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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 20, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeWednesday july mini big corporations stepping out into needed on Many other Fields Only two More Cas Emcil two easements or to Hal Neek Hughes. H was a trendy i i in the television business giants equipment that was ready to be put into use on the ill fated Dixon yales Power Plant near West Mem Phis ark., is sitting Idle since the contract was cancelled earlier this month by president Eisenhower. Louella Parsons by Dorothy Perkins while Louella. O. Parsons is in vacation her column will be written by Dorothy manners Hollywood. July 19 i Sheree North 20th s other blonde babe in t Retting much Lime to rest her working ulcer Between pictures. In less than a month she starts her second slurring picture. Do re a Mort Story by Larson Kanin which Nunnally Johnson will script produce and direct. This allows the shapely Sheree just a bit More than six weeks be tween the completion of How to be very. Very popular and the Farl of her new one. Do re i is about a racketeer trying to make h bit recording Star out of his dumb girl Friend. All the publicity 20th hns invested in the hot miss North in t going to waste without films to Back her up you can bet on that. Or a. As Clark Gable honeymoons with Kay Spreckels. The rumours ret louder and louder that the mar Riak his most recent sex. Sylvia Ash Ley Fairbanks Gable Etc. And her new husband Prince Dmitri Pord Jadic. Hakler. Sylvia in los Angeles on opposition Tough on minimum wage Washington iffy House re publicans aided by some Southern democrats sought to hold the line today on a minimum wage in crease to 90 cents an hour As asked by president Eisenhower. As the House neared a show Down vote. Democratic leaders conceded they faced Lough opposition in their efforts to boost the Federal wage floor from 75 cents to an hour immediately. Leaders of both parties agreed there would be a hike. Disagree ment entered on How much of an increase and when it would take effect. Rep. Kelley floor Man Ager of the democratic sponsored wage Bill predicted the House dancer gets damages from wreck los Angeles of s rivals in the tire Industry deep in them they make Shower curtains cals. Run Cotton plantations and Citrus Groves. Diversification As a corporate practice has flourished in the Post War world. Sometimes it hns grown out of he firm s original business. For example a chemical company de a new test tube mixture and finds itself in the textile business. Sometimes diversification is de Effort to find More than one Basket for the profit eggs. For example a maker of cold remedies takes on a cosmetics company As a hedge for the Day when someone will find a cure for the common cold and make medi Cal treatments obsolete. Sometimes he diversification has come through mergers. A Lead ing textile firm is planning to take Over a Telegraph company. Sometimes it comes Abou s58.000 have been awarded dancer through seeking consumer outlets Zona be for Auto Accident function. A leaning steel company she claims she sustained while a passenger in compose r Vic Schoen s car to pay for the Plant. Moulton said Plant recently indicated it May not Cost that much. The Johnson City bids ran below estimates made by Wiedomann did Singleton the same firm of consulting engineers which planned he Kingsport Plant. Corday said no traffic regulations were violated. H1nton. Okla. O Peeler j5. Was driving along . Tutt Dur ing a thundershowers when his went Tutu a skid. Trooper Art Corday quoted it witness As saying the car skidded 122 feet and dropped into a 50 foot ils Are Canyon when. U sailed 45 feet j by Sam Dawson needed before the City can on its front end. New York us a tire company ahead with building a sewage out of the is setting into the motion picture treatment Plant to reduce Poilu smashed car. Complaining of a business. An automobile Man fac ton of the South Holston River. Soc Turer is testing a radically manager u. W. Moulton re train. An Oil company ukes a ports. Flier in cosmetics. A household a one of must come from Oliance company makes Locombo Holston ordnance works. Moulton lives. A chemical company makes he understood it had been fabrics. Prepared mid was awaiting i the big corporations arc act Turc of the Secretary of defense. I Ping out Inlo so Many Fields these the Board of mayor and Alder is that it s gelling to be a rare men tuesday night passed on flip whose principal product can Reading an ordinance accept be identified by the corporate ing an Eris Cincil from the Calneh Field Railroad company and pass a subsidiary of general tire Fox on Al Rel Reading an ordinance rubber co. Is buying Rio radio accepting another irom Kingsport i p i it u r e s corp. From Howard utilities. Inc. Interested the easements permit constructs was of an interceptor sewer line major producer of plastic sheeting needed in connection with the land film and a maker of Plant. Save up to on tout food costs Downs Taylor food Pur dial c1 Mill Loans Scute r i i it Yau ii month deep into the Kitchen Cabinet Field and another has Ioir been in Thi shipbuilding business. Oil panics arc ship operators. General motors lies Ion map do excl locomotives for the rail in Las vegas. Nev. She charged that when she re fused to let him kiss her he re fused to let her leave the car i which overturned As he drove roads. H is now testing a Radica away at High Speed. She alleged new departure in entire trains Elhat she suffered Back and leg in a Dupont produces chemicals ant i juries thai prevented her , of course bin it also i dancing again. Schoen denied i Makis motion picture and a Ray making any advances. Ike s pick Buck Robertson of Cincinnati Ohio hns been nominated by a Rcpt Eisenhower to be Deputy Secre tary Fly defense. The Ohio manufacturer was in succeed Robert b. Anderson. Duke of Kent injured London Duke of Kent. 20-Yohr-Nld Playboy Cousin of Queen Elizabeth ii. m Trio hos automobile no Ciciel. Ported improving. Film and photographic papers. I turns out nol Only textile fiber and fabrics but also fabricates articles. Peacetime use of he atom ape nine up an entirely new Felc for diversification. Utility Compa Nies arc obviously interested. By an so Are Oil i re companies food processors and the electronics Industry. Getting shakier and would vote for but he Husi i there was Strong support for a proposed graduated increase spread Over three years. This proposal held in Reserve by the republicans would hike in from 7ft in 90 plans for reducing of bases in Japan Tokyo arc underway to reduce the number of . Air a the first year to 95 cents hmm 4u to second year and to the Aboul la w11k reported today d year and thereafter. A Siml by Shutaro Fukushima director of the in inn procurement Board. The Hoard is line japanese nov Ernie no s Clr Annu House for . Military need.-, in a spokesman fir the far is a great Job of hid in out from curious reporters. She was at Cole Porter s part a few nights pro but must have told hip Wop a Minimi her pals to forget her Telephone j cents dumber and address. The obviously Trio lady is of a mind third to neither proposal was Defeated by the insistent Rossip hint she again j Senate when Thev approved u a matrimonial loser. Boost to Al an hour. J administration forces headed by the i love Lucy addicts will rep. Halleck of Indiana crr pc see the whole to show pared first to try to whittle Ihn command said Fec Headquarters Lucille Ball. Decsi Arnez. Vivian figure to 00 cents. Democrats a "1ms no comment in the Vance and Bill voting More than were ready there was in mini Ediar comment in a movie that has nothing to do to counter with amendments Call Iron Nir unc a of Licals in Tokyo. H Ith the Lucy series. In for and an hour. Niri five of the re inst Eari. Another comedy. Goj during four hours of brisk in mined Hasps would to enl rued for fun by Madalyn Pujeh and hate yesterday. Southern demo and expanded tac Lipkau a and Bob Carrolljr. Has been Boucly i crafts from Rural and Small town Yoko la near Tokyo. Kim Iii in to reunite the quartet and it will areas joined republicans in Central Japan. In South be made by the amur s i depend Basting the proposed increase to can Japan and Nuwata in Northern company for mom release. As inflationary and potentially Japan. In this Lucy and Desi will not be destructive of Small business. He listed the other live to by is a switcheroo. I on the other hand democrats retained apparently .11. Or Nisrin Hollywood in shorts Marlon i blasted gop objections As prop and Twaini in South Brando did t look happier when Capanda to confuse the Kern Japan. In cent Rel he won his Oscar than he did Din ing with Lovely Dana Wynter at the Moon Gate. Nice luncheon Date Esther Wil Liams has for herself next tuesday the Statler. Just male members of the los Cairo Egypt Angeles and men s club who in-1 president Soekarno is Here on cited the swim Queen to be guest five Day official visit. A of Honor. He is making a pilgrimage to that s All today. Mecca. I they snid even the minimum pan. Chi inc and Misawa in North is inadequate to meet the needs Jern Japan. Call for Larkin at your grocery of workers. Moslem pilgrimage Cairo Egypt mrs. D. Is sorry mrs. A s new Home is two Vears old the rooms she papered still look like new. The rooms she painted show dirt already. She can t afford to have them done Over for at least another year. Mrs. D. Is sorry now she did t use More Wall paper even though it would have Cost a few More dollars to begin with. Your Nancy Worren wallpaper Kwh wit too East Sullivan e. C. Summent open Lix Dayi a week until Frigidaire Frigidaire Frigidaire Frigidaire Frigidaire Frigidaire Frigidaire Frigidaire Frigidaire Frigidaire take less than american w n i refrigerator s the greatest and Only i t appliance easy Mac terms Loans up to phone Circle 5-3137 for your loan i i i bids for construction the Kingsport Plum to be opened August 23. If the rights of Way me been obtained by then so that construction Chi brei in with out Delsy. The Plant is expected to be completed by the end of 1956. Community finance Thrift corporation of Kingsport 218 East Market phone 5-3137 Community in vestment Cittie in Mhz where Quality counts As Active As attractive As you it s the first elastic Bra because Are. Experts Al Beautiful Era making. We present a lure first and form most Bra that fits you and your Busy schedule beautifully. It s All elastic you the luxurious stretch of band that goes All round you. The fab Ric is shrink resistant too. It s All made to make cutting bind ing Riding a thing of the past. No. 1045. Warner s m Nylon embroidered Nylon Marquisette and satiny Elas tic. Look for the Bright convenient new package. A b. And c cups 3.95 graduate Cors Tieres to serve you floor a perfect pair for body care Hou brigant lieu or Miflin drown rant new combines thai effectiveness of a liquid with the to other qualities of a Cit Iii. Controls flow ant odor. Non Sticky Safe for Normal skin and fabrics pleasant and tidy to use. Supple ment body dainties a body tone an entirely new Beauty product for All after Bath or Shower. Smooths . Refreshes and scents in one quirk application. Cosmetic Kloor id Cream deodorant and free body tone 1 plus tax

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