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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 27, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee12 wednesday Jan. K1ngsport times mexican governor plans labor Pool for u. S. Growers Mexicali Baja calif., mexi co governor of Baja California suggested today that a vast labor Pool of mexican braceros be up to Supply the demands of growers in both the United states and Mexico. Gov. Araullo Maldonado whose capital City of Mexicali was Over run with mexican workers from the Interior seeking jobs in the United states told newsmen i believe an International la Bor treaty Between our two countries would solve our current tense situation. I suggest a farm employment Agency at Mexicali through which California farm ers could draw an abundant sup ply of agricultural labor. The labor Force would be made up of people who could make permanent Homes in our Community. They would be Ideal workmen because our crops and climate Are the same As yours. I think that a private Agency supervised by our government could do the the mexican official made his report As tension eased somewhat after week end near riots off when the mexican government shut the Border to workers seeking farm jobs in California. American government to discarded truck explodes kills 9-year-old boy Atlanta ins year old boy died a Early nine today from injuries received in what Atlanta police termed one of the strangest accidents in their experience. Damon Leon Belcher was play ing in an open Field near Hape Volle yesterday afternoon. Sud Denly a discarded and forgotten truck exploded with the Force of a charge of dynamite in his face. Officers said a grass fire apparently burned through the rusted Gas tank of the truck and caused the explosion. Escaping gases and1 flames ignited the boy s clothing. Two men ran from a nearby service station with blankets and extinguished the fire on the boy. He was rushed to Grady hos Pital where he lived until this morning. Coeburn democrats select Delegate Coeburn a. Spa Coe Burn democrats have selected delegates for the Bristol Conven Tion on january 30. Delegates irom East Coeburn Are mrs. Cynthia Boatwright b. H. Body Frank Yeary John Mac Kilgore w. B. Lay Clay Day shut its Side of the Border after stating it had filled its present quota for Imperial Val Ley farm workers. Road to reviewed by Smith a Bright future devoid of wars and with enough food for All Mankind without Reliance on farms. This picture is drawn by or. Jacob Rosin in his Book Road to Mcgraw Hill 166 pages according to c. G. Smith of Tennessee Eastman company who reviewed the Book tuesday at Mack Ray s cafeteria. Smith s review was the second in a regular tuesday noon Day series sponsored by the adult education division of the Kings port Library. According to or. Rosin As Smith told it the Miracle of 1954 Cadillac series 62 styling highlight of the 1954 Cadillac series 62 six Pas Senger Sedan is the integral Windshield visor formed by the roof s Forward overhang. Dramatic new styling and new Chassis and suspension engineering make the 1954 Cadillac a major Auto motive Advance establishing important future trends according to Don e. Ahrens general manager of Cadillac motor car division. Panoramic Windshield front arid rear end de signs new Low length of body lines and increased Interior roominess Are outstanding. With improved steering braking handling and Riding qualities the new Cadillac delivers even greater smoothness and responsiveness from its High compression v-8 engine. New Cadillac on display at Latimer Looney today a dramatically new exterior and Interior automotive styling for 1954 was revealed today by j. M. General sales Man Ager of Cadillac motor car division in his presentation of the new Cadillac models. Compression Cadillac v-8 engine to further increase its efficiency result in an even greater performance of 230 he stated. Taking this engine As a Start ing Point Cadillac engineers chemistry will supplant the need for plants and mines. Substitutes Wilt be developed Power will be drawn from the Sun and eight hours a month will be All the time needed to do the work. Most wars. Smith quoted or. Rosin As asserting Are brought on by a nation s need for More abundant raw materials. In the future science will solve this will be enough for All and thus the major cause War will be eliminated. Smith cited As a recent development the extraction of magnesium from sea water which is Rich in minerals. This is but one Small example of the developments that May lie ahead As the vistas of chemistry Are opened he pointed out. Abingdon no bootleggers Abingdon a. Are no bootleggers in Abingdon or Washington county. At least that was the verdict of a grand jury which reported after deliberation tuesday that it could find no Concrete Evi Dence against bootleggers which would Merit indictment. J the jury session was the Cul imitation of a struggle during j the recent Abc store referendum when the citizens committee for Temperance distributed circulars charging that there were 32 Active bootleggers in Abingdon. Litton North Coeburn delegates j. E. Hilton orb Vaughn mrs. Ruth o Dell mrs. Virginia Clay South Coeburn delegates w. N. Carico Melvin Holbrook w. A. Carico mrs. J. P. Counts West Coeburn delegates Garland Campbell and Worley Collier. Defendant tells strange Story in wife beating a Kingsport Man charged with beating his wife tuesday offered a unique explanation for Black and Blue Marks which she offered As evidence. She s always bumping into the he told the judge. I Don t know the times she has bumped into the tables chairs and sessions court judge s. G. Gilbreath classified the explanation the most unique i be Ever and fined the Man for assault and Battery. He also placed the 24-year-old defendant under a Bond for failure to support his wife and three children. Day will speak on Asia interest Wise a. Spa Robin Day of the British information serv ice Washington will Lead the first of a series of four forums on International relations slated wednesday at 8 . At the High school auditorium. Day will speak on american and British attitudes and inter est in his talk will Deal with some of the Basic causes of disagree ments Between the american and British Asia. The new Cadillac is now on have accomplished mechanical display at Latimer Looney Che improvements As far reaching As Rolet company inc. Never has this division offered the Cadillac owner such a harmonious combination of the styling and engineering values that make for motoring Satis fac or. Roche stated. A multitude of advanced Cadillac show he styling changes. Foremost among these is a new suspension system that brings important gains in the car s steadiness directional stability and Driver control. Basic changes make driving easier and Speed the car s response to drive car features Quality craftsman or wishes. Among these Are a ship and scientific skill have wider front tread and suspension viewpoint toward in . Of doctors tests pain relieved without surgery i in Case after Case of simple Pilos. Bloc Dir stopped so Clink reduced cock inn piles shrunk with out surgery thanks to amazing it Pazo ointment in 9 cases out o 10, pain was 3lopptd or materially reduced. Pazo acts to lubricate relieve Hwn instantly. Hundreds of doctors prescribe it in tubes also modern the forum series is made pos sible through the University of Virginia Extension division in cooperation with Wise county civic clubs. Jonesboro Farmer Dies in Auto wreck a 29-year-old Jonesboro Farmer was killed late last night when his car spun out of control and struck a Rock embankment about three Miles North of John son City on Highway 23. The victim Walter Carl White was pronounced dead on arrival at a Johnson City Hospital. Tennessee Highway patrolman James Long who investigated the Accident quoted a passenger of the death car Robert King Houte 4, Jonesboro As saying hey were meeting a car on the Highway and White apparently joined to create a new Automo bile worthy of the highest Pride of ownership. The eight Auto mobiles making up Cadillac s line for 1954 Are transformed by a new modern styling and new Hassis and suspension design producing extraordinary Riding and handling Quality. Throughout the selection a dignified restraint and lower Onger appearances dominate the be body styles Are As much As of Tarqi the rare 1% inches lower in Over All St Louis the care height while Hood height is Laiful questioning of prospective 3 11-16 inches lower. I jurors went into the Day horizontal lines sweeping i today at the Federal court con restly rearward and a Fuller trial of five alleged mis Gration of various exterior Souri communist leaders in St. Parts emphasize the ground Louis. Hugging construction of the 1954 Only 85 of the original panel Roche pointed 150 venire men remained when design new rear Spring design and new steering prospective jurors Are questioned in communist trial cops investigate found in wrecked Auto Wrens a. And Fri agents today were investigating the finding of in the wreckage of an automobile that carried four persons to death. The Money was found yester Day by mechanics at a Wrens garage. Several persons had searched the car prior to the Dis covery. One of the persons a woman had asked for and received the spare tire off the car before the discovery of the Money. Sheriff a John Stanley of dealer charged with Selling obscene books Coral Gables Fla. Ins a Coral Gables Book dealer is under indictment today on charges of shipping obscene books in interstate Commerce. Sidney Bromberg operator of the bookworm Book store in Coral Gables is accused on two counts and if convicted faces a maximum penalty of five years in jail and on each count. Bromberg 31, surrendered at the United states marshal s of fice in Coral Gables and was re leased after posting Bond. Shivers blasts Ike s program Austin Tex. Ins Texas governor Allan Shivers who helped Lead the Southern revolt against the democrats in 1952, has criticized Eisenhower farm policies Federal Aid to education and the foreign Aid program. The governor also advocated passage of the Bricker Amend ment which would limit a presi Dent s treaty making Powers. President Eisenhower has opposed the amendment. Shivers made his statements last night during a radio pro Gram from Austin Tex. Despite his criticism the Texas Democrat praised or. Eisen Hower for his accomplishments during the Republican administration s first year in office. 2 die As plane crashes in Trees Portland Ore. Two men died yesterday when a Jet Pilot guided his powerless plane into a Grove of Trees to avoid crashing into a residential sub restaurant owner finds honest thief Phoenix Ariz. Mrs. Harry Decovich was having a peaceful slumber in her living quarters behind the cafe she operates. An intruder barger1 in during the night apparently with Bur Glary motives. The noise aroused mrs. Decio Vich who found the culprit be Hind the counter. He said he was hungry and would Settle for some Ham and eggs. Still speedy Baltimore Sla cum 48-year-old store manager said he used to run the 100-Yard dash in 10 seconds As a High school track Man. He s still pretty fast. Yesterday he caught a 26 year old purse snatcher after a two Block sprint and turned him Over to police. Classified display she served his breakfast and he departed with a thank you and no loot. Mrs. Decovich told sheriff s deputies that the Man said he preferred food to Money. Ehhel master s Champion Pitot a ported reported u. James Ken anew and Benjamin , 33, All c la a 4-year-old girl Barbara Lee of who had been playing in another woman victim of the s Accident received a broken neck it costs nothing for a safety Check Bear automotive safety service front end repair Brake service alignment balancing 114 slyly St. Dial Circle 6-9551 311 Cherokee i 7-7411 protective Headlamp visors Are formed by the extending up per surfaces of the front fenders themselves. From this Point the front fender line flows directly Back to Rise gently at the Stone guard and continue to prominent crisply tailored Tail lamp fins. There the line drops abruptly to new vertical bumper Exten Sions housing round Jet Type dual exhaust ports. Three areas of the 1954 Cadillac s appearance presenting the most striking innovations have received exceptionally concentrated attention from our stylists. These Are the front Grille and bumper Assembly the wind shield and the rear bumper As Sembly. Derived from the styling of the 1953 Cadillac be mans experimental show car the new Cadillac Grille is of finely spaced cellular construction. Sensitively modelled it forms a clean Verti Cal front line rising Between bumper guards to new Render Ings of the Cadillac v and Crest and goddess Hood ornament. New Gull Wing bumpers which Arch gracefully upward to tapered bumper guards leave this Grille line essentially unbroken. Standard on All 1954 Cadiz or. Roche stressed is the panoramic Windshield with ver tical pillar body design which appeared As a production Cadillac feature for the first time Ini 1953 and Only on the special Al Dorado convertible. Greatly increasing visibility this Windshield adds tremendously to both driving safety and passenger pleasure. A new ventilation Grille extends across the cowl at the base today s sesion opened. Eight persons were disqualified by presiding judge Roy w. Harper yesterday after the names of Joseph Stalin Karl Marx v. I. Lenin and other communist leaders were injected but reported improving in Louisville Hospital. Former government worker files suit bribe whue a Federal employee. T airmen were stationed said n a preliminary investigation by flying wreckage. Her Mother mrs. Thomas Cox told of the crash this Way my Mother and i were in my living room talking when we heard this noise. When we looked out the window we could see wreckage All Over the Yard. Mother ran out to the Back where Barbara was playing and then i went out for terrific All Channel vhf reception this new kind of to Antenna will bring you clearest brightest pictures your set can deliver on channels 2 to 13 and it can to used in 1-Bay, 2-Bay or 4-Bay arrays for Best reception in any for picture detail you never dreamed possible in every vhf Channel get your dealer to install Channel master s Champion electronics distributors Kingsport Tennessee see your local to dealer contended a j indicate eco Ken Ana disgrace Trees when be realized a crash As. A result of the accusation. Patrick m. French president of into the trial at the request manufacturing co., the defense. A Nashville and vice president of the eight were excused Mcminnville garment co., my judge Harper asked if the pro Jim Neville was named defendant. A Federal court jury found Duncan innocent last nov. 13 of a charge that he suggested that French pay him Duncan later released after 18 years service was assigned to examine clothes manufactured for the government at the Mcminnville Plant. Wed. City court judge Lacey West fined a 33 year old Kingsport. Labourer recently of Maine wednesday morning in City court on spec Tive jurors had read or Dis cussed the writings of the named russian leaders and followed with two questions on whether the panel members had formed opinions on the subject. The disqualified jurors All said they had concluded that the writings of the leaders advocated the overthrow of the government by Force. Five others were excused when the said they had Bias or prejudice which prevented them from affording the defendants an impartial trial. One Man disqualified himself charges of Drunken driving and earlier when he said his Contact driving without a License with the american legion and the Man had pleaded guilty to Ost control. Long said the car was Corn its publications had prejudiced him. The defendants Robert Manewitz or. And mrs. James p. Forest Marcus a. Murphy and William Sentner Are charged with violation of the Smith act by conspiring to advocate the overthrow of the government by Force. Contractor claims was unavoidable. Theater executive Dies 01 gun wound Nashville Elmer Baulch 50, theater Chain executive died Here yesterday of a self inflicted pistol wound police said. Baulch was president of cres cent amusement co. Which oper ates motion picture Heaters in Tennessee Alabama and Ken Tucky. His father in Law the late Tony sudekum founded the firm. Police said Baulch shot himself at his Home. A member of the family said he had been de pressed recently. Don t let expensive Auto repairs keep your Wallet pinched Trade in the Back breaking Jalopy fur an economical reconditioned Cherokee motors used car. 1951 Ford custom "8" 2-door radio and Heater. Overdrive. Cherokee motors 1949 Buick super 4-door radio Heater new seat covers Good tires. Buick 600 e. Sullivan St. Olds dial Circle 5-5128 Chattanooga h. G. Ridge Haust fume level while the no Petely demolished. Davis named police chief at Coeburn Coeburn a. C. Davis of Grundy has been named chief of police Here to replace b. S. Funk who resigned several weeks ago. Davis has served Many years As. A Law enforcement officer and has an excellent record in police work according to r. H. Carico town manager. Carico said that one of the present members of the police Force Here would be re leased to make room for the new officer but declined to name the patrolman at present Claude Brummitt Ray Maine and Bob Taylor comprise the three Man staff. Draft vent takes on a new Square shape fitting it to the vertical Forward body pillar. Above the Side windows a new door reveal molding not Only accentuates the car s Low lines but provides a protective overhang. Prominent in the new rear end styling Are the round dual exhaust openings and the Verti Cal rear bumber extensions con fining them. These features first developed for the be mans and a new rear bumper treat ment add a new degree of Dis Lincton. The theme for Cadillac s new Interior scheme is set by the get Keviet quicker fun year calf with the All important a a Factor in the new intense Jird amazingly quicker action incredibly More effective threatened to who would strike on every pre text if he successfully bid on a project Here. Kent said Earl w. Burnette and a representative of the Chattanooga chapter of the Al National electrical contractors association told him he would get workers who would be instructed not to do a Day s work and who would strike on every pretext if he was awarded a Job at the Volunteer ordnance works. Kent a partner in the Haga Man electric co., made the state ment while testifying yesterday the License charge but not guilty to Drunken driving. He argued on the stand that since his car was stopped at the time of the arrest the officers had no right j to arrest him for Drunken driving even though they had been following him. He said he had had three Beers in Johnson City. A 60-year-old to patient from soldiers Home at Johnson City was fined for Public drunk enness. He pleaded not guilty. Other fines were two fines for Public drunkenness. Forfeitures included one Bond for speeding in a school zone one Fine for speeding four Bonds for illegal Park ing and Bonds totalling for overtime parking. Estate Pok Sale modern design of the instrument at the trial of Burnette and to panel following the 180 degree sweep of the panoramic wind shield. Styled in ribbed Chrome it runs Back across the door to form a mounting for door controls. A new cushioned anti Glare instrument panel cover another show car feature follows Back along the door s window Sill. The most minute details of the car s Interior Are restyled with attention Given to clean flowing modern lines and sur faces. At the same time As throughout the car Cadillac holds to its exacting standards of Quality the Cadillac executive went on to emphasize the effects of the division s engineering advances for 1954. Modifications to the High Cal 175, state National brother Hood of electrical workers for which he is business agent. They Are charged with Violat ing the anti Trust act by agree ing with a contractor group Here to Rig bids on a selective basis. The Union allegedly promised to Supply no. Skilled labor to con tractors who did not belong to the cliques. Burnette the local and some other firms and individuals were indicted by. A Federal grand jury last year. Burnette and the local denied the charges the others pleaded no contest and paid fines. The trial for Burnette and the local opened monday in Federal court. Dial Circle 6-4147 5-room Home across Street from Lynn View High school this five room Home is of recent construction and one of the Best built Homes of the entire area. It is located on paved Street with All Public conveniences. Its modern features consist of a full basement forced i hot air Oil Furnace plastered Walls and Many other advantages that make this Home one of the Best buys that we have at present time the splendid Workman Alip and the Best of arc ready for your inspection by calling i 6-4147. Tic owner is Selling this Home for Lees limn lie paid for it some three years ago. 4 i room Brick with Utility room located on Wool Side ave. This Brick Home is on a Corner lot with All the modern conveniences that can be had. It is located on the bus line Only one Block from the Andrew Johnson school with shopping centers equally a close. There Ara plastered Walls electric heat Hardwood plast floor s and Many other features that make this Home an out standing buy. Sunnyside addition located just Back of the Sunnyside school this 4-room Home has Complete Bath Hardwood floors Tabletop water Heater elec tric stove and one acre of land that lays Well and suitable for that Farden spot. F. J. Brownell son i 5-4147 Salesman Ray Hutch Tjon i 6-22m used cars 1951 Chevrolet flee line deluxe 2-door Sedan Black finish fully equipped excellent tires. A local car. Extra clean inside and out. S995.00 1951 Ford custom 8 2-door Sedan radio Heater plastic seat covers and other accessories. Original dark Green finish excellent Condi Tion. See this one for Only 1g50 Chevrolet flee line deluxe 2-door Sedan Black finish radio and Heater Back up lights spot Light Chrome wheel rings bumper ends. A Beautiful car priced at Only 1947 Olds "76" club Coupe Hydra Matic radio Heater dark Gray finish. Obod tires. Looks Good and drives Good for 1946 Ford 2-door 8 Blok. Heater plastic seat extra Good and runs Good for the Model. Drive it Home for Only Latimer Looney Chevrolet inc. 713 e. Sullivan St

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