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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 21, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToyfoy s skies Sunset . Moon set wednesday . Full Moon sunday prominent starts spa cd. Sets . Aldebaran rises . Visible planets Saturn. Right above Spica Venus and Jupiter just North Aidt Baran Venus is the brighter of the two i All times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 144 Kingsport Tenn., tuesday july 21, 1953 12 pages five cents the weather warm and humid Early tonight with possible scattered thundershowers expected Low 68. Wednesday continued humid with scattered showers. Yesterday s High 92 last night s Low 65 noon Reading 83. Eight new polio cases reported in Bristol area mass go inoculation to begin tomorrow Hych treating three from press dispatches health officials used the word epidemic for the first time last night As eight new cases of polio hiked he Bristol. Tenn. A. Area toll for to 51. The outbreak in Southwest is largely localized in Bristol a. Adjoining Bristol. Tenn. And Washington county. There have been two deaths. Three polio cases were being treated at the Holston Valley Community Hospital in Kings port tuesday . But hos Pital officials stated thai one of was expected to be sent Horn later in the Day. Ail of these cases were from Bristol. The Hospital listed them As try Carrier ape nine in an Iron inns. Francis age 15. Ree Vrr inc and expected to be released wednesday. Wallace Hayes see 11. Expected m be released tuesday afternoon. Hospital officials said parents Are being Taupe a to treat the patients at Home before cases Are released from the Hospital. A mass inoculation of lne Russia queries turks on visit of 32 warships u. S., British Navy visit to Istanbul draws note from reds pay As you go schools policy set for Sullivan Thomas l. Kinder Tenn. Soldier Given life in Korea slaying Rhee aide puts Cloud on. Truce claims several Points not cleared As allies reds plan final details Moscow up the soviet Union today called on Turkey for additional information on the visit to Istanbul by 32 Amer ican and British warships which Russia said could be regarded As a Start of military Demontra the information was requested in a formal note handed the ambassador Here by so Viet Deputy foreign minister j Valerian Zorin. I the note said the turkish for eign ministry relayed through the soviet embassy in Ankara Panmunjom Korea Rhee cast a Long Shadow the information that 10 United q uncertainty today into the tents where Allied and communist j states and 22 British warships Suff worked on the last details of a korean armistice would be anchored off Istanbul the 78_year_0id South korean president kept an ominous is Between july 22 and aug. 3-hence himself but his top spokesman emphasized that Rhee s units included two american final decision on whether to obey the truce agreement was yet vow seeks a review of court martial officer faces trial and three British cruisers. One cannot but draw Atten a Tion to the fact that recent en-1 i tries into ports of the Black sea Straits of units of foreign including Large naval vessels have become More frequent and that the above mentioned visits to Istanbul port can be consid Chattanooga Tenn. Up a sort of military Demon the soviet note said. Tennessee department in connection with the above veterans of foreign wars Mentio Neci the to come. Washington rotary of state John Foster Dulles said today that South Korea is bound by her presi Dent not to obstruct an armistice with the communists. South korean foreign min ister Pyung Yung Tae said in Seoul following a meeting with u. Ambassador to Korea Ellis truce urea school children with Gamma has asked sen. Albert Gore added the soviet Boggs that Rhee insulin. The anti polio is team to seek a Complete Hopes to receive from the i is a h pro not scheduled to Star tomorrow a thorough review by government additional several Points Wincn in in clinics. Dubbed operation authority of the court martial j information cleared up in the korean Tresi and a Cleveland Tenn., youth in the turkish ambassador said talks with will by Eiven lollipops for Coon killing of a South korean. He would relay the soviet note to emissary Walter b. Behaviour in the Needle Rabbins the youth. 20-year-old airman Ankara. Puns Saia nos. Process the inoculation will .0 Thomas l. Kinder was re continue thursday. Gently sentenced to life Imp is the new total of 51 cases is Ozment. The South korean was distributed As Fol a civilian. State vow commander Coop said lows Bristol. A. 8 Bristol Tenn. 12 Shuivan co my Tenn. 6 Ana Washington in a Etter county. A. -.1. Tuesday. Holt said it stated we health officials Mei again in re t that today to wind up final. German unrest still smolders attitude depended on washing i ton s word on the unsettled and until we get those into Swers from Washington we Are communist War hits Lull envoys seeking ceasefire line Only 14 marines survive red drive on 2 Hill outposts youngster counter attacking Rok and u. Divisions continued to move Forward and were established in Force on a straight line from sniper Ridge East to the South Bank of the Kussong River a big problem was still the settlement of the Large number of surrendering chinese reds. Here Are two Young chinese prisoners who have sur rendered the one on the right being Only 17. Aba radio photo would Given a reds using threats promises on workers Bristol today 10 Emu any action which details for the mass two me by in Norton a., the Wise c Lele and thorough review county health department said. By competent authority. Tadavon v one Case of j a one Vear Oki Coeburn child Theetter. Holt said told the has been reported the depart senator that we Are not at from press dispatches men said to had a policy of not tempting to hinder or obstruct East German Asin names of polio patients. Justice in any How regime combined threats of be 106.000 pcs Ever i added after talking vere punishment with promises number of citizens Seoul Korea along the korean front dwindled two unsuccessful assaults As truce map makers tried to plot a Sta ble cease fire line. The chinese offensive is a High ranking South to not going to say anything about an Pyung said. The Rok foreign minister said the Rhee government had to llibil.lallm11k of Tull not considered sending a repre-1 Rean off car tentative to the signing Warren Miller Mony because we Haven t front thing to do with it. That is a see truce Page 3 bypass route Heads Agenda Congress Roundup Ike demanding postal boosts release doctors p a. To use r. A Ever of plot ilm in Wilh a number of citizens of of food today in an of see Polit Page 3 Cleveland who knew this boy it. Jort to smother the still Smol i appear that he was a Dering embers of unrest in the Man of High moral Char soviet zone. And a Christian and not Tough Frau Hilde normally the Type of person who new minister of Justice for red would commit an overt act of i Ger Nany ordered arrest and this i punishment for anti comm mrs. Kinder has stated i Don t lists opposing the government 11 Rill f via i air rent Cito i i i i i 6 germans held As soviet spies British authorities break ring in Bonn Byrd asks Fri clergy ruling asks Matthews Story be confirmed denied must legislation May delay term end j the proposed Holston Ord a single chinese battalion Nance Public by pass Road will struck Southeast of Lookout head the Agenda of the City Mountain near the Junction of Board of mayor and aldermen the Kussong and Yukhan Rivers i meeting tonight d. W. Before Midnight but South to City manager said. Reans repulsed the thrust after the Board will also consider from press dispatcher almost two hours of fighting. A petition in which 51 property1 president Eisenhower de Estep in the other abortive assault i owners ask that an area for action on postal rate court could not legally increase two red companies crossed the East of the City limits be admit increases put opponents of the the school tax Levy to pay for a Kussong and hit a South to Ted to the corporation Moulton legislation on notice today that projected expenditure that Economy move voted despite illegal claim new policy is based on higher property values old tax rate by Neal o Steen times news writer Blountville to court members in session Here i monday voted to follow a pay j As you go policy in completing ithe current million emergency school building program. The Economy measure adopted Over objections that such a procedure was illegal will be based on an unchanged tax rate and i an elevated property assessment and will forego future Bond 1s to Complete the building program. J a Cost of for improving and building grammar j schools remains a future prob elem for the court. A school Bond Issue approved by the court is now being processed to cover Cost of additions to four High schools and the building of a new High school. In adopting monday s Resolution introduced by Squire Paul Zimmerman 14th District the court referred the to i the budget committee for inclusion in the budget. Property assessments in the county Are expected to soar to about million this year. An increase in assessments coupled i with the current tax rate would i bring in enough Revenue to pay for the school program Zimmer Man insisted. The Bill was adopted by a vote of 34 to 0 after Squire Kelly had insisted that the can position on the South Bank i said. The Roks drove them Back in across the River. The chinese attacks were re think the boy got she said he told her several times that he was ordered to shoot the korean. Meanwhile in Seoul the air and ruled that strikes Are illegal i my Mator Washington senator fascist puts Hes Hildas hated Frau Benjamin is known voiced the threat in a speech to Justice Garden As final efforts to grab More property before staff offi cers at Panmunjom draw the line and set too Norm or mlle Buffer zone separating the Force said a pre trial i Vestiga 1 ministry officials. It was pub the reds most Bonn. Germany Rurue Saiu a. Pie Tuiai Mveaiiga-1 ministry Usu Ciais. It. Orynn Neus must important Tion has been started in the listed in the official America property grab of the new week Case of it. George Schreiber party newspaper Neues Deutsch Democrat who was the capture of East Berlin who is accused of ordering Thailand today. Lne Berlin outposts on the West authorities announced today the shooting of the korean civilian. Frau Benjamin said that y charge or Belen front. Only 14 of a group of a i t Pri As a. Cheap Demal Ull i v Manaea As the Virginia Frai Benjamin said that f or j arrest of six germans on charges Schreiber. Of Hollywood. Justice minister Max Fech of spying for the soviet Union. Is at the air a Force Dase at was purged because he com . one of the women worked til recently As an operator in a addition the Board will open bids for the installation of water lines and for painting at the civic auditorium. The Board is slated to consider the proposal of general e. L. Ford that the by pass Road connecting Highway 11-w with see Board Page 3 i is idols 110111 Congress May not meet its july j might be spread Over future 31 adjournment target Date. J years. He said inclusion of the announcement that the Law i in the budget would makers will be kept in town if necessitate a .25-cent increase in necessary to Complete action other must measures also was aimed at opponents of a Bill to apartment gets of the admit refugees to school Levy. At present the education de United states. The tax rate for the county. Zimmerman said he did not House Republican Leader Hal Leek ind said Congress could adjourn july 31 by passing the those arrested were oriere he will face a general fitted the Basic mistake of As Vived. United press correspondent Brush Calif. Mere be Wui lace a general following Mccarty s charge of anti semitism in a telecast sunday night. The juror Over Matthews article led to the resignations of the three democratic members of Mccarthy s subcommittee who charged Mccarthy with one Man chairman Harold h. Velde r 111 of the House in american activities committee said Mon Day the group will Grant mat thews request to be heard in support of his Magazine article charge of communism in Reli Gion but probably not before oct. 1. Lis Bare hands said East ber in was a death As the fighting died Down Ooth sides tried to stabilize their positions. Allied warplanes took Over the major Battle duty of the Day claimed to have _ seen the Saucer seven times before. He and his partner said they saw it appear on May 20 and june 20 at . They thought maybe it would reappear last night on a monthly schedule. About 300 people including newsmen and photographers scanned the skies All Day yesterday in Hopes of seeing the Silver coloured Saucer land on the Sandspit in a Remote Mountain area near overseas information program. The Wisconsin Republican issued the warning As the Senate appropriations committee began hearings on a Bill providing supplemental funds for the program. Rubber chairman Homer e. Capehart Rind of the Senate banking committing predicted Quick Senate passage of legislation to dispose of 28 government owned synthetic rubber plants. Debt limit administration see Congress Page 3 the j. C. Penney store in Kingsport will be closed All Day wednesday due to the funeral of h. G. Dunning manager who died two cities together get 35 per cent of a county Bond Issue. J legality of the court s action will be explored before the Spe Cial session at which the budget books sen. Mccarthy told the and tax rate will be adopted the it would risk court decided. Cuts unless it an interest rate of 3.25 per comes up with a truly pro cent on the Bond Issue is ration measure to hike postal j rates by a year to help eliminate the annual postal deficit. Other congressional news yesterday Putnam met Addington near the patrol s office Here and gave him saying would be appropriate to bring after Jack Putnam through would have the rest later before the conference which is attorney notified Phelps Phelps and two Tai agents then scheduled to follow 90 Days after the patrolman was demanding arrested Addington. An armistice. It was the in hush Phelps during testimony Rvin am told is ration s first definite stand on said. Judge Albert he pre this Issue. Dulles had indicated earlier that the United states would be willing for the con Ference to consider far East subjects besides ment. A korean Settle the Secretary today indicated at Nashville state safety feared not to disclose adding commissioner w. W. Ton s accusation against him and said we re not going to put up with that kind of business from Luttrell said an investigation into accepted Shakedown with United states will want to Jin the patrol was still underway discuss measures to prevent and if others Are found they communist forces released by will be prosecuted to the limits the truce from being used for of the new aggression in indo China at yesterday s hearing. Actor or elsewhere. Ney general John Heiskell told the judge permitted him to omit details. Addington denied the charge saying i never demanded any Money. I told him it should Cost him if i brought him Phelps said patrolman Cook had been suspended pending further investigation. Bond for Addington was fixed at a free scenes excited new father taking new grandparents to see child circles Block twice before Mak ing right turn to Hospital. If Cool and refreshed looking swimmers at legion Pool offer temptation to tourists passing through Kingsport along Bris Tol Highway. Sir Mother bribes child with Promise of ice Cream to make him part company with stray cat he wants to pick up while waiting for traffic Light to change. Bishop blasts methods of House red Hunters Washington up meth Odist Bishop g. Brumley Oxnam charged the House in american activities committee today with serving god on sunday and the communist front the rest of the the vigorous methodist Leader into made his statement As he began Sive by the attorney general or by state and Federal in Ameri can activities committees. In reply Oxnam said loyalty to my family my Church and my in process and a probably higher rate for the next Bond is sue prompted the action of the court. The Resolution made orally by Zimmerman followed a question raised by one magistrate As to How to provide fur increased enrolments expected in county grammar schools next fall. No work is being done to re Lieve emergency conditions exist ing in grammar schools which face increased enrolments in september according to school superintendent j. Craft Akard. Akard said a Rise of Between 600 and 700 in enrolment is expected in the county this fall. Adoption of regular depart mental reports and other resolutions completed the Agenda j for the Day. Court adjourned at 3 . Until the special session see court Page 3 so lunar tables the schedule of so lunar As printed below has been taken from John Ai Den Knight s so lunar tables plan so that you will be fishing id Good territory or Bunting in Good cover during these times. If you wish to find the using methods that play into made Nis statement Asne began 10 my Lamny my in urn Ana my port list Ach Niv w Otiver communist hands and promote a dramatic appearance before country Are fundamental to Mei me major periods Are m Onia a new and vicious expression of i the committee in a crowded Cau and when any Man or any begin in a bristling state Cus room in the House office Mittee questions that loyalty i hours thereafter the minor periods shown building. Doubt that i would be worthy of Type of ment the 61-year old Clergyman the hearing was billed As a the name american if i took it demanded that the committee showdown in Oxnam s running lying publicly announce the with the committee it also i have never been a member use Eastern Standard . . Takes it made in linking him to marked the group s first Public session involving alleged com communist front groups. He also called on rep. Donald l. Jackson a Calif to apolo Gize on the floor of the House for his unprecedented and untrue statements against him. Jack Monist infiltration of the clergy. Jackson said recently the com Mittee files showed that Oxnam s name appeared in connection of the communist he declared. My opposition is a mat Ter of Public record in books. Numerous articles addresses and sermons and have drafted in or resolutions i sponsored in with a number of organizations which powerful religious Agen son had charged Oxnam with which have been labelled Subver-1 see Oxnam Page 3 Datt a 21 tuesday 22 wednesday 23 thursday 24 Friday 25 saturday minor 1 36 Bim 40 Lake stages Lake Levels at Malauga 1925.2 Cherokee Kolsted 1703.1 Boone

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