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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 16, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee12 thursday july 16, 1953 Kingsport times american red Cross gives annual activity report a review of the year s activities i lady unit for veterans Home has featured the annual meeting of been greatly reduced by enforced the Kingsport chapter of the designation by members include american red Cross held tues King that of mrs. R. J. Fortune Day night at station wept with its chairman. New volunteers for a report of the National Conven this work Are urgently needed Tion at Washington. As the Gray ladies perform a the condensed report service to the men in the that More than 800 people Are veterans Home. Engaged in red Cross activities g. M. Williams reported for As volunteers. These workers water safety committee in in thousands of hours of time place of his son George jr., who during the year on such chairman of the committee ties As the blood Bank program the water safety committee As nurses aides nursing swimming teachers at ing service Gray ladies at Pool and has six Active in Hospital and veterans Homes tractors who issued a total of recreation committee for the 106 certificates. Williams re veterans Home. First Aid train ported that there was an urgent ing water safety and sewing need for Volunteer swimming in production. Struc tors. As there was a Strong mrs. Aiice Blankenship. Home demand for their services. Service Secretary reported that Russell Ingraham chairman of her office had handled 1059 inf Aid program reported cases during the year. These a total of 33s hours in by cases involving service men and ten instructors in first when Kingsport was younger Kingsport on a Holiday in 1925 Hung out flags and Bunting from the windows of the old Bank of Kingsport right on main Street. The photograph above taken from main Street shows Broad Street with its famous Parkway a Little of which May be seen at the left. The picture won for h. F. Derting route 2, Vermont drive who submitted it in the recent times news old picture contest. Boyle s column by Hal Boyle new York is the biggest mistake june brides May be making today in the Post adjustment that takes place in All marriages a panel of Veteran husbands i consulted thought that one of the commonest marital errors by Young wives was this they try to get a husband to drop All his old friends because they Don t want to have to share their Lover boy with the All male panel agreed it mining her i up and shucked her off and got me a new How s someone asked. A a much he replied. She says i am so Housebroken by my first wife that she her self is willing to rend me a few friends to play poker just so she can get me out from under her feet at least one night a week. Wonderful the other husbands nodded gravely. Then they Drew up some rules to guide any Young Bride in the delicate task of pruning was unfair to expect any wife j her husband s thorny Garden of to have to put up with All her Friendship Hubby s old buddies As they probably include some who Are As big a bum As he used to be 2 Heip marry off his before he wised up and married Bachelor to your own 1. Above veterans in such matters As in Aid classes from which a total vesti gation of necessity f o r of 127 certificates were issued. Leaves assistance in applying under the heading of Deerea and obtaining government Bene ton mrs Jonn Patty Heads a fits family problems and Finan i committee whose Job is to Organ Cial assistance ize entertainment and get up birthday gifts for the men of . The Field mrs. Veterans Home. Mrs. Patty re Chris the Triebe reported that m la Volar users from Church various services the nurses of organizations civic the Kin sport gave More than 1.200 hours of Volunteer service and that 914 certificates were High school clubs and individual volunteers. The Endeavor is she isaid to break the Monotony for offshore Oil operations require More capital have More dangers by Hugh a. Mulligan Morgan City took a week to sex Morgan City la. J Linguish. Firefighters eventually is a land of eerie stilted silhouettes lifting through Tropic seas. Awarded to worn in who have the men confined to whee chairs Here abstract talk about tide taken the red Cross Beds and bring a Little and undersea riches be nursing course since this come fabulous reality. Gram was begun under mrs. Into their lives. Were Able to saw the Derrick Down by drawing crossed cables Back and Forth Between boats a Quarter of a mile apart. For the future development of a May tighten Hospital rules Washington up the veterans administration said to Day it May Issue new and tighter regulations on free hospitalization of sex servicemen whose ail ments do not Stem from their military duty. Under a plan being considered but they said it was a situation that was better corrected through time and tact rather i than direct action. Any Young wife is going to have this problem unless she married a said one. The thing to do is to Weed out his friends gradually and Grace fully. If she just Waits she will Fine his More objectionable friends will Drift away anyway As they will find him More Bor ing and less fun the longer he is the worst thing a Bride can do is to hurry the to deliberately break up All his old said a second vet eran. That will create a Chi Nese Wall of misunderstanding Between them. She will find she has driven David Walkey made the final along the sweep offshore Petroleum Triebe More than. 4.000 n for the blood Bank com from Florida s up to the Are drawing up plans of Certin Cates have been of which Nefs Grande men Are invention. They Are talking1 such veterans would be la Nna one Nas driven on mint f not Only to say they can t husband further from her Ozment treatment As at present not brought him closer. He will Fields Oil bul also to Liat under Walh in Retreat to keep from being Swal l n Ian 5 ref tar girl friends you want to get rid of. What do you care if they never forgive 3. Be careful never to offend Tenn. Topics Memphis in gov. Frank Clement says it is flattering to be thought of in connection with the ministry but if he accepts a Call it will come from not from my political Clement in a talk yesterday at the kiwanis club said he is working night and Day to be a Good governor and his present plan is to be a candidate for political office when his present term expires. It was reported recently Clem ent might quit politics to enter the Field of evangelism. Memphis up the Swank hotel Peabody is about to change ownership. The also Nelt hotel Chain yes agreed to buy a substantial majority of Peabody hotel co. Stock. Also Nett president Charles h. A Friend that later in life your Alberding says he Hopes to close husband May want to Money 4. Retain one or two steady dependable free spending Bach borrow the Deal by nov. 15. If All the Peabody s outstand ing Stock is sold the Purchase Price would be built Elors and make them your in 1925, it has 12 floors 625 friends. A wife often finds Good sound Bachelor More help-1 the also Nett Chain consists of Ful than children for running 32 Southern and midwestern to errands helping with the dishes Tell hell Squire her out at if for night when her husband just Chattanooga trial wants to sit at Home and listen of mrs. Rebecca Comstock an to his tired dogs no ticket Here it r As a result of hundreds of with my Eiith Hagan taught by nurses. J during the year with four visits the red Cross nurses the Bloodmobile there were a they Are talking ing pounding rigs on the tunnelling out from Shore come and other assets. Acting administrator h. Lowed. For he will realize his v wife is like a lady spider which made islands which Are the gulfs or of devising a diving Bell distinctive Way of drilling an Lenough to contain a Derrick and As reported by mrs. S. P. of 1127 pints of b 1 0 o d. Sometimes bringing in the gush-1 drilling Rig. Underw atm eliminate so Bloodmobile. Each year the volunteers this work re a the Gulf coast together with ambled in sections Crew adds to the number of quire 960 woman hours of serv the marginal Waters off Call drilling o trained nurses aides. Jice. Fornia form the Crux of the hot a Rilling the sewing program listed in following the reports the la debated tidelands Issue. The red Cross Chart As a of officers was held. W. J. The Law signed May 22, fixes duet on consists in making Vari Mcauliffe was re elected chair a three mile limit Seaward for Ous garments for the National Man and c. M. Everhart As vice a states boundaries except organization. These articles go chairman. Mrs. John Patty was Florida and Texas. Their Mari storage for use in disasters. J elected Secretary and Guy Cul Lime Domain was set at 10 2 where the need arises. Mrs. Edna Yertson was re elected treasurer Miles because of technicalities Gehres. Who is chairman of the other members of the executive of lne compacts under which sewing group reported that a comm use were mrs. E. J. They were admitted to the Union. Otal of 198 women save some Triebe j. E. Wright and Charles Louisiana actually the biggest time to this work during the k. Marsh. Elected to the Board Gulf Oil producing state has As year. With More than 700 hours of directors for a three year a rations 10 i Miles Seaward too. Of woman hours put in. Term were mrs. E. J. Triebe mrs. Texas wants clarification As to the red Cross Gray ladies w. C. Hagan. Mrs. S. P. Platt sovereignty Over the Continental the chairmanship of mrs. Sidney Macbeth w. F. Winders shelf from the state s Seaward Isabel Baumgartner have 35 r. M. Sobel. David Walkey or. Boundary out to where the shelf serving in Holston Valley Kenneth Kiesau and c. M. Ever drops into the deep Blue sea. Community Hospital. The Gray Hart. The shelf is from 31 to 100 Miles wide. The sea Bottom is Continental shelf until the wat ers become deeper than 600 feet. The importance of offshore holdings to the Gulf states is Best told in terms of dollars Louisiana has 233 Wells work ing in 27 Oil and Gas Fields produces barrels daily and pocketed 48 million dollars in royalties from 1945 to 1950. Then new York up officials of the u. S. Supreme court ruled by Aline Mosby the Bronx zoo Are reasonably the Federal government had Hollywood i up _ swim certain that Penelope the Duck control of the tidelands and pools shimmer behind of billed platypus has become a an added 16 million n royalties face buildings and mansions in Mother. Was impounded during the in this magic City and now we if their suspicions Are Correct suing years of controversy. Present the world s Only Bill in is first time a baby Platy it s expected that production Board with a swimming Nas been hatched in Cap-1 will give the state Between 10 and live bathing beauties around Ivity outside the strange Mam and 35 million in Revenue once it. Mal s native Australia. All Legal entanglements Are this water wonder of the Aap the officials their Cau straightened out. Announcement after Penel Texas had 14 offshore Wells form. Iderson former Secretary in the City inspection department continued today on Only three charges of making false entries in the department s records. Tel in downtown Shelby but to property Arceny and fraud lip Arpin t in and i Irv Only larceny Ana Iraq a i be arc i in any Nurry to tackle. Ent breach of Trust in addition Ito the false entries charges. A swarm of bees settled atop but the other charges were the parking meter last after an has not been reached. He Cau Bov. Thal was my first bees were still surveying agreement Between criminal toned against drastic action by a11 lady spider a bar the situation from their Perch j judge Raulston Schoolfield and in. With vocal chords. She today. Prosecuting attorneys. Managed to shuck off All my thus far nobody mrs. Anderson was indicted in fast. I had to and challenged their right to connection with a Short tulips were first developed by mire the Way she did it. But Park without paying the in the inspection depart j Stirling said the change is in a consumes her decision a thu d husband broke in the turks. After five lonely years of and Tomary Nickel an hour. Men. Live beauties real Pool make up this billboard zoo Penelope has become Mother your friends prefer Coke with food Aap he i located on r Hucul the aquatic Bill pc the Forf ume producing with leases bringing narc duplicates the ton of let underground chamber in eight million annually. The nor she Sahara hop in la where she retired s1x Davs Florida has yet to get an Oil Down to a miniature to Lay from one to Rig producing but a. Blondes i live a veil of Canvas three eggs. Eight million underwater acres in bathing suits. On lease to Oil companies and n h hopeful sign according collects yearly in unveil of to the Only platypus Back als Wilh bolter million states have been at the Sahara initiated the Pool but the excited zoo officials1 by jumping with All his clothes won t know for three or four on. This is a local among Moths whether their Hopes have the Texas attorney the natives Here. Skelton was been fulfilled. It is customary for expects the state to be to towed by a fully clothed Man the Mother platypus to keep her j Legal proceeding from the plastic swimming fool nun in hip a nov dirt Burrow it a proceedings Yuri in Iii Pic in u uni new nver the for up viral a pm co. Who then climbed out with that Lone Issue ice several years into to Texas estimates have been that la Utho us no Fufil the m flip it Ftp Rallins a a Iron Ulric Wvori lne pm Ilijus do inc up to one dollars will be Cahng to contentedly in his and yielded b offshore operations u v. For school development to which by now word of the sign has Cern that he May have just be stale a has dedicated the travelled around the plaster City come the first platypus father in t t n f tidelands in and residents and tourists Are the Western hemisphere. Louisiana does t expect driving Down Sunset blvd. To the platypus is a curiosity of Joom until final boundaries 1bbdftanda one night i donned a bathing like bl11 and webbed feet and a and joined the girls and Long furry body it lays eggs like ran report 8 out of 10 motorists. A fowl but buckles its Young like a who is is inches Long a f make the expense of for Oil the girls were joined once in ties a dri11 erected a plat the tiny Pool by four sailors and g form of Oyster shells several an eight year old boy who to be Miles at sea Louisiana has one he was hot. Close Check for further evidence1 27 Miles about a Quad police try to keep the traffic co motherhood in the next few of in to veg. But one Man drove Mother Platy uses eat sex three times what a the service station across the tra Ordinary quantities of Worms land Street and wailed his fender was and crayfish while nursing their operations require a crumpled when he took a second Young Small Navy of boats including look a the blondes. The signboard Cost s10.000. Making it the most expensive and largest of any billboard built on the ground according to a Man from the billboard firm. Golden eagles really Howe. Ind. F Gold multimillion Dollar drilling boats with an acre of floor space and attending air conditioned barges where Crews eat and sleep. There is tedium and plenty of danger too. Storms and fire Are the biggest. It took our artists at Foster in eagles which attacked a frequently Are buffeted Kleiser four months to plan Steeple Jack atop a 110-foot water inv 125-mile-an-hour winds and design the hotel wanted i Tower monday turned out today Waves. The watch against seven Days for 15 men to to be Monkey faced owls. Build explained Jack state conservation officials it was built in county the discovery. Although tory since there s a City Law that Breed of owl is tolerably against live models after Mem. They said it has been seen used real girls years ago to and Jin these parts previously. Vertise a harem ear Bowman of Elkhart had the site for the sign was rent the Battle with the Birds while de from Humphrey Bogart a tank roof on a Howe happened to be the owner. For military school Tower. Bowman tuna Ely there was a water said three eagles attacked him pump on the land so the plastic beaks snapping and wings flail Pool can be drained and refilled ing. Every four clays. He drove them off seized six it s an easy yawned one eagles from a nest and climb i bold a runt shapely Blondo. We just swim de Down nursing scratches and re own. Erupts and wave at the people who cuts. Manila up ashes rained drive by. Some truck Drivers get conservation officers at first1 Down an Inch deep today on Vil a bit fresh agreeing with the Eagle of Camiguin Island in the w started feeding the Young sea of the Southern in addition to eating Turtle raw meat. 1 Philippines meat castaways have saved their three of the Young owls died volcanology its were asked to storms goes on relentlessly with patrol boats standing by to take Crew s ashore if real danger threatens. As great a ha7ard is fire. A Gas or of Blaze 10 or 20 Miles from land is a threat to every platform within 25 Miles for the flames can Burn downward and lick through pipelines until a whole Field is ignited. This has t happened yet. But a recent million Dollar fire off and Why not Coke has been the favorite of four generations of americans. Its unique delightful flavor blends perfectly with Good things to eat Grec vre featuring enough today. 12 bottle Carton plus Deposit in lives by catching Rainwater officials expect the other empty Turtle shells. Three to survive. Keep an Eye on restive it. Hribok reported erupting again. I o t t i e d u n d t authority of the c o c a c o i a company coca cola bottling works of Johnson City Branch Plant Kingsport Tenn. A registered i room Owril

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