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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 8, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseePint sized teenager finds jurors to be his friends k of k. I John san h a a Leller who him my on ill ant i Niilus in till ill ills luror.-. J 1 . Who 1 lit in 1. Like a in a eat Nill by. Cried i h. pen Luen. I lie mini k 1 a in s Enci r. Pal i of. In of stole h Ken Majl to. ,1. M Ulio awol Inilla tie v. No1 ant let i no i e i c of if. Fest. K put i. Had mid of n l e no i a . Of in. I n no ill Leblo 10 i h Cir. Iou i s. Wilt Lull 1 h a i Rin inc mrs to in 1 hut Tor nine re much sort a. V. cell Elk e. And then and Haitin Tia ho., a Bill -.mim. N . Of Lii in oin a mlle. Him a Liju a tile attend Cal let a k-.1.h-. -a.u. In men a ride linux him one. Services listed for Bloomingdale circuit no Chr Prihod in Chirli with the a 1, in Vrtis. Pics ii Nijiu in. Chr Fol for ninth time 3 killers slated for electric chair firm Sunc Liiv Mph a cell pro. I l i sunday a Hool. 11 it n Nii t uni 7 p in. I my leu lit Fri Rikin Cli i 7 m . Suit Cluny sunday . I lieu do. 10 . Sunday is 11 i of us. 7 30 Prim Hmidi it a in a Uudna a Huni. 10 . I third sum Pri Huniu to the Rev. S. Toal no Henmi Mph. 10 Sun Dikiy school. U i a. A Ericc no i hurl. J 3n p in pull air a ill i m four i sunday him a. 10 t 111 s a Huol. 11 a Giradin. 11.10 a n sunday 10 . St. Paul s episcopal has new assistant Johnson s attack Kew inn a r 11 i senior Fellowship without Warnig j s is Chuth in ump on a toe. A m King porn 3 associates say Navy holds discussion the intervention for i of the Simian a Shiuli c. 1vi..s a in. Memorial Pic Hyiev Church a fou .cm., flt r Mir u s red 11 Mour Corbu Rii on july n . Air i.unbl.-. Llin. in Sci by i Humr Caner Inin Chi uld. Why Bari t m Pimm Timmi ii Zhitni Aihini Chr p.-. V i t l i or to of the Nirali no try mints followed. Imp Milini h. Tin him uni i Imit Mitiu re Cucic i v if under Triepk la St. Luke 1 n i limn mini o i a pc. Caird. Ii Milici Chmaj in Mic naval sfiiunan1 n of Chr a ii St Nuh Ai i Waii a. Tenn. Dep6w s Chapel has Ai to per children s program 1.1 ii k Hil i into i not the i lie. Theia Plok c a pro her f lnwren1 Oak he my m of and an of i n lain i re "11.11 , we Ihal Ilad clnklren1 a Depew i h a i inner 111 he ii. Lai of n Naf a harm ,.d l r. No Piu that Sena. Elmre 111.-, ii Nav hear Linn when he Erie halt " a o a he be preparator a to and Lovirn tent p met. The Loni Truee it. I q. M j. I and Stephen i Utonn n r tin n a n he lord so slur it. Lie Kev. Keene in is w i l youth activities week is to Irv or Senate Many Oroho numbers ii a 1 f i a Al t chm Winner faces a i ill the oin in Gnu i Artran he Praker. Are a loll a Monran t l a i p _ j i t j lot a Nople of Huir v i in Rani i a Nihil 1" a 111.-" i. No out on who hew Here 1313110 Larcery a Lull Erda. Hut nil Mil i Ial a led him i the a her tiled ill. Dec Onri in a nne Llev 1 la John on Heen Elie Keri Washington 8 ins minimal me Are m a new i Minn a Chireh in a Tome on lie in Lii. Toi Ali no the men Chu wll in he the Kev. Kelly 1 he of Tui a.11 till in her Ann my. Mil a a mine in line Hixie ill i. Al a my "i.-.l. D.-. The old Nirh and n so the each note i eyed in the in a i p inn ilium come Mil Olla at nirl be i n u Ull de a re v my a w i epoxied a i Lei kept h v . A Arlin Lton. The end i v nil Dav Ai pre i nud in he Hilton a Nav a nut no in Apac v no pm me nil hour in 1 olm be i la Toneli --111c in rom Nav i m of the Lent m i led he the i Nappi o Lea. Pm o a on re Kim k ar a Beor not Beer contest von h work i Mie week Mill an nude i he dil via the calmed of my in Imp com Hodde Alid Lemon their lop 1 h to Etal hta Mil on the leaked ill Roll and pm i a a Wii will i inn hid Dpi. Late of fetal win in Hll in closing out of All Straw hats not am sizes or colors but we have an excellent s elect10 n from which. To choose. O Price Sobel s Tiik Huang name Koh. Duality to talk woman Oki of state Liea Mer my de i ill Ned he hoax 11 1-All l hoax a i eed up Kiin a it when Tunt 7jfe Nat Ioir Herhel award nil i a Inee Lii at Sla inn chilean workers 1 return to jobs Boot driving ice covers intersection where Quality counts we have it Savi 1ai.o clue v an Eti up school the Thone the at a Lou h a p t i Ligand 1, i.a--. Rapped by Texas judge i-t.- my Al m p i. Irani i up w l a pc to till to e to Only Maytag Washer saves 9 Gallons of water per Load mar m v m m 5c 98c 10 20 8c i n. Of i watch i Mil i. I 1 1 m i Cio a ii my 23 2c 12c to Lene unconditionally guaranteed to clean beautify help restore color Luster to _ rugs and upholstery i costs Only a gallon pkg. Makei 8 of cleaner in a Paoli re Caner Olk Oul without hard 1 Yin own or Listic. Spils and slain seem in disappear a like Naciem Olene contains no hat stain u til and pm line ahr., Alkali or other harsh agents. A no look to . Thal i who any Lime that water won t s. In And in l a La to e to a l Alln of Yon Ian a leaves no Ringst i if amazing i Miv it pc rally for indefinitely. To Lene removes stains caused by Oil common grease soft drinks liquor fruit juices iodine indelible Ink Ond dozen a of other kinds of stains. From All types of fabrics including to Wool Cotton mohair Nylon Ami other synthetic rugs. Arpin to be Cuan an entire t x 1? pig to ifs than Citan an Entis sofa for leis than 70c to introduce Molene a magic heart Silver cleaner i in .1, 1, n. . Ii a f . A it i. I. R.-, . I a. A m." i .i, f r phone us or order by mail a Greco Johnson Persona shopper j. Free Johnson n co. So Sincl Ino number Boxer of m o to my Chorle c.o

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