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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 26, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies sits full Moon total eco less of the Moon Jook prominent Constellation Orion. 13 Southeast visible planets Mars. Low in Wisl ., Venus Low in West Jupiter. High in South Sat urn. Rises . All times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 18 Kingsport tenn., monday january 26, 1953 10 pages five cents the weather fair and not so cold to night with lowest near Freez ing. Tuesday partly Cloudy and Wanner showers Possi ble by night. Local noon temperature 37 last night s Low 27 sunday s High 35. Eisenhower and Taylor Eisenhower and it. Gen. Maxwell d. Taylor Confer at White House. Taylor is leaving Jan. 26 to take command of the eighth army in Korea As successor to Gen. James a. Van Fleet who is retiring. A new atom tests at Yucca Flats begin in March dec to build huge Plant to assemble weapons in Illinois Washington government announced today it will test new atomic explosives this Spring. And it picked a site in the Corn Fields of Illinois for a 29 million Dollar Plant to As semble nuclear weapons. The atomic tests will begin Mim and March at Yucca Flats in the be Itne Kev to what some officers Vada desert where 20 previous cal1 a Ereat courts Appeal for men who refused to fight brings a Tough question to Pentagon by Elton c. Fat Washington would soldiers with a proud rec Ord of valor in combat suddenly disobey orders and refuse to fight that is the underlying ques Tion in a coldly Legal Issue com ing up for formal review by the judge advocate general and the military court of appeals. It is a puzzler that haunts the Pentagon High command As Well As the Korea Field Corn answer could be expect Wilson approval soon army air secretaries picked by Ike face same Stock owning troubles South of Galesburg. Conferences with outgoing Gen. The atomic Energy commis am Tets a via Fleet and other Washington Leader Robert a. Taft prom said the Plant will be a life commanders teed to hold the Senate in overtime session today if necessary to ated by a private contractor not stalemated atomic devices have been exploded. The atomic Energy commis Sion said it will test new and improved nuclear devices at the Nevada proving grounds 65 Miles from Las vegas. These presumably will include atomic artillery shells. The dec announced too that the nation s first Plant designed solely for processing and Assem bling atomic explosives will be built along the spoon River in the southwestern part of Illinois not far from the Mississippi River. Ground for the Illinois Plant will be broken Early in the Spring. Nearly acres of ground will be set aside for the Plant. It will be erected in the Illinois Flat lands some 18 Miles East of Macomb about 55 Miles South West of Peoria and about 45 Miles martial of 91 men and one officer of the 65th puerto rican regiment for refusing to attack a communist position. Army Headquarters is reserving opinion until full details arrive. Perhaps Gen. J. Lawton Collins. Army chief of staff will get some details first hand on his current visit to the Battlefront. But some officers including some who saw the 65th fight courageously through the Long Early months of the korean War suggested factors that might have contributed to Yie paradoxical situation. Rotation it was suggested the 65th regiment a unit of the 3rd infantry division landed in Korea in november 1950, just five months after the fight ing began. Its officers commissioned and non commissioned had been in the regiment for years and spoke Spanish As Well As English. This is important not Only be cause it made verbal orders easier to understand but because it built a closer camaraderie from privates to brass. But with rotation the regi ment lost Many of its bilingual leaders. Might be an indirect cause. I then last october in the thick of a flight two companies were ordered to continue coun Ter attacking chinese communist positions. A regimental spokes Man said a number of men withdrew without orders and other men out with a patrol slipped Back to the main line. Refusal to obey orders in Bat the is a serious offence. It can Cost the lives of other soldiers As the army charges it did in this Case. The sentences imposed by the court martial in Korea ranged from dishonourable or bad con duct discharges to a 10-year imprisonment in one Case. Four were acquitted and another Case is pending. The review of the court martial action is automatic. The whole regiment number ing about to men was pulled out of the line after the incident retrained and sent Back into action. The Case is the second of similar proportions in the korean War. Early in the Campaign charges were brought against a number of men of the 24th regi ment of the 25th division for refusal to fight described in the Crisp talk of fighting men As Bug the 24th was com posed largely of negro troops. Collins confers with Van Fleet top Korea brass no drastic changes seen in conduct of in s Korea Campaign Seoul Korea j. Lawton Collins arrived in Korea i a o f Tod for a Sale of confirm Charles e. Wilson As defense Secretary and Complete for mation of the Eisenhower Cabinet. Advance nose counting indicated that the former general motors president would win Senate approval by an overwhelming vote now that he has agreed to sell his Worth of pm Stock. But Taft evidently expected some lengthy anti Wilson speeches from Oregon s inde pendent sen. Wayne Morse an Ike Dulles to outline policy state of Union talk slated next monday selected but that hiring of War. Collins arrived at Seoul just operating personnel will not be before dusk with Gen Mark w started until the Plant is nearly Complete probably in the Middle of 1954. Not More than 2.000 persons will be employed at the Plant the Agency said. In announcing the new atomic tests the dec did not go into avowed foe of the . It said Only and possibly from some demo the new series of tests is de Clark and was greeted by it. Gen. Glenn o. Barcus fifth Fleet air Force head and by the chiefs of staffs of the Republic of Korea army Navy and air Force. It was thought possible that Collins discussion with Van Fleet and other commanders could affect the in conduct of the korean War. Found hanged John c. Montgomery 41, chief of the state department s finnish desk was found hanged at his Home in fashionable George town Section of Washington. The death was ruled suicide. A unplanned raid Fai red Lodge asks Fri investigate Allun americans a turns talents to to program crafts. He gave the controversial nomination top priority at today s Senate session and told a re Porter we re going to stick with it. Washington he is approved if it takes Eisenhower and Secretary of until state Dulles probably will out-1 but on two other defense de a line the new administration apartment appointments foreign policy Steps in Baci news to report to speeches during the next Eisenhower at their first signed to Advance development however no drastic change see atomic 2 was foreseen. Collins will return to Tokyo thursday to meet it. Gen. Max Well Taylor who was picked to relieve Van Fleet As eighth army commander. The 60-year-old Van Fleet is headed for retirement. Van Fleet looking fit and Chip per at a Farewell press Copfer Days. Washington Dent Eisenhower will deliver his White House legislative Confer ence this morning. That news was that a Clear majority of the Senate armed senators probe defense buying group takes shot at waste of Public funds i i Oci Lilc Al Willcu a tji committee will oppose Washington up sen. Person to a joint session of Congress next monday p. M., est. The new administration is also or. Eisenhower s choices of Joseph r. Mccarthy s Senate in army and air Force Vest gating committee began of unless and until the prospective rations today with a shot in officials sell their stocks in com the dark inquiry into possible Likely to begin reorganizing top panties doing defense in the defense see Cabinet Page 2 level agencies responsible for cold War policies and operations into a new kind of civilian High com _ _. Mand setup Eisenhower according to pres or g111 Al ent indications will deliver his state of the Union message to. Congress possibly thursday or Friday. Harold e. Stassen nominated refugees flee e. German reds w. Berlin predicts record of escapees Washington of a new life starts at 75 for Kentucky s j ageless Aben Barkley. New ambassador asks after a Lons career in politics the Quick with a quip Barkley is turning his talents to the entertainment Field As a television performer. His once a week telecasts starting next sunday will be ready charging Allied troops caught in enemy crossfire Hoover for checkup presents credentials Berlin United nations n. Y. Up Henry Cabot Lodge presented his credentials to Secretary general Trygve lie today and disclosed that he has i requested a sweeping Fri investigation of All americans at the United nations. Lodge told his first hews con Ference As the new permanent United states representative Here that first official act was a letter to Fri chief j. Edgar up More than Hoover requesting an i Vestiga Tii called meet the veep " they will be on the Abc network. Barkley a political Stalwart in Kentucky for 48 years who nearly reached the top when he reds violate truce Road allies blast truck Supply convoys from press dispatches Seoul fighter bomb ers ripped into communist Bat the front positions today after in troops took a Licking on the got his name before the demo Western korean front in an cratic party s presidential Nom elaborately planned program 1 Ina tors last fall is out of work raid politically now and has Indi i the raid was the rated he will not return to pub Lic life. He said however he Hopes to see Barkley Page 2 ence said sunday night that refugees poured into of "a11 american employees communism is the world s end Berlin in 12 hours today and of Emy and again urged that facials predicted a one Day rec United nations members Supply i Ord of escapees from new Corn More troops for the korean War. Monist purges in East Germany. Collins who arrived in Tokyo j the previous Mark of sunday for his seventh visit to the far East command said that the switch in eighth army com Manders probably would not re refugees in one Day was set last monday. East germans and West Ber liners seeking political Asylum of the u. S. Mission to the in and in the in Lodge was appointed by presi Dent Eisenhower to succeed ambassador Warren r. Austin and was confirmed by the Senate late last week. He plans to leave his Post Here each Friday and go to Washington to sit in on the to be director of the Mutual be Seoul col. Edwin h. Heller one of the top american purity Agency told the Senate fighter pilots of world War ii foreign relations committee last week that the message will was lost Over North Korea Fri Day the fifth air Force said make very Clear the manner in today. Which foreign policy and its canno fire from a communist implementation takes on certain m1g-15 presumably blasted Hel Ler s Sabre Jet Only one Day aft stockpiling program. Mccarthy called the committee suit in changes in the conduct already have passed the month j Cabinet meetings. Of the War. Ily record of set in Decem a has request for Fri action was he said Van Fleet was Bein Giber. Western officials said one of former Honl. Trump Lac million Blaze hits Gas Wells offshore Louisiana operations stricken heaviest ground action of the new year. Allied infantry tanks flame throwers artillery and Truman s last executive or real arid snap la hip Insp he via persons have fled across the Bor. Into closed door session to ques so far in january and prefers which requested a Tion unidentified witnesses. He the retirement age. Said he would have preferred Ai because president Eisenh Public hearing but the Mili Nas Deen extremely cautious tary has classified this material response to proposals for an Al planes were thrown into the unsuccessful assault on Spud Hill. High brass and correspondents in Advance with a pamphlet describing each phase of the attack watched from nearby bunkers. Called opera Tion it had been planned since Jan. 19. But the chinese reds were ready. They caught the charging in infantrymen in a deadly crossfire. Then the Allied troops tried to Burn out the reds with flame i throwers. However in Many in Morgan City la. Up the flame throwers ran p ii i me imbue Iii users rail wind whipped flames visible for out of fuel a dieted the number will top service investigation of All Amer i 50 Miles billowed from a stub a Crest Edwards set Kim the end of the month. Born million Dollar fire engulf the he Thern As top the Wisconsin Republican lied offensive in Korea it was believed that Collins did not some 25 soviet zone jews were among the refugees during the week end raising the total said the investigation has Noth ing to do with communism or graft but dealt with what on the surface appears to be a Little bad buying on the part of officials in charge of procuring materials for the defense Stock pile. On tuesday night Secretary Erh had destroyed two com gently had resulted in a waste Dulles is due to make a Broad Monist jets and was promoted cast to the nation from his of fice. Aides said it would cover from major. Heller 33, of Wynne did pa., the Globe highlight problems hosted As missing in action be met and give some indication he was credited with de of administration thinking on stroking 19v- German planes in european combat. His korean score was 3yz migs destroyed How to meet them. On Friday Dulles and Stassen Are due to take off on a fast 10 Day tour of Western european capitals to get first hand information for themselves and the and one damaged. A fifth air Force spokesman said other pilots in the 51st fighter interceptor Wing Busy president on Progress in euro in did not see whether Pean Unity and defense organi Jet was hit but saw it going Down. He said there was no report of Heller parachuting. Nation and on european needs for american military and eco nomic assistance. The conferences they will hold will be the first Between top american officials and Allied leaders abroad since the new administration took office. Bring any word on new military operations. Now Harry says trip to Korea Good idea new York up former president Harry s. Truman does t think president Eisen Hower s trip to Korea was demagoguery after All. Interview sunday that the com a or. Truman was quoted by Mittee staff is now making rash american Broad he said bad buying appear of Public funds by forcing up he declined to elaborate but promised a Public statement after the hearing. Mccarthy said in a television of recent jewish fugitives from a new out burst of anti Semi i Tim to 400. In Bonn the West German finance ministry has earmarked for emergency hous luminary inquiries on about 10 different he said the Federal Security Agency is under committee scrutiny but did not say Why. He vigorously denied that the Eisenhower administration had exerted influence in Congress to push him out of the communist Hunting Field. Casting company White House correspondent As saying he favored Eisenhower s trip to Korea and it probably did some rash said or. Truman made the statement 10 Days ago but it ing in West Germany for Refu gation. With inquiries by Federal agencies into alleged subversive activities ing five Gas Wells at an off Shore by u. S. Citizens employed by the Day. World organization. Oil drilling platform Early to at the same time As or. Tru Man s order was issued the United states requested the in to forego further hiring of americans pending the invest gees from communist terror. Lodge said his request for the Many of those who flee into full Fri investigation was in West Berlin Are flown to West tirely consistent with the civil Germany in a refugee inquiry. He said the Fri some 30.000 Are jammed into i findings would be submitted to West Berlin Camps and civil service authorities for a spokesman for the pure Oil co. Said a shift in wind direction to the Southeast lessened a threat to two nearby equipment platforms but once again ignited All five Wells on the drilling platform. It is a flexible said Walter c. Roome a com Pany official. It is hard to Tell of Tbone Hail of artillery shells and napalm Jel lied gasoline also failed to Dis Lodge the communists. One of the Allied wounded told Edwards if we could Only have had More flame throwers we could have burned right through them. We were doing a Good Job but suddenly there weren t any. More another wounded Man told a when the Wells Are burning Fred Waters that Ninon _ have settled in the City since 1949. An estimated Refu gees and displaced persons have flooded West Germany since the end of world War n. East German Security police were reported to have arrested a jewish communist Leader for helping other top jews escape to the West. West Berlin socialists said Bru was not cleared for release until j no Wolf jewish chairman of the after or. Eisenhower was in Central committee s education aug rated. Canadian luxury liner is total i memoirs will bring in mysterious fire Harry Over Kansas City Dent Harry s. Truman it May now be disclosed has been As docked liner Empress of Canada and left the vessel lying on her Side today a gutted and religious affairs department was charged with covering the flight of All of East Germany s seven jewish leaders. One of these escaped leaders said today Russia has recalled almost All jewish soldiers and officials serving with occupation troops and the soviet control commission in Germany. I evaluation. When the Fri makes an in he said it does not reach conclusions. The civil service must make the Conlu the new ambassador who was Defeated in november in a bid for reelection As senator from Massachusetts said the Fri would not have to come to the in and risk a breach in the International agreement covering the world organization s head quarters. When they Are not. Roome said that at one time since an explosion set off the Blaze shortly before noon Sun Day storm chokes appeared to have Cut off the Supply of Gas but flames nevertheless continued towering skyward. Fire fighting ships led by the heavy tug Trojan from port a thur tex., were being rushed to the spot 10 Miles off the Louisi Ana coast. A 45-Man Crew escaped with out injury when a broken flow line exploded and set off the Blaze sunday morning. New of if Joseu Bias been As and soldering ruin sure of contracts providing him More than 200 firemen with 40 Canadian Pacific pieces of apparatus fought the this is my Saddest Blaze but it quickly got out of he said. We were such old hand and enveloped the ship s friends enough Money for his future needs and to permit him com plete Freedom to say and write what he pleases. This reporter was told by one of the former president s closest a spokesman for the Canadian Pacific railway company her owner described the ship As a total Only a dozen workmen were aboard the Empress which was friends that Truman will write undergoing an annual overhaul his memoirs for a new Yor Kinwen the fire broke out amid publishing firm at a figure yesterday afternoon. All petted to run above half a Mil scrambled to safety. Lion dollars Over a Perod of Sev eral years. In addition Truman will make periodical carefully selected Lee police supt. Herbert Palmer made a preliminary investigation of the fast spreading Blaze and asked the British Home of entire superstructure. A. G. Greenslade the chief fire flames shot High into the said As portholes melted and deck the cause of the fire is in plates collapsed. The Yardar we believe it started in the Mast cracked off and fell across a shed on the Dock. Finally the snip began listing sharply from the hundreds of tons of water poured into her. The fire or near the dispensary but when we arrived the smoke was so dense we could not reach the seat of the the ship could carry 700 men were called ashore to let the sengers and had a Crew of 350. Blaze Burn itself out. Company officials said she had Early today 9vi hours after been fully booked for the season the fire broke out the Empress to carry Coronation visitors be Sooga raids net 35 on gambling charges Chattanooga a total of 35 persons were arrested Over the week end As City and county police struck at alleged Gam bling spots. Sheriff Rex Richey planted a newcomer to the county patrol in one of the places and the raid followed. This raid at nearby Tif Tonia Early yesterday netted 16 persons and Dice and poker equipment Richey said. Charged with gaming the 16 were placed under Bond i or. Eisenhower intends that the of Canada rolled Over on he tween America and England. Hearing tomorrow. Leaks on. Plans anger Ike visitor reports by Lyle c. Whon up staff correspondent Washington up presi Dent Eisenhower is said to be edgy and angry about news leaks of his plans to the press and radio. A recent visitor described him As raging because word of political appointments had been peddled prematurely. Raging is an extravagant word and or. Eisenhower s Visi Tor May have been Overly impressed by the president s Dis pleasure. But the emphasis on tight Security after the first cab acted to questions with a startled silence and an instant desire to depart by the nearest exit. The Cabinet leak Long has been one of the purest sources of news hereabouts although rarely occurring in the White House lobby. It is some time after a Secretary gets Back to his depart ment that he May let some news slip to a Friendly reporter or to a trusted aide who tells some one else and so on. A great Deal of information reaches the news papers that Way. If or. Eisen each pending a sessions court port Side. L the liner arrived Here for Iwuc for the assistance of Sci on the Dock watching was overhaul Jan 10 and was sched dentists. The possibility of Sabo capt. E. A. Shergold . In the City raids the anti Racket squad arrested 19 persons in two raids. Inet was a hint that Hower can impose the discipline science of a military staff on his political associates he will leaks shall be plugged. It will be a Job for a master plumber. Emerging from the new administration s no. 1 Cabinet huddle the Eisenhower team re be the first president in some time to achieve it. The president does have some disciplinary pow see Claka Page 2 see War Page 2 believe 19 killed in Sardinia crash Cagliari Sardinia italian Airliner with 19 persons aboard crashed into a Moun Tain near Here today and first reports said All aboard were killed. The Airliner was a regularly scheduled plane in route Between Cagliari and Rome. It crashed 10 minutes after taking off. The area is isolated and it was expected it would require several hours for Rescue parties to reach the scene. Officials of the airline con firmed that the plane was carrying 15 passengers and a of four including a hostess. So lunar tables rat Tapaau of Setnar at printed mow. Do Bern taken from Alden . Solon a tables Piai rout to mat you Stu be Nibur in Good territory or annual in of excl Cocci Durant Ctm. If to lib w find the exit port guv mob Danu m after

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