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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 27, 1959, Kingsport, TennesseeLetters to editor hew farm Bill senator Hubert Humphrey of Minne suspected of being against the Little Iota ind senator Herman Talmadge of Man Georgia have buried the Hatchet Long but while we do not think that there enough to Combine their talents to write should be government hand outs for big co Jio by car in new farm Bill. According to a source for Little business either for sir of sunday. January we drove s were encountered in reach win e gratitude and close to senator Humphrey the new Bill that idea that this country t Seheig How rough uie will be something of a Miracle. It is going would be belter off if the nation s food to help the Small Farmer but it is also was produced by Many millions of Small going to save the government millions Farmers instead of by big combines is of dollars now being handed Oul in sub just not True. It is no More True than to our sides and in is going to curtail product say business generally would be better if ton and Cut Down the surpluses that production of clothing of cars and probably win never Anuw the now Cost the government so much. Household appliances was done by Small for some reason it is assumed that the outfits instead of on Assembly lines by Tennessee and Virginia the search new Bill will have the opposition of. Sec mass production. The truth is if the a aug ref relay of agriculture Ezra Benson. Since lion was dependent for its food on a in a us Ivion army the churches or. Benson has been trying to reduce Garcal army of Independent Small farm the surpluses and save the government ers the american table would look a of sympathy Money while keeping the Farmers Happy Garcal Deal less abundant than it does and it is hard to see Why the Humphrey the food Bill of the average family would 7e Talmadge Bill would not please him. In be a great Deal higher less there is something else in in. Politicians to the con Rory n owl la the Sercl of the Miracle As we hear standing 11 is Iho big producers who arc it is that the Bill is going to be easy on the Backbone of american Industry and the Small Farmer and Dougli on inc big that is Siruc also of agriculture Farmer. There is going to be a limit on we Are All in favor of cutting off gov the amount of government payment any cram Cal subsidies but leading people to one Fanner can receive. Hence the big believe that it will be a Good thing to put outfit will get considerably less in pro hobbles on the big Fellows is wrong. That portion to the size of his operation and May be Good politics but it is not Good economics. Another thing about the proposed Bill Good idea because in is an adaptation of is that it ulms at accomplishing its Pur the soak the Rich idea. We have heard pose by More and stricter government tacit this Yeiyu. Bike Hundred and Many Polillo Ciunys say unit loudly that restrictions on the runners the Farmers Law Cully what we need is More Small Farmers and arc to be helped not by giving them More cover Boih sides of Pic cuban Rev. Less big corporations in Iho business of Freedom of action but less. That sort of producing agricultural products on a program is bused on a socialistic Pron Castro and Ami incr the and huge scale and anyone who takes sex Ciplic incl nol on a democratic principle. Nil Molly. Sulu. Eplion to that thought is labelled a that part of the Bill must come from nil or n to revival inn Noi with Frond of big business and therefore senator Humphrey. The amount of production. This will Appeal to Many people As a member your kind cases. Mrs. Robert m. Irwin and sons or. And mrs. Murlo a Irwin Hollywood Fly Kkt skin Johnson arc talking ii soul Jerry Lewis plotting a Broadway musical in which he will play twins. The Vulcu for the comedy is n Elliree icon Ali run Only no scr which Tiow will by i lined. Mac s window no thaw by i a Kim would do Bur a is jct car to Tave a fwd time toe dealer lat his Small Soa would pay Lor it Wii a he grew up by. That is wha. A lot of Deh ii spending by the government to. There Are several would be democratic candidates for the presidency arc All say ing the same thing to themselves. That ii whew i m that Lyndon is from the if the senator from Texas was the senator from California or new York or Illinois he would have the democratic nomination All wrapped up ready for delivery. Any Man in the United slalom can become provided he is not born in the South or moves away soon enough while he is Young if he is born there. With president Eisenhower and senator Johnson both going at top Speed after having Hod heart at tacks some hopeful politicians must be wondering if it would do them any Good to have one. Alter senator Johnson Pul Over ills Anli ill Busler Bill which should be called aunty filibuster is now Starling to put Over a civil rights Bill. This is like n mouse inventing and trying to sell a mouse trap. Drew Pearion Mitchell will fight Kennedy labor Bill senator to one n lot of Check to pull a stunt like this. Yes and docs he have his Tonguc in 111 Washington a Pond for u bipartisan labor Reform Bill Secretary of labor Jim Milch Oil brought pressure on Republican Siena thru behind the scenes to keep nevertheless women have their her beat in the election the sicker place in co Iiri ass and mat place i feel. I Hope some Day everybody Hie original sin i Marian and Jim Jordan. Unknowns arc Belin Audi 11 the was t in bin introduced there swinging Al Hank Crosby s a son Lorii Jack Ken annual Golf to ii Ponssi conflicted with the Spon Sor who picked up the Tab for representative Walkons Abbell of Var or at least who should control Bony uni ask Daniels Glenla says that he is convinced that Iho had no positive answer to the integral Virginia needs a positive program Bici Diane plot March to Mylre. Is Billy s tinge. Stale administration working with the lion decisions of Tho courts. The reaction to a car did in Runi graduate for go neral Assembly can find a solution to hits been altogether is Tho school desegregation crisis. It is in the slate has said what 11 will not do Der blood that by solution or. Abbell Bill it has not been Able to say what it Means a workable method by which the will do. The answer has been Only that Carroll Daby doll Baker s Sal Ary for full Nir in love with Clark i ii in i i i i i ii Gable in but not for me schools can be kept open on a so arc integration will nol be accept Cal and Iho Sho s i Civins it. I 01 Lobl i add Al Warnor gated basis in spite of the Federal court schools will Bex Loschl rather than accept jul i decisions and orders. It. This is an optimistic note that we arc there has not been enough Bruin pow Glace to hear but there seems to be very or put to work on Tho problem of How to Little substance to rest it upon. The state keep the schools open and the education administration has been wrestling with of the children uninterrupted in spite of the problem for some time without gel inc new conditions Llma Havo been Cre Ting anywhere All the tiled by Iho decisions. Or. Abbott s to generate there hns been some talk from Lime to of Massachusetts and sum of North Carolina both democrats. Earlier Kennedy Hud invited Mitchell to cooperate in writing a Hilbor Reform Bill thai would keep it out of politics. Hack from the Secretary came this Blunt Ultima Tum there will be no moratorium on caught in the Middle was sen. John Cooper Kentucky Republican who had already promised to join Kennedy in sponsoring the Bill. Sen. Clifford Case new Jersey Republican had also expressed in Lerchl in a then ill Clell stepped in he should not be reserved solely for widows and spinsters. The Only two women who have served for any Lebirth of Lime in the Senate ii is True have been widows will know the this. Truth behind All told the truth when the committee told me mrs. Mai t i incl Chase Smith of d t t f t f u and Maine and mrs. Llaulle Caraway of Arkansas both distinguished additions to the Senate hut mar ried women certainly should nol be buried simply because Ali or husbands would be unhappy in Washington. La s with ibis background in mind shul you have to View the of he most controversial husband Ever to have a wife in coir Russ Tell them what i knew or else they would subpoena me i had to Tell the truth. I did the Best i could. Nobody likes to be a Squealer. If those people done nothing crooked they have Noah Long to be worried Aboul. My Mother always Lold me the truth never Hurt no body. I always loved Coya i did t want to hurl her. A lol of people Jot Hurt in All of tills and i Don t Nulson of Minnesota his think the people who boat Coya did actors who make Money in Tho movies come Back to Broadway and Lell folks who ask them Why they return i love the thee Lah so a cell Bui Thevoz s r suspicion this Sweet sell Mcnol is a lot of Apple sauce. What they miss in Tho movies and can t live we Ghoul. Is that Lovely today s error movie Sturzel tills suit for and she probably lean band nut of his own pocket. More heat than Light and Power. _. Wulc loh1. Or South America. La the plan of massive resistance Strong schools. There has been tentative pro vol. To would have had in advocated by governor Almond in Tho Post tvs to reduce taxes so that people can to pay a stand by ail South j inn Annn not. No ills own beginning and strongly supported by the pay tuition at private schools various state s leading newspapers proved to be ideas have Boon suggested Tor under a failure and the governor and his and writing inc education of children whose have discarded that idea yet to parents cannot afford to pay tuition show How confused the thinking of peo and there has been informal talk about pie is or. Abbihl adds to his optimistic How statement the further thought that this the private schools solution that is going to be found must be a statewide program and integration ends. Admittedly it is a very complicated must not be permitted anywhere in the business. No one expects some Genius to state or the Case is lost this is nothing come up with a Complete blueprint for a less than a reaffirm Allon of the doctrine private school operation that would meet of massive resistance which has been the Challenge. But at last reports nov repudiated. Avn curd nor inn Lnu in Pic doff High pressured the gentle Cooper Bent an emissary around to see Masc. Both bowed to the political ultimatum from the labor depart ment. Cooper explained apologetically that lie Nelll free to Vole for the Kennedy Bill. Case suggested that the Bill be stripped of every thing but Antl rack Teci like re forms. Amendments to the Taft to Star in the movie version of on inc dcacli.11 the quip unit sent her to Bone Volle was1, on Iho a Cash about Ihu end of the world and a Fine location for of the development of private Sefc be lied separate legislation lie said t the Tousic Hal Rcd senator from Massachusetts hustled up a South vegas flying an entire Era Democrat to co sponsor the d u my in 1m1 Len Lull my Cairo for a Ono neg he stand at a private convention parly. Cost of last l car vegas whoopee in Chicago the last have gun will travel plot based on club do the teachers Are to be recruited for Maupassant s Short Story bail of i Bui for to Iho French Olas jul vat schools Sec Ltd ulc Luci inc woman on but All this talk is vague and at Loose the tile late Tyrone Power s filmed plea for the heart association due on theater screens next in Only. It was made just by torn his death a heart alack. Guy Madison headed for a movie to be filmed in Spain. Jack Blu Tel and error Almond says he has no intention his wife caning off the marriage the problem that Virginia is faced appointing a commission to study this a with is this must the Choice be Between problem and formulate a plan. The state mom re converting its famed Siu Iii i Dlo Judy Gar integrated schools or no schools a great program seems to be to wait and see and Mickey r0oney once Many people who do not like the idea of what happens. And what happens is that studied to a to of Leo build integration at All nevertheless would say the children Are being cheated while each Side is Content to blame the other a now gangster Yocic coming up Ilni on theater screens Tho last 101 Fiat act. A1 i mobster the Lone senator who voted against it Nevada s right Wing George Molenc was Defeated for re election. But it will encounter More top obstacles this year rolled in its path by no less than the Secretary of labor. Lonely or. Congressman there s been a lot of talk wife Coya has just been largely thanks to lonesome Andy. Mrs. Nulson was a Fine Mem Ber of Congress. She came to Washington a rather Plain looking housewife her hair drawn Back in a knot. But in was t Long be fore Nho had found her Way to a Beauly parlor and the charms of a permanent. Meanwhile Andy was left Oul in the cold. Coya did t mean to leave him Oul. But Congress is a Busy place Washington a Busy City. So Andy fell into the hands of his wife s enemies. Andy Nulson has now written ibis reporter a letter Wilch spells Oul sonic of the anguish some of his regrets. It s a human Docu ment about a human situation. The essential portions Are printed Here with Twenty cigars a Day the Way everyone had me All stirred up last summer i got pretty sore at you. But i guess that now that the facts Are out you wore right about a lot of things you said. I told my son Teny that you weren t so far off when you said smoked Twenty cigars a Day. In the election Are going to sleep so Good any More. I guess that was the dirtiest Campaign in the history of the u. S. Come to Minnesota a fellow hates to admit it when something bad is said Aboul him. I Rion l know How you find Oul some of inc things you do for your newspaper column but maybe since you Are so Good you can do some checking up in inc 9lh District in Minnesota. I bet you will find out plenty. If you come up to Oklee you can i ave a room in Andy s hotel free of charge. Oklee is not too far from passion and Bagley i m sure you la find me sober. I Hope when i gel Back to Oklee people will let me alone. Tile peo ple in Oklee know both Coya and me and they know that Coya is a Good woman. Oklee went for Coya in the election. I Don t think anybody in Oklee will believe any More lies Aboul Coya. I Hope she gets Back to Congress some Day. This Here is one letter i wrote my self. Andy the lbs Brasil summer is a very proud Lime of the year. It always Goole Befort a fall. Someone says that it is always the girl Tho prettiest legs who sees the mouse first jumps on the chair. Ii is also True that ii is always the rat who sees the girl with the prettiest legs Al Rel. People reach a certain age where they hand out the same advice they were Given Twenty years before. A great Deal of advice is like certain Christmas presents. Accepted politely never used and then Given to somebody else at n later Christmas. A Happy marriage results when both partners know How to swim. In the sea of Matrimony thit is. Through Hie years about women s some Days i even smoke Twenty new sen. Vance Halke of in Diana was sitting quietly on the about Senate floor when Senate Leader it is the lesser of two evils if that is the Choice that has to be made. It is not certain that the Choice has to be made. But it is unfortunate that so state government takes a More positive far the men who control the approach. Rights very Little about the rights of a congres3womnn s husband. Howo Vor tills problem is always difficult. He faces uie Prospect of staying Home which is lonesome or coming to Washington to help around his wife s office in which Case he feels awkward Oul of place and is sometimes accused of nepotism. The Success Story of 25-year old Singer Al Mic Rodgers. One song made him a Fortune and now he s headed for five. If you Ever Grilc anything me in the future Don t make it Lyndon Johnson of Texas put his too rough on me. I know that i caused Coya a lot of trouble and i m really sorry but flip things those people kept lolling me got me All worked up so i could t even Sec straight. Then that Guy from the press club Lold me to gel Arm around him. Well i see you re in mighty poor said the tall Tex an. How s asked uie puzzled Hartko. Drew Pearson says ills morn Fitzgerald As my lawyer and that ing that you re going to Wear the is when the fireworks really Start lbs Brand and be in my that s replied the fresh Man senator from Indiana. I m a drunk following a pretty Young girl is like a woman s shoe. It is a pretty Little soul followed by High Heel. The Man who habitually plays is Likely to i Chr shins. De. I really Gol roped in with thai Guy. The More t think about some of Lac dirty mean things they spread Aboul my wife just to get some Homes do not have Lele going to be for you All the time vision or radio or record players or Abbihl s optimistic statement is of of a gunman girls guns and a big movie at Mem with Debbie not going to Sec fulfilment until the cry Doubni alld in Lent Reynolds. How Good girls get 00 in kill except the times when i think you re bul they Are equipped with f. Loud speaker. Can Alcorn rebuild the gop the big test of Republican National committee chairman Meade Alcorn s plan for sweeping re organization of the top machine is whether stale and local comm tees will accept it right Down to the precinct level. The new plan has just been unveiled by the chairman at the Republican National committee meeting in pcs Molnes. Main Clement of the plan is to recruit iwo Mil lion gop Campaign workers for the 1960 Clellon. It would put uie party on a year round operational basis to replace the seasonal. Just a forc elect Lon drives. It would include a weekly television broadcast to Cost from two to five million dollars a year. A new party Magazine would be issued. Top National Headquarters would be enlarged particularly in the Public relations department. And a Brand new system of nine committees conferences and clubs would be set up at state and local Levels. All this is the result of conferences begun last to kill. Rosalind Russell s w o r d a g o about whether there will be a movie sequel to auntie Maine based on the Book sequel around the world with a Kinlic there s a slight Breeze in the advanced to him by Roulette rec ords so he could audition in new York for Arthur Godfrey s Tal ent scouts show. He won s100 and with Pic release of honeycomb Edwin p. Jordan . Treatment of spinal arthritis there arc several different kinds or. Alcorn to erase inc labels of big business or special interests and right to work Law on his he by ils opposition. But the main reason for the gop humiliating defeat is seen not As issues but Lack of Organiza Tion and not enough work. So now he Wundt to build up a new sales Force. At ils head would be n new study committee made up of Republican officeholders and parly leaders. It would appear Cully match the demo cratic advisory committee Only 11 would be cd pc Clad to have More congressional Leader sup port. Tills study committee would be backed by a group of political scientists already on an informal basis. It would bring into lha brains Lecam of Republican in inking new channels of according to or. Alcorn. A National polling service would be employed. Politicians Loo often think they know what peo ple arc thinking when actually they Haven t the something in this Region was not Ful. A stiff also com about it. Ii All depends on Young Rodgers was in orbit and of arthritis involving the spinal even suspected. Only recommended sometimes column. Probably the most import one kind of arthritis of the spine heat Massage or other measures taut a that which is labelled Spon is fairly common in elderly people of physical therapy bring about by lulls it has Oiler names and in people who Are overweight considerable relief.1 this is a sort of Bone degeneration whether manic proves to be a real Trade lion that people Don t forget.1 this year his earnings will add up to about glances 1 some student.1 of the subject be Lieve it to be a variety of the More common rheumatoid Northr Litls involving other joints. It is a strange disorder. It is summer by president Eisenhower vice Percsi slightest says the chairman. He urges Dent Nixon and or. Alcorn. Tills revelation incl gop slate organizations to employ similar poll catch the three leaders Felt things weren t going right even before the election in which As or. Alcora says we took a bad Kingsport times an Kiwi Piper c. P. Dem rat or. Forth Flint no Rabi Lttie Ben Flandro. Paul Drill end sea Efini w. J. A Cavalire. Fell Tor of Ellis nine Ira head of department zo-22 e. Burkh so real tonic it phone cd Kyle a Mai Keorce Nuitt Atto Chilei Loo. Ensured a Pon of lick King port m mall Mailer ka1ei. My i Rolal 4une onl1 i to t to. R year Ivan pm 1m my United it tit the Assoc Mica Fercsi if Ciceu Steij Chi Ueo to ant use Roi he Igloo of ail Cowf Ali Patch Rcd Ltd to u or my Otter c Cre Dlud id Ihli Piper Iki published my so adm Gal it vile Oil Sundu. Shreit ing services. Tho Days of finding out from the Ward leader1 what people arc Ihlen Klup arc gone he says. Today s Bible thought and the saying pleased the whole multitude and they chose Stephen a Man full of Faith and of the holy ghost and Philip and prochorus and Nicanor and Timon and Parrenas. And Nicholas a proselyte of the times daily tonic no Cloud can overshadow a True Chris Tian but his Faith will discern a Rainbow in Home. Can t you just see Hikiji in a Cook much More common in Young men sign of advancing years than and dons not frequently Start in inc older years of life. Ii begins gradually. The first comply nine is usually in inc lower Back and consists of aching and stiffness. Rheumatoid spondylitis generally progresses slowly Wilh increasing Sloff Ness and soreness in and around the Back. In some in leads to Complete stifle cos of the Back Al which Lime uie pain finally Din appears. There arc characteristic changes in inc a Ray picture of inc spine. Treatment is aimed primarily Al improving the general health by diet. Other measures aim at pre venting deformities of pm slurp by exercise and sometimes braces. A Ray treatments applied locally to certain portions of the spine in pc a favourable effect in some cases. Cortisone is useful in some. Gold injections arc also used. But there Are other kinds of arthritis or degenerative disorders which May involve the spine. In a few. Like tuberculous inc cause is definitely known and the treatment Well standardized. In the is Bolh unknown and the Best treatment is Uncertain. Often an arthritis or Demencia ton of the tissues of the May be far advanced before producing any symptoms at All. Tills is shown by inc frequent finding of changes in the spine in an a Ray film taken Lor Tome other purpose when arthritis of inc spine always re und is not accompanied by True quires an accurate diagnosis which inflammation. It generally docs can Only be obtained by careful not produce any serious symptoms examination and Hyx rays for and can merely be considered a most people a spinal a Tirilis is More of an unpleasant disability in Many forms of spinal diff than it in a danger to life or Gen culty a Back Brace is found use Cral health. Ouf our Way Ouke th1 Cue on this Side vvojli7 o Mai to tuck his head this was to git anybody with the 6uat could see he should have pushed for Jarp them a twist this Way

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