soviet foreign. Wry Mmary action. Taken spirit rather than patriotic in Montgomery Ala., which also Highway 81 be opened for pub v. M. Molotov had communists against South i conducted a go program report lie use. Rily rejected the american forces if the Rok gov Oxnam challenged the two new 94 and in a statement last week. Gen for As a propaganda or Ament resorted to unilateral Mittee to question him on hls.95_after five polio free Days eral Ford the Road might and Sald the East germans did action to unify Korea by Force committee file item by item. Minnesota reported 12 new on 2. The in promised that All "1c i May be asked questions cases monday and Iowa in. Supporting supplies and equip concerning these he ment to the Rok forces would i will leave it to any fair mid be halted if the South koreans de Man whether i have been Way program. Groseclose Flowers All Occa Suisi phone 6 All fam i a Mpr Lii Lull be opened on condition tha not need fool Relief Holston ordnance works pipe line located on this route be moved to a safer location and that a nine foot Chain link Fence be erected i protect the lines. The area which the 51 proper continued from past 1 to owners have asked to have under custody m Taegu admitted inside the City covers1 Fede the Section Between old and new Bristol highways and slight Legai by East of the upper Circle. O the a East has it includes a Section lying Ferrins him to the a. East has along the old Bristol Highway challenged since the sex. Armistice , . And the new four Lane Bristol sergeant had been j3ischarge.o men get vigor federa court hearing on a Slife in Korea her Force a of the air Force a Highway extending around the from lne service and Wasa civil rent freeze killed upper Circle roughly parallel at time arrest by Mph there been misled by its file which. On an he had been prepared so Cri a k. That it created the impression we now cannot do anything that i have been and am sym a at Lac. Anh Thorp a. I a nov old just for ourselves without being con thetic to communism Ana Mere damned for violation of the fore am is 2.-, . 1 he tie committee should junk its files i of new vigor vitality. Start Pew youth today. We cannot beat Down the 11 St real Tel that 40" letdown the existing City limits East authorities Warpath drive and including Farragut Avenue and Lafayette charter issued Circle. Paducah. By. As communist menace by bearing a. An

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