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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 21, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee2 tuesday july 21, 1953 Kingsport times russians dangling Juicy markets before Trade hungry w. Europe by Phil Newsom up foreign news editor Russia has opened an effective new front in its cold War against the United states. It is dangling before the eyes of hungry West europeans and other nations the Promise of Juicy markets in Russia the satellites and red China. Fair trial assured Fla. Navy officer Pensacola Pla. Up a i naval official gave Assurance to three new that a fair will be Trade deals were disclosed last conducted it. Cmdr. Jerry f. Week. More will follow. Announcements last week Cov ered France Greece and the Netherlands. Earlier it had been known that the reds were negotiating with Argentina and were near a Deal. The Deal with France was is Mcdaniel of Gulfport miss., on charges that he conducted a lewd show at the key West Fla., naval air station. Rep. William m. Colmer d miss yesterday asked Navy Secretary Robert b. Anderson to conduct a Complete investigation of the charges to insure a fair court martial for the former key i West personnel officer. Specially interesting. Economically France is the sick lady of Europe. In june she lost a whopping cmdr. Wilt Davis jr., Legal of on foreign Trade. Of the naval air station has plunged steadily said no definite Date has bankruptcy since the Middle of been set for the trial but he 1952, and now has Only on Colmer s request Gold reserves to sustain about1 by saying you can be sure that another 10 months of similar Mcdaniel will get a fair losses. I Davis said he plans to review drastic curbs on imports have failed to halt the Drain. Ironically the industrious French people have plenty of Gold but it is out of reach of the the evidence for at least 10 Days and an additional four Days will be needed to prepare for open ing the court martial Here. Colmer said that while he has definite signs she has a baby new York zoo officials saw More signs today that Penelope the Duck billed platypus is nursing a newly hatched baby in her under ground Burrow. Keepers reported that Penel Ope is eating enormous Quanti ties of crayfish a significant development according to the Only platypus baby Book in exist ence. Penelope is believed to have Given birth last week but it May be three months before the baby from the Burrow. Until now a platypus has never been born in Captivity outside Australia their native habitat. Last saturday night Penelope failed to plug up the Entrance to her Burrow for the first time in More than a week. This also was taken As a sign that All was going Well in the underground maternity Ward. Three persons Hurt in truck bus mishap three passengers on a City transportation co. Bus received treatment at Holston Valley Community Hospital for bruises government and will continue prejudged the Case he has monday night after a gasoline All forms of sunday recreation be so until the government a number of letters something to bolster the Mcdaniels relatives and own Confidence in the French j friends claiming the officer was franc. Made a the Navy truck slammed into the Back of bus at Westridge on u. S. Highway 11-w. At any rate it is obvious that the French face a crisis and need to do something. Under her agreement with Russia the two sides agree to an Exchange of goods totalling nearly in the first year divided equally. France will sell cargo ships up to tons textiles fruit and transport equipment All Classi fied As Russia will sell France Coal Corn Oil. Grain and metals. The russian Deal of course will not cure French economic ills. The entire first year total is Only a Little More than France s june deficit. But that Deal is Only one of clinics several. A contract already is investigating a charge that he was confined to his quarters for 40 Days before charges were preferred against him. It accountants announce program the East Tennessee chapter of . Has announced an ambitious program for their j first year of operation including nine technical sessions on cur i Austin Shaw the bus Driver magistrates pass a Token ban on free Sun. Movies Blountville spa a Token ban on free sunday movies in the county was imposed by county court members Here monday. The magistrates voted 30 to 0 to outlaw the showing of sunday movies free or with charge in Heaters outside Kingsport Bris Tol and Bluff City. However several magistrates scoffed at the idea that free movies could be curbed by action of the county court. Judge pro tem f. W. Isley said he doubted if the action could be made effective. The Resolution to ban free movies followed the defeat of a Bill to legalize operation of Rural Heaters for pay after 6 . On sundays. Both resolutions were introduced by Squire Eugene Mehaffey 17th District. A Bill to legalize sunday movies was Defeated at the april term of court. It was pointed out that some drive in Heaters being prohibited from charging admission on sundays have been showing free movies after the Squires voted to ban All sunday movies one Magis trate facetiously proposed that be banned. He specified baseball and fish ing. At that Point Isley rapped his said he had just driven around i Gavel and said i think you re a lumber truck parked at the Side of the Road when he stopped to pick up a passenger. The Lum ber truck later was found to carrying this matter too he added that he did t think the anti sunday movie Bill had any Teeth. Operates have been in a sides wiping collision with an automobile from Pennsylvania bound for Florida. E. W. Hill Gate City i a route 4, Driver of the gasoline laundry at truck belonging to Craft trans. Port co., Gate City said truck was filled with gasoline. There was no fire. The Driver s seat of the bus was broken throwing Shaw on was negotiated with red China local and nationally prominent speakers will include h. R. Recently by private French v. Pres. And comptroller Teress. In april an Southern Bell j. F. Toole v. Agreement was signed with j pres. And treasurer of Sperry Czechoslovakia and a previous corporation t. R. , Trade pact was made for polish comptroller of Monroe Calcut goods. Plating company j. N. Harris the deals Are not by any i management consultant from Means the full extent of com Cambridge mass. Or. Vaugh boarded the bus and was de positing his fare was thrown on the floor about half Way Back in the bus. Mrs. Cora Birchfield 67, Church Hill who was seated on the bus with her Soldier son. St. Joseph to. If when Hoover invited to lunch today at White House Washington president Herbert Hoover was invited to lunch at the White House today presumably to offer his advice on a new Hoover commission study of the fed eral government. It has been reported that the 80-year-old Hoover might be eight thirsty gis find Oasis on korean patrol by Al Kaff tip staff correspondent Central front Korea up Dusty soldiers blinked their eyes in amazement. Patrolling deep inside chinese territory the sweat soaked infantrymen stumbled across a Cache of american Beer abandoned when Tho communists stood guard outside. When i walked out of there i was Wear ing clean underwear a clean los Angeles policewoman. Asked to head the new study i drove South last week Beauty wants to become cop los Angeles South Carolina girl who did t quite cop the miss United states title last week wants to become a uniform and Brand new in one of the bunkers we picked up letters that the Guys were writing when the chinks hit said a 21-year-old Mary Kemp Griffin 23, miss Myrtle Beach s. C., and runner up for the miss United states title at the miss universe Beauty pageant in Long Beach filled private Frank troncone of 2255 out a civil service application Alpine ave., Union n. J. Yesterday. Shell have a written some of them were examination aug. 1. Officers Auk. Wail Cao As he did the one authorized Byi it was a muggy 90-degree aft but they weren t mailed. The 5-foot-8 southerner in 1qa1 i Ai i Congress in 1947. In addition to or. Hoover the scheduled lunch guests were re publican National chairman Leonard w. Hall and three men who have served president Eisenhower in preliminary looks at the sprawling Federal Nelson Rockefeller defense Mobilizer Arthur s. Fleming and chairman Philip Young of the civil service commission. Rockefeller Fleming and Young worked on the six government reorganization plans which or. Eisenhower has submitted to Congress. Additional changes aimed at greater efficiency at less Cost to the tax payers Are the goal of the new study proposal. The original Hoover commis Sion submitted a series of recommendations in 1949 which or. Hoover said would Cut govern ment costs by a year. Some of them were approved in a series of reorganization plans but others were turned Down by Congress. Former president of Haiti succumbs new York if Dumarsais estime 53, president of the re Public of Haiti Between 1946 and 1950, died yesterday of ure Mia at Columbia presbyterian Hospital Here. Estime who had been living at a Manhattan hotel was Vernoon and their Mouths were of them were not even finished dry As the Sahara. They pulled we found Billfold and an arresting figure. Out their bayonets stabbed holes in the cans and for a Brief moment imagined they were Back in the Corner taproom off main Street. We found enough Beer for every Man and 20 More left said sgt. Donald j. Fuller 21, of Browning to. All of us came Back with two or three cans stuck in our they offered Only one com plaint. The Beer was said pvt. Ivan j. Sargent 22, of 263 Monticello St., Clarksburg w. A. But it was when chinese attacked the Western hinge a week ago american artillerymen in a Small Valley had just enough time to pull out with some of their howitzers before the chinese closed in. They left their Beer behind. United nations patrols now scout that Valley by Day blowing up abandoned military supplies and Hunting for chinese. There s More Beer than we get in our own said pfc. Alvin Mitchell 21, of 314 Dodge St., Buffalo n. Y. One american i stood guard at an overrun Rok Bunker Alert for chinese snipers who were pot shooting with captured Ameri can rifles while his buddy took a sponge Bath changed into clean clothes left by South koreans and enjoyed a Little 3.2 refreshments. I got three cans of Beer and of girl friends right where the Guys had left the patrol brought Back these pathetic mementos of the Chi Nese Advance so army officials can Start the grim Job of trac ing missing men. 15-year-old Howard Abramson left for the boy scout Jamboree in California he took the family clothesline with him. Also a sup ply of soap flakes. It paid dividends. Today his parents or. And mrs. William i Abramson reported he had called j them from California to Tell them he was operating a Laun at the Jamboree and doing from office by a group of High ranking army officers in May 1050. Flames destroy Monist economic penetration. Tennessee Eastman and a. R. A British Mission is on the Smith of Milwaukee Wisconsin Way Home from piping with in addition to an excellent contracts for two Way Trade technical program the Currick a t at f a As one of those the Hospital for pay for this Long distance he said. Treated bruises. Also treated and released were Willard Russell 26, and Oma Lee Russell 18, both of Church Hill route 4. In a business Way. I be already made enough to Lum includes Many special com a Unity service projects such As clue Green Tonque in my a town Linic Nyhl in valued at around India is reported ready to enter a Long term agreement with income tax clinics Public Wel a Russia to import tons1 fare Agency audits and Indus of wheat annually for the next trial employment service for Ceylon is considering a renew Reno Nev. Here Are on the Lookout for an into i with a ammunition found Littleton mass. Bert Flanders of Lowell was Only looking for blueberries yester Day but he found a Box contain Baltimore maintenance Man stuck a lighted Torch to a hornets nest at the Home of Albert Stark yesterday and stirred up More than hornets. The flames quickly spread into a two alarm fire. Four firemen were overcome by heat and smoke and fit persons fled the three Story dwelling. Stark an apartment House owner said he had sent the Man to the House to get rid of the _ looking at the charred bragged the Corporal Angelo m. Escorsio 22, of 78 Mechanic St., Rockland me. My old uniform was ripped in the seat and was so smelly i could t live with myself. In Side this Wootchie i found a Towel and some clean clothes. I stripped Down and took a sponge Bath while my buddy text set Sec Henl Dale Lagoon shaped Pool air conditioned rooms parking on premises dining room All Ern facilities moving Call 948 Tom still Transfer co. A distinctive photograph by Rhan Encz 313 Cherokee is. When you use our monthly payment loan plan there s no need to be trapped by rising rents when you can own your own Home. Simply economically our direct reduction Home loan plan allows you to pay off your loan with rent sized payments suited to your needs. Moderate Down payment act today Kingsport Federal listen every morning monday through Friday . Ing top floor. Stark added two Large smoke bombs 28j he almost got rid of members. Jated burglar with a Green j hand grenades 19 signal bombs membership in this Organiza a Tongue. J and 300 rounds of .30-Caliberi officers said the burglar not ammunition. Miami each rates i Alli tic Collins at 32nd St. Federal savings and loan association 230commerce Street phone 3710 let s All buy defense Al of the Trade agreement fort Iori is expected to top 150 a Sale of rubber to red China in Countant in the current year Only made off with 41 bottles of Exchange for Rice. Rapid growth is consistent liquor from a local bar but con Russia s economic Campaign with the Industrial expansion i i sued an entire bottle of Creme is running hand in hand with her current peace offensive de signed to split the United states from her allies. The nations she has dealt with so far Are Espe scially vulnerable because each is operating now at a deficit. Brown says Dulles May be on Way out Washington if rep. Clarence Brownr Ohio said today he has heard a faint whisper that Secretary of state Dulles soon May be succeeded by Walter b. Smith. J Smith now previously headed the Central intelligence Agency. Brown made the statement to his constituents in his weekly news letter with a Buckeye in promises to pay Chicago of a firm which makes clocks and Scales found this signed note in the desk of John e. Bannon 32, company s missing comptroller when Able to pay i prom ise to pay to the order of the Streeter amet co. Or surety 084." Bannon was sought on an embezzlement charge. In East Tennessee. Jde Menthe before leaving. Army ordnance men said the highly explosive material was apparently stolen from nearby it. Devens. Fun Fer .1 he family. Right on the St. It Funburg stick. Florida. Low i Frt Teji your Etc Ikon budget you Riby in str a Mort. New to to. 6ulf winds Boxt swimming of thing boating Golf. 326 Villi , 2 to 6 Stnons. Com cock Tail movies and nearby. _ to per for folder or reservations. 24mi. T. J. Mguirt. Manager Gulf ends Villas apartments blvd. Look Here no flues or vents an electric water Heater does t need pm. There just Aren t any fumes or soot to be carried away. No heat lost up the Chimney. In stalls anywhere. Trimmer appearance. Only an water Heater offers these advantages look Here no Pilot Light that Means it s electric too. It Means heat s applied from within. It Means maximum safety and cleanliness. Only an water Heater offers this advantage. Yes. Look twice before you buy. Qe3h1 offers More. See your dealer Kingsport utilities incorporated year Friendly a Foch Rie service America s fastest setting Amer Bible Ford s Sun liner is the top Downers Delight and its Power operated breezeway top converts it to a snug closed car in a Jiffy. And it s the Only Low priced convertible with v-8 Power plus a Choice of three great drives. 3best Sellers America s most Beautiful car of its Type again for 53, Ford s Victoria is Best dressed car. Like All 53 Fords in Crest Mark body is Hul Kight its picture windows give full Circle visibility. And you ride in style on foam rubber cushions Over non Sag Springs. Front end Road Shock kind you feel most is reduced up to coutry souk co Utmer Sam Gianch Wagon America s most popular station wagons Ford s Wood trimmed country Squire is a double duty Beauty that changes from eight passenger Sedan to hard Wolting cargo Hauler in three minutes Flat. Ford Obers two other popular Quick change artists the 2-door, 6-passenger ranch Wagon and the 4-door, 8-passenger, ill Metal country Sedan. Ford Craft motors. Inc 202420 e. Sullivan Street phone 334o

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