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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 8, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeKeg port Blue Grays Bounce cherokees twice teams will end series tonight at local Park baseball lonesome Pine doubleheader with nine trouble saturday of in . i Jjon c.t1y. Trim. July 7 i Welch Buum re by n. To it Burn i it. I i kill John v. Ciri Truk Liui Manv inulin i Humble Chr clirioki.-. In i of i of v i. My five by the t -it.-11111-11 Rau Hird milled. Sini Tlam Lorii Marr Diirr Schiill tin All bin can for Shulii Ilii tin i Lvi Silv of h an Mim of our of lir visa Here Chi d to tin can it Tii id a ii. I. The .stall1. He the learn a .1 Fri Sinnawi. Atlr.n-1 in Itaf Lipinn of is outs fur his is a Pilch it i the in Hans Meir null stale d mud.-. 7-x her fir in Rani 3-1 loss in the i Minn a i hot err i in my if in will operate 4-7 Clit a. id a of Ali in mid pm Bui i the Iku. Virci Emlu and Pound h pm he we in Illow in Muir addition sunday. no Plum s in Ruder to live t a thin. Pound it i Sheldon lipid the w Melv and a i Mihl header. I our lists All of the in roil in a on c lir and m andr it. In Werni sift in Belli and i Hohm de Chr tilt in we i " i Dir i the Hill my ill Init Ltd and i und h j imn i Tat. Rar.1 n air i in nth Slagle Susmark Salem rebels win a foursomes in .1 Wytheville Downs f n Ihram Ronci t rail. -.m. Sinai a. A i nip Wolf a turd Ahral. F i Silvi i1iiic Wilc Ilir. Is Wor Kiim i Chr Liivi . Lie .1.-.-mi.-iu. I Iliin it soil. l to Home a ii in us Nikii . In Lav pinyin. Len Sun of mine s it i a it u n Hill. Llic rc1 a a . Lulli in . k nil n n i h n n by Inithia nor inc . his inn al in Nelv Pili hint fair Chr Lynn Cir i j n l in a Lynn la incl a Hiis Jit do ii Clr in City n. N i ii i l n Hiu c of on Dofi Jav pm Peru a i., sign m a i a n n nov la Mhz i l o a Crk s Suim Dikiy 5. 2 i Ciu al 0 a fair Fici 4. I Aikins 1 a u four games in m v a a no i in i uni i ity01 Lino a 1ii1c i al ill i Lull. . Silc Knoll. .9. Ind . I. In Lui .-.nil. In nun a not. To 7.ornx null Colpoys air i a Lillini will .-.ik. A. Cd i a Virld i. I i my. In a i. I ii , i. In 111 1 no ihur1 thu Bulj lev .luii-ik.i1. I i co tonight skin diver action Aqua lung thrills ii a i ill i he Limul by Lac Fuifui Fri in 1 nil ii. Ill in Lull. Ilii la m i hid pm i Imam ii i ill. I1.ii ,.p h n no. I i limn Ilid ii . L 111 wviiikvim.i-. I w. ii i11" ii i id slim i ii al Fri in 11 i cell slim i. Of. I Phi o l Roll. -.illi.-l.-. Mil a i. Vir pc in i spi l Mill ,111 m a h mill.1 a Wilri Vas intr i Mif 1 Hill Hill h i 1 in n the w. L. N inc al Park i ii n ii m ii ii k i al n. I la in ii paid Virrl 1. Kli ,1 , 11 Wii i. Wiil i ii.1 Linn n ii m today saturday nip. 1 John Lund Dorothy Malone five guns West in Nln in. 1 Bill Elliott dial red 0" those con men and their smart women. Are Baitin trap for you i Cost ice by jct a jilt Smith Bennett Downs a jews a ic3n lined ice "g.i. Dood it Tiu hound hic Juu Lori Wisok calling my animals latest world news suspension honoured is.-, Mil 1 Zuj inn in -1 h n iii1 my nun Limiti ii 1 .Lull.1 in i-1.hi-. nil television Cable corp. "3-Channel reception 137 e. New St. I 6-8851 to Cable now. i t f i ,.r 1 m .1 4 1-1 i k Tii Flam my h 11 ii ii ii a to i f inn ii i n i in i 1 k i in Arlt i-min Nam v Ali 111 11. Per. A radio and to programs moving dial Circle 5-7441 Tom still Transfer co. Furnaces Oil to Tiki Troh floor i nut to Tiu i. kid for red ii Milt 1. It lilt sell re i. i v h it pm 1nm m c1wpi Rte Waltl i re Dillon Lant jul of Mim flow monthly i a h .16 months to Tat Southern Sheet Metal works 334 e. Buhran is. Dial Clr clo i-4241 my v 111 to .i. Coal to Justl m Empl Rutlt Init lord al fail inn inc Nlle san lord ill al a tonight thru saturday Icil no crts Yvonne Mccarlo Border River also Vic Lor Marl Blanchard veils of Bagdad Iloth in technic of 3-piece bathroom ensemble Glass electric furniture company inert is. Cd i wept wept pm 1400 kc.-98.5 me. Fit my t a o1ari.oite win 1370 pc. Visiting hungry Mother Park visit Sofay s Virginia House restaurant Hail mile of Marion on 11 Coni pole line of fishing water sports equipment stones sporting goods i Tor the 3.10 comp Refl St. Al import a innit across the Sonds of the centuries it sweeps to the screen y Ioan Collins h Liu. Ii ii la u. U. I ii i . U. T la ii u l t la i .i turns at. In Lei a fac to j i ,.lks. Ii, Mcl s it m i t 111. Art cleaners u. Why Noi a second to Foi Lilloo As i m i in la River 39.95 Dean motors m ill ii it of is in n i l i mull i to. T i Wate to Wuhl to my pm i. H i a. I i Alt k a is s i look at this Beacon drive in Wlos to Tweedy if s circus s v monday 2 part to repair service him .-iu4 Chor Koo boat co. c in

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