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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 27, 1959, Kingsport, TennesseeApril j5 is deadline for filing tax return Kentucky news Lexington. By. A James e. I. Of Llyl Crowk in a Joe county is the Lutt polio Pat Licul Adna Ittel to Ald the had Kyj talk vac Cine. It aka Peers Bichaku a. Millons write pm for sea service april is 1959. Is the last a 01 the i 1 1. 11 you to receive i let vain ii of highways come of More than j100 not sub awarded b s106.7j5 Cuil Raci to Jet to withholding you must Lile c. D Juett. Wiur Tsi Ster. For con a Lendir year 195s. The Law indicates that the re turn must be filed that is in the if your exceeds times the number of exemptions to which you Are entitled plus for example. If you expect to receive of a Over Floyd county. Bridge Beaver and Creole Nashville Aap a trip i and com i to Iid ill Zea a d. Lor Vujo Yaj i under a Bill introduced s .au1 i instil. I the would a Bolth the Tojal Cour i remove Over juvenile leases from the county Mutual distrust prevents any agreement on atomic test ban april 15. However the Revenue service his announced i the past that a return which is mailed with an april 15 postmark will be considered properly filed even though it is not delivered to the Revenue service until the following Day. It is Best to file in plenty of time to meet the april 15 dead line so that you Don t i ave to Norry sights. About last minute Over some taxpayers Miry not have information needed to Lile a com plete return by the deadline. I such Case write the District director Well before april 15. Request ing an Extension of time to lie your return giving the reason Why you cannot file on time. You will be charged interest on any lax you owe after tic due Date but if you have an Extension no pen Alty will be assessed. Us and arc entitled to Lour exemptions you must file form 1010-es ii your estimated Gross income exceeds 5600 x 4 plus 5400 equals if you expect to receive in come of or less which is nol subject to withholding the Semly for filing form 1040-ks de pends upon your martial status and amount of your estimated wages. A music individual nut the head of household or surviving is required to file form e3 if his total estimated Gross income exceeds s5.000. A married couple filing jointly or 11 person entitled to tin status of Lind of household or Surv la spouse is required to Lile an estimate 11 the estimated Gross income is expected to exceed 000. Hub Nils and wives who arc not entitled to tile a joint Rotun or who do not Combine Uiel in come Lor of applying the above rules under Lesl 2 wll be treated As Sli Irlo individuals who should ill if the total Estl muted Kross income exceeds Don t for gel in keep in a place a copy of your Complete returns. Attach to your flip cup any figures or fads thai will hrs Iris her possible inquiries Fin Hie Lac Semio service. Till uni burglars take furs Hollywood api mrs. Tyrone 1 own it rip to the hos plan pm Nuu tier n Boh Bill curl her 000 Worth of flirt unil jewelry. Burglars took n Mink Coal Mink stole and some o the la1 Tyrone Power s cull links a in hours Beloro mrs. Power can Home monday with son Tyro three dates to key april 1953 due Date for All Calendar year 1958 returns. Interest Mill lie chanced on any tax not paid by this Dale. Due Illic for Turin 1040 for 1959 and first instalment on Esti mated us. June is. 1359 second instalment in Esti mated 1959 us due. September is 1959 third instalment in estimated 1959 tax due. Afler your return reaches Llin District director s office it will eventually be checked Lor Mallie mall Cal accuracy. If you in pc made in error the District director will Send you nil explanation to Celhar with either n Bill or r refund depending on whether you Albi Rcd Loo Little or too much lax. If you should receive such n no Tice and either Don t agree or Don t understand write the Dos William Power Trucl director for More in Torma thursday ton. Your return will also be reviewed to determine whether it should to can mined by a Revenue ii Cal. Ordinarily Only those returns hint have doubtful or suspicious hems arc examined closely. If your return is examined and additional lax proposed you have the right to ask for n reconsideration of Tho Chni Ibe ii you do not agree with 11. If you Are not satisfied with a decision made in your director s off co ask Iho director for the and dress of ills Resl Rinvil commissioner to whom you May Appeal. Ordinarily Llic internal Ravenna service has three yours from the time you Lile your return in which to charge you additional lax. But if you make a fraud Lenl Roeurn action in n lie to Cir by did Ito clue service at any Limo to col Lect tie tax and penalties. Except for Farmers april 15, 1950, is also Llic due Dalo for Fil ing of estimated tax form 1040-es for 1059 and paying the first instalment of tax due thereon. Farmers Olio expect to receive at least two thirds of their Gross income for 1959 from farming May wait until Jon. 15, 10co, to flip their first declaration Lor 1d50. In order to determine whether you must flip a form 1040-es on april 15, follow whichever of the two rules shown below is a Pulca Tho child waft Lexington. By. Lit. Ollry us Julius Hopkins nov cushy said Munday Jil Ghl an eventually May be Able to a Nike defective in incs into ii id ones. He said a possible Ethod is to expose defective to aarm of acid found Normal persons. Jenks trans ill hero Dulury Chirac Turli is from Parent to child. Louisville. By Orl is available for Hall Way ousts Lor Lornor Nien Lal panels if Aid is sought properly Arold we Del in Lens psychiatric Octal worker said monday. He poke at n two Day nationwide in a tule on Hie new Lype of re Abl Tallon nun by. Llic Institute Jid cd today. Lexington by the Lew president of the Kentucky Ulusc retailers Assn. Is Surah Mitchell of Lex Linkton Henry Cluj lakh school. chosen i Mill Way no Wilson Lenderson la Rel vice president Gary Wiley Plryan station Sec Iii vice president Joyce Cotton pm Rcv urls. Secretary j 1 in m icel Nln a Uluski county Treab irit.1 mid Foo Nield i Cully Lehir on Lafayette reporter. Lexington or Marl Linker director of the Ken Lucky research Mon Wilny received an a weird of inert Ironi Llic life members club of us american to Clely of Healing an engineers ii was honoured for leaching and re search in heal Liik and Nir Cor . It All v Nutley n. J. Younger member of Tho pol co fore Here 11 Mont Lih a female. Her Dininio is Kim a a Canna Shepherd whose owner Pali Olmi Richard Mumn. In Bra Kim her As a police dog to walk Hon Ben Wotli him. J8 Phil Newsom l m for Olga editor for Early three party to the Tual the russians Sci Nash aay reached of the Means a be same any nuclear Tes Baa should of basis of russian demand Sori of Kuula has used near Perni agent. Watt wac i on 100 times in the United nations Charles Ebeo. Lenoir City and rep. Roland 1 Rice. Oak rep. W. J. I Euler. Waverly. Of red a Bill in the House to create of micral sessions court in Umphreys county. A Bill by Llop. Hurry Beard. Cbacon would us Shorize the 10th Lelal school District of Willion county to Lisue j400.000 in school ones. The salary of Uit Chester coun. 1 Road supervisor would be in reused from 3.00u to a ear under a Bill. Sponsored by of. Hubert a. Morgan Hundor on. Commutes by plane Minneapolis his Ulo Driver s License suspended. William g. Hopp is comm Long y piano to the Minneapolis work to serve u 30-Day sentence Volch per Ella him daytime Irce Dom. Works near his Home in suburban . He lakes a us to a nearby Airport each eve inn. There he climbs into his 66 lors Power plane and in four Illume Hinds on Tho ice of Purk ers Lake where the workhouse is Oca cd. Mornings he reverses the in Occure. It s Okay with said Rol Idil Reberk workhouse Supern inf legit. A appears Lobo perfectly Hopp Drew the term Jan. 13 to Del Vlad after his License sus i ended. No charge in death los Angeles a Aid chained me Wotli n . forced to so testified Moses s. Stlltz 3e monday and a Coroner s jury hoi him blameless in Llic slaying Ono Lynu our of Muir comedy Sta Oarl Alfalfa sell scr. Jack Plott 31, Tysl Illch he an owl Lucr j 2, Lind been curl Nklan when they got in a Light with still last Wedis Edny night. Salt pc claimed Stollz owed him Sill denied it. Is Rirs the other have sought workable i there and the sort a year to year basis and will agree to buy ban Only after the matter c-1 controls has been set agreement to ban atomic tests. The issues go to the Core of Al most All cold War difficulties what Are they both sides agree on the danger future Mankind from continued controlled tests. Both sides pro Ess to believe a the need Lor Gre Cuenl 11 Only to halt one Lase of Hie worldwide Arr a Lent race. What then prevents 117 the an wer is Mutual distrust. From the standpoint of the weal t least bitter experience has roved that any agreement with he communists must be Copper Ive cd every last detail written us. For example it was Allied allure to write into the four Power Grcen Keiit for control of Berlin a Laubi guaranteeing Allied right of Access through cumin lust con rolled East Germany that left pen to the communists a Legal slip excuse for trying to Cut of Berlin altogether. I teds want unanimity the issues which face today s ingot Salors and which threaten to delay agreement Lor months i lot forever arc these the right of veto. How Long to continue a test the amount of control and tin lumber and nature of the person Nel needed to police 11. On Issue no. 1, the russians do Mund Hal All decisions be Unal Mous among Iho three nation. Of veto that virtually has wrecked tied. The korean armistice. Each of these differences in Korea the communists our led on Mutual mistrust. I agreed that neither Side should be mowed to increase armaments beyond that existing on the Date of the armistice agreement. But he agreement was nullified by communist refusal to permit Ai led inspection teams into North Korea. Fear spy Kunf the latter Point overlaps into be locally in Russia s favor Leav ing her free to do As she wish a while continuing a barrage f propaganda charges us Tansi West. The West is determined no. To repeat the errors of Yalta Ber Lin or Korea. Family scrapbook the present nuclear ban deadlock at Geneva. The West believes that nuclear inspection teams should be staffed by foreigners. It believes that nationals of the country concerned could not provide adequate guarantees that agreement was being observed. Russia has charged that to per Mit foreign inspectors would mean establishment of a Western spy ring inside Russia. Ironically the russians make by us. g. Of Bonk Story hour schedule Story time was something of a headache in the Benson family. No note of the possibility a rus Sian spy ring could be set up the same Way inside the United states or Britain. The russians say inspection teams should be called up and sent out Only when a auspicious Phenomena is recorded. Favors Mobile teams the West believes the inspection teams should be highly Mobile and should be. On a stand by basis. Timmy was five his brother Ron just barely two. Whenever mrs. Benson would read one of the stories that Timmy enjoyed. Ron would insist on being with them. But he was t interested in the Story and his behaviour was distracting. Timmy too showed something of Llic same son of be Havior if the Story was on Ron s level. Mrs. Benson of course could have Isis cd Irma Ron slay away when Tim was having his Story and vice versa. But this was disturbing to the boys. So Ullh the cooperation of her husband she worked out a plan that was effective. One or he other would read to Timmy in the living room. Al the same Lime Ron would have his Story or look at a picture Book for 59 puts Good lighting within your reach 500 lighting fixtures to Chott from Kingsport electric co. Downtown 117 e. Market Stritzl lighting do play room dial cd 6-9081 1 up plays ills part. With the other Parent Al bedtime. Once in a while of course there Ocie stories that seemed to incr est both boys but generally Tho scheduling of separate Story hours worked Best. It Haiti in the West indies has in area of Square Miles. Overnight it s Fordi if you get the facts you la get a Ford this Check list will give you. A few very important things to look for before you re swept off your feet by any 1959 car. You la find that few cars can hold a Candle to the 59 Ford alien it comes to the things that make a car Lovely to live with and Lovely to look at. Take this Page wit ii you when you go to look Over the 59 everybody heeds Money sometime when you do. Visit Community if you need up to phone Circle 5-3137 before noon to arrange for Money the same Day month payment 50.00 Community finance i Thrift corporation of Kingsport 218 East Market Street phone Circle 5-3137 office hours 9 to m on., Tim., Tim . Community class a investment c1r1ifica1es Pat 3% per annul r i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i l 59 Fords the world s most beautifully proportioned cars w 1. Does it have sufficient insulation Check by rapping Knuckles on the headlining 2. Does it. Line full depth Spring Fine in Ecol or of ? Bounce to prove 3. Are the door opening Citron wide for easy entry Ford s rear door openings arc Over to inches wider Thim chief competitor 4. Is the Cleiv Chatt Tunnel Low enough to let Center passenger be comfortable 5. Are feet of rear passengers cramped into deep Well 6. Are headlights High enough for sufficient Protection Nna Best illumination arc front seals High enough to keep you comfortable on Long trips 8. Is there sufficient rear scat knee room 9. Do front scats have foam padding in Model you re considering 10. Do you get 2-Stngo front door checks for greater convenience 11. Do instrument a incl controls have illuminated identification yes other car Ford other car Tetford other car yes Ford of Hrcar Tes Ford of Hrcar no Ford other car tit Ford other cat yes Ford other car yes Ford other car yes Ford other car yet Ford other car tet Ford 12. Does ride adjust Ilse to varying Road and Load conditions automatically 13. Do you get variable Speed wind shield wipers 14. Docs Wren mean increased heat and Glare to go e lugging a it at 16. Docs the car have a convenient front hinged Hood other car yet Ford other car yes Ford other car no Ford other car yes Ford other car yes Ford 17. Docs the car you re considering use regular pus with Standard _ other car engines thereby saving up to yes Ford 51.00 a 18. Is the car you re looking at the the full Siz the car of its Type among tit ize ears tit yes Ford 19. Does the car you re considering fire Yon it. No extra Cost a full _ other car flow Oil filler so you need change yes Ford Oil Only each 4000 Miles 20. Is lie Mulller on the car alumni of Hrcar Niz cd to last twice As Long As conventional mull cars yes Ford 21. Do you get a True no Short no other car distortion Battery clamping system yes Ford 22. Are accessory prices Ford Low _ Oiler car tit Ford 23. Can body finish be cleaned with out harm with regular car finish other car cleaners new Diamond Lustra yes Ford finish never needs Wax 24. Dock flip car s engine have longer other car lasting Irce turning valves yes Ford 25. Docs the car you re looking at Oiler r truly modern six is. To year old yes Ford 26. Is Grille anodized aluminium that other car won t corrode yes Ford 27. Docs the Frame sweep out at sides to protect All passengers ask other car the dealer if hell show you the yes Ford car on a lift 28. Does the roof have at least 5 tar braces Many have Only 3 yes Ford 29. Docs the car have a 3-Spokc deep car dish steering wheel thut protects your Chest from possible injury 30. Are the front scats anchored the Frame is. To body yes Ford enter the Sylvania Photoflash contest. See your local 5 Ord dealer for information . _ w my pal Stowers Ford sales. Inc 212 e. Sullivan phone cd 7-7106 Only your Ford dealer has used cars and trucks pre inventory cleanup first Quality super wite sheets size 81 x 99 limited Quantity sorry no Lay always 1.00 foam pillows extra plump site 1.99 unbleached Muslin 19 Width first Quality cd Mountain Mist Cotton 119 Snow White new shipment re priced re grouped women s dresses 4 second floor specials reduced 2 Price Nylon slips flannel . S Winter skirts blouses infant s specials Corduroy overalls crib sheets infant dresses costume jewelry clearance of All Winter Stock formerly. 1.00 for 1.00 girls dresses Kate Greenway Cinderella boys1 Cotton shirts Long sleeves sizes 6 to 16 men s sweat shirt fleece lined first Quality men s shirts Long sleeve All sizes were 2.99 3.99 final reduction on shoe Sale women children men leather Canvas and rubber footwear

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