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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 27, 1959, Kingsport, TennesseeWhat know Hurt them Kingsport times Frame in 59 City injuries vol. Xiv no. 19 Kingsport tenn., tuesday january 27. 1959 14 pages five cents no is Sahl quid Hikita says by iia Koli k. Milks i1c13m, capable of Uin ratio Moscow Ati Altita s. Riskamm the United silos. I Khrushchev announced that list hunted ii polls the soviet in inc soviet Union Lias started have 300 us tin i incr Sembly line production of inter i Continental missiles by Continental ballistic missiles i alter Melroy s statement. Opening the 2lsl consuls of the Somloi communist party i lie great Llull of the Kremlin inc imply Cli Mcdain and Premier said communist countries stand at the head of All i of in u review of soviet inputs la sell Nee. Including pc i Al Nylon and rocketry Klush Clive declared tin soviet Union Las St Iii Ted ilii1 serial production of into Iron the Iclal Bull slip More than 1.500 delegates limn throughout Hie soviet Union Neil cumin Nam parties in 10 of her coh Tillos applauded i . Defense Secretary Noll 11. Mcelroy said on Jan. 2 j Klinl Chi . Sen. Stuart Symington Mii mild that the United slates had successfully Lem Vircil Cums but was not Wolni into Lull production of Lii Iii because lie Hower administration would not spend the necessary on the International front termed nuclear ills armament uie task o tasks am said the soviet Union would continue to work for n Summit con Ference. It is to learn to solve contentions problems by peaceful in mild. It is Lime to understand Bat threats arc it Hope less business when they rclei1 l ilii1 soviet Iii offered i new solution lot defense ecu ailment does not be Juhe Berlin crisis a major source Liivi dip Solel Union has tin us ens i m for Cllon. Hi1 said Nel a liar nor Cwm Germany can by without tunic Hanx off g. World i Leiman null Mcalum can be achieved lie said Only through Between the two tier Nanys. A peace treaty would in sure West Merlin s conversion into free he added the West Lias rejected the soviet Irce City proposal Neil wants free re cello to Sunlly Germany Khrushchev blamed the United slates Lor tension in the far Kynsi. Lie decl ired a zone atom free to created in the far and the entire i Mollte Ocean urea. Lie Hail said monday no Khz at n diplomatic creep lion hint i want a thaw Linw out the cold lie Ai Deil unit Dep. 1 re inter 1. Mikoyan s trip to lie Una Tell states Niy Impi helped. In his speech before the Eon Uriss said Mikoyan s a Lull showed Send lenient for Hoik neighbourly Lela Loit is growing by inc United Stales. Be reported hut soviet Uduc with the United states and Guroix trebled from 1 Jsu to 1958. He said further Extension of world Irude could help Case inti Iii tonal tension. Lnu Sychev said i1 key task in he soviet Dillon s new seven year economic plan is to Brhlik an end o the cold Mil mid icssciilnt1 of internat limn tension. Hut he also called on ids people once More 1. Caleb up Ullh and Mir pass the leading capitalist countries in per capita output. "knstiri1 the soviet Triumph in the peaceful co Omli. Competition Ullh the capitalist 3. further the eco i ionic and defense Iii Ghl of hit soviet Union. Although lie said expansion u heavy Industry would still Anvi priority. Khrushchev promised tin soviet people a substantial Ilso h the hand gird of living us a Resul senator Douglas economic policy county court approves widening Highway 23 Midi vital i Foster special Fri a genl in new York holds four Wick old son of or. And mrs. Jose Takarcz kidnapped last thursday from their West Side Manhattan Homo. At right is Frederick Lussen acting map 1 Iii Xinxi chief of West Side detectives. Child was Lound at . Tuesday in a basement apartment Ullh an unmarried couple who were taken into Cus Tody. Found alive Ellington picks puff resort v new York found 28-Day-old Johnny Tavarez alive and Well today and arrested a 25-year-old Mother of three who had a recent miscarriage As his kidnapper. Johnny s jubilant parents said they were very very Happy to have their baby Back Aller More than four Days of. Pleading and praying for his return. The child was recovered in n basement apartment Only seven blocks from the scene of the kid Naping As the result of a up from the Spanish language news paper Al Dilarlo. Police said. Johnny was abducted last thurs Day afternoon from the Taverez Parment in Manhattan. The confessed kidnapper was identified As mrs. Asuncion or Tiz. She told police she had been pregnant since last May and had lost her child by miscarriage within the past 10 Days. Tims she said she was Able to pass off Little l Johnny who weighed Only pounds As her own baby. Fooled husband mrs. Ortiz a Short heavy set said she fooled her Hus band her in Laws and her own relatives by telling them the baby was delivered by police while she was alone in her apart ment. A police said her husband. Angel Ortiz believed her Story and never suspected that Johnny was the kid noped Tavarez child. Johnny was Posi Lively identified by his jubilant parents Dor Lisa Takarcz. 31. And her husband. Jose 30. The baby s footprints proved to be identical with those taken at metropolitan Hospital when he was born. Chief of detectives James Gitl said mrs. Ortiz would be charged with kidnapping but no charges would be lodged against her husband because we have no reason to suspect tie weather Alpha Rall. Inc los birr. . . P m. Saturday . Anil Hulsh Rel to thl cais l times Standard Oak Hill cemetery. Pallbearers will be Ben Jenk ins. Ross n. Robinson. John sex Ion. Frank Hale. Or. Hyatt Brown and r. S. Key. Elders of the first presbyterian Church will serve As honorary j pallbearers the body will remain at the j funeral Home until time for serv ices. The family will receive friends there and at the residence. Johnson was born in Sullivan county and had up Cal most of his life Here. My made his Home on inc Johnson City Highway near the Airport Road. He was manager of in Armoun lain Telephone co. Here Lor 30 years. He retired 22 years ago. Johnson served in the u. S. Army in the Spanish american War and was a member and elder of the first presbyterian Church. His preceded him in death 13 years ago. Survivors include one daughter. Mrs. Leslie Simmons and one son. Ancyl Johnson both of Kin Sporl one sister. Mrs. Harry Southard Kingsport. Three grandchild run and five great grandchildren. Home said the Scott county funeral Home would remove the body and be i charge of funeral arrangements. Norfolk. A Navy seaplane with a Crew of 10 crashed Loday into inc Waters of fills Atlantic port. One Crew Mem Ber was known dead and three missing Navy authorities snid the plane was a Martin returning to the Norfolk naval air station after a routine flight. Its right engine failed and the altering Craft plummeted into Hampton roads the Norfolk new port news port area. Seven Crew members were pulled from inc water within in hour of the crash. One. Identified As Lyle v. Kund son of Norfolk died after being hospitalized. The other six were not injured critically. A search continued for the plane s Pilot. Cmdr. Robert Mur Phy of Bay Side. A the Copilot it. Cmdr. Sherman Cagle of mar Lella. A. And a Shirtl Pilot. I. David h. Utter of Norfolk. Cmdr. Clos Reeves. Sch naval District search and Rescue officer said inc plane crashed before it could Complete us radar Landing. Ivy Kalimi has Nick Norton a. Two Young men and two Len Nguc girls Are in jail hero in connection with pass ing bogus checks in Wise county stores. Robert Williams 32, of pails Burg va., was arrested in Norton after a hardware clerk recognized him As the same Man who he said tried to pass a worthless Check in april 1053. Also arrested and held for investigation were Jimmy Osborne 22. Of Harlanii. By. Bonnie to Backer. 10. Of and a 10 year old Cumberland re re. The Trio were arrested when they sentenced to death Lyons France up a French court monday sentenced five algerians u death for the 10.i7 murder of a Illow Alec Ria in a Brawl Over nationalist poll lies. The victim was Tahr als san. Who was March Here. 2. 1057. Found dead in a Field of of dope capsules Amelo the police Lallon Here to no Ulric about Williams. The Luj year old girl officers said Hail several Blank checks and to s20 checks on her person when she was arrested. Police said miss Thacker and the two men appeared to be under inc influence of a la Colic drug. A number known As yellow jackets were found on their year old police said police said the Young girl told them the group came from Ken Lucky sunday and stayed in a Norton hotel sunday night. Hie girls registered As wives of the men. Police said that several bogus s20 checks had been located in Wise county at least a half dozen had turned up in big Slonic Gap and in Appalachia. Police said also that the group had rented two lockers at the bus station in big Stone Gap and an other at the Harlan bus depot. Including baby things. And Drisoll Henri fund Tho passed a re soon. Increasing the budget thin is to pay Tho interest on Inq Bond Issue. The Bonds were sold Artur Tho budget was adopted last year. Also by unanimous vote the court took Cllon urging Tho Loca lion of an area state vocational training school in Sullivan county the slate legislative Council has the establishment of rec of the schools in Tho stale. The court s Resolution urges the legislature and stale Board of education to closely examine the factors involved and take All Steps Neces Ary for the location of the. School at a Point to be determined the most accessible both to Popula Tion and Industrial need. Sulla inn county would meet this after ii. Motion to table failed the court voted to Divide a surplus of Between it employees in the tax assessors department. Jills would be divided at the Rale of pm a month for each employee. The Money was accrued after an employee had resigned. The increase is for the current year Only. The court gave judge Carr per Mission to ask the legislature to pass an act allowing the Magist rates to set Llic pay for the judge s clerk. He said the salary now is one of the lows so in the the scale is set by the legislature int bar limn by the county court. At least a do7.en resolutions were introduced cold during monday s session. A court Rule says nil resolutions must be presented in inca were found in inn Sloiua Gap police lockers at big writing 15 Days before court meets. Judic can asked if the court wanted to abide by the Rule and upon receiving favourable reaction announced hint in the future the nil must be followed. Several magistrates complained they did not have time to give the resolutions careful study before being asked to vote. At the request of Highway com missioner e. M. Cross jr., the court transferred to his department. This was Money left Over in his department from Vari Ous funds at the close of the fiscal year. The funds will be divided among various units in the Highway Etc Palm Cal. Cross sold. This will in clude the Purchase of a car radio system Lor closer Contact with key personnel in inc Field. I dec i maj in mlle Cjon Fugos head of the revolution Ary forces in the Havana of Castro s closest associates dramatically pro claimed that if Morejon were not executed i will shoot lie described lilo defendant As the most bestial killer in the Morejon raised his Irida join ing them together As if in prayer As ids sentence was announced Jhc Rolae he showed no emotion i fore lib guards Lod him out. Jakc Sosa Blanco he was expected o Appeal the sentence to Tho Superior military tribunal. It was not known when Tho third show trial o cell. Col. Ricardo Luis grub would Start. The us Cirlor court was to hear Sosa Blanco s Appeal later Loday. The most damaging testimony against Morejon came from a Farmer and in attractive Farmer s widow. Carmen Vazquez 24, told the court that last april 20, the Cap lain Anil two carloads of soldiers had come to her Home in Caulo Del peso shot her husband inn Chunc gunned one of his Brothers then look another brother and Cousin into Hie Street and gunned them Down. None o them was re rebel she testified. The witness singled out Morejon from three persons on the prison ers Bench. Tho Oiler two were guards also dressed in prison garb. Douglas Macarthur celebrates birthday new York message from president Eisenhower was n highlight of Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur s 7dlh birthday cd Libra. Ton. The president sent Best wishes for continued Success health and happiness and signed the Mes Sage old Friend and assistant. Dwight d. Eisenhower served As an aide to map Arlhur in the United states and in the Philippines before world War ii. The president s message was read at a slag party in Pic Waldorf Astoria hotel monday night. Ninety six persons attended Mac Arthur now is chairman of the Board of Tho Sperry Rand corp. Court names Industrial committee Blountville Sullivan coun y magistrates arc interested in he expansion of their county. They want to help new industries Ocala Here and also help established firms expand. They demonstrated his monday in two actions taken at the regular january term of county court. The court passed a Resolution introduced by Esq. Paul Zimmer Man Mph District which Calls for in Industrial come Ilttre. County. The committee appointed by judge Hal Corr includes Zimmer Man. Harvey Ever Harl u2thi. Paul Gray Joe s. Carmack c2nd and f. W. Jack Ilcy the committee will work with the of her units in any Way to help them in their projects. The court also passed a Resolution putting it on record As being in favor of ice Shilon Hal would Sembly has already recommended this tax be reduced to one at pics Cal it is three cent. This would per per to the purpose of the committee exempt the sales tax act All would be to work with the Cham equipment used in manufacturing j ins the county hers of Commerce of Ken Sporl. Processes. Bristol and of hrs in manufacturing equipment Pur chased by a new or expanding Industry. The Resolution earlier had been passed by the Kings port chamber of Commerce. The court asked that a commit tee be appointed to seek us pcs Tion from the county and Region Al Manning commissions for also that other buildings arc being Cor Struc cd Loo close to the roads. The court wants authority to ii Ulac these businesses and other buildings in an Elfort to keep the highways free of unsightly Struc Tures. The magistrates also would like authority to set limits to How close a building could be erected to n Highway. Ludic Carr said he would name this committee later. Also to be named later is a com gating cases before they were charged to the county. He said this item grows larger every year. The committee is to report Back to the court Al the april Lerm. The magistrates adopted a Reso Lution Askine the legislature to pass a Bill enabling the county to re quire building permits. The proposed Bill would require a permit for every building erected in the county. This permit would Cost one Dollar. To locate new industries for the Gnu. Bufor i Ellington in his budget address to the general As Miuccio investigate accounts u was explained the purpose of charged to the county by various the permit would be to notify the tax of every new build in erected within the county. The Flat one Dollar rate would defray the i expenses i hospitals. Several poin cd out Esq. Gray introduced the a Solu Ihal unsightly businesses arc and explained he fell lha reeled along the main highways Penany magistrates were not incs ii of issuing the permit it was sex Al Alicd. A committee is also to be appointed to investigate the possibility of Selling to the highest bidder surplus school buildings. It was explained the county owns several school buildings that have been re placed by new structures. Tic Sec buildings Are now vacant and some could be adapted to Small Industrial use or office space. In order to keep the door open or any other business that might come up Blore april the court was recessed rather than adjourned. It is subject to Call by inc judge

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