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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 26, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeTenn. Rep. Baker forecasts cuts in taxes after balancing budget taxes Scarf lifting of 64 years of age Washington Bak of by Francis j. Kelly or who recently was Washington up if life named to the important House does t begin at the usual retire a ttys and Means committee ment age of 65, at least some says be believes taxes can be re-1 Federal taxes Start to ease off. A diced slightly this year. Instead of one s600 income tax Baker who gave up a seat on exemption persons 65 or Over get Rector who preached to empty pews Dies Warleggan Cornwall eng a new will Hal Boyle s column by Hal bottle fall the cooking for 20 years. We York Herman put up a Kitchen first then built Kingsport times monday january 26, 1953 3 land. Hermit Rector of Hickman the roly poly sex Yale a Heuse around it. Two. They Are eligible for a total of both Blind and Over 65. The same extra exemptions apply to a 65-year old wife if she files a joint re turn. The House Public works com Warleggan who preached Only j football coach who has become to empty pews for 22 years has one of television s biggest personalities is proof that whoever William said nobody loves a fat Man by his have been underweight and Given his last Sermon. The Rev. Frederick by Mapa. I my Irish loners since 1931, was found i rum whue Mittee to take a place on the a i writing ways and Means group j Vav ic7c.k la told a reporter he is not in favor of reducing taxes at the expense Washington the in of a deficit budget. Testate Commerce commission the budget must be bal i today began its own i Vestiga he said but i believe weltion into the baffling Case of the Ana women who Navel do it and Cut taxes train that rammed into i retirement age also the same to Union station Jan. 14, and in allowed More Liberal Baker added that he thinks Jared More than 40 persons. J dead saturday night on the1 of his apr Terv we was stairway 01 Nis rectory tie was while other lefties count their calories he counts the dollars he Helen eats As much As i do but does t put on a Pound. She s w. Germany proposes More Speed As remedy for High traffic toll ing up after Germany with one of the dead Liest traffic Accident rates in the Herman is proud of being a chef raws ont. It world. Proposes to remedy it 83. Police said death was due to out of Weihs pleasingly natural causes. Plump. I guess i m up to about 300 pounds he beamed As he dipped into a four Inch deep luncheon serving of Lamb Stew. N we h abolish the sunday school. They for extraordinary medical expenses than their juniors. Bene this objective can be attained officials indicated the Public fits raid them under up Nipral or without sacrificing essential de hearing would be broadened to state social Stour it Law of sense spending. Include other mysterious Brake Railroad retirement Art nor there is one Way to bal allures on East coast trains in taxable Ance the budget he said that which authorities suspect pos Cutie. I is to Cut appropriations and use-1 sible sabotage. Neither does the government1 less expenditures to the mini a the inc take a Cut of life insurance pro mum and at the same time pro last needs paid to one spouse on the vide sufficient funds for defense. Death of the other. Such pay it can be he declared. Ako complained he held services but l Nave find a at Odd hours erected a barbed i Ace to Wei h t either have to wire barricade around the rec to an ice House m a Coa tory and let Savage watchdogs j Yard roam inside to insure his his Gusty enjoyment of living the Bishop held an inquiry j overflows in several into the complaints but his own cooking reciting smoking cigars and to remove the Rector. The 160 members of the tall tales of his Tennessee ident of the Connecticut Amateur chefs and likes to mix the Continental and Southern styles of Hickman is known As one of the better dressed fat men around town. But he has no particular advice on How fatties can drape themselves to look slim with the Speed Federal parliament has passed a new traffic safety Law pulling off All Speed limits for passenger cars. Previously Drivers had been limited to 50 Miles an hour on the aut Bahnen four Lane highways and 25 Miles an hour on secondary roads. If a Man is Only 40 or 50 sponsors of the new Law de pounds overweight maybe he should avoid big checked he said. Striped Pat suits might help him hide his size. But when you re 125 pounds overweight there is Only one Way ments Are not taxable regardless and we can make a tax Cut but of the age of the person who gets it will not be a substantial them. A larger tax Cut can be made when the extra medical sex i next year Baker predicted Pense exemptions for old folks the Tennessee Republican is were written into the Law. about his assignment to Gress explained in a report that the ways and Means persons who have reached the i which he considers the most in a g followed up at which members of the train s Cri w testified that air brakes on the first three cars of the Pennsylvania Railroad s Federal express failed to work. Chairman Charles w. Tobey a Nhi publicly sex belief it looks like Sab then boycotted the Church. Homeland. To you re but Densham went right on his philosophy of life can Bej Herman is about the most conducting summed up keep interested in comfortable looking Man in Man in More than two but Don t spread Hattan. Empty pews. In the front rows he yourself too placed cards bearing the names but Herman himself is gaining Jdamian flan la co of 30 of his deceased a reduces weight on a schedule that would Vujic sors As Rector. That was his sole turn an average Man into a skel scribed its purpose As drive they claim the Driver with a heavy foot on the Gas pedal is a safer Driver than the cautious fellow who clogs the flow of traffic. Million dollars annually in gasoline and vehicle License taxes Only a fraction of this Money is spent on Road improve ment the club says. Club officials said hitchhikers have become a major threat to traffic safety As Well As a prime nuisance. They no longer Are Content to thumb rides at the Edge of the Highway but frequently try to halt cars from the Center of the Lane. A number accidents have resulted from cars swerving to avoid running hitchhikers Down. Aside from lifting Speer limits the new traffic control Over practically All Sec u. S. Army authorities in of to Afflic t jail they Sayi up to two years for drunk driving and punishment statistics show there is a close and a drive audience _ is investigating Sunset years generally have Low portent in the House. I the crash in which a 960-ton Obi special agents watch for tampering or earning capacity As Well As rep. Cooper rank and two cars smashed increased medical costs. Ing democratic member of the through a protective Barrier the extra personal exemption committee is not quite so the station and fel1 represents the desire of the Law Nite about a possible tax Cut but through the concourse floor. Makers to ease the tax Burden says he Hopes taxes can be re f or those living on Small fixed diced. Incomes such As pensions or on Cooper said he d continue to the smaller salaries usually work for a balanced budget and available to older people. Reduced taxes. The tax concessions to the i am in favor of reducing sex need Are available to Rich and Ipen ses and trying to balance the poor alike. Of course they mean budget As nearly As he _ More to the Low income groups. Said. And i m for a reduction of an77pec7al Railroad retired persons who have paid i taxes at the earliest possible trans of the new Haven rail for part or All of an annuity or time Road today to against a pension Are allowed to recover. But Rega Ramg a tax Cut at the recurrence of what is believed to tax free what they put the present session he would three cages of Brake to j fund. This usually occurs in the no prediction. First few years of retirement j i m hoping we can Cut from then on All such payments he said but we can t Tell yet Are taxable. In cases where the until we explore the situation employer paid the entire Cost of fully. The pension All the payments Cooper would have been chair five persons die in Houston f re Eton. In addition to a daily Tele vision program for the Robert Burns Cigar company he Cooks All the meals in his Home is writing a Book and sandwiches after dinner in about 100 speeches a year. His raconteur touring reach jurors today new York second perjury trial of William w. Remington former government econ constant relationship Speed and accidents. The new Law Vides he must be in control of his vehicle at All and it holds him legally accountable for being drunk in a car Wyeth Are required to and physically Between or driving or not Between j Drivers also be mentally it was disabled driving cars on licenses issued before the War. For what happens while he is driving. Just As parliament junked the Mist charged with falsely deny Speed limits the Federal Statis Takesi ing he passed government be tical office reported that the him All Over the country. He talks crets to Russia May go to a fed a German traffic Accident rate is Houston. Tex. Tip All kinds of groups court jury today. I still soaring. Sons died sunday when fire , coaches insurance exec i testimony in the trial going1 traffic accidents Are now kill Ted a rickety two Story and women s clubs. Jinto its 10th court Day was con ing 30 persons daily and injury Here Only two doors from a fire i enjoy an audience of worn eluded last thursday before the Ling 600. During a recent three station. he said because they like Case was adjourned Over the month period the nation tallied firemen extinguished hear weekend. 1110.673 traffic accidents in Nursery landscaping Send acc Backer Bros. Flames within five minutes after Herman gets a lot of fan mail the fire broke out. But the five from women and says Boston up Fri apparently had been i must look comfortable. They overcome by smoke and could never suggest that i both government and defense attorneys Are scheduled to make their summations today before a jury of 11 men and one woman. Not escape. Fifteen other tenants it might be because some panel will Start its Delibera fled to safety. Police identified persons were injured this was 19 per cent above the same period of 1951. I during All of 1951 a total of 320.000 accidents were recorded. To treasure always a distinctive photograph in still like to see a Man Asro it ions after it hears Federal judge the West German automobile the victims bust cheerful and Friendly As As Angeline Guzman. 52 Elias Hickman. His own wife Helen ing each Are subject to income tax by the Man of the ways and Means failure Nan inn ctr in if vol is Vel h tint. _ none train leaven Bost station was Beirne suspicious run let he taste Vincent l. Leibell s charge. Club says driving a car in Ger a Remington 35-year-old former i Many is 20 to 30 times More Guzman 32 Johnny Guzman has never tried to put him on a Commerce department dangerous than Riding a train 19 Juan Gonzales about 65, and diet. I is accused of committing perjury i and three to four times More Michael Quinones about 50. All i guess i started her out Jon the witness stand at his first dangerous than flying lived on the second floor. He said. I be been doing trial Here just two years ago. I although West Germany col 8 1u person receiving the pension. Group if the republicans had not taxpayers under 65 Are allowed won control of Congress. He is two other railroads the bos ton Albany and the deduct Only such extra Ordi also chairman of the democratic Maine were folo Wint the new nary medical dental and Hospi committee on committees Tal expenses As exceed 5 per cent a member of the of their income. I steering committee. There Are top limits too on the the ways and Means group precautions with braking de vices. Howard a. Moulton Public relations representative for the new Haven said Railroad offi former pm familiar with fiscal year. Often its tax Bills go to the House under closed Rule which j Tion of about 10 per cent of in Means that they Are not subject1 come in lieu of detailed medical to amendment from the floor. In the Bill must be amount of such deductions the responsibility of Origi the maximum ranges bating All tax legislation. Its m to depending i Revenue Bills when finally writ a on the number of exemptions ten after extensive and Type of return. Generally determine what the deductions claimed must. Will pay in taxes during those who shown in detail on Long form the next fiscal Yearm recent months. 1040. Form 1040a and Short often its tax Bills go to the t Al Ano Arent form 1040 allow a Lump Deduc House under dosed limited Bills interest payments contributions and so on. The Over-65 group can Start deducting the very first Nickel representatives vote for a tax they spend for medical although they Are not Satis certain parts of it. Con Washington colonial express pleased with and an Alert Crew noticed a committee assignment. The Brake valve out of p051 10" under certain conditions Chil he new Haven train at Providence Dren May claim their parents named is a powerful Oody dependents. To qualify the Par-1 t116 committees on ways and re pm must not have received As Means appropriations and rules a Man 65 or Over has the privilege with regard to his wife no matter what her age. But same top limits govern As in the younger group. Is fan of under such a the concourse of Union under such a Rule Many station in Washington d c wednesday at new p h a v e n Conn aboard the . Much As s600 Gross income Dur ing the year and must not be claimed As an exemption by his or her spouse. And the offspring who claims his Parent As an often Are described As the three top House committees. Reece is a close Friend of rep. Brown a Holdover member of the rules group and two Are expected to have Kingsport today monday Csc auditorium basketball games in main auditorium. Teen dance class in game room. Murp than half of the Narant s salons influence on the commit boy scouts in club room 5 More than Nan of the parents Fumii l Sud oort during the year. Broiler equally split the Cost of maintaining their l lied Mother neither could Sla control Over would pay her whole expenses h Gore left the House one year and Bob the next. New Studebaker has a new look South Bend Studebaker ind. Up to run successfully for the Veteran Kenneth Mckellar s j Senate seat. J Many friends of rep. Frazier d hoped the Chattanooga might get a place on the appropriations group to replace Gore but Frazier was reassigned to the in american activities and jul corp. Which sur id Ciary committees. Both these Are considered prised the motoring world Are Consier Radii rally tips Rissien six Vears desirable and Frazier said he is., a Vicany new Aei Iii a years with them although he hooked rub making in Corner room. Ago today introduced 1953 with Mem a impugn be off Lif. Els Likely to draw As much that Tennessee soon can no ment As the 1947 which Way a Man on the appropriations. Can see Over the top of As chairman of the Post office Fumii l oame room basketball practice tuesday civic auditorium draft Board in main auditorium . Shower party in club rooms. Girl scout training in Corner room Frank l. Conri recreation Center club meeting and class. Douglass recreation enter no activities scheduled. Wednesday civic auditorium in main auditorium. Church training program in a club rooms. Kinin sport Trout club in Corner room. Frank l. Cloud recreation enter free movies Don Fyliss recreation Center basketball practice boxing instruction game room activities thursday civic auditorium basketball games in main auditorium. Game room open. A club rooms an executive committee a Corner room Akine i. Center Chi Vitili loud recreation Center game room activities and Folk games. Friday Carlr auditorium birthday dance in club rooms. Adult dance class in game room. Frank l. Claud recreation Center Square dance. Recreation Center game room activities free movies saturday cd Etc auditorium quartet concert in main auditorium. Shower in club rooms. Thespian club in Corner room. Recreation Center basketball game. Kin Spori elks is Frank l. Cloud recreation enter Bingo night. The new Studebaker Are a com and civil service committee be Bina Tion of european and of the shift to Republican lean styling that set them apart icontro1 but he remains As rank from other . Makes. Jine democratic member of that the front Hood slopes Down in a smooth curve to the front rep w bumper with just enough Center place on the works com Rise for engine space. The grilled Mittie and rep Ems d re consists of two narrow on the veterans affairs slashes on either Side of the i and Small business committees. Ornament i sen Kefauver lost a seat on Over All effect is first Cousin the Sellate District committee a Flat Jujj to the British Jaguar. Remained on the armed because the main body is so services and judiciary commit Low Slung head room in the important Senate As Mnger space is achieved f t Lic deep windows and Windshield sen. Up from the. R w for exam nip Thorp is n apr House was assigned to the pub Wise a. Carl w. Cent More Eias space on Thi Silic works and District commit Hamilton of Wise has been year s 4-door Sedan than on taking the Piacek on the president of the Wise corresponding 1952 Model Ter vacated by Kefauver. The county bar association succeed Studebaker also introduced the state s Junior senator says he ing w. of Norton Vine my d in no Hen Roma Kin v in Tenn to first mechanical Power steering device powered directly off the engine. A Hydraulic system is employed on All other cars. Prices on most models varied Little from last year. But was taken off the hard top in the Champion line and in the commander series. The land Cruiser was reduced mortgage Loans commercial residential c. A. Bauer co. Z32 e. Market Hopes for assignment to the Henry Bandy Norton is vice Senate appropriations commit tee sometime in the future. Ambulance service funeral directing burial insurance Kingsport funeral Home phone 965-j president and Hugh p. Cline Norton Secretary treasurer. Throne a our two Way radio symm we can have a Call at Yoor serried in a of initiates. 24-Ronr service. Call 2863 safety cabs new Vitamin Mineral formula offers Relief for thousands developed by a doctor s Laboratory after Many months of research the new liquid dietary supplement n17-Becol sup plies nine vitamins and twelve minerals to meet the everyday requirements of the bring real Relief to the thousands who suffer from ailments caused by insufficient Supply of certain vitamins and minerals in the diet. 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