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Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Jul 7 1954, Page 2

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - July 7, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeJ King port times wednesday july to 1954 Alderman Gregory joins Board for Busy session by Bill Barrett a new member of the Board of mayor and aldermen received his baptism by fire or so it seemed when the air condition ing went on the blink i tuesday night in one of the longest and busiest sessions of the Council in recent years. Lester p. Gregory an appliance company executive of 407 West Ravine Road was sworn in by City recorder j. R. Pecktal at the beginning of the meeting which started at 7 . And continued until nearly Midnight. Alderman Gregory was selected by tile other Board members to fill the vacancy that had existed since the death of Alder Man John c. Patty. There were 27 items of Busi Ness on the prepared Agenda. Three or four More also were introduced plus a lengthy Ells. Cussion of traffic conditions and a proposal to close the East end of Watauga Street. I among the items of business it transacted the Board 1. Passed on first Reading ordinances providing for higher inspection fees for plumbing and electrical installations designed to place the City inspection serv ice on a More nearly self sup porting basis. 2. Passed on first Reading an ordinance increasing the Speed limit for freight trains within the City from 12 to 30 Miles an hour. 3. Passed on second Reading an ordinance providing for adding fluorides to City water at the rate of one part per million As a Means of reducing tooth decay in children and future adults. 4. Passed on first Reading an amendment City building code raising the minimum plumbing standards required for a residence to be considered habitable. 5. Passed on final Reading an ordinance adopting a supple ment to the Southern building code is part of the City s build ing code. 8. Passed on second Reading an ordinance accepting a deed from Penn Dixie Cement corp. For a right of Way across Penn Dixie property for the proposed by pass Road connecting state High Way 81 near the Tennessee East Man co. Plant with u. S. High Way 11-w in old Kingsport. 7. Voted to buy one additional air raid Siren to be placed in the main business District from f. R. Vanrensselaer co., Knoxville for half the Money will be repaid the City from Federal funds for civil fief Ense. Only two bids were received both quoting the same Price. The City already has one air raid Siren atop fire station no. 2 near the intersection of East Center Street and memorial Boulevard. A test will be made of the two sirens to determine whether any More will be needed. If they Are not More than two More will be purchased from Vanrensselaer at the same Price without a new advertisement for bids. 9. Accepted the Low bid of Cooper of Blountville. To install storm sewers in Green acres subdivision near the new an Drew Johnson school for 279.40. All other expenses of opening portions of five new streets in the new subdivision will be borne by the subdivision developers. 9. Accepted the Low bid o Brooks construction co. To pave two alleys in the business Block bounded by Center Broad new and Shelby streets for and to open an Alley in Block 4, grading installing storm sewers and applying a temporary crushed Rock surface for 10. Accepted the Low bid of Al Ley construction co. To install a sidewalk along the North Side of Bloomingdale Road from West Sullivan Street to the City limits for s3.337.50. The contractor agreed to do the work in 30 working Days. 11. Accepted the Low bid of Dobyns Taylor hardware com Pany to install a Fence around the new Riverview swimming l. P. Gregory left took the path of office As Kingsport s newest Alderman tuesday night and then received his initiation in one of the longest and busiest Council sessions in years. City recorder j. E. Pecktal right administers the oath. Of paint service Center inc., to paint classrooms and other portions of the school Interior for combined bids for the two projects ranged All the Way from to 14. Accepted the bid of chem Dent products inc., to Supply pounds of Calcium chlo ride for the water purification system for including freight charges. Two other firms submitted identical bids and Chemi Dent was selected for the award because it is a Kingsport firm. V 15. Accepted the bid of the Peters company to Supply Gallons of Premium Grade Gaso line at a tax free 15.19 cents per gallon less one per cent discount for payment within 10 Days. Here again another firm Esso Standard Oil co., submitted an identical bid. It was agreed that the next award would go to Esso. If the same two firms should submit identical Low bids again however As a Means of attracting More bidders the Board also considered the possibility of advertising for larger quantities in the future. Eight thousand Gallons is approximately a two months Supply for the City. The next bid May be for a six months Supply to be delivered Gallons at a time. Radio to network by Jack o Brian new York for 15 minutes last evening lbs to seemed to have a firm hold on the spright Liest summer re placement of the substitute sea son the Blue Angel it started with a downhill Pace and freshness. It broke a few rules put its nominal Star Martha Wright of first instead of the conventional closing or next to closing. It ignored encores and even did away with time consuming taking bows. It kept its intimate design attractively within a Small pictorial Frame. Orson bean the Peter Lind Hayes like Moderator had just enough lightness and brightness and did t stay on too Long. Mar tha Wright Sang attractively and briefly. An impressionist Jonathan Winters looking totally unlike a comedian in fact he looks like babe Ruth was amusing and perceptive in his neat fleeting impressions. Spright Liest item of the show was Martha Davis and spouse spouse one Calvin Pon Sang and accompanied themselves in what essentially were not comedy shows but which turned out mighty amusingly. Orson bean delivered what is known As a sophisticated supper club discourse which consists of comedy material based not on the broader topical notions but on satirical invasion of some thing on a More cultural Side this time it was draped around the discovery of the Cheops so Lar ship. Bean spoofed its Era with sly anachronisms and provided a Nice Centrepiece for the 30 minutes. But then the program slowed Down. David Powell did a Drury Ming on a chair routine familiar to several generations of Pool in Douglass Park for fans and Jane Dulo rum ill lain Ali other funds for the Pool were raised by private donations. It will be owned and operated by the City in much the same Man Ner is the legion swimming Pool. 12. Opened bid for a wide variety of equipment for the 10 room addition to Johnson school now under construction and referred them to a committee com posed of Aici Erman Gregory City school supt. Dana Swick and City treasurer j. R. Pecktal for delivered a noisy monologue dressed As a lady wrestler in a voice roughly Between Cliff nor ton s and Phil Fosters two pro tean holler Guys. Steel pier during his 14 year ownership july 4th including the one set at his Peak by Julie s idol Frank Sinatra. Peter Lawford s to series was sold to a soup sponsor. Boris Karloff s col. March series on Abc to is Good conventional British mystery stuff. The finish of last eve s episode was either Cut badly or edited horribly originally for it was one sustained celluloid stammer at an important explanatory Point. The Gloria Swanson Short is just another ridiculous insertion of a Star s filmed presence in a clumsily produced local dramatic show Wilh commercials Slung in at random and a total Impact of absolutely no distinction. Uncle Miltie s old director Greg Garrison will ditto the e. Cantor filmed series. Martha Raye will use Simmons Lear the gag writers let go by Martin Lewis now that Nat liken who did Best by the lovable Bigmouth has fled to lbs. Mickey Spillane s gory goings on have been snorted by several prospective sponsors already Why not some Bandage or fire arms firm Regis Toomey will play Mickey. Rooney s pop in the Mick s hey Mulligan series which will be half of Abc s saturday answer to the great Gleason Imo Gene coca is the other half an oaf. Bing is in St. John s Hospital but May get out sans surgery kidney we. Morris Agency thinks Burl Ives in a boat will be a proper to package has started producing Houseboat on the East Ray Bolger s fall series is sold out. It s filmed by Desilus productions the eighth to be acquired by or. And mrs. Arnaz since they caught the brass to ring. Desi and Lucy May do one of lbs to s hour Long musical spectaculars if their cig Aret sponsor does t holler. In Case you wonder about some it was in All like a brisk fun of the outrageous claims during filled trip Over a Hill the highest num seemed easier on the Way up than on the Way Down. Someone should take a close peek at that first 15 minutes when they get a Chance to study the they la discover Ber of advertisements considered questionable by the Federal Trade commission and set aside for investigation have been produced in radio and to network broadcasts says the Etc s Dan evidence of Poison is offered jury in death of Thome Chicago possibility hat Montgomery Ward poisoned confronted a Coro Lor s jury today As it resumed to investigation of the death of he 20-year-old heir to a Multi nillion Dollar mail order for Une. Or. Harry Leon Coroner s pathologist testifying at yester May s inquest said he thinks Thorne May have been poisoned. This is still a suspicious he said. Leon read a report to Coroner Walter t. Mccarron by or. W. R. Camp state toxicologist Howing an insignificant Trace Quantity of Barbiturate a Trace Rian Tity of alkaloid giving color indicating morphine vere found in the youth s brain. A combination of Enogh Alco hols such As were found in Thome s body and More dope could have caused his death. Or. Leon declared. The alcohol he said May have evaporated or been dissipated in the body be fore the autopsy was performed. A conflicting picture of Thorne was painted yesterday at the in quest entering on these questions 1. What was the relationship of the dead youth and his Mother mrs. Marion Thorne 2. Was Thorne a drunk and a dope 3. Why was he living in a a month apartment on Chicago s North Side out of touch with his family when he was found dead june 19? 4. Why did he change his will leaving half his estate to his Fiancee Maureen Ragen and one Quarter to her Mother Aleen nine Days before his death 5. Was Thorne being Black mailed his Mother entered the jammed courtroom with stoic determination. Her Chalk White face contrasted with her Black crepe dress and the Diamond crusted Cross at her Throat. Bordering on collapse As the barrage of questions wore on she made these Points 1. She claimed she barely knew her son s 18-year-old Fiancee who displaced her As chief heir in his last will. 2. She openly doubted that the pair meant to marry saying he certainly had a lot of girls for an engaged 3. She charged that Thorne was being blackmailed when he died and did t come Home for that reason. No details of the blackmail were Given. 4. She said Thorne had come Home drunk once and she had heard rumours he was taking dope but strongly denied she Ever had him arrested accusing him of alcoholism or narcotics addiction. At one Point in the question ing mrs. Thorne said i was praying Lor god to Send him Home. He did but he sent him to his real Home. For two years i travelled the Road to Calvary and now i am at the foot of the Cross and it is up to you people to take Over. Thank god i know where he is she said nervously fingering a Rosary. In Sharp contrast with her testimony sgt. Michael Murphy had told the court that Thorne told him and detective Walter Binder i Don t like to say it but i am living away from Home because i Don t like my Murphy also quoted Thorne As aying that his Mother called i he school miss Ragen attended and told officials Thorne had syphilis and not to permit any of the girls to go out with him. Thorne had been picked up at his Mother s request Murphy testified after a parking ticket issued to Thorne was found in a doctor s car. A medical kit con Taining narcotics had been stolen from the car. Battalion wants Buffalo Mascot Phoenix Ariz. U. S. Army battalion in Germany wants a Buffalo for Mascot. It probably won t get one though. In a letter to gov. Howard Pyle soldiers with the 510th heavy tank battalion asked for one of Arizona s remaining Bison to go with the outfit s Buffalo Crest. It would really help j one Soldier said. Pyle passed Trie request on to the Arizona game and fish where 5 prize for winning presenting trophy to a representative presbyterian Church for its prize winning float in monday s Independence Day d. S. Sample president of the chamber of Commerce and one of the the float was a wrecked automobile realistically decorated with traffic to staff photo of the Bethel Parade Here is Parade judges army information officers quizzed by Senate probes Washington ins the Senate internal Security sub committee called a top officer in the army s wartime information program today to answer charges that communist propaganda was used to bring troops up to Date with world events during world War ii. Julius Schreiber one time lieutenant colonel and now a Washington psychiatrist was scheduled As the chief witness As the subcommittee continued its probe of alleged red efforts to indoctrinate eight million i s. Subcommittee officials said Monist membership. Three other witnesses How Ever made it Clear that they Felt that the army was helping the communist cause. Ralph de Toledano As associate editor of Newsweek Magazine testified he had been dropped from the office of strategic services because he was too he also said he had been threatened with a gloves Are found near murder scene of brutal slaying Cleveland ins two pairs of gloves one with stains which appear to be turned Over to Coroner Samuel r. Gerber today in the latest development surrounding the in murder of mrs. Marilyn Shep Pard of suburban Bay Village. Finding of the gloves under court martial for refusing to give the of the Sheppard an army talk which he declared followed the communist line Beach House came last night after or. Gerber held a two hour conference with the father and j. Kenneth Kerr Baltimore brother of the victim s promo insurance Man said he had nent doctor husband or. Sam Schreiber headed a wartime Sec i made an investigation of t he Uel h. Sheppard. Lion of the army s information army s information program the Coroner reported however and education program Pickett va., in 1945 and that he did not receive Permis tors. Two other members of prepared talks used by instruct 1 concluded that persons left or subversive attempted to indoctrinate the troops with unauthorized material not beneficial to the subcommittee investigator Robert c. Mcmanus produced news bulletins circulated at Camp Swift tex., in 1945 which he said demonstrate the efforts to indoctrinate troops along the communist Mcmanus also said that 22 out of 39 books or pamphlets recommended by the. Army for troop information purposes were published by the Institute for Pacific relations which the subcommittee has said was used by communists to help achieve red objectives. Schreiber s world War ii information staff were also scheduled to be heard. They Are William Paul Gandell of new York and Carl Fenichel of new York. Witnesses appearing before the investigating unit yesterday told of incidents in which communist causes were aided by the information program while efforts to criticize the Kremlin brought retaliation from higher officers. One member of Schreiber s Pentagon staff sex sgt. Luke w. Wilson of Wellfleet mass., admitted he worked on the Prepa ration of an army talk disseminated to troops under Schreiber s direction. Wilson however refused to say whether he was a communist. The sex sergeant was followed on the stand by former capt. Richard l. Criley who said he once appeared on an army in formation broadcast and worked for the army s civil affairs i invoked the and refused to answer questions on Corn vision. Criley also fifth amendment Sion to resume immediate ques of or. Sheppard who is n Bay View Hospital recovering j from a fractured Vertebra in his neck and facial injuries received the night of the brutal slaying. Or. Sheppard s father and brother drs. Richard and Ste phen Osteopath a physicians who operate the there it is Homewood 111. Up Ray mond Olson digging a Garden in Back of his new Home kept find ing scraps of Iron chinaware and whatnot. His next Spade Ful of Garden uncovered a 3-Inch Arrow head. Historians say it was made by a potawatomi Indian. Pard said that his son was not in condition to answer further questions he said that the 30 year old doctor will try to attend private funeral services Lor his wife this afternoon. Or. Gerber said that the fam v.i., half of a mighty Slick and Satis Iel j. Murphy director of its by study and a recommendation. Tying to show intimate and Reau of anti deceptive practices. 13. Accepted the Low bid of Goode decorating co. To paint the corridors of Andrew Jackson school for arid the Low bid tying sparkling Small talk George Hamid announced Julius la Rosa broke All records at Atlantic City s when the human Eye is at rest it normally is focused on objects 20 feet or More away. 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Best looking window conditioner on the Market too says America s top designers and decorators. See a Worthington window air conditioner today window units . Deluxe 1 he deluxe with thermostat phone. Write or see Templin equipment co. Corner Market Sullivan Sis. Dial i 5-5149 backseat lovers nabbed by cops Strasburg a. Trooper William Berry does t frown on Back seat romances in automobiles As a general Rule. But he sometimes makes an exception. Like yesterday for instance. Berry arrested the Drivers of two cars on reckless driving charges when he saw a girl on the rear seat of one of the cars embracing a fellow on the Back seat of the other. The cars were moving Side by Side at about 40 Miles per hour. Due for trial Justice court hearings july 16 Are Drivers Al Len c. Hill of Norristown pa., and mrs. Catherine Black of Alexandria a. Berry did t place any charges against the lovebirds whom would t identify. Ily had agreed to resume questioning when the doctor s health tomorrow or added that William Corrigan prominent criminal lawyer retained by the family would be on hand. The Coroner who termed tin i murder a crime of re ported last night that results of tests on a pair of blood stained trousers and a wrist watch Are not yet Complete. Or. Gerber also said he would examine a Small piece of inorganic mate rial found in the victim s bed room. He said it Coula possibly be Chip off the murder weapon. Meanwhile police chief John Eaton s search for the weapon used to Hack mrs. Sheppard to death Early sunday morning will be resumed today with nine powerful magnets. The chief who said that everyone connected with the Sheppard fam ily is under suspicion including the injured doctor began the search late yesterday but so far it has been unsuccessful. Also still missing is a to shirt which or. Sheppard reportedly was wearing at the time of his wife s death. The doctor cannot recall How he lost the shirt. He told police that he was sleeping on a downstairs Couch when he heard his wife scream from her upstairs bedroom. He said that when he went to her Aid he was slugged on the Back of the head and knocked unconscious. Later he said he remembered eng the assailant through the and wrestling with him on the Beach House Landing before he was knocked out i. Second time. Mrs. Sheppard who was four months pregnant was found reportedly Edge i with 25 face and head wounds Toner in her bedroom. Or. Gerber said their support but refused to per Cir Suu Cuil Usu in Quieu la get j Mit police to resume questioning that the weapon used in the and a. Is r or me could have been of the Well known osteopathic of the Wen known u3ieupa.ntu.---- Nuro surgeon until later this fireplace Iron a carpenters tool or a Large piece of Wood. Week. Although or. 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