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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 15, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 24 any intersection can be m dead end. Kingsport times vol. Al no. 140 Kingsport Tenn thursday july 15, 1954 24 pages five cents the weaker partly Cloudy and not quits so warm tonight with Low 70-75. Chance of scattered afternoon. Or evening thundershowers. Fri Day partly Cloudy and cooler wednesday s High. S3 night s Low 76 noon Reading 87. Guilty Dulles will Tell president about peace formula Washington ins Secretary of state John Foster dul Les returned from Paris today to Tell president Eisenhower that the United states Britain and France had achieved a formal for constructive Allied Unity 1 the showdown with the communists on Indochina. Dulles returned from his brie trip to the French capital a . Edit and went immediately to the White House b report to the president. The Cabinet officer told news men at the Airport that the big three formula for Unity at Geneva carries no danger that the United states will abandon its he declared these talks have brought about an understanding concerning Indochina much More Complete than has heretofore existed. It enabled us to Demon Strate anew the Solidarity of the Western Powers in the face of communist hostility and in Trigue. I believe that we have found a formula for constructive Allied Unity which will have a Benefi Cial effect on the Geneva con Ference. And it carries no danger that the United states will abandon its Dulles said that in reaching an understanding with France and Britain on what terms the West would accept for a cease fire in Indochina the u. S. Had been concerned to find a Means of aiding France and the associated states without prejudicing Basic principles. Members of Stubbs family file out of the courthouse following the verdict of guilty Here thursday morning. The murder defendant s father. William e. Stubbs left is followed by his other two sons Dave in Navy uniform i and Don. The elder Stubbs expressed Relief that his son on trial had escaped the electric chair. Demos question closing target Washington wiil Igop Leader William f. Know go to the Geneva conference on and Senate the understanding to which both if the French and British ministers by aug. 1 a showdown. Part of truce opens Geneva _ France and Britain elated by new support participation by ministerial level will be without departing from the u. S. Prin president Eisenhower planned to leave a meeting with the National Security Council As soon As the Secretary reached the As Rne Secretary reached the j White House for a Quick private Itne Calendar remaining a Fiir -h.t. Lor Bills. Pic phase of Senate minority Leader Lyn a negotiations with the Corn Don Johnson a Texi said he thought it More Likely Congress will quit around aug. A month from today. His opinion is supported by the democratic policy committee after a look at Jor Bills. Vogelman be Willii Luc munits aimed at ending the in so Doc Nawar. French Premier Pierre men Des France and British foreign a f Secretary Anthony Eden v Frel the Eisenhower administration s decision to resume a major role in the Geneva talks maj i Mic m me Oer Ieva Tail the gop policy committee has boosted chances of Gettin a i i. Washington presiden Eisenhower says he has a Nomi Nee in mind for chairman of talk. Then or. Eisenhower was scheduled to return with Dulles i Geurink to provide a full report for the looked at the same Calendar Indochina cease fire before chief executives top ranking to its goal. July 20. Mendes France has the Tennessee Valley authority advisers. J Knowland said flatly i to resign if he fails to Ancl congressional sources say the Secretary also planned to think a can wind up by july so get a peace agreement by that the Choice May be Gen discuss the Paris meeting the adjournment Date set Date. Up Ibert it i v i Are agreed upon minimum the congressional re organi the French in Euerl Vogue an army for a settlement of the eight a year old indochinese War with leaders of both death 140-year term recommended by Paul Blountville William Charles Stubbs has been found guilty of the Kidnap slaying of a vacationing fax m woman mrs Hutli 6 7 the verdict came swiftly in criminal court Here thurs Day morning almost As a letdown1 after the three Day Curt Battle. The jury after being in lockup for the third night came out at . With a verdict of guilty on the first degree murder c arg and a recommended sen tence of 99 years. The state had asked them to give Stubbs the electric chair. The 22-year-old defendant seemed to be trying hard to sup press a smile As the verdict was announced. The jurors also found Stubbs French run into trouble in talks for peace terms Geneva French pre Pierre Mendes France ran immediate trouble with Russia and red China today on his return to Geneva As a re guilty of the three other charges against him and recommended sentences which with the Mur Der sentence would total 140 suit of his Paris talks with u. S. They Secretary of state John foster1 communist diplomats were hopping mad Over Amer Ica s refusal to become a direct signatory party to the indochinese partition agreement which May be reached at Geneva with in the next five Days. The red bloc also was bluster ing with anger Over the offer Dulles had conveyed to Mendes France and British foreign Secretary Anthony Eden concerning the u. S. Willingness to protect through a proposed Southeast Asia treaty organization what is 1 put of free Indochina. Contrary to some reports Coin ing from. Paris Mendes France if served consecutively. Recommended a 21-year sentence on the assault with in tent to commit murder in the first degree charge and 10 years each on two kidnapping charges. The conviction of Stubbs for the murder of the 67-year-old Texas farm woman near Here june 11, marked the bitter end of what started out As a happily anticipated trip to their Home land by the swedish born Wom an and her husband. Stubbs was found guilty of abducting them from a picnic table at Cherokee Lake at gunpoint and killing mrs. Holm and wounding her husband. Axel Holm husband of the woman and Carl Holm one of their seven children were not the courtroom when the jury offer parallel with the Geneva negotiations. For the decision. The attorney said he thought congressional parties. And British that Date Well never get out of Here the California Republican said democrats were Overly Pessi mistic especially in their belief that the Senate would not finish Engineer of. Me Tutu drip in Leau nation act and it s the end of flew Back Here yesterday week. In we Don t work hard for i after a Quick meeting in Paris president told his news that with Secretary of state d conference yesterday he was not Eden conferred with russian leu ii Cuil Hutiu inn Kussian to pending atomic Energy Bill foreign minister v. M. Molotov before saturday. Ii fast last night and got him to agree t gut my in agree Knowland declared he expect to continue private huddles be oi1 Heads until Bill by 9 . Tonight and Here the Senate to meet at 10 . To France and Britain appeared Day. Dulles was also to meet with his under Secretary Walter be Dell Smith who is returning to Geneva As the u. S. Representative in the East West meeting seeking a formula to end the Indochina fighting. Meanwhile. State department officials declined to discuss re ports from Paris on any under standing reached among Dulles Mendes France and Eden on How i of Nivling Viet Nam i House aide Accomma Tipri v far the West will go in accept Homer Ferguson largest of the three Indochina to caplets ju11 for the con demands Meed id ence with recce and which produced the u. S. De Lyet ready to announce a selic vision to Send under Secretary the Tva chairmanship has of Smith been vacant since the allowed the term of Gordon r. Clapp to lapse in May. Vognil attached to the South West division of army engineers a Dallas tex., visited the White to behind bars faces William Charles Stubbs As he returns to his Sullivan county jail cell following conviction of murder kidnapping and assault charges. Stump White murder trial is postponed Kino be thought the vigorous communist of a they intended to leave for Texas position to the american position Fhi was reported reliably to have been conveyed to Eden by so Viet foreign minister v. M. Molotov last night. Subbs disagrees with jury verdict Blountville William agreed on try Senate gop policy by dividing ing communist demands. State department officials said a lined . Speedup program Kween the communist led Viet that Dulles apparently had at the House wl11 and French Union forces. Inn j a _ its work next wc6k and up thurn i Rey a Een c non orces too Busy in his talks in Paris Toj u week and Len re there was no confirmation s s n ars o no Conr Maon Send the department a report of at a time that Dulles As a result of his _ _ i a Tnp hence to ill k., yesterday s talks the do. He said is act on Confer to and British leaders. Or. Eisenhower at his news conference yesterday said Only that Dulles had gone to Paris to Weld big three Unity for thei showdown at Geneva. Paris reports that Dulles had committed the u. S. To guar Antee the future integrity of a non communist area Belo w thei 18th parallel were not confirmed in Washington. Ence reports. I -.1, Reece and Baker issued a joint statement in which they said we believe he will do a Fine Job. The Tva and Easl Tennessee would be most fortunate to have and Frlan i mos ornate to have and Eden heed the idea of an him for chairman of the a ind Ochoa partition any better this morning showed essentially the same Lack of emotion after the jury s verdict As he had Al through the three Day trial. Back in Sullivan county jail Stubbs was asked what he thought of the Way his widely publicized trial ended. I d rather not make any state he said in the same Clear Low Monotone that he used on the witness stand the Day before. I then As he was about to enter on the application of state. Persons adrift aboard the the door of his private cell this morning. Defense attorney b. C. Mcinturff asked judge Thomas h Rogan to delay the sentencing one Day to allow him to dissent Law which might show that some of the lesser sentences must run at the same time instead of consecutively. This would have the effect of reducing the total sen tence. Judge Rogan agreed to Post Pone the sentencing. Al least half of the or nah in Charles Stubbs. 22, of Rochester the courtroom left immediately n. A. Convicted on four counts after the verdict was announced and sentenced to terms totalling a loud murmur was the of ill 140 years in criminal court Here audible reaction of the Spectra trial Otise yesterday and lat r con Mai Oil f erred with Tennessee stump and Gus White or. Can congressmen Carroll the murder of h. T. Godsey five Are rescued Arr ii Keene Lul like Muiter 01 to. I. Soasey rive Ives leu ing to negotiate Aland Howard h. Baker. A continued thursday morn-1 in dog Viet aide accompanied Vosel Ine until the next term of court Morro Bay Calif. E three Indochina to Capitol Hill for the Confer on the application of state. Five persons adrift aboard the some of our witnesses have derelict raft Lehi were paused at the door and Iri attorney Tom Dod a today by a passing freighter or. Who with his inn in a a Tel lat Obi son or. Who with his son is As sisting the state said. He said one in particular wind lashed Waters off the Cen trial California coast. Seven american gis returned by czechs sees boost in Gas tax Frank Clement is reelected re the 4 i .1 by the associated press said in Greeneville that the. Sen. Estes Kefauver inter Urne himself in on former gov. Gordon Browning states surplus fund stands at erupted his Campaign for Renom May i7 he could Noil has predicted that if got. Prank and the state is now nation today Bygre u Ning to then asked the judge Clements up. In better in Flor Ial b to to apr liar a Ken in t. I in Oahu Vijil in pure Cupar m to Phyllis Baker described As fru t ship is be was men asked Point Blank slam Man s sweetheart had by of do you think of the ver com i hashed last or rat from i will say this. I think hat the Way those lawyers handled my defense was he was then asked Point Blank sent travel Money to come Here Ullett us v last night from the Lehi his i u a Sci Iii icy in i a ill in arc i univ from Norfolk a but had not1 was a scientific expedition to Hawaii reported by radio to the coast guard that re men picked up appeared d no Sirn inn Rihino i up. The defense attorneys ejected to the postponement of1 the trial. Judge Thomas h i " Eood phys Cal condition. Rogan ruled it was no fault of the state if their witnesses evaded process servers. The attorney for Fred stump who has been in jail since lie voluntarily turned himself in on1 answer i Don t think it went the Way it should Stubbs would not explain his opinion on the verdict further than that statement. Tors. When asked later How he Felt verdict Stubbs though looking pleased an swered. I Don t know i Don t know just what to say about it at the judge Rogan commended the three court appointed attorneys Mcinturff Preston Taylor and Kenneth Wright for doing a difficult Job in defending Stubbs you did a Good he said the judge released the Stubbs Ury for this term of court and explained Why he had ordered them All night lockup immediately after finishing his charge at . Wednesday i did t want any Hast Vii he said. Father feels Good about jury verdict Tojal 11 Juv. R Lillak a Tolu u1c slate is now Clement s administration is re in better financial shape than elected the state gasoline tax it a apr was before. In ton to join a fight for p s Bond. To Judi h Nunt Lor t an amendment prohibiting a be Rogan stump s non Nasori Bond from s10.000 to . Erven american soldiers held in communist Czechoslovakia since1 american Independence Day i crossed the Border to Freedom i Triay at noon after 12 Days in Captivity. The six enlisted men and Captain were turned Over at this West German czech Border Point where associated press correspondent William Calls was freed More than a year ago. They were met by a detach ment from the to s 2nd armoured cavalry which is stationed along the East West Frontier. An army spokesman said earlier that after a routine in to pro fat Lon a news conference be probably Satur Day. The roads torn up by those huge Hump backed and Over loaded trucks the governor has turned Loose on the Brown ing said. Browning told a crowd at Ben ton that recently the state s creased by 20 million dollars. Judge Raulston Schoolfield Roadside Parks have become eyesores on the he said scores of Parks in the Scenic sections of East Tennes see Are littered with filth. Washington my today the state is 3 per cent m pc Ceia proposed government la also said lode Tea in Bonds than it with private Industry for elec age that Clement plans Ever was Luler any Otier gov Itric Power school yield Speaks .utomnh., and the people of Carthy called his sen ate investigations subcommittee to a meeting today which could tax in order to maintain Clement added that the state s tonight at 8 o clock at the Kings Kefauver spoke Al a rally of Bond indebtedness under Brown Roane county democrats yes House cleaning seen a j. I t Lily o s opponent s rep pal also a gubernatorial candidate m . And his financial sup the aug. 5 primary addressed a porters. Button recovering from Tal Kathon in Nash porn civic auditorium. Schoolfield a Chattanooga Ter Day at Kingston and attack criminal court judge favors Seg de his opponent u s rep pal last night Schoolfield s platform centers almost entirely on an attack of the recent supreme court s decision Banning Segre gation in the Public schools. He in Pupunu Ilc blamed this on the pres said the decision was made Forno other than political and the Chattanooga judge added that it was aimed of woo which he said Cut from the conservation department. Clement continued his stump ing in East Tennessee where he ing the voters in seven or eight Pivotal states. Ville which enfiled late tuesday night made Only one speech yesterday. He declared in Clarks Volle that Kefauver had voted against a Bill to extend the commodity credit corp. During world War ii and against appropriations for the corporation. Sutton said he had consistently supported 90 per cent of parity Price supports. Regaling the races in Tennes see s Public schools despite the recent u. S. Supreme court decision. Tomorrow is deadline you be got Only one More Day to Register for the August 5 general election. The registration books will he at the civic auditorium from 10 . Until 1 . And from 2 . Until 6 . A Man May Register for his wife or a Wile Lor her husband. Ision at the launch at once new Public investigation of what he Calls infiltration of de sense plants by 133 subversives but a majority of the subcommittee s seven members have declared thai a House cleaning1 of the Slaff should Lake precedence. This is the group s first Meel ing under Mccarthy s chairman ship since its 36-Day hearings into his Row with top army officials on which the subcommittee is nol Cyl handed Down a ver lick. Al the Windup of the hear Ings four weeks ago today one subcommittee member sen. Otter he believed each Side had proved main charges and thai employees on each Side should be dismissed in Advance of today s meeting 5tmj Wiiiiam e. Stubbs Rochester n. Y., father of the defendant appeared to feel Chipper after the jury re with its verdict in the Stubbs trial thursday morning he had previously shown a t and serious As the trial wore on has my attorneys had no time to prepare a slate had All the proper he continued the father of William Charles Stubbs saw further there was Fadilj he told newsmen he still thought i Couri so and added Hal some Slaff Steps for him. H a i changes should have priority polished the elder Over any other subcommittee hooking his business. He has not mentioned any names. Two of the subcommittee s three dam Coralic members armed Wilh proxy Voles to cast for the absent sen. declined to say what moves they planned. But Sena tors Jackson a Wash i and Symington do said they have not receded from their demands for a House cleaning among Mccarthy appointees on the stuff. Mccarthy reserved comment on tiie meeting and on new developments in efforts by san. A it to have Mccar o in i m Nis Belt. I think these ii Iowa did a wonderful he said of the defense presented by the three court appointed attorneys. Suffers broken neck condition of Larry Smith a Nickelsville youth who suffered 1 broken neck when he dived nto a Creek near his Home was i f ill ill Wils i Rcd from chairmanships of i reported Good at Holston v Alliv in ---------1. Lie subcommittee and Parent government operations Cora Milice. Community Hospital thursday Smith if is a son of or. And mrs. John b. Smith

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