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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 27, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 wednesday Jan. 27, 1954 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper o. P Edwarda. Or. Publisher am general manager Ben Haden assistant publisher asst. General manager w. J. A Caulle. Editor tills a Klei editor 320-23 e. Martet Street Kingsport. Tonn. Merry go round letter to editor associated press news service International news service member of the Assoc Tea press. Southern newspaper publishers association the audit Bureau of circulation. An Independent democratic newspaper published each Arter noon except saturday and sunday. Toe associated is entitled to the use Lor publication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in paper and also the local news published herein. Entered Al St in Klu sport Tenn As second class Rall matter. Tober1, 31. 1b44. Under the act of March 1178 Papo october National adverts inc representatives. Shannon a Clates. Inc. With offices to new York. Chicago. Detroit at Anu St. Louis Kansas Cluj. Los Angeles and san Francisco. Subscription rate by mall first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought yes love indeed is Light from heaven a spark of that immortal fire with Angels shared by Allah Given to lift from Earth our Low desire. Byron. The times daily tonic for out of much affliction and anguish of heart i wrote unto you with Many tears net that be should be grieved but that be might know the love which i have More abundantly for ii Cor. Bad timing the court martial of Corporal Dicken son has raised a juror which the defense department should have expected. Or. Wilson and his advisers must have known that while there May be most excellent reasons for taking this step just at this time there were also some reasons for not doing it and those reasons were far More obvious if not As compelling. On the face of things it looks As if the defense department was playing right straight into the hands of red propagandists. Here we have been going through an elaborate process of arguing pleading coaxing and persuading to get the recalcitrant boys to change their minds. Meanwhile the reds told them if they did they would be punished. So what happens two boys re change their minds under persuasion. They come Home. Then after the last Hope of persuading any More of the boys to come Home has faded the velvet Glove comes off and we have this sudden Call for court martial. Perhaps such action is necessary. Per haps it is impossible to give a Man a Dis honorable discharge from the service without a court martial and it is hardly to be expected that they would get an honorable discharge. But the timing of the action makes it look As if the Powers that be had been waiting to pounce while they tried to get the boys in a position where they could grab them. To a Layman it would seem that the simplest procedure would be to give these boys a dishonourable discharge and give them a Chance to demand a court trial if they wished. We have a Hunch that they would be willing to accept it without any fuss. No decent person wants to hound these boys and make things Tough for them at the same time nobody can ask that they be treated exactly like their buddies who went through the hell of Battle of capture and mistreatment and did not break. It would not be fair and it would not make for Good morale if. These two were treated As unfortunates who needed special sympathy and care. At the same time it does t make Good sense and it does t make Good politics or even Good International relations to make a Public spectacle of them. Particularly right now. John Patty the death of John Patty robs Kings port of one of its younger leaders one of that group of younger men who Are Tak ing hold of the civic jobs that older men must relinquish. Or. Patty had to a High degree that necessary ingredient of first class citizenship the unselfish willingness to give his time and Energy to Public service. was one of a kind Kingsport needs More of if it is to continue in the path it has followed since the Days of its founding. An outstanding characteristic of or. Patty was his Earnest conscientiousness. Every work he undertook he went into with All his energies every problem he had to meet he wrestled with with deep concentration it was not in him to take anything lightly. When he was elected to the Board of mayor and aldermen a Job which is far More demanding than most people have any idea of he set himself to study the business of municipal government and familiarize himself with the financial Pic Ture and All the problems that have to be met and to be met must be understood. His services on the Board will be sorely missed As they will be missed by so Many organizations to which he gave his time and Energy. Kingsport has truly lost a Fine citizen. If you re poor you re poor. I was thinking of the future. I get tired of seeing my kids Giles held in government theft. I really messed things up getting my wife into a thing like this robbery of government Eufus lands. T by Drew Pearson Washington Only an angry rumble could be heard through the heavy mahogany doors Interior committee Mem Bers pounded on the table and roared at each other last week in a free for All Over hawaiian alaskan statehood. It is strictly against Senate rules for one senator to question another s motives. Yet at one Point chairman Hugli Butler of Nebraska angrily accused those who had thwarted him on Hawaii of some ulterior Meek mannered senator Frank Barrett Wyoming Republican also turned red in the face and shouted i May be against the whole works before we get through with Hawaii and the whole damned what set off the fireworks was a neat parliamentary move by senator Clint Anderson new Mexico Democrat which tied hawaiian and alaskan statehood together. This upset gop strategy to push through statehood for Hawaii but not Alaska with its two probable democratic senators. Republican leaders thought they had All the needed votes ready but were flabbergasted when Idaho s conservative gop senator Henry Dworshak jumped the traces and voted with the democrats to keep Hawaii and Alaska together in one Bill. The resulting blow up rocked the secret hearing but this column can report what happened. Chairman flushes chairman Butler flushed with anger rasped i want to say for the record that i am keenly disappointed at this action. I think it is irregular and is done for some ulterior purpose. I am Frank in that. I think you Are doing an unfriendly act to the territory of senator Long of Louisiana a Democrat who had earlier switched to the republicans was also irritated by the Surprise vote. I will be very he said that As far As i am concerned i anticipate there May be a filibuster on this Bill and if there is a Fili Buster i object to such blurted senator Dworshak heatedly. I do not want my motives impugned by any member of this com i did not impugn your snapped the Louisiana senator. I do not regret what i shouted Dworshak pounding the table with his fist. I have heard for several years around Here that everybody is in favor of statehood. I think that every member of the Senate ought to have an Opportunity on the floor to come out for or against statehood. And not just continue to talk from now until doomsday about being for statehood for this territory and statehood for that territory without being courageous enough to go on the friends in rotary i am broke in senator Guy Cor Don Oregon Republican that this motion will prejudice alaskan statehood. I shall vote for it because since we now find ourselves More or less tied in knots with personality questions and motives involved i think it is better that we take the matter to the floor of the or. Chairman i think it is unfortunate that there have been any remarks impugning anybody s muttered senator Malone. There was so much ranting and raving going on however that Malone s mumbled remarks could t be clearly heard and at one Point Butler shouted louder please the most withering blast however was aimed at senator Anderson by the ruffled re publican senator from Wyoming. Anderson a Democrat is a former International president of rotary and was Given credit for changing the Republican vote of senator Dworshak an International director of rotary. I think this committee is not proceeding As it agreed to proceed when we went to thundered the usually mild senator Barrett of the rugged state of Wyoming. I would not have taken the time to go up to Alaska if i knew you were going to by pass the whole works. To take the judgment of senator Anderson and put him up As Over and above this whole committee does not look Good to me i will Tell you that and i do not like it. I Don t think it is playing fair and i do not think that he is doing what he said he would do in Alaska on this matter. I May be against the whole works before we get through with Hawaii and the whole damned just a moment shouted Butler rapping his Gavel. Butler was boxed one reason that chairman Butler was so upset Over combining hawaiian and alaskan statehood was that earlier in the hearing he had committed himself to vote for Alaska. had Felt this was perfectly Safe at the time not then knowing that Dworshak was ready to switch his vote. Before the Dworshak vote switch Butler had announced gentlemen i have a Short statement to make at this time. Due to the fact that i Haven t my new glasses yet i will ask Stewart French committee clerk to read it to the clerk then proceeded to read a state ment from Butler i have decided to. Vote to report the alaskan Bill out of committee. By that vote i do not necessarily commit my self As to How i shall vote on the Senate floor on the question of final passage. But there is no question about the fact that Alaska is entitled to statehood at the earliest possible Date at which they can make a go of this meant that Butler would bring alaskan statehood out As a separate Bill so it could be Defeated by a separate Senate vote. did not expect the two territories later to be linked together. Realizing that the republicans were deter mined to kill Alaska and its two probable democratic senators Washington s demo cratic senator Henry scoop Jackson asked whether the White House would veto Alaska statehood. As far As the chair is replied Butler he has no Assurance whatsoever of what the action of the White House will be on either the president has announced he is in favor of statehood for Jackson re minded him. But what he does to a Bill that passes the Senate is a different argued Butler. The president is in favor of statehood for Hawaii and i am not sure that he is not in favor of statehood for Alaska under the right kind of he has never indicated he would be for the right kind of Bill. has said shot Back Jackson. I broke in Malone As Long As this matter has reached the impasse that it has you have a Chance right hereto uphold and promote the platforms of both parties. It seems a Little unusual that we would single out one territory in favor of the in the end the committee by a 8-7 margin voted As Malone keep the two territories in the same Bill. Editor Kingsport times dear editor i would like to ask some questions and maybe some Day get some answers. Korean prisoners is the subject. I Don t know what the boys such As Cpl. Edward Dickenson did or did t do. But 1 think this court martial Busi Ness is getting a Little out of hand. After All most of the prisoners were Voung and after getting a lot this Freedom talk and so on and then a lot of chinese talk it is Apt to Blear their minds. But the question is who is going to try them someone who has been in a War prisoners Camp and been Tor tured and know or somebody who has t even been close to a front line i say that if a per son has sound mind and feeling i think that some kind of Tor Ture can make him talk like a radio. Just consider the things that can be done with fire and water cold and hunger and the other tools of War there is one word in this Little Story that i believe is slowly slipping away. Yours truly Frank Gilliam Hollywood by Erskine Johnson famous movie designer How Ard Shoup came up today with the Jackpot answer to the Dis appearance of every last Sloppy sue from the Hollywood scene. Movie town s dressed to to h e caped Teeth Cycle has nothing to do with press agent advice the Scarcity of Slacks that bag or Christmas gift orders. It s just that Marilyn Monroe Shelley Winters and their dishevelled movie Sisters according to Shoup Are reacting to the panic in the Hollywood scene. Without even knowing it whenever there s disaster in the air or a crisis women Start dressing Shoup said. In wartime women deck themselves out in fabulous clothes. The Vogue for untidiness vanished from Hollywood the minute television became a threat and Box office receipts fell off. Every actress who had been criticized for bad taste in her clothes and faulty grooming Sud Denly started paying attention to fashion. Not to mention the business of looking every Inch the Star. It like closing ranks to keep the Glamor from leaving he should know Shoup ought to know about these things. s president of the newly formed costume designers Guild with a membership of 34 Active gown Whipp Ruppers like Edith head Helen Roe and Jean Louis and eight associate sketch artists. For years movie Queens like Ann Sheridan Olivia de Havil land Smith Doris Day Esther Williams Kathryn Gray son and Virginia Mayo have waited for their Shoup to come in before stepping out on a sound stage or showing up at a movie premiere. What s More his line of gorgeous duds manufactured under his Classy Label is grabbed by the nation s Best dressed dolls in stores from san Francisco to new York. Shoup was t one bit surprised when Marilyn Monroe started blossoming out As a Hollywood fashion plate. did t fall on his face either when Shelley Winters started showing up at Giro s with her hair combed and her Torso encased in a number straight out of the Slick fashion Maga Zines. It s happened in Hollywood he explained. The Sloppy periods occur when business is Good. When people Start Wail ing that business is off when studios Cut production Way Down and Money gets tight then the stars Start dressing up. I can remember when Jeanne Crain was criticized for looking like a Small town Debutante in her big floppy hats and flowery dresses. Today she s As Chic and dramatic in what she wears As to each his own Washington Catling Washington the stakes in the Center of the poker table at the four Power conference in Berlin Are very High. It would be an exaggeration to say that the game is being played for All or nothing. But nevertheless the final outcome if the Luck turns really bad could mean the be ginning of the end of the West Ern Alliance. The russians hold cards in the if hand that have superficially at least a glittering a peal. They Are almost certain to make France two offers with a considerable propaganda allure. The first is a proposal to end the War in indo China by negotiation. For weeks the communists have been hinting that a negotiated peace is possible. The French Are sick to death of the bloody struggle that has gone on for More than eight years in the indo chinese Jungle with no sign that it can be resolved in a Clear Cut decision. A powerful political undercut any woman in the world. June Allyson dresses up i recall june Allyson getting brickbats for tearing around with her hair flying and dress ing like a High school girl. You Don t see Many women who Are better dressed than june these Shoup said. Marilyn hit stardom just As the stars r were pulling out of the drowsy Era and dressing up. Her questionable taste in clothes was noticeable Only because everybody else was so Well Shoup was born in Dallas tex., and started sketching costumes As a member of the thriving Little theater group in the City of Oil Wells and millionaires with Diamond studded shoe laces. studied at Pratt Institute in new clicked with his first de signs for a dress manufacturer and was grabbed by Warner Bros after stirring up fashion Waters As a designer for Hattie Carnegie and Bonwit Teller. Says Shoup the successful Star today is one who trusts her designer or any of the other gifted technicians assigned to her. A Movia Star in t supposed to have a taste in clothes. She gets to the set at six in the morning and she does t get Home until seven. The average stenographer knows More about clothes than a movie rent has developed in France in favor of ending the conflict and bringing Back most of the troops As quickly As possible. One Factor has been the insistent demand of the indo chinese associated states for Complete Independence. What is the Good of these heavy casualties and the Cost of a billion dollars a year if at the end we Are to turn every thing Over to the associated states Many French Are asking. To United states policy Mak ers this seems incredibly Short sighted since if indo China goes. Communist All of South East Asia is very Likely to fall. At almost any Point in the three years of the korean War we might have asked the same question the French Are now asking. In the belief of those who try to look realistically at the Strug Gle for Asia a negotiated peace would mean in a relatively Short time communist control of All of indo China. One can however understand the attractiveness of such an offer to Many in France where neutralise is the equivalent of the go it alone philosophy of Many americans who would like to adopt the Bricker amendment Roll up the and barricade fortress America. The second card in the rus Sian hand is a proposal to main Tain a permanently de militarized Germany. This is even More phony than the indo China of Fer. If a draconian peace had been enforced on Germany such As the soviet Union wanted and As was envisaged in the Morgen Thau plan for reducing the Ger by Marquis Childs of some such Supra National organization As the North Atlantic treaty organization or the european defense Community. But As with the bait of peace for indo China this offer will have a great attractiveness. The allure of a Franco russian treaty to hold Germany permanently in Check has already exerted its fascination for those same elements who in the years leading up to 1939 believed that France could make terms with nazi Germany allowing Hitler to turn against Russia instead of the West. The attraction that these appeals will exert on the French Are quite evident to Secretary of state John Foster Dulles and the other members of the Amer ican delegation in Berlin. But they cannot take the Lead in knocking Down these proposals at the conference. It is this fact which makes Dulles position singularly difficult. In View of All the circumstances his role must be More or less a passive one. The initiative belongs to the French and specifically to for eign minister Georges Bidault. The role of saying no May not be a Happy one under the Circum stances. It will go counter to a considerable body of French opinion. But unless Bidault Steps into this role supported quietly behind the scenes by the British and american delegations the conference is Likely to end in defeat for the West. The consequences if Dulles were to step conspicuously into the role of no Sayer Are All too apparent. would seem to be mans to an agricultural people reaching a decision for France then permanent de militarization might have been possible. But even under those Circum stances it would have been dubious necessitating a continuing Large scale occupation by foreign troops. Given the extraordinary vital Ity of the germans their will to Power it is inevitable that sooner or later they will have the instruments of military Force. As american policy makers see it therefore this Force must be contained within the framework that Only the French people can take. Already in France there is widespread resentment of the either or position Dulles has taken either France must rat Ify the european defense Community treaty or America will be compelled to revise its foreign policy. There is a feeling that this is an intolerable threat to a proud nation. So now Dulles must wait in the background. And the frail slight Bidault must carry the Burden in this time of testing. Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe an englishman says most american children have their own Why with their parents. Oddly enough department child psychologists say the Best Way to raise a child is not to pick it up a fellow suggests that Gretna Green should be called haste and Reno renamed Leisure. Be cause that is where so much marrying and repenting Are done. The strapless evening gown has proved a most disappointing men. They never slip. Some men have been hoping the strapless gown would be a Flop. There Are Many ways to skin a cat. People say that looking very smart. But who on Earth wants to skin a cat that s the trouble. There Are always All sorts of ways to do things that people have no de sire to do like cat skinning but so few ways to do things you want to do like balancing your budget or meeting Marilyn Mon Roe. Nobody Ever went through life without accomplishing anything. To go through life without accomplishing anything is itself an accomplishment. When a Man can look Back at his life and see nothing at All that he is ashamed of that is not a sign he has lived a Noble life. It May just mean that he is very nearsighted when it comes to looking Back. Know a fellow who keeps a horse instead of a dog. says it is much More comfortable for him when he crosses his wife. Says he d rather be in the horse House than the Doghouse. The sports editor was writing a Brief account of the epic Bat the Between Joe Glezz and Pete Suzz. Glezz fainted Suzz in newspaper parlance 30 Means the end. With unmarried ladles it Means the end of their birthdays. The Constitution seems to be suffering from a Case of Amend men Titis. So Many people want to change it. Maybe the patient just needs rest. A taxi passenger taking a Long trip got a nervous breakdown watching meter and it is suggested that meters be kept out of sight. In that Case the fellow would just have had a heart attack. Some say that Coffee they can t drink i like it. They say it won t let pm sleep a Wink i like it. I know it in t Good for me the Price is High i will agree. But when All is said and done you i like it. I know that i should Cut it out but i like it. I m just a sucker i have no doubt but i like it. But what s the use i cannot Bluff to Stop i Haven t will enough i simply have to have the i like it Mccarthy has surrendered to the democrats in the committee squabble and the democrats Are not quite sure whether to be glad about it or not. When you. Are out elephant Hunting it s Nice to have a tar get that is easy to hit and when that target is taken away the shooting becomes tougher. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . T Side glances t. M. U. S. Of. A tier. 1954 by Nea inc. You know Buster sometimes i re not quite my writes mrs. H., can i get information about the re Factor of the blood so i can understand although an extremely complicated subject i shall try to oblige. The re Factor is a substance which is present in the blood of some people and not in others the blood of anyone can be tested for this substance and today this is one of several tests frequently used to find out what blood groups a person belongs to. The particular importance of the re Factor however is in re lation to pregnancy because it May affect the health of the off Spring. The re Factor is not easy to explain in simple terms because there Are sub groups and Many things which doctors have to know concerning the re Factor. In Short 87 per cent of us have an obscure substance in our blood which classify us As being re positive. The other 13 per cent Are called re negative and sometimes they become sensitive to re positive blood with pos sible dangers connected with pregnancy or blood transfusion. If a woman has re negative blood and to becomes pregnant with a re positive child because the father is re positive the child May be born with a disease known As Erythroblastosis fetal is. However this does not always occur. The first child is usually healthy and often later ones unless the Mother has previously received blood transfusions with re positive blood. This is some thing becoming More rare be cause of greater care in this mat Ter. Only about one woman in 25 or 50 with re negative blood and an re positive husband gives birth to a baby with Erythroblastosis. Little to worry about it should be pointed out also that even if a child does have Erythroblastosis much can be done by prenatal care and by giving blood transfusion so that in Many cases it can be saved from the standpoint of parents it May be useful to sum Marize the situation if both parents Are re positive there is Little to worry about. If both Are re negative there is nothing to worry about. If the Mother is re positive and the father re Nega Tive there is nothing to worry about. If the Mother is re Nega Tive and the father re positive occasional trouble can be anticipated but this is by no Means inevitable. Ouf our Way

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