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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 29, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 Friday Jan. 29, 1954 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper merry go round Hollywood c p or. Publisher Genera Ben Hiden asses Tel to the publisher asst. Dec. Mgr. W. J. A Caullie. Editor Bills by Klej. Eye Cut. Editor 320-23 e. Murten Street. King Aport Tenn. Associated press service Hajj to news service member of the associated Preiti Southern news Ipei somewhere in Igor Guzenko is an animated sometimes jumpy Little bundle of nerves who had the courage to go to the soviet embassy in Ottawa walk past the a kid guards enter the barred door of the secret code room and carefully stuff into his shirt 109 documents revealing the no. 1 development of the postwar world namely that Russia had stolen the secret of the atom bomb. It was hot on that september evening of 1945 just after Hiroshima and beads of perspiration trickled Down Guzenko s shirt As he carried the 109 documents to the Ottawa journal then to the minister of Justice then subscription rate by mall first and second to the naturalization office then Back to a jct Junir my Var a Linti. St Francisco. Postal zones Dally and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought but i said unto you that be also have seen me and believe John 6.3b. The times daily tonic beneath the Sod and Waits to see it push away the clod he trusts in god. Elizabeth Case. Gnat and the came by Drew Pearson by Erskine Johnson exclusively yours let the Birds the singers and the air pilots Solo Mitzl Gaynor s Check ing out As a Solo Hoofer after she gets her first whack at spinning with a male partner in her next movie there s no business like show twirling alone she says got her critical cheers but no Valen tines from movie audiences in such super musicals at Fox As the i Don t care girl and Golden but she s expecting the love and kisses treatment when she teams up with Donald o Connor in the backstage Al musical. Says Mitzi the movie Public this Story is too big for they said. We does t fall in love with a Solo they go wed Over what you be done. But if you get a partner they eat it up. The movie Public fell in love with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. They fell in love with Gene Kel for a Good part of two Days last week i and Vera Ellen Nas som talked with this dynamic nervous Little Man first in a private Home whose owner i still do not entirely know and whose identity i wanted to then make the rounds Over again. But no one would believe at first that a soviet spy ring had stolen the most priceless secret known to the allies. Can t say anything bad about Joe Stalin. This was the same reaction i got incidentally when i broke the Story Gou Zenko had done a few weeks later. Guzenko on to thing to do with two people moving together. It s Box office. Reading could not reveal even if i dined in a private club which i could t pos Sibly find again then huddled in the Kitchen and living room of a Little farm House cluttered with television cameras electric lights Ota of mints of the boys electricians people setting up sound tracks statements 01 me buy la King sandwiches and Coffee in con who chose to stay in red leaves Section with the first to interview Igor Gou with a feeling of pity mixed with Zenko has Ever Given. Of hip a tap of mind they Are in. Guzenko granted the interview despite the wonder at the state or mum y that wag reluctant to testify Public in confused is hardly the word for it but before the Senate internal Security commit will have to do Wui. A. Tee even wearing a mask and Only conferred w at Wui. A. Feeling about with the senators in private. However i per each Speaks with Strong Lee Imp shaded pc was important that the the absence of free speech in Trie Dunnea american people know the exact attitude of j Dale Robertson spent the morning in court on a pre divorce property settlement hearing then reported to the set of the Gambler from Natchez for a fight scene. Let s put a lot of action into enthused director Henry Roland. I Don t know if i can winced Dale. I just had All the fight taken out of they started together there s a heart warming Story each Speaks of persecution and the russian High command toward War with behind the Flash from Italy that of those who speak out for the United states. Naturally he wore a mask Dennis Solomon s Choice cameras. It a Wiric uc1uj.c hic peace. Each seems to assume that in our allies tomorr0w our Der a communistic government they can was the Toast of his chief colonel Zabotin Ork for peace yet if they were right top russian spy in Canada and Guzenko has they Are cutting ther selves off from the Pereath he made it Clear that Opportunity to do the Job they want to Zabotin was human that he had no o Keefe will direct and Star in none so Blind in Rome this Spring. The script was writ ten by Steve Caruthers a movie bit player. Dennis and Steve broke into the movies together As extras. Washington Catling by Marquis Childs that he where it could do some Good and they great Iove for the soviet and that even a live where As they think Botin might live were by Are willing have followed in Guzenko s Foo t s Teytand bolted to the free world if Given Guzenko takes most seriously his obligations As a Canadian citizen. He cherishes the certificate of citizenship Given him by vis count Alexander of Tunis then governor Gen eral of Canada. And among other things he warned that the Only thing Russia respects is Myrna Dell who did t get along with the producer won t be in the new Batch of China Smith films. A new slant eyed Dazzler will be found to play opposite Dan Duryea. Sight of the week Peter Law Ford s Mother lady Lawford there is no need for their services since inducement. Their chosen Homes would be among peo Ole who already feel As they do. But their greatest Blind spot is their to see that in a communistic Rountry such As Russia or red China suppression of free speech is infinitely i Pater than it is in the United states. If you in the free world relax if you do not Goczal Security _. Of they had their wits e would know that whereas a Man preach fipe cts is Force dates ing communism in this country May be subject to Many inconveniences and Lite trouble a russian or chinese who opened his Mouth to preach democracy would be put to death without delay. Washington because of the Power it exerts Over a rapidly growing segment of the nation s Economy the civil aeronautics Board has Long been the Center of political pressure from Many directions. And those pressures have produced some surprising results. But what happened the other Day startled the Industry and even some members of the Board hardened As they have become they complain of a Lack of free speech that he is rhe Roost wanted Man in the world Here while they know that a single word of criticism directed at Mao m the Way to Mexico cloy to murder would be the death warrant of any Chi Trotsky. He knows also that the Kremlin Nese. How confused can one get never must necessarily make an example of Jim in was there such an example of straining at a gnat and swallowing a Camel. The boys Are to have their wish. They will go where they want to go. And we feel sorry for them when disillusionment comes. It is going to be very bitter for if you let Down the standing m Ime to pick up her to seeing plums picked off the it Check. Co political regulatory tree. Con John brom tray to every precedent Ameri having secret can airlines the giant of the air Industry was granted an exemption to Start a non Stop service from new York to Mexico City. The Board found this was essential to protect the National interest because a foreign line air France was starting such a non Stop service. Pan american airways has Long sought a route to Mexico City in collaboration with Chi Cago and Southern that would compete with american s exclusive service. Pan american officials were therefore particularly disturbed by the unprecedented action of a three Man majority in awarding the new route to Amer clan. The majority decision of chairman Chan Guzenko glances nervously Over his Shoul Der As he talks looks out the window keeps an Eye on passers by when he walks Down the Street. His actions Are those of one who knows in danger it s time for and it s about time. The Guy s loaded with Talent. After five years of playing Cecil the seasick sea Serpent on to s time for Stan Freberg s bowing off the show for big league stardom As 54 s reach All the Way to Mexico City most promo egg new comedian. He already has his own radio muoi show lbs that s in order to discourage others in soviet military which he explains circles with espionage secrets from doing what he did. So you can t blame him for looking Over his e Oach f an automobile. The Canadian Royal mounted police was them. When both the Ottawa journal and the min ister of Justice turned him Down. And the mounted police have been his friends Ever 111 i Klif p s one of them serves As a guard for his House d and Nighti wooing As a Gardener. Inci 4. Or Invar dentally this gives mrs. Guzenko wonderful a Strong enthusiast for the Bricker service. Mrs. Guzenko by the Way is an extremely Beautiful woman of about 28 and a great asset to her husband. It was mrs. Guzenko who when Igor Hesi amendment tells us that the amendment Way should not bother president Eisenhower because in any event it would take about rated to make the fateful break with the three years to have it ratified by the Nee soviet embassy in the summer of 1945, urged Wiec Yebio us to do it in that would help the Essary three fourths of the states. But count they hoped to adopt uan aaa says this commentator while we Aren t the Feo Szenkos had a two year old child at worried about Eisenhower doing any Toat time and she tos six Mattia on the i play sort of a male Claudia. Now that to is Here i m on radio. But this is a great to show too and i expect Well be rolling in the cameras just counting his recording profits keeps Stan Busy these Days. You know the records his murderous satire of a est Sibon and his hilarious fun poking at to s dragnet with St. George and the the radio networks banned Stan s first satire 1948 s kidding of soap operas. The record John and was ruled but insiders claim too Many soap opera sponsors complained. For three and a minutes Sam just repeated the names and with Dif Ferent voice inflections. He still winces How can that be called will jump at Broadway Alec guineas won t accept Lyn will do her night club act John Ireland will be to s Ellery Queen in the new filmed in Hollywood series. Macdonald Carey is teaming up with Frank love Joy and Ron Ald Reagan in a to series night to escape suicidal weekly appearances they la alternate As crime reporters with some of the stanzas linking All three part ners in one Story. If thing foolish How do we know what Crackpot will follow him into the White d a Reading the two year old while they House and proceed to get us into world tried to persuade Canadian authorities to take Hollywood to others but he s told Warin just a. Woodrow Wilson got us Movi towners he will jump at into world War i and Franklin Roosevelt rated three. Got us into world War which is a Good illustration of the kind mrs. Guzenko has visited new York likes the United states and americans. Her Hus j band has never been outside Canada since he of thinking behind the Backer Amend Eft the Bussian embassy nine years ago. It s show ment. Nobody but a confirmed and in considered too risky for him to travel besides the Chance to Star in a Broad Way musical revue. Red skel ton is slated to do two of his to shows in new York next month the Jackie regenerate isolationist could really talk about our entry into the former wars in published in april it is called the fall of a those terms. No one but someone who just written a novel to be Eddie Cantor s daughter Mari Burt Lancaster s brushing off reports that there will be screams of protest when he pops up As a Blue eyed Indian in Bronco Apache. Argues Burt at first i thought of wearing Brown Contact lenses. But they re a nuisance. Everyone knows i m a big irishman anyway. If the people like my acting i m in. If they Don t like it the color of my eyes would t make any Dif Ference Gurney Oswald Ryan a member of the Board since its inception and the new member Harmar d. Denny Drew two sizzling Dis sents from the minority Josh Lee and Joseph p. Adams. Adams said that he could not subscribe to such Precipitable action cutting across All procedural rules of this Board when it gives no consideration to the existing rights of other Ameri can carriers in the contest for a new York City Mexico City Lee former senator from Oklahoma went much further in his dissent. He said that the request for new route was first presented on january 20 with a letter from american asking for confidential thereafter events moved with a Speed amazing in contrast to the Ordi nary processes of bureaucracy. After a Wrangle inside the Board the request for secrecy was denied. The petition for the route was returned to the air line with instructions that any portions which american wished to keep confidential should be deleted and the petition re turned. At . On january 21 the application was again filed with the Board. Eight min utes later the Board convened and by a three to two vote approved the request adjourning at i must vigorously Lee wrote in a statement he said was not a formal dissent since he had not had time to prepare one to the unprecedented and drastic action of the majority which Dis regards the Legal requirements of the civil aeronautics act circumvents the president of the United states and denies other air carriers due process of All for the purpose of protecting the monopoly of american air lines to Lee pointed out that the supreme court has held that decisions of the Board involving authorization of overseas and foreign air transportation have Only the Force of a recommendation with final approval coming from the president. Pointing out that the Board had been frequently asked to shortcut requirements of notice and hear Ings set Forth in the civil aeronautics act and had each time refused Lee wrote in my judgment the majority s action in this Case Vio lates the rights of notice and hearings which is the very foun Dation of Justice. With no National emergency and actually with no National interest at stake the manner in which this exemption was granted violates my sense of fair play and constitutes an abuse of the exemption Power of the Board an action which is unprecedented in the Board s 15 years of existence. This is just another in a re cent series of decisions by the majority against Lee concluded. This decision like the disapproval of the pan american Chicago Southern interchange agreement protects from Competition by an other United states Flag Carrier american s monopoly route be tween such cities As Boston new York Washington Chicago and St. Louis on the one hand and Mexico on the repeatedly during the tru Man administration As the big airlines contested for exclusive rights to the profitable Over seas routes there were charges of favouritism and political in fluence. The lobby of pan american airways figured in at least one congressional investigation. Several pan american officials have been prominent in Republican politics which give recent acts of the Eisenhower administration an ironic look. The department of Justice recently filed an anti Trust suit charging pan american with conspiring to. Restrain air travel to South America. The political winds those Days Are Strong and Vari Able. Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe or. Molotov wants to talk about China while we want to talk about Germany and aus Tria. They la take the East Road and we take the West Road. Molly made an 80 minute speech. He seems to be or. Sondov. This proposal of a Congress Man to have Hawaii and Alaska made states but not let them Send senators for a while is the germ of a great idea. Why not have More states that can t Seno senators they say the people of Hawaii Are in a state Over the action of Congress. That s hardly Cor rect. They will not be in a state until after the action of con Gress. Senator Mccarthy made his peace with the democrats. The next Day or so the Senate approved the funds for the Mccarthy committee. Anyone who says there is a connection is just guessing As actors on the stage of life we each play several parts As Shakespeare said. But William in describing these roles could t look very far ahead. He did t know that in our Day and time things would be different than when he wrote his rhyme. And so we d like to bring him up to Date and the seven Ages in modern fashion state. First there s the baby Content with a bottle of special formula worked out by or. Pottle guarded while the bottle he is hitting by a teen Ager who is baby sitting. Then there s the Schoolboy full of a Happy dream of this year making the foot Ball team off to school with a Happy leap into his souped up hot Rod jeep then comes the Lover with his Eye out for a Date wondering if with that dizzy blonde he d rate. Then comes the would be sol Dier wondering if he d be Daft to Volunteer instead of wait ing for the draft. Then a businessman worried because what he lacks is enough dough in the Bank to pay his income taxes. The next role is old age now past maturity wondering if he can live on his social Security. Well draw the curtain on the seventh As he reaches that second childhood stage. Headline of the week presi Dent terms policies As Liberal and in if everybody who is griping about the Cost of Coffee went without Coffee for just one week they would then have less to Gripe about. The trouble about a thing like this Coffee Price is what Mark Twain said about the weather. Everybody complains but nobody does anything about it. A sort of Wolf a Man who is not a gent. One should not Refeit to a Road full of curves As you would t Call that kind of girl crooked would you girls who get in trouble with the Law Are nearly always very attractive. Homely girls it seems Are Seldom pinched. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . And is the thinks we could Cut ourselves off from Man who transferred from the the Eastern hemisphere and forget the red army to military intelligence because he half of the world could possibly could code and decode telegrams rapidly now Side glances a lot of mane vering went on in capital cloakroom before a senatorial candidate was that we would be better off today if we had not been caught up in the for not g0 humdrum career. Interesting to hear revenge on a lady anyone today saying that Woodrow Wil son got us into the War in 1917. It is really funny because in the period that against Chase Smith the Only lady preceded our entry into the War Wood senator. Much of the mane vering has come Row Wilson was under the heaviest at contacted sex tack from the so called War party led by senator Owen Brewster of Maine Defeated a Theodore Roosevelt for keeping us out year ago by Fred Payne and asked Brewster whether he planned to run against mra. Of the War. Smith Brewster seemed doubtful. To enc our or. Wilson was called every name in age him Mccarthy Promise d that plenty of out of state Money would come in to support the candidate who opposed mrs. Smith. Find someone to Mccarthy urged. Later Mccarthy went on a Maine speaking trip taking with him Robert l. Jones of Blade Ford former assistant to Brewster. Jones a lit a not the Calendar. He was ridiculed and insulted. Why because he would not de Clare War on Germany. Or. Mccarthy recently referred with sarcasm to the perfumed notes of the state department of a form with Mccarthy and this recalled vividly the jokes about Wil was praised by him. More recently Jones now an assistant to senator Charles Potter of Michigan has been son s famous notes and Theodore Roose velt and others Tore their hair at what noises about running. This incident was called Wilson s Shilly shalling. And tally puts senator Potter in the Peculiar Post Mats Many quarters. When he made his famous remark that there is such a thing became inevitable then the pacifists and As being too proud to fight what a howl pro germans turned on him and there t up the cry that Woodrow Wilson Sot when the continuance of the a boat us into the never was a charge warfare Ift us no other course and War More unfair. Wish Boss would take a Winter vacation think l we d it to. Uncertainty As to whether a tragedy could have been pre vented by different behaviour certainly causes a great Deal of mental suffering. As an example of this one Mother wrote that she and her husband suffered the Heartbreak of losing a baby girl two Days after birth. The cause of the child s death was said to be heart disease and the Mother wanted to know whether the father s drinking could have had anything to do with it. To this it can be said that while there Are other undesirable effects from excessive drinking it is not thought a cause of heart the Mother can at least be relieved on that score. Another question which comes . A. Has to do with the effect of cig Aret smoke on a two year old child. The lady Evi Dently does not approve of her neighbor. She says the neighbor smokes one or two packs of cig areas a Day and her apartment just reeks of this foul cig Aret smoke. Her child since the Day she was born has been inhaling All this smoke. The child according to mrs. A looks Pale and eats like a Bird. The Mother she says spends 95 per cent of her time smoking and watching television. First it seems to me that much As she May disapprove it is not mrs. A s business. As to the health hazards it can Only be said that in the Light of present knowledge it is questionable that the child would be damaged by breathing second hand to Bacco smoke. Another correspondent writes that her three year old daughter has such a Good appetite and seems to be gaining so much weight that she wants to know if she should be put on a diet. She also asks whether soda pop and ice Cream Are fattening. To the last it can be said that both Are fattening and scarcely constitute a Good diet for a three year old child except occasionally. As to whether the child should be put on a diet or not that depends on whether the girl is overweight for her age and height. If she is the paediatrician can readily Tell the Mother How she should be fed. Baby cries for reason finally mrs casks my opinion about a six month old baby who cries himself to sleep every night crying for a half hour at a time. It is not considered desirable to let a Small baby cry too Long since there is some increase in danger of rupture and generally speaking a Small child who cries too much is uncomfortable in some Way. On the other hand even Small babies like attention and try to get away with things. If they find they can get picked up by crying they May develop this habit. Out our Way

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