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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 26, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee2 monday january 26, 1953, Kingsport times Barkley continued from Page 1 serve a Public cause with his to program by conducting a con death notices Susie m. Barlow Pennington Gap a. Spa the Day. I think there May be a place for fruitful useful and constructive talk to the american people in an informal he said at a press conference yesterday. Died at her Home sunday of a heart attack suffered a week ago. She is survived by her Hus band two daughters Maude Barlow King of Pennington Gap six Enni gwm t i shall talk informally and in and Louise Barlow Gibson of a non partisan Barkley j Columbia s. C. Four grandchild said adding that does not Dren and one great grandchild mean that i am giving up my one brother j. P. Burgan of status As a Democrat or there won t be political discus Sions on the he said he had no contract and therefore the length of his stay on to will depend to some extent on Public reception of the program. He said no sponsor had signed for the program and he smilingly declined to say How much he will be paid. Earl Godwin a Veteran news Caster will appear with Barkley on the 15-minute program at ., Cost. Barkley s political achieve ments included High offices in House and Senate and finally funeral services will be con ducted tuesday at 2 At Pennington Gap methodist Church. The Rev. C. F. Watkins of Kingsport and the Rev. V. H. Hampton pastor will officiate. The body will lie in state for one hour before services. Burial will be in the Cecil cemetery. Estes Cecil funeral Home is in charge. Atomic continued from Page 1 of new and improved nuclear devices and will provide additional weapons performance data essential to military and civil defense effects the dec said troop Maneu vers and training exercises will be part of the testing program. It estimated members of the army Navy air Force and marines will take part. It has been widely expected that the program will include the first Field tests of atomic Artil Lery shells for use in the army s new super Cannon developed at the Aberdeen my proving grounds. This Cannon capable of shoot ing atomic or conventional mis Siles 20 Miles with pin Point a All eyes Walch Ike for action on roads in Force on korean War vice president states. the United and so did the Guy who was shooting an eighth army spokesman declined to report Allied casual ties but estimated 95 chinese were killed. Norw noir .11 Allied Nighter bombers blasted new York Philan ithe vital Pyongyang Kaeson Tropic gifts and bequests made truce Road today Over which communists have moved Western billion Given in u. During 52 War continued from Page 1 the flame throwers ran out of fuel and added grimly the join Price Jones com Pany inc., new York fund Rais ing and Public relations consultants made this estimate yes elation of suppy runs n Mornone series Ter Day when it released the re on the Road South of Pyongyang suits of its 22nr annual Surv pm 1.1- r. An Allied red agreement. American and australian Thunder jets shooting stars and destroyed 13 communist Supply trucks in Mornine strikes g Curacy was announced late last ear and was shown to the pubic in the Eisenhower inaugural Parade last week. During atomic tests at the Las vegas proving ground last Spring eight atomic explosions were re ported. They brought to 20 the total atomic blasts there since the Nevada site was first used in january 1951. Actress to get divorce today Reno p a solemn Rita Hayworth who maintains she has no romantic plans gets her Nevada divorce today from Aly Khan the Playboy moslem Prince she married after a whirl wind Globe girdling courtship in truce talks stopped dead Over returning Suffi prisoners to Homes a James Marlow Washington in All eyes watch president Eisenhower to see what he can do about the War in Korea where the truce talks have stopped dead on the question of prisoners. The communists demand the United nations hand Back All prisoners whether or not the prisoners want to return or say they re afraid to return. The u. N. Says it will Send Back no prisoners against their will. Some Day the two sides May Nashville safety commissioner Hilton Butler said today More than 200 members of the state Highway patrol have been ordered to duty in enforcing traffic and safety Laws. The step which carries out gov. Frank Clement s Campaign pledge to put patrolmen on the highways is designed to help j reduce traffic deaths and in juries Butler said. The Highway patrolmen Are to be scattered throughout the state and the patrol cars will be seen at regular intervals on the Cabinet continued from Page 1 with the government. Monday City court Han arraigned Here on assault charges main thoroughfares. Officers 5" fal s a the Mere Ren stocks. Vens of new Jersey prospective army chief and Harold e. Tal Bott of new York the president s Choice As air Secretary. Stevens Case is regarded by senators As particularly difficult. He holds shares of Stock in his family business j. P. Stevens co., a Large textile firm which does one third of its business with the government. And he owns shares in the Owens Corning fibreglass has informed the committee he wants to retain both holdings but has sold the remainder of four motorists were fined each in City court monday for making illegal turns at the in involved Are Robert t b Ste Maklon illegal turns at the in is of new Jersey. No Ter Section of Broad and Market say the Mere presence of a patrol car has a psychological of feet on automobile Drivers. Dangerous areas to spot reckless or speeding Drivers. Instead of giving Chase he said the patrolmen radio ahead to the next patrol car giving the License number of the automobile. Maj univ a Yew of incs May resume the peace talks. i Driver then is warned or itsume me peace tasks. i 10 it Taueu Eisenhower May try by Force of depending on the Cir arms to win the War. But As of now the prisoner question is 1949. The Oil ule Road soum of suits of its 22nd annual Survey the North korean fatal of philanthropy m 10 major the Road had been set aside for Safe conduct of truce teams to Panmunjom where the now stalled armistice talks were held. Recently the allies determined the reds were moving War. Sup plies in alleged armistice Dele american cities. Skidding automobile kills Nas villian Nashville Frances Terrell. 29, of Nashville died in gation convoys and ordered the Road bombed today. A Nashville Hospital fourteen Okinawa based b29s route to saturday night after she was i last night blasted a 30-acre Mili thrown from a skidding Automo 1 tary staff installation at Yang bile in Williamson county South state patrolmen re one time dancer turned glamorous movie Queen said she expects to take her and Aly s 3-year-old daughter Yasmin to the Washoe county court hear she declined to smile for Pho she would t Dis the divorce or Aly at the heart of the deadlock. It has a Long background. After world War i Russia s bolshevik government signed a number of peace treaties. For Mer Secretary of state Acheson has cited 17 in which Russia agreed All prisoners of War should be returned to their Homeland but Only if they wanted to go. One treaty for sex Butler said this plan for Mak ing the patrol cars visible on the highways is experimental at streets. Traffic violations dominated the morning docket As nine defendants appeared in court with citations. The defendant in an illegal parking Case in which a Fine was levied indicated that the court s decision would be appealed. The defendant a Laun dry truck Driver stated that he had double parked momentarily while making a delivery. One Man was fined for speeding and running a Stop sign and another Drew a penalty for blocking a Street. A charge of leaving the scene of an Accident against a Driver whose vehicle struck a Tele business is completely on a phone pole was dismissed. The competitive bid rather than be Driver stated that he was get Goti ated contract basis it might tins a wrecker when police in be permissible for the Prospect Vest gated the mishap Tive army Secretary to keep his one Man was fined for drunk driving and another Drew a Fine for Public Drunken Lester c. Hunt a Wyo of the armed services commit tee out that since the Butler said patrol cars out that since the be parked in congested or Stevens company s government bus mess is Stock but take himself completely out of the picture if his company s interests become involved. Taft agreed with this principle and apparently would apply it to Talbott s holdings As Well. Tal Bott says it would Cost him present but will be made permanent routine if m taxes to sell his Chrysler justify. Corp. Stock and to get rid of his electric Auto Lite hold killed by Golf Ball paso Robles Calif. Six year old Eric Hanson died yesterday after being hit in the ing. Tog Raphers. Cuss either sport Loving son of the loudly Rich Aga Khan. Fab Jackson Leighter Rita s Busi Accomma Ness manager Nied her from Hollywood explained she feels that is in poor taste a matter to be discussed Only with the of Here ported. Artist protests Dok and the Lirie to1 forefinger replaces Pyongyang in continuing air Battles u. Sabre jets destroyed one mig15 and damaged another sunday. New York he Amphran or the Alf that brought events in Russia has asked the 39 damaged judges named for sessions court acting judges to preside in sessions court Here for the next two weeks in the absence of judge s. G. Gilbreath or. Have been elected by the Kingsport bar association and Deputy court clerk. They Are Jan. 26, w. B. Earth Man Jan. 27, Shelby Smoot Jan. 28, t. R. Bandyjr. Jan. 29, t. A. Dotison or. Jan. 30, Burkett Mcinturff Jan. 31, t. A Dodson or. Feb. 1, w. E. Weber feb. 2, e. Lynn Minter feb. 3, w. B. Earthman feb. 4, t. R. Bandyjr. Feb. 5, James r. Lyle feb. J6, Brantley Blue feb. 7, Ben Davis feb. 8, w. E. Weber feb John Mcclellan feb. 10, John Mcclellan feb. 11, William Gamble. With 2nd division Korea a Young lieutenant who underwent a rare operation to have his forefinger grafted in place of thumb is Back in a blown off Korea. Stadium. Hanson was the stadium. Flying a Kite in i j it Lar Uci inti 1jlj. Wic m t. Repatriation i Chest by a Golf Ball driven by ought not to be enforced it is by Charles Bakeman 18, who prisoners the m High school there were two ideas involved i. That As soon As a War was Over All prisoners who wanted to return Home should be re turned at once but 2 if they were afraid to return they should t be forced to. Soviet Russia liked this Princi ple so much that it was embed delay after the cessation of Active when the Ings. Ness leaks continued from Page 1 ers Over his Cabinet. A president so recently resigned from a Mili tary career of High command May even be Able to make it stick. But or. Eisenhower had visitors from Congress today who cannot be disciplined that Way. They were the Republican the communists prisoners who did t want to go Russia s for eign minister Andrei Vishinsky Mui Baiei Aii Art i Visnosky const tuition of pointed to that article 118, m e 1936 in a clause providing any a agreed Lum for political fugitives. I effect after world War n Russia was accused of deliberately holding Back prisoners it had particularly German and Japa who wanted to return to their homelands. This was contrary to previous understandings among nations about War that once the War was Over they should be to in 1949, and said in the in stand is a direct violation of article 118. The United states argues this Way refusing to return prison ers who Are afraid to return does not violate article 118 because for one thing it does t say prisoners who Don t want to re turn have to be returned. And says the u. S., it would administration s first legislative forfeitures included a Bond for possessing whisky a Bond for Public drunkenness and possessing and four Bonds for Public drunkenness. Other forfeitures were a Bond for illegal turn three Bonds for blocking traffic three Bonds for illegal parking i and 17 Bonds for overtime j parking. Virginia briefs c Wam Pler Virginia s ninth District congressman will speak Here at a Lincoln Day dinner on feb. 11. Danville is in the fifth District. It j c. Sou shall president of the Bank of Virginia said Here saturday night that rank and file Ameri o 1113l strategy conference. These vis cans Toust keep their interest in tors May not say much or any government if the United states is to fulfil its role of world Lead thing publicly about the con Ference. But on Capitol Hill they cannot hold out much from their Republican colleagues upon Reship. Speaking at the ban a Quet of the american Institute of banking he said foreign a Sullivan county Man was arraigned in general sessions court monday on charges of As Sault and threatening to extort Money. Preliminary hearing for the defendant Herbert h. Benton 23, route 5, was set for 3 ., thursday by acting judge web Ber earthman. Benton was released on Bond pending the hearing. Two felony warrants and a peace warrant for Benton were sworn to by Edward Leroy Doty. In one warrant Benton is charged with assaulting Doty with a Rifle with intent to com Mit robbery or the second warrant charges Benton with maliciously threat ening to accuse Doty of immoral conduct with regard to the defendant s wife and with threatening injury and to extort Money. Flowers Backer Bros. Phone 2200 charter out and Watanna Ste. Service Day night Flower telegraphed Groseclose Flowers Par All occasions phone 6 All arrangements guaranteed whose votes ministration they and the must depend swells from the heart of the enacting the agreed program. Wanted to go. Meltsner s series of 15 picture of u. Industrial scenes is the largest single collection of work by an american artist in mos a cow s museum of modern West pm Art. Which has been closed since 1945 for Owca is pinched Toledo o. Up police promised today to do a Little More investigating before they make any More raids on Gam bling i officers charged into a Yucai building and announced to the 125 ladies assembled for a meet ing of the Young matrons club that this is a the Young matrons were caught with their hands full of Money issued for an evening of Reno style games. Orlando Campisi. 28, Waltham and there had been several i mass., lost his right thumb when International agreements that Nim Une u. O., Al Home at once it they be inhuman to make prisoners feared for their lives if Back to the communists who several i sent wounded for the Korea in 1951. Third time in he was sent to a stateside hos Pital where he requested the unusual operation. Doctors reworked the Bones and Muscles of his right hand so the forefinger replaced the thumb and gave the hand nor Mal dexterity and control. Fire Levels Village Hong Kong fierce six hour Blaze swept through the ramshackle refugee Village of Tsai in Kowloon today leaving More than chinese Home less. Some 400 squatters huts were destroyed. Eight persons received minor injuries. Firemen battled in a heavy fog to bring the flames under control. Who wanted to return Home after a War should be sent Home there at once was such for example an agreement made at Geneva in 1929. So in 1949 there was another meeting at Geneva to revise the 1929 agreement made there. The United states and Russia took part. One sentence agreed to in 1949 later became very much a sore Point in the korean War. This sentence part of what is called article 118, says simply something new delicious Sunbeam Luncheonette cakes Are now in a new crimp Seal package the same tender delicious cake with a tasty Cream fill ing that will please the taste of the entire family. Wonderful Lor lunch boxes or for Between meal snacks return to what might be certain death for them. There Are some people in this country who while very anti communist contend the u. To article news does not leak on Capitol Hill. It gushes. Despite the new president s displeasure and tight Security news will be printed before it officially is announced and the White House will be unhappy about it. The process has been going on for years. Jor american people but despite this sincere generosity its motive is misunderstood throughout the should stick strictly 118 and return the prisoners in Korea. Croup u Midi relieved with first Swallow t of or. 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