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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 26, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeJwo nday january 26, 1953 of Imus Izaj january so j3d3 i j Kingsport times merry go round an Independent democratic newspaper by Drew Pearson a Wen of Al Edl Tot a Market in Sporl i. Of two member Al Ifie aug cited Peru. To Untera hew Danei pull Jeri Asio Letlon and to. Audit Bureau ctr Eulaj Independent democratic newspaper Publ lab each aft a oof Saluda and sunday to. To exclusively entitled to the us Foi Dull Eaton of All dispatch a. Credited to it or not Otner lie credited Tittl. New. Published Bertelo entered Al Stem Nail matter october 27 1m4. A ddts the act of March 1171 a Lonal Arteni inf representatives. Shannon k inc. With of flu in new York Chicago Detroit Atlanta. 8t Lour Kanarie Cluj and tit. Us str by Erskine Johnson Hollywood without torn x want gently exposed by governor Dewey s crime Emty fee and but commission were suppressed by the new when the lives of presidents Are Leader of the democrats on Capitol Hill last filmed there s Apt to be some sizzling love scenes. That s what almost the same evidence of crime and Cor happens when i watch Charlton eruption which has caused the nation to gasp and was in the hands of sen. Lyndon Johnson of ton and Susan play Texas last year but he hushed it up. Later he my Andrew and Rachel Jackson subscription rate by mall first and second fired the two investigators who brought him in the president s lady i waterfront evidence. All morning the stars have Senate investigators gave senator Johnson been playing a Smooch sequence the same details of the Midnight meeting of and now director Henry Levin Jersey City s Reform mayor John Kenny weary postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday week 40c. Today s Bible thought As we said before so say i now again if any Man preach any other gospel unto you than that be have received let him be galatians the times daily tonic it does not require great learning to be a Christian and to be convinced of the truth of the Bible. It requires Only an honest heart and a willingness to obey w. Barnes. The dim View lieutenant general Robert Eichel Berger retired has undoubtedly stirred up some heated discussion among Mili tary men by his assertion in a news mag Azine Story that the United nations forces in Korea which Means the Ameri can forces in Korea would suffer a bloody defeat if it undertook an All out offensive against the communists. According to the general even if reinforced moves them to a River Fla boat with racketeer Anthony Strollo in the new set for More torrid love Makine York hotel room of Singer Phil Regan. But against bags of Grain Johnson sat on this dynamite. It was reported skins. P that four of Johnson s democratic friends were then bickering with fellow Democrat mayor Kenny for the support of new Jersey delegates at the democratic convention in Chicago. However Johnson vigorously denies this cold floor but Susan groans the kisses Are warm but can t you do something about this. Asked Why he suppressed the report John son replied that waterfront crime was outside the jurisdiction of his probe and that he knew Dewey s crime commission was going to dig into the matter. His explanation for firing the two investigators Downey Rice and George Martin both crack men was because the committee had run out of funds. However Johnson did not consult other the prop Man goes for an elec tric Blanket to warm up Susie s feet which Are out of camera Range. Ann Sheridan is coupled with Sterling Hayden in a Gusty tale 1870 in flame of Timberline new title for Vermillion senators on his subcommittee to see if they at a i the old oomph concurred in suppressing this dynamite on is still there As Ann wearing a the new Jersey waterfront. He acted on his flaming red dress and Forest fire second suppression this is the second time the new democratic Leader of the Senate has been found to have hushed up important other being a probe of general motors profits showing that they made a 39 per cent profit on Jet engines. Johnson s subcommittee got into the water front probe after the army took Over Jersey City s Claremont terminal. Senate probes with All available forces american troops charged with cleaning up military waste could not crack the red defences. This is the sort of statement that sets up a patriotic howl. The idea that the United states cannot lick anyone it sets out to lick is an idea that a lot of Ameri cans will not accept and they have dark looks for anyone who suggests such a thing. But general Eichelberger is a Man whose opinion cannot be brushed off easily. At the same time anyone who Dis agrees with general Eichelberger will find he has pretty Good military com Pany too. There Are those who say the Job can be done if we want to pay the Price. There Are those who say that if we Are willing to accept the same casualties in a Short time by an intensive Campaign which we have accepted any Way in the dragged out War we would have been Able to smash the reds. But this sort of argument could be endless. It is the second part of the general s statement that is most surprising. Since we cannot win the War by an All out Campaign and we Are certainly getting absolutely nowhere by the present Fabian tactics the general proposes that if we pull american troops out and we As sume he Means Allun troops and re place them by South korean troops then Stalin might Call off the War. That is one of the flimsiest rights we have Ever heard. It is hard to see what facts figures or fancies the general bases such a might upon. Just Why does the general think Stalin found the Dock workers played poker on army time shot Dice bribed pilfered peddled dope and amused themselves by crashing army Fork lifts into each under the nose of the army engineers. The Claremont pier was considered such a Juicy Plum after the army took it Over that an underworld War was actually fought for the privilege of stealing from it. Called Dade Brothers inc., to do its packing at the Claremont terminal. The contract started out at but in four weeks alone in 1951, the Dade Brothers pocketed a profit of they did this by waterproofing and packing everything in sight whether it needed waterproofing or on a Cost plus contract. They also paid off racketeers and corrupt a Cost plus the tax payers footing the Bill. Yet senator Johnson charged with expos ing waste in the armed services quietly pigeonholed the report. The company s total take in 1951 was Over not counting loot that disappeared from the docks. Senate probes checked ship Ping costs on other piers and found them to average s7.55 a ton. With Dade Brothers the average was a ton. Gangster Roll cell Dade Brothers night hiring Boss was an underworld character named John Denoia alias Johnny Duke. Formerly he had been the proprietor of Duke s tavern an underworld hangout at Cliffside Park n. J., whose customers included such rogues gallery celebrities As Frankie costello Joe Adonis Longy Zwill Man Anthony Anastasia and Willie Moretti. Later transferred to Day work and his place was taken by another hoodlum Dominic Strollo brother of Racket Boss Anthony Strollo alias Tony Bender. Dominic s Only qualification for the Job was experience As a night club bouncer. Three Days after he came to work on the docks he was suddenly prompted to be Foreman. Thereafter a steady Stream of convicts and hair to match rehearses with three Tow headed boy moppets who have come to her Gaudy dressing room. When director Douglas Sirk announces that he s ready to try for a the mothers of the boy actors Rush Over to take Bobby pins out of the hair of their Small Fry. No Junior the life of movie moppet in t easy compromising situation Edward Small s new Swash Buckler the bandits of Cor is shooting at the Goldwyn studio and i watch Richard Greene in a dual role Donna Drake and Paula Raymond Nea St Nice. In. Ploughing them under Washington. Calling one of the Ablest men nominated by president Eisen he executive Branch of the government must Shoul Der. One May see Here a reason ment is Robert ten Broeck Ste by Marquis Childs government procurement officers. These made headlines at the time. But they were not my Eye is caught by a Black Vens to be Secretary of the army scribed shag he Larri As t tint no a Oto. I Muvdi Mien d1111ohs. M before a successful businessman Ste Vens had governmental experience in the Early Days of the new Deal in Washington and later during world War ii. Yet when his nomination came before the Senate armed services committee there appeared to be an insuperable obstacle to his confirmation. He owned Thi Greene and Donna repeat a love scene for director Ray Nazarro. Lettered on the blackboard Are the words to a Beer Jingle left Over from a company that s been making television commercials on the sound stage. It it it All eyes including those of Jane Wyman Ray Milland and Aldo Ray Are on Valerie Bettis on the love song set at Columbia. Super sexy Valerie is doing a native african dance censors where Are four male dancers. Her costume consists of net and Monkey fur. While Jane is huddling with director Oscar Saul on her in trance in the scene i hear Valerie shout sew me when a lass makes that re quest in Hollywood it does t mean that she s busted her leg. It Means she s popping out of her this in t magic Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh cult of finding men sufficiently or education begins Are named to Touchy top positions. One thing however should be unmistakably Clear. Wilson is re ported to have said that what Ever is Good for general motors is Good for the country and vice versa. Now if he meant this in on this score the committee failed to come up with any Deffe face Nite recommendations. Nevertheless the 937 pages of printed hearings and documents going into contracts with Gen eral motors Chrysler the other big automotive firms and their Mac s window by w. Mcauliffe the National association of natural blondes Are said to be agitating for a Law against use or peroxide Henna or other preparations that enable brunettes to pose As what they Ain t. They think that gentlemen who know what they prefer should not have the synthetic article foisted upon them. It but the gag that gentlemen prefer blondes should not fool the blondes. They should t think just because he prefers them he is a gentleman. It a lot of girls with hair Brunette go to a Beauty shop and get their hair made blonde. But not Many of the Light haired girls changing to Black or Brunet curls Are very fond but All blondes find they Are suspect of getting the Lovely blonde effect by a drug store Deal. But to a Brunette a Man s re action if this is any satisfaction is she is real but whether Brown or blonde no matter whether the former or the lat Ter to care you ought t. But if it s red then men Ware it May be real so have a care. For that s important it men who Are interested Only in the color of a girl s hair May find she is interested Only in the color of their Money. It dumb Dora says that men who need to get rid of liquor breath should use chloroform. If a clock loses its hands it has a Blank expression on its respect to the Prosperity of the subsidiaries and suppliers is a nowadays women Are so Apt to look younger than they Are that if they look As old As they Are people will think they Are. Older than they Are. Was in formed one third of the family corporation and that Corpora Tion had approximately 000 in defense contracts. Stevens made a Good impression on the committee. He seemed much More aware of the need of the senators to inquire largest corporation in the coun try reflecting a general Prosperity it May be True. But it cannot be said that what is Good for general motors is inevitably Good for govern ment. Rightly and properly the executives of general motors Are concerned with profits for the revealing textbook on How decisions by government can affect the profit pattern. Committee investigators re ported for example that in some instances the government was buying spare parts that had been As soon As read passed along through a Chain of three or four companies. Each of the Ideal of the Long neckline is the Giraffe. Burning love letters should than did Charles e. Wilson designated Secretary of defense or Roger m. Kyes to be Deputy Secretary. A Way May be found to con firm these men that will at the same time erase the doubt cast Over their fitness to administer the vast spending of the defense to invite a confusion jeopardize stockholders of the company these companies was making its rightly and properly the men sopranos Aren t so popular As As Purchase from the ated to the defense department supplier would eliminate a con must be concerned with getting Sid Erable share of this Cumuli the most defense that can be Tive profit. Bought for each Dollar of the in reply others both in Indus taxpayers Money. Try and government declared these Are two quite different that even if some of this profit functions and to confuse them is were unjustified it would be re illustrates once again the diff government and of business. Sex would Call off the War if we got out hoodlums turned up on the Dade Brothers t payroll. Bookies who were driven out of Busi what was the purpose of starting the Ness by the Kefauver committee flocked Over War in the first place was t it to Over run All Korea and what stopped the attempt South Korea of course not it was the in forces mostly american. How Long does the general think the South koreans without the americans would be Able to Stop the pressure from the chinese it is quite possible in fact it is quite Likely that if we took the american forces out of Korea Stalin would end the War. He would end it not by calling it off but by overrunning All Korea. If it is True that it is impossible to break the red defences in Korea and if it is True that Joseph Stalin is so sure of this that the thought of us trying it makes him chortle with glee then the situation must be very Black for us and very Rosy for Uncle Joe. Because if the Man in the Kremlin chortle with glee Over an attempt to defeat the chinese then he must smile quietly if we accepted general Eichelberger s advice and pulled gang War was fought for it Kcf nip to pier to draw unemployment compensation from the taxpayers in the Guise of Dock workers pay. Senate investigators checked the Dade Brothers payroll against rogues gallery photos in april 1850, and discovered More than 30 so called longshoremen with criminal rec this was Only a drop in the witnesses testified before Senate probes. For example two known Crooks named Robert. Turney and Joseph Gernie were picked up on oct. 29, 1951. On a minor charge. Cops discovered 35 Dade Brothers time cards in the Glove compartment of their last one made out to someone with a criminal rec Ord. One of the detectives was offered ten grand to forget about the time cards. At the same time he was offered a place on the Dade Brothers payroll for to a week with the. Privilege of naming up to 10 others to be put on the payroll. Fictitious workmen Senate investigators discovered a full time new York bartender drawing pay from Dade Brothers and dozens of names with fictitious addresses. The investigators estimated that the payroll padding alone had been costing the taxpayers a month. The army was so easy to Pluck that a Short Are the attractions on the Para mount lot As the cameras grind on director George Marshall rehearses them in a dressing room scene that takes place Early in the famed rag scian s career then gives them time out to change into their proper costumes. A few minutes later Tony wearing , emerges from his dressing room on one Side of the stage. Then Janet whose dressing room is a Good Block away arrives on the set in an abbreviated glittering cos tume that shows the Leigh Gams to perfection. Says a stagehand Hou Dini and it it it Bob Clarke Susan Morrow and in ideas neuter in career and be entrusted with the vast response the interest of profit can conflict with the interest of econ omy in government was provided in extensive hearings con ducted by a House subcommittee Success Story of Model to movie under the chairmanship of rep Star. I look on As Noreen is fitted through the excess profits but the staff experts of the Hardy committee pointed out in rejoinder that in renegotiation of contracts each firm involved in a transaction is allowed a reasonable the they said in a Why do chickens Cross the Road to see the dress in the window on the other Side of the Street. Fashions feature rising Waistline headline. Between the rising Waistline and the plunging neckline it looks like some part of Milady s Anatomy is going to be squeezed out entirely. Sometimes it s just As Well that you did t think to say the hoop skirts and comment that it looks familiar. It says Noreen Vir Ginia Mayo wore it in she s working. Her Way through col lege automotive spare parts were resulting in excessive costs of hundreds of millions of dollars. Much of this excess committee government does pm through Rene it it it s All Tongue in Cheek at co Lumbia where producer Sam Katzmann is kidding the Swash Buckler Cycle with Siren of an Oriental opus. The clanking of swords fills the air Paul Henreid impaled the villain resent Tive Porter Hardy or. Of staff report is that All the in things you afterwards wish you Virginia. Hardy s committee was necessary costs and profits Are said you May be healthier. It a thief stole from the office of a doctor in the East. Somebody must have just paid for an operation. It some to commercials Are so Well done that they Are More entertaining than the entertain ment. Panties and use not recover Toi this is a Small example of the Power of decision at the top. It gators alleged went As profits could be multiplied Many times to the companies supplying the Over. And each instance Illus spare parts. The group came up with some findings on favors passed out to trates How private and Public interests May often be in conflict. Noreen Nash Are the principals and Pat Medina registers bag in body Beautiful at motion picture Center. It s a Story of a photographer and a Model whose likeness wins a contest. Kaddish emotions. Then director Dick Quine Calls for Paul s Dou ble to perform a hazardous leap. The double gets confused and doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan. . We have All heard the express food strictly banned by a Rule there s no Calendar photo in the spoils the scene. Script but the Story was inspired producer Katzmann yells get no doubt by Marilyn Monroe s a double for the Sion it almost frightened me to or it scared the life out of the obvious fact that people who say this Are alive and which must be inviolable observed by the immature. The Young fellow demanded whether it was indeed a wild him Why he refused it now after having eaten it at his table be fore. On hearing this news the negro immediately began to trem _ _ vacuum Utt in civil usually Well is a Good sign that Hen and when the Host an ble so greatly was he possessed Fri tent inf a ill i _ i fright does not often kill. Swered he ate of it heartily Side glances a severe fright can certainly and proceeded on his Way. Out. Ing the Claremont pier. At the height of this underworld Battle local 1247 of the internal t i o n a 1 longshoremen s association was that would give him just what he set out to get in the first place and More bombed. Later the Senate probes Learned nver it inn let u that the to investigate the bomb Over it would give it to him with a big ing suddenly turned up on the Dade Brothers Bonus for making him wait because if payroll As a night worker. The Senate investigators also discovered that drinking and gambling was rampant on the army pier during working hours. Dock we had let him have it in the first place we would have lost Korea and lost face. But if we let him have it now we would workers shot Dice in the timekeeper s Shack and played the numbers Racket while drawing up to an hour from the taxpayers. In Case any army inspectors or Senate investigators popped up on the docks the Loudspeaker have suffered All for nothing the losses which the korean War has Cost. The casualties the boys who died there this would have been in vain top Page number thirteen As a signal for a he workers to break up the game and act Stalin would have made us pay dearly Busy. For something we did not get even More shocking the Senate sleuths and if general Eichelberger is in that a drug Pusher had been s picked up with a Check in his Possession saying we cannot win m Korea he must. Take a dim View of our chances if we get into the big War. Made out to one of Dade Brothers timekeepers. After Senate probes made their report the army engineers Learned what was up and eventually cancelled the contract with Dade sometimes it s been fun Makine us wild not until five months after but i d like to Settle Down to Sorn senator Johnson of Texas literally marked the thing easier like bathing Elep Nante there file and forget " make up Man Bud West More. Win be any River medical of vhf w v would be mighty old and mighty broke by that Kiper medical director of the National foun Lime former Secretary. Tot. Agriculture Dation for infantile paralysis. Charl Brannan. A we could Only fit an Advance copy of tha draft list it d know which to try to data for tha motor cause a lot of distress however. The question As to whether it can Ever cause death has recently been raised again in an interesting article in one of our leading medical journals. The discussion revolved around the Case of i Young woman who had had attacks of smothering sensations palpitation of the heart weakness and other Peculiar symptoms off and on for a period of two years. At first nothing could be found to account for these at tacks. Finally while she was be ing Given a test of the heart she became alarmed by a Box put in front of her containing pills and her heart started to beat More rapidly in Short bursts. At the same time she complained of the same symptoms which she had had periodically Over the past two years. She did not die of this experience but the doctors concluded that in a person who had cer Tain kinds of heart disease it might be possible for a severe fright to cause death. In discussing this problem the subject of voodoo deaths naturally comes up. Apparently this kind of death from fright really occurs following sexing by a Medicine Man or by Black an interesting example of this kind was described some time ago a Young negro on a journey lodged in a Friend s House for the night. The Friend had prepared for their breakfast a wild Hen a Host told secret a few years later when the two met again the old Friend asked the younger Man if he would eat a wild Hen. He an swered that he had been solemnly charged by a wizard not to eat that food. Thereupon the Host began to laugh and asked by fear and in less than 24 hours while it is interesting to study the possibility that the common expressions quoted at the begin Ning of this column May have some basis in fact the chances of being truly frightened to death Are so unlikely that for All practical purposes we can forget about it. Out our Way

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