Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Jan 27 1954, Page 10

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 27, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDis reminds me of when 1 was a kid. Boy Dis beats Shovelin ext show in such pave 0rains on a boat hoc i want my sled 6 yell Why cant he let me have some ? Ili Tell Betm on you 6pecki mow shut up wh1lei show you6e again How t Coa St x 96 Back Whin Twenty Falls and 9awlle 15 on the move again. He near the in am trouble care of the my. We owe it to him for this k double Cross. Vacant. Cam take my time looking Fob the Money. Too Pap i Slu Weeo the Kip 0e poke he Coulp Tell me where he hh7 there he who Boob. Another. Right to the jaw. do Cher. Dropped to the referee started the count amp ois6er. Propped to the Canvas. It s three. There s bedlam tried but failed to get like it s All Over in the first it Stan user. Itofe wot much to look we but born no Bov. But i see How Here she ought know Lily mi6ht hollow a trifle be. In cite too to think suspicious of other folks. But there s now wow do for Sou Luther this big House to keep who not with us a. While Lotta hutotim1 this boy extry pie Fop. Vou the i r look Alley s x Way history 1 in entry has x be goods the broken the Battle of i new Thetje break. I Hastings ing out of their 1 was i lines to Chase the Dukes men Back Down the Hill by Jove. That d look ripping in my trophy when will it be Legal it. Warden open season on horned animals begins in 5.o dans this Hain t no animal it s Hoo Miki look what s a Hoo min bean Why Madame it got How sir it eats an it prances around on All Tass a animal if a Evah seen Onei la stay nearby until the 6eason opens Ohli l to gotta raise i , Iki 2.o sure i la take you there could Vou Tell me where a company now Mytke another right turn now turn right again and you re there poke Vore Punkin Haid out an see who it is Heifer psst Paw some boots Peckin on the front door Paw Sheet Perth Bresh the for s r Hant on th1 front door stoop smoking a Seegar but senior sheriffs there s some mistake. Deputy put the cuffs of him. I coou5 not Rob a train t any pa3sensers Ive driving the to Back up that Stase. No but rot is rk5ht. But there eyewitnesses saw you blow up the train its the 40os6 for you mister having your breakfast served in bed what s that something new a r nothing makes feel As much a King As having his breakfast served to him in bed i feel just like a Queen he wants to be on his own. Wont take1 a cent Hsum but aunt Ethel is giving u hep2 Money As a wedding gift whats wrong we that the Ivan i ratwei3 cos the i lose Good mav3e Cam wave dial Circle 5-7131 open 24 hours daily City Hall Shell service f i m 6okjma work Down Here let the Porter 6o up and do my ci5umbx thirteen ba6s from your floor this Here s weve Sot to find r remember it was on White paper it had old Cru Mev s si6natlire 04 a know i save it to Vou rankle Forter Are of sure tv4is is All. The scrap from of or. Here or it s of Blue paper a Rivas of your the last owe aslon6 asi60tta Dot is i want glue re pay not Lollipop dou6h i this is 6ett1w6 to be a regular part of we Job last time it was show tickets that Wiz the fellow who thinks he knows women like o Book would t be so unbearable if he did t try to Start o Library. Enjoy what you re doing in the opf1ce cellar do it every so often Manx Aho a tip of the hatu0 hat in the Porter Guatlo s office. Pleasant chewing " a keep Happy v Chew Spe Annot gum. Helps relieve Monotony boredom makes time pass pleasantly. You feel better do better. 10 wednesday Jan. Kingsport times array of jewels about Over gchm.3 to leap ome More we must take that boy id our no one win. Believe this Miracle unless we have him repeat or in Mca across 1 Ruby s color 4 chinese jewel 8 cheap jewel 12 anger 13 pen name of Charles Lamb 14 Ireland 15 bite 16 Spanish City Ispell like substance 20 vaporized water 21 Harvest goddess 22 goddess of discord m German Man s title 26 wire Nail 2tindividual 30 32 fanatic 34 Man on base 35 organic basis of Bone 36 dress Stone 37 Dolorer 39 wading Bird 40 lofty 41 pronoun 42tdischarge 45 non professional 49 disputed 51 theatrical sign 82 singing voice 53 French lather 54 doctrine 55 crude person 56 fruit drinks 57 Short sleep Down 1 Finger jewel 2 City in Pennsylvania 3 regretting 4 jokes 5 russian mountains 6 meal 7 consume 8 men Slang 8 military assistant 10 plastic ingredient 11 skin comb form 17 stage 19 dress protector 23 shaving tool 24 trumpet 25 Needle Case 26 Emerald answer to previous Puizzi 27 prepared essential Oil 28 Black for 29 Volcano in Sicily 31 staid 33 property item 38 cheered 40 instructor 41 infernal regions 42 wound covering horseback game 44 upon 46 simple 47 major and minor Constellation 48 frolic 50 health

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