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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 12, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeHe tors s the soviet to understand that it is necessary Union Deal from strength or weak Ness it Geneva the world won Ders today is the Summit Confer ence a cars. William l. Ryan a foreign news analyst has made a thorough study of the factors that will a Cir upon Premier Bulgarin. This is the first of four stories Pimp Ryan s illuminating appraisal. By William l. Ryan a foreign news analyst at Geneva marshal Nikolai Alex Jedi Ovich will be fight let a desperate and perhaps decisive Battle to save id com mums from decay and ruin. The Western world led by the United states is within reach of in historic Victory. It May be slow and unspectacular in developing but it can mean there is Hope for real and lasting Pence. The silent ally of the West in All this is the Ordinary. Everyday inn. The John Smith of Russia. Bill Spanin. Strictly a political Ren pm 1. Personifies the dilemma of the general staff of communism. At. Geneva. Bul Pianin cannot attack without solidifying the free world s resistance to the soviet Union. He in not Retreat without the danger of hastening communism s decay As a global conspiracy. Bill Spanin will not. Be his own master. Nikita s. Khrushchev the soviet communist Boss will be look in Over one shoulder representing the fears and ambitions of work communism. Looking Over the other will be Ivan the Man largely responsible for bringing to review events of the last two Stalin who could push All but tons at once and control every aspect of soviet life died March 5, 1953. Nobody was big enough to succeed him. By common con sent in a form of self Protection his heirs formed a collective times were uneasy. A Sharp struggle for Power was a certainty. Those who ruled had to woo the widest support. The collective under Premier Georgi Malenkos promised Many things. Within two or three years it told Ivan there would be an ample Supply of Good things for the vacuum cleaners Good radio and television sets Good clothing and shoes no More food shortages. For the first time the soviet leadership took a Frank look at its Economy. Even by soviet accounts it was sadly laggard in a modern orld. This was not going to be changed overnight nor was it going to be changed without sacrificing some of Stalin s concentration on production of the Means of product meaning All for heavy Industry. But the soviet Public accepted the promises with enthusiasm. I was there at the time and in various parts of the country heard the statement watch us. We have new government the Malenkos regime walked a Tightrope trying to keep the heavy Industry sector intact while push ing the consumer program. _ Jjo fitment. Equipped is 82j s two furnished room preferred. Coll i 6-b335 thres rooms and by Atli lights whirr and heat furnished. 166.00. 184 to. Rob Inson Drix a. I 8-8727 furnished a pah to end it has disavowed the Over All Aims of world communism but it keeps a wary Eye on Ivan s social development. It increase girly Clear from the soviet press that Ivan has tasted Victory Over the Krem Lin. His yearning for the amenities of life and his weariness with Pri mentation ran Force the Colucc tier into even More concessions to the West. Fok rent Al Nisi id loss with Bath i 50 also cd 5-75p7. Two i 8-Ijlb. 102 e. Wanolia. Pulp Ned. Clo Grace. I two room apartment. Eli cult kill re in. First floor. Coot newly dec porn Eti girls or couple. 3-Ttoom Hir Nishil apartment. 1386 Ca Towba. Strict. Call i 3 or 4 rooms furnished apartments Pri. Vale a nth . So rom heal. Water in rats . Cd 5-3381. Modern 3-room apartment All Utill la ply 438 roller fit pct. Two room furnished apart Man i tics furnished. Girl or working in Nile Herrert. Per month. Call cd 5 for unfurnished Lynn Garden rooms and Bath. Call i we. Three room apartment. Hot and cold furnished. Window fan instal cd Call it 6-b470 close premiership i pro Var Entrance and Bath Khrushchev took charge. The ers recognized that the Crocram one modern Nav Turnt a rooms end hhnb0 Berl. Unit Sion bout this Summit meeting. Communism is in n Pickle. The user is its ideological Anchor. I s Mcc ii its nerve Center. It May lose thai Anchor As one of the of Brond Ronco i inv to i Lona Ranee results of the Geneva t 1 c 111 w. Park drive nor to conf Orenco the bloodless h or Tho information Call i . Be icon is the United states seems to be Jiroch Medink on the Assumption the Complete there can recon moves Are forced. I turning Back to total stalinism that they Are truly anxious meter nil soviet about Nims . That is has the sound of pleading rather m ii Send by piss. And Ivan seems to Ordermos. Rather 1" behind it. Ulan Lillne admissions of program of All for heavy Industry. The reversal however was far Complete. There can be no for rent-3-room private Imbur Neshei apart Manl. Working couple preferred. Cal three and private clean Portem conveniently located. Heat and hot water furnished. Also 4-room House hot water furnished. Rent reasonable. I 5-3288 apartment. Private Bath Roll Meier. Newly painted Street. I 5-1101 a autos and Tut cos for Salk must sell this work High Quality because have no overhead like rent and repair service. 51 Chevrolet i ton Heater Nice. 49 Mercury. 2s-Kkai. Sta it for Sale 3 four room hou8k. Lot Imi Iua h be Iii trs of Church Letl 1 Homes farms and business property Are offered Bulgarin on spot John Smiths of Russia secret allies of West As big four talks draw near it Man Muil t. He Urrih r Stum Kkt is Ullon . 981 Lynn Call cd 50 Dodro 5 posse biker. A time Mik s. It s n puff. 49 Pontiac Hydra Mutic convertible Copper color extra Nice All accessories. "48 Ford custom incl to and Heater new tires. A Cream puff. 41 Chevrolet Coupe a Good car with new tires. Almost now 47 Studebaker Ino Tor. The body noes with wanted Porter to afternoons Musi be Between 18-h5 years old. Mum be int. Willink to work. And furnish . Apply in person Cole s drug Broad Street for Kent unfurnished 4 rooms Ino Bath. Newly in i us Vuu d. To Fol. Ill for. Salk a Bertig Iii Nouv 131 Oso land Street. Kori in bunion fall i 7-1505. For Sale by Hume Al new 3-bedroom Home Cha approved located on Ueli Oke Dndr Bloo Manston he i kits Down payment cull i Down buys tuesday. July 12. .95fi Kcal a state Fok Salk 1617 Carolina ave. 1 3-Redromn Brick Home including i one Cetru in fic Hitik loom and dining area. 55 so. It. Kitchen Cabinet i Utility room and Small basement l disappearing attic stairs. Up i it closets forced How hot air Oil funnier. Heep uly Drou rated floors refinished lot 60x150. See the inside to appreciate it. Cha Down payment Call i 5-3061 Kiny port 1 1 Kcal a state kor Kalb i Koi sa1.1- my own it Mil Small it in act i i 1im11 Ift harsh Voltl Kii n. C phone j9-Hoom House Weber City wired of electric mme Jho main Ali. Call it 5-5383 Ion for bus line to be dial cd 0-475c easiest terms in East Tenne Skoe Gilliam used cars 1824 Knoxville Highway cd 7-7281 building Matee Iai for Sale it s a Good time of year to pave your driveway Walkway Patio or basement with ready med Concrete from City Concrete company Call i m124 valuable business new autumn us 3 in i hoi drink unit handling the world Hemous nationally advertised Maxwell House Collee. Baker Cho rotate. Terri Orleaf Tea. Von must be honest reliable have a in area Usiri iria amb Lilon m Tonii a permanent Hon Lily year around business can i operated from your Home to More or Lull time. The Oronah trial Nonh and 100 v cooperation Given. Locations obtained by our experts immediate unbelievable in come. 10 units doing the. National aver would Jive you an income o j1831.73 House for rent Hon of wills him bar Troon r Flint at 9b3 half Tirrit Imine Rtin Tilv m hrs 00 Nionila. Oil in nip with Miro Jim a Way cell incs h. Guillen a port development Cim Funy. Hunt j.i0 00 to Legal not1pk bids wan kit i 150 1 blog k tire 110 to Rock Springs j Hoad 7-Romn Lio Irir my nerd on h Hunn i Alful i or of unit. In Rumles Bull. Unrod tiling built in Liim Himl nil it Mcrorie bin Nicini. Tto kit Fliris or Jur k Pyle corns realty Ciul 5-j009 for Sale to her a i p o i n t me n to Ujj lease. Call. Or. Hurt. i in Kola ask Tiv tins 2-bedroom Buck imme 13x20 living room with do Lle. It. Kitchen has i Lastic la Norlinn a n it built in i Abines. A it. Utility has tile flours and connection for and plus plenty space Lor n workshop. Nil fun Inacy. Out in he Back Yard is a Nice find under inane Shade Trees. Approved of . Luaiki Down and approx Ijo ninth. Call Koht Dru k Here s a Good room and oath no on floor has a Dandy Basc Merit do you scrape with a room of the if Man s for Shup. We know h " an hip Sperty a the 51h.soo a men Cai us for appointment and i Lathi a Road a s thou he Lovely i fairy Only Hvid in one Ely cd and is f in in .1 i Yon like or look it over1 if i Hice Range f. J. Brownell son Cir i s a 3 Sale 1 or largest Sci cation of Fine reconditioned pianos in Jennessee and Southwest Virginia 99.50 Toni 10% Down balance 12 Donihi Ifo carrying charges i whited warehouse Transfer -.11. P a. P. I p. P in Arr. K. Lull m b. M p. A. D. N 734 Eastman Road satisfied customers it. Tenn Taipei p or. Kingsport p. It. Be Yuenoi it Tom p. M. It. Al Niport p m. Reel. re cull a articles for Sale Lake Crest 3-Bcdroom ranch Type Home Wilh attached Rajrani Ceil Lient. Nice int. The owner says to sell it the sacrifice Price of baby farm lit of Fertile land Wilh 8 room House mile off wrist of Highway. Palco lot in Good location 103x176. Priced to sell it Patrick Henry realty co. 135 news Kkt room 2iz 1 Iionka i 5-15si albeit Craft a Lennen judge d. , i 5-0220 Albert c. King i 5-li64c p a. 11 -2s orc Brdek m 9 3-35 o. A. P. Of thanks the St t used studio Couch Lili Rover also Low or Lei. To. by Refl. Phons i live better newly decorated six room House. Close to Xijiu Oln school City transport Notton und i it Nice. Three Rood bed rooms. In top Kitchen full con Jar la a 1624 East Center Wilhm sight of the Clit Liolich school. This a Nus in about two years old a nth Hiis and wonderful Carp. 6 rooms thine bedrooms. Spelous living room with fire place. Tills will be hard to Bent. Ami shrubbery in to l Ulm no Tui a1, to Silmi Rii i nil i Herd Ftp no will Lor Twu bedroom Leonir in flu. I or tar tonic Wilh Bonsi Iii ii mid shrink a. West Ridge air Ndler a Rooni Humr with a tilt in omit Niimi Watcil. 1m re Oil rur incr. Lull birr of instr in m in my. A rep cd in Back porch Eood Khz Tatrn Aji profit Refl Sun up eel of floor m scr i Icart in 51.17500 with if rms Whaley Oaks in Fol p it him.8 Vii Anil Lui hulls. Lindu Brkl it Luik inning wit i fire Plait. Billt in Klidis i unt to in Misc Nicot. A Crull m room Fri no nor. Re a dlr ruler in. It or life rat Sporl. Make new thai be hed Lioom Hunch style Hemf. With com mar to pit Btu hard w nod knotty Pine in Henf u in kit Hon. Pallium in. Walls insulin try. Pm Sciric Ridi Aiu i cell Hunt. Aiu Chad Carport Wilh int 100 x 200 a Raul but for the Money. Priced 111.250.00 with Excel ital for Sale House in Vernon Heights four rooms and Bath. In terms. Call w j Horsley. Unoo Supply company. Call i 6-61o4 near Eden 5 store Boul mlle of Lohn Floii Chy 4-room Home win com plea hath. Hardwood full sue run Irli by spinel. Twin mar. La a reps Tuimil bal Tiri t to 00 month. Noone Lake inn x 200 Iron Toni priced m no inv of Hill Down Blanci in 3 Yutani. Baker realty company v f. I Ifni Tom born Dick Taylor Harry a. E. He ricin it Myna Elf Sminia Cis flow cd 5-0344 i .1-7j3s i 5-8816 i 5-0404 Down to i tins Ihrcke Becl Robin Miinch style Home is Only one a end old with basement. Attached Rii rare. Fully insulin led. Snack liar in Kitchen Large lot 79x240 it siding. In has 10b5 so. I. And is a Short Dis Tance from the Orn vely Grade school. Where can you buy nil of these outstanding features for the bargain Price or wait until you see Kingsley Hills new and charming three bedroom Homes completed and under construction. Featuring sunward electric heat carports garages knotty Pine Kitchen cabinets Large wooded lots storage rooms flush doors Brick. Stone or Wood fronts these Homes Are Well de signed Well constructed and attractive. Kha and i financing. Note 1007o Loans Are available to Quali fied veterans. Come out the Bloomingdale Road turn right at the new million Dollar Ketron me Morial High school then turn right into Kingsley Hills. Y drive out any Day during the week or Call James h. Quillen. Do you know .xpkui1.kcki waitress wanted. Mouth term r see tomorrow s and for proof yesterday s answer Elizabeth of England not a Queen Shi Wai a King. Klyr mean head the ruler or and does nut a male sex. Queen Kller Nheth was the Sovereign Unuer n Klyr is the title of the runs nil of the Kolni Popi Ilai Fol Hickes. A s. E. . A we know you can t beat this Price our sales prove thai people Are Reading these you can be the proud Money saving owner of Ihli 1953 Buick special 2-dr. Dyr allow. . Or Nice 2-tone finish. Locally owned. living room suites up wan Tell. Mout keeper someone 10 1 Hely on furniture co. E. Main St. Going fishing met of Money mailing out wanted two experienced hair stylists also Young attractive coloured girl Lloyd s Beauty Salon Ham wanted every Ticino for Good fishing live know Vullo Hlor hour the bait shop for Best buts in Good used furniture shop United furniture Annex rive Polnau Fok i Bikini Iasi Rise to inn. I care for Niv and k Ami a in Jool lines at also some from 3 to 8 months. All me aka Heki Terc in. One Malilim male Pinc Hirr, crime red 7. John 1. , d ii san Vicki Oore phone i r-4171 Home phones to Lynne mrs John c. Put i m. W. 5-3832 real estate Why in far a i Inin is i Only look for lots by Mkrttc Down to i schools shopping centers and transportation Are Well within your reach in this iwo bedroom Home we line listed on Houston at. It is of recent construction with Rusco storm windows doors Mill screens tally insulated Plua lured Walla Aulo malic Oil hell snack bar in Kitchen Nice level lot. Tyml fenced moored attic with stairway. Duo to the Nice appear knee of this Home it will sell in a hurry. Why not Call i and we will look her Over. Down to i three bedroom Home with base ment in the Mccrai v Manor Riec ton. Located iwo blocks from Road. It is of re cent construction with built in Kitchen cabinets automatic Oil heat Insu Luleila two lots 100x16u it. If you want to locate near the Kelson Kehnl. The n us h Chance to show you this Well built Home. Down to i j Ive room Home with basement in Bloom Englon ii is fully insulated automatic Oil heat plastered Walls built in Kitchen cab Meus Asbestos Sld Liik Dynnik room lot to also it. It is of re cent construction and is located in a newly developed area. 1426 ventral Street three bedroom Home full size basement. 2 Complete Bauls Dan Iok room and Nice built in Kitchen Back Yang with plenty Shyrle. No loan to ret. Make Small Down payment and assume i loan. Colonial Heights two now 3-Licdroom Homos in Clor construction. Plan steroid with f l a tar. Ceil Tient. On Hirk or a for Wilh attached one Nodi nip. If a Home. Nip run sonic non Hizy now nil choose Fawn color Schoni s. Hoomana courts Homo Nizic. Nil Wii Jii iry per cent Ali Ojill. 3-bedroom Brick a Sikai. Buy m one no the de arable in the c Nice t Frohna ave ,.c.nlr., a i died a Nuh Ici Ici a lint automatic Oil Furnace he. Room with fld. Plastered ii inv no e lot. With pm enl it is a pc azure Home As clean a this one no Call i and we Jene i m7.-.d Kay Hull i phone i 7-7181 Jack Quli Ien i s-1db3 338 e. Center Hoke Palmer i estate Foh Sale of Trade two modern ii oodles Boob hell Hal near . My minion Lar Luhti in. Ken Mary Adinol cd h-j.1jo or cd mo1 for Bale or trades room House in Greenfield Sec Tion. Or Down and will Inke Inte Model car for balance and you take Over loan. Call i 6-2003 rooms Fok Bent room. Clune in. Private pal Rance. Furnished or bin tilt or double. Men i b.i3a3. Toom a Hoard in Provitt Home. Cail wanted Middle Aoki House work i ill la rally. A cello Tomlla on. Man experienced in Attlee work s Imit Tami . Wilto Box Ltd Mel of Klokk r. K . K it o clock Lull tie on the my or p. Ail met Nhorn nor Urr rtt Fott Rrt incl Vanl Tler Breth irn if r w Johnaon. W. M j. H. Bcott notice Auto Loans flan cd refinance Quick and courteous service Sam boat insurance Agency u4 Commerce Street phone i 6-4187 moving United Mayflower cd 5-3184 notice to subscribers it you do not receive sour Kingsport hme8 or Kingsport news first Call your Carrier boy. If to Falls to answer cell i 6-8131 morn is irom to no papers will be delivered of complaints to office after hours listed evenings until 34 to buy Cherokee motors inc. I m the Buick 600 St. I 5-5126 Olds Tri City motor inc. Dial Clickn 5-Niol it of a St. I t i i no i 5-4402 i 5 1606 a Obinson realty co. Phone cd 6-6139 new or Cru uni Ulins 1.1a i Serrot attention Farmers turn your country hams into Cash. Little store paying highest Cash prices. Gall Williams cd 5-1951 farm in inc of. For Salk 1- o11 Sai k of Rijab m i Harrt. Oen 3 1 in in. Ivio cd 5-. 930

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