Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Jan 25 1954, Page 6

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 25, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeBy i la git us rider maw in Law wow d like to ride "ol1 runaway in the mule race 16 moral 60tta stay in the Stop now i got a utfi.6 what s the Varmint s Callin name Snuffy you Sot a wife an Nikot bpm chilian a sub clue po6 to support resale a web Jesse a bos we 60t a new entry Perth mule race from Balty More Sut but we uns ctn t git nobody to ride the wild Critter have you Ovbie Ibex maim Crank of , you gotta situs an so to work. Only when it a minute you Hap me you re too Bis Tor my sled now watch How i takes a Bis rum t 61t up Speed the Reat Cisco later after hens of Nukk Kob Beky be aches Tom. Speck you la break to 5tcp Dat 5creawin, or one Trines sore-1 Cam t get into am trouble drmw6 Trafis coach. Theres not enc06h on Board to interest a hear those masked Mem called each other wont show youse How sheriff its 10ur duty you be 6ot to the Cisco kid a con maw Akop his Moll stayed Here. Twee had a kid with them "amc7 48 weakens i think they slipped something Over of my Mother a and father the baby is w wrinkled a. And toothless and Bald that Fine Elmo v 1 what both Wen circled cautiously. They have great respect for each other s looks like two great Jungle cats about to leap. There s a ominous Abe Don t just sit the Estop them eloping .1 that West out with silent movies. Dial Circle 5-7131 open 24 hours daily City Hall Shell service Mickle. Vally Wor shipped his. Well llx3 u5 up whew you get out to the co fast Good. Lily i look for you in Hollywood i you make it to woxiou5 that wily the with th05e w Cole see Voul Wickle he 5 the Best director in pictures. Okie o1 few who never tums ve5. Soow we our first prop Tiou together. I d like to meet him. Wite with is Puhek for. Several just before he killed of Shower Caps Simns of we. Fop off. Rubber sieves 2.5 4 weve tx3ne wart Gotso far tawn off your there ride us Down with y see what 1 the Flower of his mean Continental believe . Tmey wow that guv so ras6ed he Alm t got time to do Amy of the office business has been a glorious Cay 1 one in the Eye this for Britain methinks the Cay s not Over yet Norman will Long Rue this Cay at Hastings Hill p06o is listed at could Toatle want to Bill of water wings for my else Aarsund Mere look Pai 6et a z 60t throu6w Vou it fell. Apart ally they1 be 6ot it they always know where s Tmey could 6et it if a girl in a sweater looks Good the Fellows usually look Good too. Those forms Hopes welts a n customer in time if he in t a operated on dangerous hell turn into an and when that a . J loves game Warden will undoubtedly an a order Vou to obeys shoot limits inc for Afie squishing he s .4 is g itt in c out of shapewilder.? my purcmasisi6 set a6e 35--- Maux avid a tip of the Halo hat to Eddie Carlev vol Onoto i m wot Toji Rafto sparkling smile is nighty important keep Teeth Bright Chew Wrigley s Spean int cuff. E the Teck answer to previous Puzzle across 1 what a dog buries 5 dog or cat food 9 Young dog 12 English River 13 sea Casio 14 mimic 3 used by a Hunting dog 4 come in 5 males 6 builds 7 handle 8 tries 9 Large tents 10 above 11 confined 6 monday january 25, 1954, Kingsport times scratch you Call. A voice blow its. Way through a sopa Soffe Caveness 16 slanted Type 20 French River in Frozen rain 22 portions 19 cat s delicacy 24 Carthage 21 entranced Qucen 23 Salt 25 among 24 German article26 butter knives 27 scottish girl 29 tumult 32 damage 34 girl s name 36 to the Point 37 reparation 38 River in Germany 39 cloy 41 distress signal 42 help 44 dispatched 46 saves 4 9. Drugs 53 poem 64 haitian hero 58 Equality 57 makes mistakes 58 greek porch 50 measures of 31 Hardy heroine 47 kind of Hll Tot Yeeee 33 Eagle s nest 35 corrects 40 make certain 43 restrain 45 browned bread 28 roof material 46 used to tie up 55 Pope s title 30 religious Book a dog a cheese in excess so agave Plant 81 greek seaport 52 musical directions the trouble with Voung people today is they re Aff Jaid of a Little work and you can Wash my windows Shine my shoes and Mytke Fay Beetle i told you to scrub my floor while i was at the movies Type 60 hollow jointed grass 61 russian news Agency Down 1 forbids 2 egg shaped copy 1954 by Nea inc. T. Pal off

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