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Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Jul 7 1954, Page 4

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 7, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 King port times wednesday july 7, 1954 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c p. Or. Publisher Central Manifor Ben assist ant to the publisher and asat. Gen. Mar. W. J. A Cauthe. Editor Euini buckle a. Executive editor 230-23 c. Ila Tyl Street. Tech. Asso tiled Preis Neve member of the Asj Orutta Pitts. Southern association and the audit Bureau of circulation an Independent democratic newspaper published each after noon saturday and Buccal. Press la exclusively entitled to use Lor publication of All dispatches credited to it or cot otherwise credited in Ihli paper and also Ine local Newa published herein entered at Post office in Tena. Us second class mall Mauer october 27, under act of March 8. 7878 National adder to let represent aulyes. Shurion associates. Inc. Oil ices in new Chicago. Detroit. A Lama St. Cuu City. Angeles and san Francisco. Subscription rate by mail firss and second postal zones daily and sunday one year s13.00. By Carrier Dally and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought How much More shall the blood of Christ who through the eternal spirit offered him self without spot1 to god purge your con science from dead works to serve the living the times daily tonic Happy is the Man who renounces everything which May bring a stain or Burden his a Kempis. Merry go round letter to editor hidden vote not much notice was taken of it but the discussion of the new tax Bill in the Senate held one very embarrassing moment for Many of the senators. This happened when senator Williams offered his amendment which would have reduced the allowance for depletion now granted Oil producers from to this allowance which has been in the Law for a number of years was based on the fact that the Cost of digging a Well very great and a great risk As Well since Only a minor number of Wells dug were producers. It was Felt that in order to get men to risk capital to produce the badly needed Oil there must be some inducement. But senator Williams and others thought that the figure was too generous and that cutting it to 15% would not reduce production while it would give the government an extra 300 million in tax Revenue from the Oil Mil previous proposed amendments had been voted on by a Yea or nay vote that is the senators went on record by name As they voted. But when senator Wil Liams asked for a Yea and nay vote on this amendment there was a strange or perhaps not so strange reluctance. A Yea or nay vote is ordered Only when there is a show of hands requesting it. This time the senators As senator Aiken put it sat on their hands. And when senator Doug Las who whatever else can be said of him never lacks the courage of his convictions offered an amendment to make the Williams proposal apply Only to the big Oil operators there was the same reluctance. So both proposals were voted Down by a voice vote without anyone knowing who was for it and who was against it. It was a Case of discretion being the bet Ter part of valor to vote for the Williams or Douglas proposals would be a vote to increase the taxes of the Oil operators and a lot of senators were averse to going on record that Way. On the other hand to vote against the proposals could be construed As a vote for the Oil inter ests and a lot of senators who had been attacking the tax Bill of the administration As a Rich Man s Bill not relish telling their constituents that they were voting that Way. There is a legitimate difference of Opin Ion As to whether the reduction of this depletion allowance is Wise or not. Maybe it is still necessary in order to encourage the exploration of Oil in spite of the fab Ulous wealth of Many of the Oil Barons. The Point is that the members of the Senate by voting the idea Down by a voice vote were Able to do something with their right hands without letting their left hands know what they were doing. Which is of course the approved Way to dispense Charity. Starting again a few Days ago it was announced with very Little notice that United states steel would Grant the wage increases asked for by the steel workers. There was no fight Over it All apparently not even an argument. In fact there was a wonderful spirit of Good will. The Union was satisfied and the company was satisfied. Three Days later the reason for the Calm attitude of the company made Plain. It was announced that the com Pany would increase the base Price of steel by per ton. And again this announcement causes no great excite ment. Everyone remembers the terrific Battle the steel companies put up a couple of years ago when the Union demanded a wage increase. There was a serious strike and a Long Legal Battle culminating in the attempted seizure of the Industry by president Truman. That Battle absorbed Public attention to the exclusion of nearly everything else. How different every thing is now it is generally agreed that steel is the bellwether of american Industry and United states steel is the bellwether of the steel Industry. A jump in the Price by Drew Pearson is the inside Story be Hind chinese foreign minister Chou secret talks with Indian prime minister Nehru and burmese prime minister u. No. Technically Chou in la was invited to both countries. But actually the chinese communists slipped around in Advance hinted that Chou would like to pay a visit and fished for the invitation. It was then Given. The chief object of Chou s visit was a non aggression pact with India and Burma before we can get them signed up in a Southeast Asia defense pact. The american embassy reports that Nehru was simply charmed by the chinese Premier s Sweet talk about peace. Of the most tragic mistakes of the Eisenhower administration in the far East was the removal of Chester Bowles As ambassador to India on the eve of some of the most important discussions we have Ever had with that country. Bowles an intimate Friend of Nehru a was by All Odds the most popular ambassador the u. S. Has Ever sent to India. George Allen who replaced him was doing an Al Job in Yugoslavia. But it takes entirely different tactics to Deal with Tito the dictator than with Nehru the philosopher and Mystic. Senator Thye acts some senators Don t like to tangle with big business in their Home states but senator Thye of Minnesota has been pressuring the Federal Trade commission to investigate the big flour and soap companies including one of his own supporters general Mills of min Neapolis. Some of the big flour and soap companies have been promoting each other s products by Cross co poning. In other words a Box of soap will contain a Coupon Good for a 10-cent reduction on a bag of flour. As a result Small soap and flour producers complained that they were being squeezed out of business by this Cross co poning Between the big companies. As chairman of the Senate Small business committee Thye was ail set to demand an Etc investigation when his staff pointed out that general Mills is worst offend ers. But even though general Mills has been one of his big backers senator Thye refused to pull his punches and wrote to the Trade commission demanding the investigation. Molotov to Malenkos Here is the latest Story going the rounds of Capitol cloakroom. Foreign minister Molotov asked Premier Malenkos what do you think of this fellow Mccar i Don t think much of his replied Malenkos but i sure Jike his russian Bear growls u. S. Ambassador Bohlen in Moscow has warned the Pentagon that the russian High command May order destroyers to escort All soviet tankers and merchantmen in far East Waters. The russians Are furious because chinese nationalist warships intercepted and seized one of their Best tankers and they probably will retaliate by daring the nationalists to take on the russian destroyers accompany them from now on. The russians know that the United states had a naval seaplane circling Over the rus Sian Tanker most of the time before it was seized. The plane was in direct Contact with the chinese nationalists and tipped then off where to pick up the Tanker. However the United states not have one of its own warships involved. Heyday for Power boys the Federal Power commission is now so anxious to please the private Power companies that it actually threw out 10 hours of Testi Mony by its former chairman Leland Olds when lie opposed the Idaho Power company s plan for damming the Snake River. Sex chairman Olds testified that the government should construct a High dam at Hells Canyon which in the end would be cheaper for the taxpayers and would mean cheaper Power rates for Idaho Oregon users. After testifying for two half Days however All he was Able to get into the record was his name and address. Everything else was struck out by the presiding examiner William j. Costello at the request of the Idaho Power company. They claimed it was irrelevant. Costello also threw out the heart of the Tes Timony by Clyde Ellis manager of the National Rural electric cooperative association. Ellis also supported government development of Hells Canyon and opposed the Idaho Power company. This is another example of Why the Federal Power commission now has the worst reputation in Washington for Selling out to the private interests. Electric Power lobby spends More Money in Washington than any other to in fluence total of about half a Mil lion dollars a year. Inside the White House editor Kingsport times Kingsport Tennessee Bear sir i agree with Hassel Evans that Carroll Reece has not done any thing for the first District. Someone just mention one thing that lie has done for the com Mon working people. This Man s record shows that he has voted straight Down the line for Bia business that is. When he was there to vote. His voting record is around 57 per cent. In other words this District was represented Congress a Little Over half the time. The average con Gressman votes around 91 per cent. This Man says that he is 100 percent behind Eisenhower s program. If he is he is against Tva. Eisenhower is out to sell Tva to private Power companies. If and when Tva is sold to private Power our rules will go Back to where they were before Tva the highest in the nation. Some May say that Kingsport has private Power now and the Rales Are not too High. That is because they arc surrounded by Tva. I think the people of the first District Are entitled to know How Reece stands on the Issue of Tva. Also we should know How Evans and Bright stand on this vital Issue. Of All the Bills that came up in Congress concerning the working Man Reece voted against every one that he was there to vote on. He also voted against Hospital construction. If anyone doubts this just write to Washington like i and get the cold facts. I have been a Republican All my life but brother i am getting fed up fast. I am a working Man and i cannot vote for a Man that votes against me in con Gress. Sincerely yours j. D. Button route 7 the gift horse Washington calling Mac s window by w. J. Macau Uffe quote for today or. Lanham congressman from Georgia Speaks if we can get some Unity i do not care whether it is a reality or a spoken like a True politician. A traveler Back from seeing the sights is new York says a subway crush is something fierce. see he you could t squeeze in with a Crow worse. You can t squeeze in without a crowbar. Why should anybody by wan Dering around new York with a crowbar anyway tills fellow says that when get on he was jammed up against a woman so tight that if she slapped his lace is would t have blamed her even. If he could t help it. But she could t have lifted her Arm to do it it she d wanted to. Tills fellow says if new York had any sense of decency it would have separate cars on tha subway for men and women. The funniest thing though about the subway says this observer was to see so Many peo ple jammed body to body each with a Blank expression As if they were not conscious of an other fellow human within a mile of them. In fact he says it s not Only the Way they Are packed in that makes you compare them to Sar dines but also the facial expression. Hollywood by Erskine Johnson Black of course this mental regards integrity of Poland and Czecho to try to unify his country. If of the subway rider is Only the formerly Sovereign states now in Slovakia. The whole Structure he moved against North Korea triumphant Victory of mind Over bondage we will not be a party came tumbling Down when hit the United states As a signatory matter to any arrangement or treaty Ler carrying to completion Ger to a Locarno Type pact would v which would confirm or prolong Many s secret rearmament de under that pact be required to a writer Points out that one o f 1, oppose such with arms a second and major objection Tures is the mule and sets out to is that remedy that by an appreciative Magazine article. Their unwilling subordination fied the allies and walked out in the Case of nations now i of the league of nations. Video against their will we shall it was sir Winston who first continue to seek to achieve Unity made reference to the pos Sibili through free elections super to of another Locarno to insure itself to do everything Vised by the United nations to the status of West Germany. By peaceful Means to help sub that old Hollywood magic a Man plunges head first it Are conducted fair Eden in his House of commons Spear in his Back. Fog settles on a Street arid swirls around the buildings. To such an speech which aroused so much the mule Nas been a Tery those two sentences from indignation Here applied the regained is constant la Resa Mea constantly Point 3 of the declaration of concept to Southeast Asia. A a ruffles throw t the by president arriving in Washington two air and embeds itself in a Wall Eisenhower and prime minister two Days after he had made the inches from the hero s face Churchill at the end of their speech the British foreign face henders. At the time of the up like the title shot in Brian Don talks caused More discussion rotary was apparently unaware rising in East Germany in june ,1 i us 1v1u1c 11u3 a cull it vc1j" servant of Man like in. Horse. Unlike the horse the has no Glamor no personal Beau the theme of Freedom in propaganda beamed behind by both Tofica un0fficial american radio "0 w0rk n Une the horse on the other hand Levy s to films dangerous As than anything that went into of the feeling he had stirred m a year ago american policy was knows How to give Man pleasure Cather the declaration or the this country. From the beginning to do everything possible to in and that always pays More Divi tricks or. Jones All legit joint statement issued earlier. Dulles set out to inform him on courage the including the ends than working. Mate tricks. In controversy Over the the american View 01 a Locarno provision free food for those you know it but perhaps you wording Between the British on Type pact entered into with who could come t West b will a of Abl be sex know How thru Are a one Side and the americans on communist nations in Asia or Ine mule Wal proo Amy of to it Hun to be from the other held up the release of in Europe. The Dulles arguments suggestion that it is con tact before the horse for that the acts a very reason Man has invented to smore fun know More in u know. The declaration Lor some Little which follow Are related both to the president and Secre state John Foster Dulles foreign Nolick and to outcry from influential machines to do better every pour cd such As senator thing that a mule can do but in set is it synthetic Rosin state John Foser Dulles in a Locarno pact for Asia Lam Man Haf yet to a ma7 folded to Hook Klass and it those words Are an Mistak the United states and Britain Leader in the Senate a Locarno Chine that can run races and does t even scratch Able gaming that the United up with communist pact in Asia would at one stroke give him the thrill of betting on the sea rag is simple the states will never enter a local China and South and North to wipe out what Many have some them that he gets out of a victim wears a la Seback of agreement such As for Rea to maintain peace within sex to Belleve is a dangerous illusion race. Balsa Wood on steel. A wire runs eign Secretary Anthony Eden listing Borders. This would be in Dulles and the others who through the Back to the Point proposed in the House of com effect a ratification of the com shape foreign policy Are pushed mules Are harder to under of the Spear the Spear is thrown Mons just before he came to Monist regime in peking and from two extremes. Here at manage than a horse. And the wire pulls it into a Slot Washington. Locarno has be communist Rule in North Korea Home the preventive War idea fewer people have the trick. The come a Symbol of the differences signing such a pact would be is taking greater hold with Mili reason is that in order to under pulls in the Balsa Wood. The flashing knife that zips Between the two sides of the Al a step toward recognition of tary men openly suggestive that stand and manage an animal is the hero s nose travels on Hance. These regimes in fact if not it is the Only Way to meet the you have to be smarter than the past the hero s nose travels on a wire. Too. There s a smal Hole in the Swiss resort town of through formal Exchange of am fearful dilemma of the growth of animal. Through the knife and it s Locarno on Lake Maggiore in Bassadore. Both republicans and communist military Power in a threaded like a Needle on the 1925 Tlle principal Powers of on record against ratio that will soon outstrip the were Western Europe signed a series such recognition. Military Power of the non com to of treaties confirming the status that is the first and Funda Monist world. The pressure from gun fights with the madmen Germany As fixed in the ver mental objection to the kind of the other extreme is applied by spurting technicolor blood the fact is mules Are much smarter than horses so there Are More people who Are smarter if you want to confuse your us Sjulli Kulij at ii Acu 111 Luc vet to nil Nellu us. Sallies treaty and guaranteeing pact proposed by Eden. Further those such As prime minister than horses Man Mere Are peo Cut sup hidden easily to fight any nation relating the More if the United states lived Nehru of India whose Neutral pie who Are smarter than mules broken capsules slap one to your treaties. The violator was to be up to such a pact we might in is views Eden must take into forehead and you look hours de determined by the league of theory at least find ourselves account. Nations. Called upon to fight against a Compromise Between these friends ask them what they the germans themselves those who Are now our allies. Extremes is a Tricky a precarious think of the nato inf Astruc signed the Locarno Security pact take the Case of Korea. Sup business. To May not be possible Ture program. Which guaranteed Germany s pose that syn Man Rhee the at All. But yielding to either sex fog on move Andev sets is a Borders. In the series of inter fanatically patriotic president of Treme opens such horrendous combat. Hold one in your Mouth and then bite it after a sock on the jaw. The kids love it. A lot of Public figures who combination of smoke and Oil Locking treaties both France and South Korea should in spite of choices that the troubled men talk about posterity Are just and compressed air chairs that Germany separately pledged the All the warning and pleading by who carry the fearful thinking of the new crop of shatter Over Heads Are made of Light Balsa Wood. Clubs Are Yucca Wood. W i r there s magic in movie and to make up too. United states officials go to War ability will go on trying. Voters coming along. Make up men is transforming a harmless Bull Snake into a cobra. A Hood is made of coated with real Snake Scales Cinema perspiration is made and then glued onto the head from equal parts of water and of the Bull Snake Mineral Oil. The mixture is shaken and then sprayed on the gravel paths doctor says by William e. Gilroy . In one recent study it was ment with drugs is Likely to be it is encouraging that an additional preparation which was one assistant president Sherman Adams sent a globules scorching message to assistant Secretary of defense John Hannah raking him Over the coals for prematurely announcing the new Reserve military program. What Hannah let out of. The bag is in effect a new Universal military training though it s called by another name. Amt is politically unpopular so Adams castigated the conscientious assistant Secretary of defense for letting out the announcement before the elections. Not Hiir was supposed to be said until after november. Made of found that one child in five necessary skin where it forms convincing soundless rubber and Cork so the outpatient de the first step is to identify the recently the subject of an Edi it it it won t sound like Kate Smith of the oddest jobs of coming Over the Mountain. Parment of a Aree children s egg of the pinworm by Means trial in the journal of the Jerome s scampering Lee Hospital la bored the Pesky pin of swab and microscopic exam american medical association Side glances of steel will result in higher costs for All i j m a. Or a Caver Mic aug i wages in the steel Industry will set the pattern for All skilled labor and unskilled labor. That starts the spiral a spiral that re sults eventually in higher prices for All consumer goods that is to say in the Cost of living. The oddity in the recent news is two fold. First it comes at a time when the Cost of living seems to approaching stabilization that is to say there is less argument for wage increases just now. Secondly everybody seems to take the news of steel wage increases and Price in creases in stride. Whereas a few years ago when the Cost of living was on the Rise and wage increases could be argued with some show of Justice the air was full of denunciation for those who demanded More Money whether in wages or prices now when we seem to be taking the first step in the wrong direction to Ward trouble nobody seems to mind. So k Fyk i Don t see Why you got so worked up at these games when you say Tho championship won t be decided for months yet worm or Seaf worm. Nation. The next is to begin the has been found to offer much other studies also indicate simultaneous treatment of All Promise in treatment that this animal parasite is wide those in the same dormitory or with the necessity for acc by distributed in the population Home who Are infected. Rate diagnosis and careful treat particularly among children. One drug known As Gentian ment i find the remark of one certainly there Are few subjects Violet has been the preferred correspondent who says i am about which i am asked More treatment for quite a Long time ashamed to go to my own Doc often than what to do about and has proved successful in most have this. This unwelcome invader of the lower digestive tract. Typical of the problem is a letter signed desperate Mother which says that she Lias five children All of whom Are afflicted with pinworms. She says nothing about any health injury to the children from these parasites it it it All this fits in with the generally held belief that pinworms or sea Worms Are extremely com Mon but that they do not always cause symptoms of any kind. When symptoms Are caused they consist most commonly of itching near the outlet of the Bowel which May even produce nervousness sleeplessness and in some cases convulsions. The eggs which Are in this area be come attached to the pyjamas bed Linen or clothing and then Are easily carried to other Chil Dren. It is this constant danger of infection from those living in close Contact and reinfection of the same person i which makes the pinworm so hard to eliminate. It it it cleanliness and hygienic Meas ures arc of course of the greatest importance in controlling the pinworm. This however is Usu ally not enough and Active Trent Tor quite discouraging. This is groups. However there surely not the attitude to adopt been some failures with toward pinworms or any other physical disorder. Ouf our Way it i Here. Stick this no. Soda it s no disgrace to go to a Doc per stingy. That Ain t just a Steerer car Jallim under your never let people see vol Fiorin to i i a doctor. Fer s i amt Homo less v Rusati a the serious Case

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