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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 26, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeBeatrice Fairfax says earlier letter from wife did Nof Safe real problem at the turn of the year i now along comes a second let dressed a letter of my own in this Ter written because she had not column to All readers answer to the first one ing How they can help me t among other things i said her that it was impossible for me j she told me this to reply to their letters Quick Jan her first letter i would first i n0t Tot Etc an have had More sympathy for immediate answer. I also said her and second have made cer that unless i was Given Allim Tain other suggestions portent Points of a situation i i St Tomk she and the could not offer very Satis fac a band of the other woman should tory advice. Break off their relationship now i have just received a since it can Lead to nothing but letter from a woman who very probable serious trouble for Speaks of having written concerned. At the earlier and received no reply present time it would seem that if she read the column to woman has More reasons i have just referred or is staying with her husband Reading this she will under incl keeping two Homes intact stand that her letter which she has for leaving him already been answered in breaking up two Homes. If space was taken up at the first j because of her leaving him and possible moment. Breaking up two Homes because this is not nearly so her husband s drinking life Tant however As the fact become impossible that because she failed to include another Story. But there is1 most vital Angle of her in her letter to suggest my answer was in some degree that it is unbearable at the pres-1 921 5 different from what it. Wourl from what it time and if she takes the her Firsti Richt. Attitude it May be that Hardin would ban mrs h-j-shivel1 cold weather talks on mosses slate employees from state deals Kingsport times monday january 26, 1953 5 Soldier suit gardens Nashville in sen. Carl j gardens. Mrs. James Ellis the Kingsport Garden club re a gently at her Home on Orchard n court. Mrs. H. J. Shivell gave Anir q5s6s interesting program on Moss and exhibited three Western front of Garden study club on herbs j army s new Man from fragrance and seasoning at a Hardin a Nashville says he will during her talk mrs. Shivell cold weather suit has passed meeting at the Home of Garden study club hears discussion x on herbs for fragrance seasoning mrs. Frank Wright and mrs. I Herb seasoning was recognized Walker Nelms lectured Cooks As an Aid for indigestion and a Relief from Dull foods. Fresh herbs Are not As potent As dried ones she Point introduce a Bill that would de said that plants which do not j first test in combat and a w t. Case Belme Adeide out. For this reason they Prive state employees of the right produce Flowers Are divided into who wore one approved it my s E. Leonard and i Are wonderful in salads and May to do business with the state four groups. One of these is i the word amazing. While in its or for two Bryophytes which Means Moss like plants. The Bryophytes in mrs. Robert Meredith were As years thereafter. Hardin said the Bill will mosses and related liver brought up As soon As the legis Worts she revealed. None of lature reconvenes feb. 16. These has roots and they repro it. William e. Aaron jr., hostesses. Lyon miss., wore the spongy Vinyl plastic cold bar suit in Stead of the regulation 12 to 15 pounds of Winter clothing he said yesterday the by Means of spores mrs. The army the cold would not permit any employee Shivell explained. Bar weighs Only four pounds. Of the state whether it be legs there Are three divisions of at one said Aaron in Hatiye judicial or executive to Hepatica and describing a night patrol we business with the state during their employment or for two years after severing their relationship with the state. I la -11 l the Bill would apply to any ing to the speaker. Mosses Are firm or corporation acting found on mountains 2nd by the either As an individual agent or sea among Trees on rocks Snow and in fresh water Ponds mrs. Shivell declared. The West coast has the larg Iest species and the Blue Ridge varieties in several Hundred j Lay Down on a Frozen Paddy varieties. They grow in every and did t feel state of the country and under j he said his chief worry was climatic condition Accord not in keeping warm but try mrs. N. A. Steadman Intro be used lavishly. Herbs which Are helpful in the preparation of meats Are Rose air a Sage and Dill while fish cleared there Are few better places to study scents than in the Herb fragrance depends More on the leave of is enhanced by Rosemary thyme Savory and horseradish she stated. Flavorful salads May be accomplished by Addugi a bit of Ling to keep from perspiring too Bailee. Violation of the Law i would be a felony punishable by a sentence of one to five years in prison he said. This Bill would Stop plants than on the Flowers she tarragon Chervil Basil mints revealed. Flower scents vanish i and Cress according to mrs hurriedly whereas Leaf doors Are Nelms permanent. T for Evergreen arrangements in Northern countries before j ribbons were awarded to mrs rugs were commonly used Blue mrs b b sul were strewn on floors of Ivan red and Ucic 1 1 e w to of ii oors or Linn i pro Nanri w much in the new get up. The churches and castles for both whue mrs r h Mia in new Battle dress is fitted wit Wiiiiam new Battle dress is fitted and l Resente a Blue ribbon for zippers which the wearer is sup-1wri-ht said today the Mosti posed to open when he of Herts too warm. Mind. 2-10 in this very said Hardin. F or in the t 8 a front bib is de Ina that she had fallen in love App eatto the husband of one of her Best alcoholic. That Type being wholly to friends and that he was in love of dotted Swiss and with her. She said that her Hus i wonder if it has Ever occurred Crisp in plaid Ging band was Good to her and to this wife that her husband Ham and Snow White pique it s children and made no mention might suspect something of the a Dref to Turni Clever of any that has Arisen Princess the senator added i invite vegetation by keeping some f that might have explained her that it May have had for in. Children s sizes1 i i p j., i Tel Tor us of Mol Vivi Ijiri soil Moss is used As a packing a mrs. Shivell pointed out. Peat Moss is used As a soil con fuel in some falling in love with someone else thing to do with his drinking. Nol. She said she and this other Manj Lari red woman can hardly car7nld _. C t had tried staying away from by on a Romance with another b 8 takes each but had not been Man and keep on appearing to aids is Yard contrast Able to stick by any such a woman who is single heart thus easy to use pattern gives j Sion and that they were afraid Eddy devoted to her husband her1 fit Complete illustrated their feelings might get the and her Home. No shows you every step. Of them sometime and How she tries to hide what Send m coins for this of Munsey Slack or Black 9r mrs would do something they going on there cannot help 5c for each pattern As editor of the editorial veil continued. They grow .i00 r Ortii Anvi _ _ Flar Pine re str Hiern Dit Ioner and As areas. Ninf Iteen Aaron s patrol wore the suits or no to p 8llests mrs j into no Man s land. They wore Standard wind jackets and pants Over the outfit for two protect the cold bar from rips and because it has no pockets. Another test was Given the suit at division pfc. C. E. Mason c., stood still for two hours in bitter cold wearing one of the outfits. I kept warm very he stated. Members and two Vino. J. H. Watkins and Gretel Case were present. Said the of a Law tour Horn i or amazingly eau Iii in chances Are you re putting up 1 the functionally caused pains cramps and weak no Good feelings of menstruation For in actual tests by doctors the Kingsport utilities party j pin Liam s compound brought Corn room was the scene of a banquet plete or striking Relief from such Given in Honor of the Home room to 3 out of 4 the cases mothers and teachers of West said. Lichens such As Spanish Moss the suit wil1 be Siven front j View school old Man s Beard and remeder Ime several weeks be invocation was Given by Moss Are often confused with Ore a haves and we Moss she stated. Lichens Are the them Standard was Gln by mrs. W of West View Pat. Re sashes of change of Kirev find out How. A spouse Given by George a. Frn Pii Inmam a that too. Drin Cinal. While rps onto votting Bristol a. A int mint of a slant to Black yellow regret. We want to do the right i but be tensions in the air Wisla list class mailing. Send Page of the Bristow Herald Cou Issue them , Dic first living things in places and grow All Over the world even in the Frozen North. L t they Are a a floors As a utter Neil you she wrote but our love betray the fact that Marian Martin care of Kings Rier Nas been announced by is too is wrong somewhere. Sport 62 pattern dept., 232itut s Bradford publisher the essence of my reply was if this wife would do just this West 18th St new n. Slab will replace Walter that if these two were really sin up her outside p amly name address with Crockett who resigned Jan 1 remeder during the Winter she Cere in wanting to do the be a devoted wife size and style number. To becom e news director of species Flat crusty Type or High and erect life Coral. Some lichens Are palatable to the mainstay of there was no reason in and May find the world Why they should t. I i said that what she really meant by that particular state her other problem solved. If not. I there still Are things she could j do before taking the Radical step Tol radio station Cyb. Slack is a graduate of the uni produces a Dye called litmus. At the conclusion of the pro week s club events ment was that neither of them of Clearing the Way to go to an a had the necessary will Power other Man. If she takes first to resolve to do the right thing things however she might and then abide by that resolve i find the latter unnecessary. April 10-11 were fateful hours for three generals monday j and Actu of Lynn Garden it work in at North . In the Fidelis classroom of Ern us Versley Ketron memorial methodist he s a son of the late Mun Church. All ladies in the Slack or a former Unity Are invited to attend. Or of the Herald courier. Basketball game Between lib new Tor a erty Hill Pat and Church Hill Porter on the local staff in by Phil Newsom t p foreign news editor Van Fleet once said i never Pat. . At Liberty so school. I Kingsport Kozy Korner Klub i will hold a general meeting at Security program extended to cover All working and All re tired persons is favored by the s. Vaughan was a guest of the organizations of the u. S. Chamber of Commerce. The chamber in a report on a Survey of its member groups representing billion Busi Ness men said the vote was 16 to 1 in favor of a proposal to principal while response for. Home room mothers was Given by mrs. D. L. Buchanan. Toastmaster Tom Phillips introduced the pupils of mrs. Har Lan Smith who gave readings and skits. W. F. Winders gave an inter Esting talk on the responsibility of parents in Pat he1 Washington a social pointed out the willingness of expanded social Security program i r r l Smith is staff of news Sentinel. H i s was that of . Past matrons and past times Gazette miss Juanita Bradley Sullivan county Home demonstration agent installed the new officers of the Litz Manor hoc thurs want to command by the 24 hours Between april and the quiet spoken Fox 10 and 11 were fateful ones in Hole Soldier has practice what the lives of three men. He preaches both in Korea and Gen. James a. Van Fleet was in Greece. He won affection Omega chapter Beta Siema setting out Orange Trees in a respect in both countries. In Phat Kines not utilities in Tim Irta i Smith pm a he Lohm Ort nor Oist at utilities editor of the Shelbyville Day at the Home of mrs. Mack beloved spot in Florida. South Korea he Laboured persist Gen. Matthew b. Ridgway in entry to build and train a South his Headquarters at Taegu in korean army. Korea was waiting for communists to launch their Spring offensive. It was largely through his efforts in Greece that a newly trained greek army was Able to and in Tokyo on that raw defeat Tough Well organized Rainy Day in Early Spring. Gen. J communist guerrillas. . Women of the Moose Kaylor 637 roller Road at hol . At the Lodge. Tuesday Moore with mrs. Paul Fulkerson i As hostess. The officers Are As follows mrs. J. E. Smith vice president mrs. J. D. Blanken James Fredrick Kaylor son or. Secretary and reporter mrs. Marie Clark treasurer mrs. George Bradley. Or. And mrs. James Edward Ston Valley Community Hospital i Jan. 22, weighing Syz pounds. Junior High Pat Myron Dennis Hammonds son panel discussion How much mrs. E. L. Hammonds parents to accept a position in Pat work until they were asked to fill an office and then that was just the place they were least qualified to fill. Or. Winders stressed the responsibility of parents to cooperate with teachers and to know the modern ways of i teaching. Our children of today will be leaders of tomorrow in expand social Security words Thev Are the lights and coverage Lof the he declared. I the report issued Over the music was furnished during the week end said the chamber pro dinner by miss Mary Frances to i postal would 1. Pay old age and survivors insurance benefits to about of Tver million aged persons who Are not qualified at present. 2. Eliminate Federal subsidy of state Relief programs at an annual saving of one billion Dol Lars. 3. Extend the insurance Cov something so special about 01, hark Gnu idol style finest color reproduction wide Range of prices the Book Stoke j Lana j the meeting was called to to "a11 gainfully eni Der by the new president and mrs. Mary Burton was in charge of the devotional. Executive Board Kingsport route 5, at Hych mrs. Harrison and mrs. Ful Wash and Northwest airlines. Mors that president Eisenhower then events occurred like will have another Job for Ashley ave. Chain lightning. Possibly in the diplomatic field.1 Wesley . Over the armed services a it could even be in Greece. Or. And mrs. Earl 8 pounds 14 ounces played 4. Finance benefits on a pay As you go basis thereby establishing a direct relation Between income and ".mr. And mrs. Howard a. Ham plans for the year. The group Knudsv Brozig is mond Frank l. Cloud Homes at voted to contribute to the polio Hych Jan. 21, weighing 6 the club also decided each in Garden club 8bounds. 1034rfunces. Member would bring the hostess Majl Grill Cal Harold Lester rap Smith jr., son of. A Small gift at every meeting in a or. And mrs. Ray Smith Kings a Stead of exchanging pollyanna1 Chicago Dee Wesley Fellowship group. Jan. 21, whole separated Trio in Tokyo Mac Arthur learn Cal that he had been fired. Tit to u m Ridgway Learned that he a 10 11010 to take Over an Empire. And Van Fleet summoned from his Florida Orange Trees was on his Way to the bitter cold of cheerless Korea. As he had once before in Greece Van Fleet bore responsibility for the Western world s i ledge 518 Fairview ave. Bane Stirrat Cox son of or. Of Mayfair methodist and mrs. Woodrow w. Cox. Nick y i3x la 1 a pcs Church at . At at Hych Jan. Church. Wednesday women s Council of 21, weighing ounces. 7 pounds Knoxville up internal Revenue agents from the Nash Ville and Memphis offices will he 1tx.owl11. To i a of Jet 1 t. Defense in a hot War brought conduct six free schools in in on by communist aggression. He scarcely had taken Over his new command when the chinese and North koreans hit. Come tax reporting throughout East Tennessee feb. 2-5. The schools were announced yesterday by e. W. Palmer they drove Down the heart i Kingsport industrialist and of the Peninsula through Chip of the Tennessee tax first Christian Church at noon for luncheon and regular business i meeting. A pcs West View methodist Church 2 ., general meeting. A pcs of Broad Street Metho dist Church at noon for lunch Eon followed by business meet ing in Church Sanctuary. Thursday Benefit Bridge Canasta party of Belinda Kay Adkins daughter Yang. Wonju and straight to Ward Pusan. The eighth army stopped them and braced again. Payers association which we j Kingsport Branch american As its biennial conference Intiso Ciamon of University women 8 ., at Kingsport utilities of or. And mrs. Thomas h. Adkins Jonesboro route 7. At Hych Jan. 20, weighing 5 pounds 7 ounces. Peggy Paulett Rachel Daugh Ter of or. And mrs. J. R. Rachel Kingsport route 6, at Hych Jan. 22, weighing 9 pounds 11 for 1953 As far As her work was concerned. She stressed the leadership Council meetings that Are to be held. The representative who attends these meetings is to bring a detailed report Back to other club members so they May profit by the material she said. The following project chair men were appointed nutrition mrs. Russell grills gardening mrs. Miles Ratliff Home management mrs. Walter Bradley conjunction. Palmer said that last year s John juju in May. The chinese unleash. De an All out desperation of schools proved to be a fort. They broke through and useful service to All hinge Between the u. S. Second types of citizens and tax pay division and the South koreans erf he said the Tea and to on the right. Like a River Chambers of Commerce Wil flowed around the u. S. Flank act As sponsors stepping Over bodies of their the schedule Johnson City club Din auditorium. Ticket chairman Homes for Kittens Kalamazoo Mich. Up ounces. Housing and Home furnishing Brenda Delores Hood f. E. Harrison clothing Ter of or. And mrs. James a mrs Paul Fulkerson arts and Hood Riverview at Hych mrs. J. D. Blankenship 20, weighing 5 pounds 4 ounces. Or citizenship mrs. George i Bradley devotional mrs. J. D. Grills. Died last week was still listed in critical condition at the University of Illinois Eti Uca tonal and research Hospital Day. 1 however the 15-month-old child has been Well enough to i undergo two plastic operations since the dec. 27 surgery which separated him from his weaker brother Roger Lee. Roger Lee died last tuesday of pres sure on the lower from the separation. More Comfort wearing false Teeth Here is u. Plate discomfort. Past Beth the Riner Tunn improved powder sprinkled on upper _ w3s w0" by loiter plates holds them former so mrs. Harrison. The next meet that the feel More comfortable. No Gummy Fooey. Distr Tasto or feeling i s does not sour denture breath and in the paper saying she give a Kitten and a Bill to the three most deserving children who applied. Non acid checks odor get fas Teeth today at and Drill store the want and brought such a own dead and emerging like and Bristol feb. 2 Knoxville Ner and Bridge. .___________0________ ghosts from the Clouds of smoke and Kingsport feb. 3 ladies Day turnout she spent All Day yes from exploding shells. Town and Chattanooga feb. 5. With Golf and Bridge. Ter Day interviewing children be those to in drives Cost the. Luncheon. Fore the last Kitten found a reds about 100.000 men. And aft Macarthur is 73 or they were stopped. Van Fleet dared them to try again. New York up Gen. Of ___., but for then at least the the army Douglas Macarthur Buffet. Reds had had enough. I celebrates his 73rd birthday to a once it was thought Van Fleet night at a private dinner with would finish out his army Ca members of his former South reer a colonel a Man passed Over West Pacific command for the big promotions. Now otherwise a spokesman said this 60-year-old four Star Gen it would be business As usual eral is our most experienced hot for the former five Star general War fighter against Commu-1 who is chairman of the Board of Remington Rand corp. Appalachian Industrial cation dinner. J it Cost s15 and the Price of forty club dinner and dance. She said but it was Worth amazing new Schnutt Etc discovery Keeves miseries up Thiol formula containing chlorophyll Ringi misled Relief to Shiffon in Lomond Nail paid Jos the Livit painful Pmauro clean i rooting in St cedi the Blindin head and Eye pitas of sinti Switij the misery of Bead colds a ruffed clogged Iod Mcd nasal Pusan Cru lev yield of an amazing new Force us at la medic in has found a Safe easy Way to step the tortures that sinusitis and head Zine is Btij Aew Vonder Vori Jig formula that relieves the painful pres lure loosens the thick Sticky mucus clog k105 up the Nistl soothe the in stared. Inf amed nasal membranes. The pain Rani Bej the pounding slops and you can breathe again f sp-49 23ntx is die Futer. Safest Way to Clear easy breathing to p an end to All your ind head cold mis eries. Even after one application you i feel the Glor tout Relief stir working in seconds get up 49 zen sex at your Dru a fist. Money Back guaranteed. 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