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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 27, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseePalestine Story trip through holy land reveals refugees loss War with Arabia editor s note generations have Trown up Callanc it the holy land the territory a entering around Jerusalem a City where christians jews and moslem have but for several years the holy land has been torn by strife. There is an armistice but it frequently echoes to gunfire. Exactly what is the situation today on both sides of the armistice line what Hopes of peace exist a correspondent was assigned to report v the facts As he saw them. He travelled Miles through Arab and israeli i Arras and talked with scores of persons. This is the first of his Artle is by Lynn Heinzerling Jerusalem can t be any doubt about who lost the 1948 War Between Israel and her Arab neighbors. The losers Are still sitting around the Battle Field ragged sullen and Ful. These Are the Palestine Refu of them officially have endured their exile Normal life for nearly six years. Their Arab leaders say they must return to their former Homes now in Israel. Israel says they will never return. Grouped in an irregular reproachful Semi Circle around the land frontiers of Israel in Leba non Syria Jordan and the lion was discontinued because of the criticism. The Palestine arabs always were among the most literate of Middle Eastern Peoples or. Said. Now they Are the captives of circumstances. They have become one of Trie Basic political realities of the Middle East. No political Leader can ignore them. Although More than 121 Mil lion dollars has been spent on re Lief spokesmen for the refugees condemn Unhwa Arab governments and offer most Only supporting. Five of the 10 men in the Jor the Yarmuk project is being Dan Cabinet Are palestinians. Held in abeyance pending con diplomats believe Jor Side ration of a new unified Dan would Settle with Israel for scheme for developing the re a Token repatriation of perhaps sources of the Jordan River. This and a part of project prepared by the Tennes Galilee. But Jordan s voice is too see Valley authority at the re the Arab grudging cooperation. Or. Izzat Tannous general Secretary of Palestine refugee committees in Lebanon Calls the Unhwa ration one on which an animal could hardly refugee spokesmen insist that Al refugees must return to their Homes now in Israel even though More than jewish immigrants have moved into Israel in the meantime and Kents is rash a quest of Unhwa would include Israel. This has raised suspicions and doubts in the minds of the arabs. Many International officials say Syria with Only Refu gees has the greatest possibilities for resettlement of All the Arab countries directly involved. Be tween the Tigris and euphrates Rivers in Northern Syria Mil Lions of acres of land in the Al Nazirah Plain Are Only partly cultivated. The late Husni a Zaim who held Power briefly in Damascus in 1949, said privately he could Settle All the Arab Refu gees there with 500 million Dol Lars. United nations officials say the government has Cooper these immigrants Are Rei Geeb moment in the spirit and Europe. They have taken Unhwa. But president i egyptian controlled Gaza Arab villages not destroyed. Shish Ekley who owes his nun Dreos of a must give i a no let no Opportunity to the opposition issued a Pamp met Thor. Vip has the refugees sit and Brood Over i and built hundreds of Settle their misfortune. Each year 000 now refugees Are born. Tannous they live in tents in shacks mud or Straw huts in caves. What kind of a democracy some have found crowded we living under when a Refu gees with friends or relatives., gee Only a few Yards from his they have taken Over mosques Home cannot go Back to it and old military Barracks and stables. Live a peaceful and free life Many others who fled from their i the refugees insist on their Homes in Palestine with return to their Homeland and the Are now asking for Aid. Arab countries for social eco their Best Friend is Unhwa. and political reasons look the United nations Relief and in Forward to the Clay when All Refu works Agency for Palestine Refu gees will return to their gees. It spends some 25 million dollars each year for their food education and medical attention refugees Only live in the 61 of the official the israeli government in a White paper on the Arab Refu gees contends that for Arab political leaders the refugee ques Unhwa Tion is a purely political adds for Israel to take Camps stretching from Aleppo it Syria in the North to the desert wastes of Gaza in the South. The rest live the Best they can. At of blood the Start of each month All line i countries which Are Bent on its up and receive from Unhwa 22 extermination would be Little pounds of flour and some Rice dried peas or Beans Oil or fat and to complain that he has recognized the state of Israel and accepted the principle of settling refugees outside Israel. He has agreed to turn Over Public lands for refugees As Long As there Are refugees in Syria. Unhwa already has drilled five Wells in the desert 30 Miles from Damascus grown a Small crop Hinson husband of the former miss Gladys Joan Blizard of Kings port and Raymond Clyde Bunn of Kingsport were graduated monday at the univer sity of Tennessee medical school in Memphis. Burm received a doctor of Medicine de Gree and received the degree of doctor of dental sur Gery. He will locate with the and built 20 houses. Eventually it North Carolina Public health is hoped to Settle Between i service in Salisbury Jan. 1, and refugees there. There is Little Hope of resettling any of the refugees in Leba non where there already is an unemployment problem. Another and Bunn will Interne one year at Knoxville general Hospital beginning Jan. 1. Consideration is that Lebanon Israel to in a Lai go has a Christian majority of about hostile population United by ties1 52 per cent according to the last of blood with the surrounding census. Acceptance of refugees mostly moslem would upset this balance Short of suicidal. But the Case Jordan made refugees u i . Wii a against repatriation of the Arab Cut Lem on the order Emu peas or Deans on or Lai Ana sugar with a piece of soap. This refugees rests not merely on con Abdullah who usually lasts about 25 Days. of Security. The Pat rated for Israel Tern of Arab life As it was before the refugees together with the 1948 in Israel j no longer exists wartime of parts refugees must scrounge or bar Ter for their food the rest of the month. Some of them Are militantly expressive. Many after five years Are apathetic and resigned to a life of useless Ness. But All Are eager for their children to know something better than the drab life into which they have fallen. About children Are being and cannot be of Palestine with a population of 1li act ii v it i . Actually Many of the nearly doubled Jordans would not want to live in Israel population one responsible source estimated Amman the capital not Many that not More than 25 per ago a Dusty desert Village mainly landowners would mud roads and a Popia j Tion of now has about 000. A building Boom is on and Many refugees have found pm to return. Unhwa has a 200 million Dol Lar fund for development pro taught by refugee teachers jets in Arab countries capable of in Unhwa elementary schools. Absorbing refugees. The Only a another have been agreements so far Are with fitted to private or Public Jordan for an irrigation and schools in their countries of ref Power scheme using the Waters Uge. J of the Yarmuk River and with or Robert Westwater former i Egypt for a project to irrigate chief inspector of Public schools acres of the Sinai desert in Ottawa Heads Unhwa s Edu with Nile River water. If completed the projects would make perhaps refugees self cation division. He says a vocational training program also is being expanded but it is difficult to find jobs for graduates. Or. Westwater says he has encountered a widespread feel ing that a Man who works with his hands is Low caste and. Is seeking to establish the dignity of one Effort to help refugees to find jobs shattered on the opposition of refugee spokesmen and a part of the Arab press. The Junhwa placement officer mrs. Olga Hyka of new York had the occupations of 000 refugees. She was accused of listing refugee skills for the u. A army use in a War with the soviet Union. She was1 also accused of being a zionist she had managed to place refugees in private employment when the class Ifica ploy ment. In fact most of the men in the Jabal Husein refugee Camp in the Hills above Amman Are employed. Because they agreed to work for As Little As 50 cents a Day they displaced most of the previous working Force. Many of the displaced labourers in turn were taken into Jordan s crack Little army the Arab legion. Sullivan assigned savings Bond quota Sullivan county has been As signed a quota of in sales of series a and a savings Bonds during 1954, according to or Nat Copenhaver and Philip Farnham county savings Bonds co chairmen. The u. S. Savings Bonds Divi Sion has adopted As its slogan for the year a billion More in 54." Tennessee s share of the National quota of has been set at in announcing the county quota or. Copenhaver and or. Farn Ham urged All Sullivan count ians to support the saving Bonds pro Gram in every Way possible. He pointed out that by purchasing these Bonds americans Are help ing to stabilize the nation s econ omy and establish sound while at the same time they Are building secure futures four couples get marriage licenses four couples obtained marriage licenses at the county clerk s office in Itin sport last week. They included Hobart Mckinley Quinlen jr., Gate City and Peggy to Simcox Kingsport Billy Joe Lee and Mary Jarie Kaltaler both of Kingsport. Jessie Bobert Hilton Church Hill and Madge Helen Smith Jonesboro George Davis Kingsport and june Alline Jen Kins Partridge by. Kingsport today wednesday celtic auditorium wrestling in main Aud Oriu m Shower party la club rooms chess club in Corner room Douglass recreation Center game Boom basketball Frink l. Cloud recreation Center recreation Center activities Junior 111 he gymnasium Kozy Nook is Garden be a is Poston Gro. B 15 gymnasium Latimer Looney is Roberts signs Lone Star thursday civic Audubon screen tour in main auditorium violin class in Corner room Frank l. Cloud recreation Center childrens recreation Center school activity Washington gymnasium blues is bad. St. 1st presbyterian is Alpha is Kobi Caon Transfer is Sunshine Gro. Junior High gymnasium Bucks pro. Custard is kit. Munal clinic is Model City girls Dobyns Taylor is Friday civic auditorium basketball games in main auditorium kit. Oil is Mead is kit. Press w. B. Greene is Washington gymnasium his saints is boys Moose Lodge is bad. St. Latimer Looney is Lone Star Roberts signs is Robinson Junior High gymnasium Vermont is we Ltd Sullivan k. K. Is Frank l. Cloud recreation Center Square dancing Douglaas recreation Center game room basketball game saturday civic auditorium gospel singing in main auditorium Frank l. Cloud recreation Center recreation Center activities Douglass recreation Center basketball game adult Kingsport inn thursday noon club room room Friday kiwanis luncheon noon club room tractor flips injuring rider a 48-year-old Gar Dens Man was treated at Holston Valley Community Hospital for minor injuries suffered when the tractor which he was driving turned Over on him tuesday afternoon. The Man identified As Homer Compton was treated for bruises of the. Chest and right knee. He was released of treatment. Compton told attendants that Kingsport times wednesday Jan. 11 it s mum i v drive in tonight desert rats9 Robert Newton James Mason Steve Cochran the tanks Are coming radio programs the tractor turned Over and the steering wheel caught his right Edward g. Robinson Paulette Goddard squad comedy sport big double feature Savage Jungle danger elephant Stampede starring Bomba the Jungle boy no. 2 Cary Grant Ann Sheridan in i was a male War Bride m Vincent Price Judith Anderson produced and directed by Otto Preminger screen play by Jay Dratler Samuel Hoffenstein and Betty Reinhardt Zwart Fox today thursday a Man built f woman born to to a trap of clashing emotions David e. Rose presents Yvonne Rock Decarlo Hudson Maxwell Reed i. Color cartoons More thrills color cartoon cracked quack also Novelty 2 thrilling Days today thurs. Wept wept pm 1400 pc. 98.5 me. Win a y l o Gate City a. Today thursday no. Buster Crabbe in Border madmen no. 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On gloom Chaser hug Rel Elua Chaser morning form Roundup 6 10 gloom Chaser pastor s study 6 40 gloom Chaser Kwa gloom Chaser scoreboard be gloom Clair world news rot Dup 8 15 Kingsport Calendar gloom Chaser 8 30 Allen Roui o orchestra meditations 9-00-Djivls a la carte bets Harrell calling mid morning musicals for you Urcal the Back strike it Ricott 30 phrase to fit your mood f a. 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Discussion by Nowa and and no family news and news and Dally dinner lies Mary la Lone Ranger news Man s news Perry Fri in peace and 8-Clty Nightmare 21st Stawny m. Deadline Culmo Hladlo Nawa the most Basic of All emotions was never treated More amusingly than by Boccac Cio in his famous Clas sic the decameron.7 decameron nights kill fully com Bines and tas t e j u 11 y blends bits of Giovanni Boccac Cio s own life with three of his i most fabulous stories of the first is Paganino the a spicy tale of a Young wife who married to an elderly gent who prefers astrology to marital Bliss permits herself to be captured by a hand some Young pirate to teach her husband a lesson. The second tale la Wager on a naughty but Nice sketch concerning an elderly merchant who loses Faith in his Beautiful Young wife on the strength of circumstantial Evi Dence presented him by a Dar ing Young rogue who has previously goaded him into a bet on his wife s virtue. The third Story is the Doc Tor s a saucy racy and delicate matter of Matri Mony which takes place when the wife finds herself spurned by the mate who has wed her at the command of his King. I tarring recommended for adults Only r to radio features at and Pete Smith news events 0 on Earth could Stop awesome Power m viable menace added Leon Errol 3 Days starting today

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