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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 28, 1959, Kingsport, TennesseeWhat people Don t know Hurt them Kingsport times vol. Xiv no. 20 Kingsport term., wednesday january 18 c five cents traffic in 59 City injuries 10 a cowl a Dilver As you Are. Ike asks labor racketeering curbs Washington Adl res Liciu Eisenhower today urged conic is enact 20-Polnt program de died to Liin Livaie labor-manage-1, ment abuse 5. In a special message else now called Liis program a Complete 1 effective approach to inc Eblem. To said ii is nol b piece program. I Ulso declared h is essential assure the american Public True responsible collective in Hillik in i be carried on Ullh 1 Prol Callon to the rights and rec Doms of workers and Ullh equate guarantees of uie Public these recommendations Whei opted should do much to dim ate those abuses Ami improper act Ces. Which. 1 am firmly con need the Amr re Nii Public sex and believes will be Cor Ceil through legislative said. Important they wll o so we Ghoul impose ii arbitral or punitive i Ilie legitimate activities of hoi St labor and management of some of the changes else now r proposed were asked by Labo nylons others by employers. Eisenhower s recommendation signalled the of a con secs Baule will tical of clones. A Bill already Lii Rodu cd by sen. John i. Kem Iotis id Massi was termed u Hall by be 1 res latent tuesday. In his a Benhower proposed tall liar Ley ans Uki Imit certain onus of lick cling and secondary matters nol included in Ken indy a Bill. Oct Liik i ahead of Iho i Rusl Lent an spokesman loll Congress today that such picket and Boycott proposals would endanger ims Sikic of any labor Bill his session. The Al Licio hindi i Clear 11 would Lilit any new picketing and Boycott bans. Andrew j. Dec Miller. Al Cio icel Shallve represent alive. Full inc that stand before a Senate Labo subcommittee an hour and a ahead of the presidential me the i reside no s room Nimeth Lions generally however wer along the lines believed acc up Able in labor. In act he Pollere one till la Tulloy la change designed to Speed up in Ion representation elections. 1 h would make u somewhat Niimi or 11111011.1 in obtain Bair Iilah rights from employers. Like the administration s Bill is year aim like the Kennedy Ica sure this year the president s re proposals cull Lor detailed a .milling1 to the government Olun in mid spending Ullh heavy annl Lucs Lor Raud. Olsen Hower s program 1. A requirement Ilia Allun on lie such detailed annual re Orts Ullh the labor department As Well As with Union members cover Iii their la Nanlal opera ions open to Public inspection. Require All unions to Lyle with to labor department Ai Public Florin Nylon copies of Ihler con and bylaws and Sci lain other informal Lon. I. All unions would be required keep proper records on the matters on which they Meisl re in Lois and Ali eur Olla cars would have to keen proper records on any payments or which create Coll Lyls of interest or which interfere Ullh inc. Stall Lory re Nils of Union members. Union officers would he lie countable Lor administration Union in Nils and properly. Thl duty would be Ensor Ceablom 1 Corn is in account uni 1. Minimum standards or i conduct o elections of Union Oil or recall would also agencies. Be required. Union Luiu i Ouirl m. Eliminate s present ban be used to promote candidates Lor ital not strikers voting in an oilier., lion to Delerm lne whether m Union Union action in shall continue to represent a. Tint local unions under ship. H give the m t Cuny of labor Ower to police the in inn fund a my Liik and Rei Iuzie democratic u Oce Dure in Union operation. 9. 1 Rolde criminal penalties or Elsue of Union funds con fall in or destroying records ant or improper payments below Eli and Union leaders. 10. Preserve Lor Union member any present remedies under Sluti or Federal Laws. In addition to Hose recommended in Lite program. 11. Tighten present Boycott bans of the to nil liar Lac Law mias to prohibit coercion o employers As Well us employees. I 1 Rohoblt Pickel Liik to comic an employer to give a Union in nil Long lights in where in ploys live Lille used they Don want a Union. 111. Mic Nal Lonal l Lior Ijelu Lon. Loaid to refuse Lake where Trio Impact o Commerce is relatively Insu Botn Hal and runs scr of such cases to stale courts trustee Ruck employer s workers. Ellul Illy of strikers to vote would be it to the discretion o Iho Nulud. 13. Permit uie Norb to Grant Trade unions bargain before employees Aro lied and Walhout in ele Cllon. 10. Lyle. A Laid to hold attaining rights ele colons with us prior Hinr Leif where there is o mibs Tallal objection. U. Make employers As Well As non Olla class lie non comma list ally Dalls. 18. Prohibit any requirement to Lea Oliac a change in a collective agreement Durlik Tho lie of a contract unless by my wiil consent. 19. Authorize the president to in poll an acting rentral coun Sel o the a Lilly whenever a vacancy in that o Flo occurs. 20. Alleq Idric Ilia he live Man Sliu be politically Alpo Ellaan Ullh no More than three member from the same political party. is no such present require men. And the Board at present has three ricpubllcan.1 and two in Inoc Nus. Virginia s legislature convenes to hear new plans by gov. Almond annoy nuts Siack Man squa1 or. T. Keith Glennan . Space chief studies noles in new York last night before making speech thai revealed 110 Young americans have made the squad which will provide our entry into the race to Pul inc first Man into orbit around the Earlh. See Moon visit by 69, or sooner try lev is gul1ck Washington top scientists peered into space today and saw a Man on the Moon perhaps by Idolio. Or Man May set foot on the Moon in 1965 and zoom on to Mars and Venus three years la Ter. That is assuming space pro . Selecting space traveler a cols gel very High priority and a Oillion dollars a year says her Bert f. York the Pentagon s re search chief. The views of York and other space experts including five from other free world countries were issued in a report by the House. Space committee on next 10 years in the report asked where does fantasy end and reality in their answers to committee questionnaires inc. Scientists were dead serious even if they varied widely on inc fall aspic event s. By Bahrt Sci Wein new York of America s first human space trav Eler is under Way. T. Keith Glennan . Space chief snarl cd a staid Dionci meeting of Hie Institute of aeronautical sciences with this Dis closure tuesday night. Tic new Federal space Ncncy he said has picked 110 rugged Young americans As candidates for the first manned satellite to orbit uie Earth. Further tests Ulicy will assemble in washing ton Lor further tests Glennan said and be asked to Volunteer for space flight. Within a lice months their ranks will be reduced to about a dozen. I suspect thai the one who will make the Light will not know he is to do so until count Down he added. He said he does not know we Cher this country will gel a i Man into orbit before the soviet Union. Russians first the russians have been at u somewhat Ioniser Ihnn ivc have and it is wholly possible they will beat us into Glennan told newsmen later. The 110 potential american space pioneers were not listed by Unsinn. Glennan gave these Unali fic Lions of the Man who finally will be selected 1. A University degree in physical science or engineering. 2. A graduate of an air Force or Navy test Pilot training school Wilh at least Hying hours. 3. Superb condition Wilh the physical and psychological at re Buick suited for spare Fishl determined by acro medical scientists. Like to him life 4. You scr than -10 and no taller Ihnn 5 feet 11. There arc no in Highl restrictions. On inc last Point the Slock ily built Glennan smiled and told newsmen i d like to qualify my candidates for manned space Al Slit will be known As Mercury . The untied Stales . Fires Atlas icbms from Cape of seemingly their outside Lime limit on trips to the Moon and beyond was generally 20 years. For of her develop ment of a possible deals Ray weapon Noble to shatter objects from hundreds of Miles in Lime was indefinite. A number fell that 1969 May be classroom chief Battlefield now educator says ily Keif 13kickson san Francisco of tile classroom la ihb1 chief Bill Lefelt below can the soviet Union s com Lam and american democracy Oliver j. Caldwell of the . Of ice of education said today. The is world Power. 1 we lose ills Bailie we May los the Cal Duvell said in a address prepared for the Mallonn school boards Assn. Convention everywhere Nuisl give education a much higher too Early to count Man on the Moon. Having among them of gov. J. La Dulsay Almond gives new i Liin by Jack King Cape canaveral Pla. A huge alias icbms Lias been blasted on a mysterious space flight Over the Atlantic. The 80-fool rocket performed As it never has Blore when it shot across the Black sky tues Day Nihl alter it Beautiful launching. The Mission on this 19lh Atlas test reportedly was another trip winding up in min utes beyond the Island of Fer Nando de no Rhona far Olf uie Brazil coast. Twin three mighty engines of the missile appeared to Burn curiously for More than min utes much longer limn on pre Vious flights. The rocket shipped behind some Clouds and then seemed to hang in the sky like a Small Star. At first there was speculation the latest Blasl Olf signalled an other shoot similar to last month s alias satellite. But there still was no a clinic report on inc results of the Lesl hours later. On previous firings inc Bulky intercontinental Ranje missile burned no longer than 3 min utes before Starling ils ballistic trajectory even inc big a that soared into a 35-Day orbit around inc Globe. Dec. 18. Despic inc unusual perform Ance the Best bet still appeared to be a Long Range ally Mph the air Force Only that the launching was another in inc re search and development series. Was t. Kelli Ole Nan head . Civilian space work. Bui Ole Nan figured there is a Good Chance that americans will Circle the Moon without Landing the next decade. Army missile Man Wernher von Braun foresaw lunar Landing a Lew years Uherc announced tuesday night thai 110 potential candidates for the first orbit Allahl around the Earlh already have been picked. Some Oiler predictions were Afler. Glennan he added. Increased investment in education is cheap insurance against possible eclipse by Caldwell said an educational Revol Ullon is going on in the heartland of Europe and More than 243 million men women and. Children arc studying in communist schools and colleges in communist China and the .s.r., he reported. Relatively few Are communists but All arc dominated by communism lie said. More than a Quarter of the 859 million people living in the largely undeveloped 12 million Square Miles in common isl China and the Sovil Union arc going to school and More go every year Caldwell said. Commit new kind group continues Union probe Norfolk schools face integration following ruling Richmond in. Vir Ginia s meets in Ncncy session today with pro sen Mcgahon leader.1 set to go to dlfrl6sl any in glm Lopre vent Inlo Guillon of Public schools. As inc legislature gathered i hear nov .1, Lindsay Almond s proposals or continued segregation plans moved Forward Llanil could Lead in Lyle inc Grullon of schools in Norfolk and Arlington. The last Barrier in inc of Cryllon n desegregated schools in Norfolk noon 1 . It 2 . 42 3 . I . 42 .1 a i g . A2 . I . 12 n. M. 8 ii. M. N . P . 12 3" . 10 . 41 m a m. Ii . A Niccoll station 21 ugh Numtli-2.1l Uhls Yffir-2 today s skies St d Torrny Plin Rosr Mon Orlic Long Phil Visi Llly i lants Vermi. My tit most stale teachers Rel Ucland acceptance of a lower pay increase than hey wanted has removed the Birt Gest hurdle facing gov. Buford Al Lin Jilin s program in inc Legisla Ture. The Tennessee education Assn decided late tuesday nol Loop pose inc general education Bill when it comes up for passage. The attempt to change Bill iwo years the of session. Annual raise for a beginning teacher with a College degree. The Bill Pul up by the Ellington oilers a s100 a car increase during the a Cal iwo cars. In addition teachers Ifould Bonus if the sales and to in co lax revenues exceed the a duct Cost Imalis. The education committees of both the scale and House have scheduled a Public hearing it . Cost thursday on inc cd cation measure. Frank Bass. Tea e x c c u i v e Secretary and or if the legislature should make did tonal Revenue Bass said we will seek sonic of Wale injured. Arkid year for an average James Barksdale. President inns and explain prov Lions of inc Bill Afler agreeing on the Dales for he funds to increase teachers Jhc education hearings. Inc Hon. through the remainder of Selling the Dale for the Public the Day s Agenda. I caring caused a spirited debate n inc legislature. Administration floor leaders scheduled a second hearing for feb. 4 after several lawmakers protested the first one was Loo Early. A parliamentary Wrangle developed Over the final Bill on the measure by inc Knox county delegation to prohibit Hunting or shooting within 200 ice Homes garages and barns. The House speaker James approved amendments to said the purpose of the hearing exclude Hunters and make the this week is to give applicable to airports the background o discuss the Bill a motion to table inc Bill Wasj with the voters Back Home then the Bill failed 45 offered a Bill to permit a divorce court to Divide jointly owned prop Erly in divorce cases. Bills Intro Ducco in inc House would All incorporated municipalities regardless of size to share in the sales tax. The distribution now is limited to towns Ullh 1.000 or More residents. That appointments to the Board of chiropractic exam incurs by the governor be Mari from a list drawn up by inc ten pcs acc chiropractic Assn. Inc. From 20 to 35 the Scis of duplicate plate Ria Stirm the organization s weekend. Slate education position Al the hearing in Cal officials will attend the hear-1 the Davidson county delegation can Nylles arc preparing for a wide open High level East West con Ference on German and related european issues which diplomats now consider probable in about three months. Secretary of stale Dulles Lold news conference tuesday that 0 far inc Sovil government has a very a bronc do arc to delude us Inlo thinking inc old War is bul no i Eccl Etc Rusl in proposals to end 11. Nevertheless he said he thinks 1 is timely to have another meet no either of foreign ministers or other High Foll Cills because 11 is occasionally possible he said to reach an agreement with the communists which tends to pro Mote intern Illonal peace on a Lair the latest Kremlin move toward a new East West conference came monday when Premier Elk la s Khrushchev Lold a group in mos cow that he thought there is possibility of a thaw in our relations Ullh the. Uni cd so alas. He said he col that impression new York presi Dent Richard m. Nixon says Iho Lac so soviet Call for a reduction of East West tensions is contradicted by Moscow s actions. While the soviets Are calling for a Law in the cold War Nixon said tuesday night the Only proposals they have made on major International issues have been designed nol to end the cold War but to give them an advantage in prosecuting soviet r r c m i c r Nikita s. Khrushchev told a communist parly Congress in Moscow tues Day Ilia inc soviet Union Hopes for an casing of. Tension below eco East and Wisl. Tills echoed the. Sentiments of his monday state Nunt thai Deputy Premier Anas As i. Mikoyan s recent visit to he United so alas had Given so Viet leaders the idea Hal the possibility of a Law in our rela ions is not Nixon Lold a Fordham College alumni Assn. Dinner we agree Wilh or. Khrushchev that there is a great Opportunity at this time Ito Mobil dealers May Purchase from the report he received on Al s10 a set. Deputy Premier Anastas i. My Lor making a breakthrough in reducing world tensions. But this is True Only if he sees the Wisdom of thawing out the Frozen soviet position of the Nixon said the United Stales also wants a thaw in the cold War be Caufy we realize that if there is none we will All eventually be Frozen in. The ice so hard that Only a nuclear bomb will break it. But there is very Little Chance for a thaw in a world climate which is constantly subjected to the icy blasts of soviet propaganda against All those who stand in the Way of International conv mull so 3 drive to dominate tha

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