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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 27, 1959, Kingsport, TennesseeUntil wed Nidoy coming clerk plot a Wicart Mikil is expected to right lire lower Mississippi Valley Norelli East the Carolines becoming a mixture of will and Snow in the Virginias. Snow will All along the immediate Middle Atlantic coast and from the lakes West to the Northern Rockies. Kiln also is or lie Noillie est i no Lac Region. It will be colder in the lower Mississippi Valley warmer in the Ual Tolas and upper missis Sippi Valley. Tennessee legislators begin week wifi big work Load Jim son Nashville api Tennessee legislators their heavy work today now thai nov. Butoi d Ellington has handed them his main a lax induce ment for View Industry. The administration s leaders introduced All the pro posed legislation at once during the Brief local Bill session monday Barht. The Bills include the general appropriations Bill he general education Bill u Rover mental re organisation plan and a Bill lower ing the sales and use lax on manufacturing equipment. The lax reduction Bill would lower from to one per cent the Stiles or use lax on machinery bought Lor new and expanded plants in the stale. Administration officials Esti mate inc eduction will Cost the stale about Lour million dollars in lost Revenue during the next two years. But they predict the immediate loss would be More limn made up within a few years by attract tons new Industry. The appropriations Bill caver.1 the Money needed to run the slate government for the next two years. H is part of Hie 000 million Erans. The Council would be do Recti d to determine the average Bonus paid by the other Stales and estimate what it would Cost ten to pay this average Hep. E. Of seller Villa and sen. Carroll Oaks of m o r r 1 s i o w n offered compan Ion Bills in a Licor houses to make it unlawful foi1 any per son to loiter at night on Church grounds. Other Senate Bills introduced would a female apply can for a Mari Lac License to flip r by Rah Curli fical unless inc county court clerk knows the woman to be 21 years or Over. The age requirements for licensed practical nurses from 20 to 18 years. Provide for the state to pay for removal of businesses As will As Homes in condemning lands for expressways. Ice machine paves Way for teachers advanced study san Flancisco Al l a rift of an ice machine to chill Conlo club mini tins inspired a my foundation that finances advanced study for Public school teachers. More to Linin 500 school Board members Nave two hours o concentrated at Lellon to a National school boards Assn. Section meet inn monday night to a How to do it Copla Nullon of the Columbus found Nylon idea. The idea was born with or. W. L. Was nmn Columbus physician and school Board try deaths in the smash Aba records new York 3t. Ukjko1t ides a. Us Al Are car and Ako put out this Ruu utry so in a Vuich two of George my Etc s lust car he was basketball Aisa. Records. Cincinnati of k Clell adj it ague scoring Lead to lit Points w. Who it tired Latt Ruigier up Paul Arlin Olas cd ill clerk aug suit Lutenent i Hila i Luhia us Lor in so Uthiem the Hawks Ace Lias accumulate i Wii Burn in cd j--1v 11. Curry. Will ahead 59.0 a game the 28.4 s8. Loriner ii Board Ellie 195u-51 of 111" a Liuell i Clell Oil cd o Oil City. Ii tiled monday of h heart Muu k. Curry who re lure in i 1913. Was in Oil ult Mundare established by san Ansi Emo. Calif. Llic Rev. Wiillri1 David in Klit. Til. Well known nil Ulster and cd Cali. Pin to Lului by in inc new area died sunday us a Hail . He had been director of the student Field serv ice it Kan a Rancom of theological Seminary in since last july. He was born in Marl Boro. N. 11. Fourth in the scoring Duel Bay Lur has scored 1.01s Points a 23.8 average. He will have to score at i .15.1 puce the rest of the season to exceed inc 1.cs8 Points Mlikan tallied in his lint a car id Tho Ida. Ariz in. With 25. 8 average. 1.15 j poll i and a is Well ahead of n Gaiter s Ulk Lumuir Bull to Hole Loo world s Riidu Nir a twits n Kin Talor it u Llyn Crail Kyrc Lilc comp imy s missile Styli ins Scollon in iat Arltol Liim now Fork. Soon slur los Lluli. Tin Bull will in blur icle Loii Roqu Puii it Lor air Forit. Six men on ii u up in a Lisle hours Mil it hi1 Lonny loan Loii. Dollar budget last week. Ellington outlined world briefs nearly 365 million dollars would be spent from the general Lund Durlik the 1059-b1 by decl period almost 38 million More Llian m located Lor the current period. Tie Edu Callon program is inc largest single item in the administration Bill. It Calls Tor 253 Mil lion dollars Over the next two years. Tills is an increase of c23 million Over the Educ lion approx pro Salon for the current blk Nelum. The Bill con inns Ellington s proposal to rive Public school teachers a s100 pay in Lac each of the Uvo years. About Mil lion alone would be needed for the pay raise. The Tennessee education Assn. Hud were to meet in Nashville Loray to decide whether to accept the offer or fight for More. E 11 1 n f i o n had already announced the aim of the govern mental reorganization re Duce from 10 to 18 the number of persons reporting directly to him. Three administration Bills introduced would allow the stale to Issue Bonds Lor Elliree programs highways improve ments at Public health mental health and correctional institutions and capital improvements at state colleges universities find special schools wanted an annual raise of for in achors. Tea leaders Seoul Korea North korean reporter for inc soviet communist party newspaper pravda defected to Soulli Korea Loday during n meeting of the Mil itary armistice commission Al Panmunjom. He. Said he feared inc communists would execute Tilon As a reactionary. Lee Doinik Joon. 30, expressed concern for his Wile and 2-Monlh old daughter still in he communist North korean capital of Pyongyang. A it London leading Brit ish nuclear scientist. Sir John Cockcroft will head the new Cain Bridge College named Lor sir win Ston Churchill. Clr Urchill College is scheduled to open in As n Center for advanced scientific training and re search. Cock Roll 02, has been director of the Harwell atomic research establishment for 13 a cars. He will he succeeded there by sir William Penney 49, designer of the British a bomb. I heard that a Man in our town gave a ice making machine to the country or. Wyssman explains. I Ilg ured it there were people around with that kind of Money to give away Why could t we gel Mulc of some of it Togo Lucr to support sum Jurod. Mar study opportunities for our teachers. The Columbus foundation collected and donated its first Pri vate Money in 105g. In three years it has awarded Grants to 5g Columbus teachers for Summe. Projects including a Spanish Leach or s tour to Valencia Spain. Pro Volc gift support for faculty research work and advanced study is widespread in colleges and universities. The Columbus found inn apparently is a Pioneer in do ing ills Job for and High school Ica Chc s. The effect on teacher morale has been declared Clar ence e. Robbins school sup Rhi lend no. And we now find we have an Impi Lant advantage in recruiting Good new Robbins said 60 per cent of the Columbus school system teachers hold master s degrees. No More than 10 per cell of inc teachers in an average school system will have master s degrees. Tile foundation has budgeted for summer study projects this year. Firemen extinguish fire Penn Dixie Kings porn firemen battled a fire at the Penn Lux la Cement corp. Monday night for about 40 Man before bringing the under control. A spokesman at the fire Deparl. Menf said inc fire apparently started in a clothes locker. To Kald Only slight damage was done in the building. Two fire trucks were sent to fight Iho Blaze inc spokesman deaf Fino ice lax court rules against company sol cd. The Blaze broke Mil Arni Niit .111. And was con lord to the in Side of the building. No one was in lured. Terc league games Robert l. Taylor Cun Iii omit. In. Let Taylor. Hit. Died monday Al . Al his la null 1 Home Here Niter a Len Uerlin illness. Taylor was a rpm red Furmer. Survivors include his Wile Ven in word Taylor Lour mrs. Dorothy Cleek and mrs my Linn i Oole Bulli of Onle ally. Mrs. Henry and mrs Alice Lime Bolh of clench porn nine sons Henry. Kyle p., jumps a Lynn nil no clench porn Liny no first half Winner lie both won telc league Basket Ball games last night and remain in a tic for first place. Defeated research behind a a Point Perjon Nancy from olt Sage and ten Ltd tripped Bays Mountain 51-35. Hill Creasy de that win with n Points. In one other Raine yarn won Over 48-20. Last night s fights Fly t1ik associated truss new York a Octan. Hydl 143 i Passaic n. J., out pointed Danny Russo 151, Brooklyn .10. Cornell.1 Sonny Leon 128, Venezuela out pointed Willie pro Gale ally Ernest and Kilun of Ichii Sporl Liui Trier of Gedimin. Ind., and lob cart Taylor or. Of Duffield. A neural Are in comply to Anil will be announced inter by Ecol county funeral Home. Ryff meets Andrado new Yolk Lupin log he and ten weights frankly Ryff of new York and Cisco Andrade of Washington at i Llin , tax court lius a Noil to Barnst tilt Lluc Lamond Coal in. If in an excess Proll a lax Case. Attorneys suld the exact Simoun involved inns Bill Lam it was the conic any Wilch ban mine in Tennessee ice Lucky and Ali Glenla Ronli Lucil it was entitled to n refund of several Hundred Iho Saml dollars for Hie a cars 10-13 in Roupli Lilio when prices Wero by the government. However the. Conral held mini idly thai the company and to show hint its business was de pressed in the period because of unusual temporary economic Clr Del. . Perry is hospitalized or. W. 11. 1 Erry. Republican member of hip Virginia Illonso of Dole Knops rom Scott comity is reported in Dir condition Al Hoilmon Valley Community Lenl Niter Milf Croni n heart no Lack i it Friday ii not. Or. 1 Erry will be unable Long end the a Pochil session of he Var Ina , opening in ill Noil a Pili Sdiey. R Lisl elected to Tho Qirici Ulas Embly in or. 1 cry Servo Mill mid was re Cic Clad i 051. Only iwo weeks nuo he Hull Leen Renom tank d by Scull county i hard ii arc Jack Ivy Man of Cincinnati. Twyman has 1.120 Points and a 23.8 iivcragc1. Arlilie was the Only one of the lop four to action monday night scoring 20 Points a a the warriors Defeated the Detroit Pluto us 10 Miu. Kingsport today for Abr House anole i inn in Clit Pulilli. Manuf in Lulu auditorium inline Kellk clan i Currier Nonit 1.01. Class to club Llopmi-9 . Rumik i Lucuil Ortr incl if Llorin a Lilly 11 Llfck-1 . Kit. Oil Nihl i wet Llic Civlo Audilu Hilum ulna Iii Miln Mullen rum for birr Quoin Riik i. Ali Mil err Rillon or Nair Huil lil Jehu sri err to Irani to run or. Cli urch o Onil-7 . Murr loll c Fly i. Linn n. Kith Llilian in stoic in Lutlkr-1 h. I in Loti vol link hum n Iliili Lipinn Fin judge sets hearing in change of venue Cumpton Call meet in Brindisi Italy ish cargo plane Brit crashed and rep. Millard Oakley living Slon. Offered a Bill to permit ten Nessee War veterans with a go per cent disability to receive Hunting Lind fishing licenses without pay ing a fee. Such veterans with 80 per cent disability now Are exempt from payment of this fee. A Resolution offered by Oakley the legislative Council to study bonuses paid by other slates to world War n and korean Vel burned Here Loday killing two of its six Man Crew. The four engine plane owned by the air charter co., crashed h moment after it had taken off trom this Adriatic port City to re sume its flight from the Orient to London. Airfield officials Slid radio oper Ator Raymond Pawl by and me chanic John Hillyer were killed. A 1. A Tokyo a prime minister Nobusuke Kishi today firmly rejected neutrality is a foreign pol icy for Japan but urged renewed Trade with communist China. In a policy address Belore the new session of parliament he endorsed Japan s close defense Nanct diplomatic lies with America. The neutrality the Corn about was spent last summer on such faculty enrich ment As mathematics study at new York University gifted Chil Dren workshop study at Stanford University counselling study it Denver University Shakespeare Institute study at Yale University advanced science and Mathe Matics study Al the University of Virginia and study at the bread loaf writing workshop in ver Mont. Hartford conn., Milwaukee Don 10. Flieman Midlothian tex., out pointed Willy Besmanoff 200, Milwaukee 10. Tommy n. It. Providence r. Garrow 134, Claremont 10-Rnund Loul no Madison Square Garden feb. 12, while Gene full the former middleweight from West Jordan Utah hns signed to will Greaves of Detroit in a 10-round Joul. No the Garden feb. 20. Both Bouls will Lio telecast nationally. Mead Union agree on wage increase Herman Adkins regional Rector of District 00, United mine workers said Here monday the Union has signed a new five cent wage increase the agreement affects approximately Menril employees and gives them an average hourly pay scale of Adkins said. I ins Liui 1 . I Rena Wise court Pul off until monday murder trial for atone any Micro Nyrl cd cull court adjourned a Lull next monday. Llic cases were specially Sci and were to he heard by judge Raymond Boyd of stale senator m. M. Lout inn Clad Ullh both cases. They were continued because senator Long was called to Rich mond for a special session of inc legislature. Governor j. Len Dan Almond called inc special session for wednesday to null Cpl to work out something on the school score gallon Issue m1dm1miis court j. F. Kiwi1 Toiny set fell. 13 for of u petition filed in Hal inf of a Irmer Ivi incs Hui Eijiu of agent Cal ii Clini Iki of Vii to in a Marti Mill. John a Lbw la see Lnu a Ciangi of trial place in u Daman suit a night by Arthur j. Wolfon Crubbs was convicted Insl nov. 5 in. A criminal ulu Irge of leaving inc scene of an Accident in which Villon was injured. Trio Kiel Gllnn hint wide Prend publicity Over Tho Cane Vii ill prove no a Lair trial in Hay vim county. Out pointed Tommy Tibbs Boston 10. Chicago Bobby Rogers Chicago out pointed Don Ward 135, Gary ind., 8. Caracas Arthur Persley 134, new York out pointed Vicente Rivas 136, Venezuela 10. Groseclose Flowers dial cd 6-6108 All Guarani Lccy sunday phone cd 5-12-15 ambulance Hamlett Dobson phone cd 5-3134 is Clver Shurr i Urty lit Lull Honan ill Lull or Clr inh in in tilt Ilnam a ill, Len nor l Nick cd non Iii Corner . Minn la Lilac u. He nip a nip Liuis bum in of Nicl c i Bhui a . I in not can Iii can scr Lenino us incl Linn s. Lum imm Mac lilo Liny Nyht. Lurid. Vii. a ii. In Rynn i. Itcm-1 . Lii Liti adv err Manor . Muri inn ally Oroyt n. Chili Lanxin kill n Mauiu vib will ecu i Bidav Clvin Hahnn or 1 orly in cell la 4 mid 1 mini lib cd Iii 111 Cululi Ilii nmn i . Mar Ditlev 1 Nelv i l c Arnor a loin troll by trunk a Nuil Lac from Tenn can Ltd cd main la Linni him lick police code to a Iii minor i Cli Urilt of Natii Tillay to Vlf Lleni intr in incr Elm. In m3____________ Premier warned that would Lead Japan Inlo Mnist Camp. Successful men know an investment savings account Safe profitable fluctuation free you May Start an investment account with s100 or multiples of earn Ings Are mailed by Click direct to your Home or credited to your a count As you prefer. Get started on a i Phr earning fluctuation free program today ask about our investment savings account make savings a part of your family the Silver Hawk by Studebaker sporting dinner jacket dash wednesday morning special 9 til 12 noon Only 110 e Center St. Kingsport Tenn. None other like it in the world. Delightful dual personality t Lithe lean yet luxurious. 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