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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 25, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 850 30 be Alert to the shopper who darts across the Street in the Middle of the Block. Kingsport times vol. Al Nix 17 phone Circle Kingsport Tenn., monday Jan. 25, 1954 10 pages five cents f o Alderman John Patty Dies civic Leader Dies at Hych after seizure elected to City Board last june headed state optometrists or. John Calvin Patty 44, Kings Oft Alderman and presi Dent of the Tennessee optometric association died unexpectedly at . Today. He suffered a heart attack Jan 14 at his Home 1421 Lin Ville st., and had since been a patient in Holston Valley com nudity Hospital. His physician said or. Patty had been getting along Well until he suffered a second heart attack monday morning. The body is at Hamlett Dob son funeral Home. Or Patty had been an optometrist Here since he came from Chicago in 1938. He was elected to the City s Board of mayor and aldermen last june. The untimely death of or. John Patty comes As a severe Shock to All of us Here at City City manager d. W. Moulton said monday. Or. Patty had served on our City coun cil since july 1, 1953, and those of us who have been associated with him in administering the affairs of the City had come to love him and recognize his Wise counsel and Good judgment. He will be greatly missed by us or. John Patty solons attempt billion Cut Filke budget committee members Call for reductions in billion plan Washington my minded congressmen Sharp ened axes today to whack three fall. Four virginians free of charge of tax Norfolk a. S. Kellam w. Russell Hatchett William f. Hudgins and Herbert a. Holt were acquitted today of charges of income tax evasion and conspiracy to defraud the u. S. Government. Kellam was a former Campaign manager for Virginia gov. Tho Mas b. Stanley. He was indicted by a Federal court jury during the gubernatorial Campaign last billion dollars off the Eisenhower budget but Treasury Secre tary George m. Humphrey said he doubted if it can be done. Chairman John Tabor in. Y of the ways and Means com Mittee called for further spend ing cuts and new tax reductions. Taber whose committee initiates All appropriation reports in the income tax ures went ahead with his plans returns filed by the Beach taxi Ike gives solons 8-Point Federal housing program urges authorization of new units in 4-year program Washington president Eisenhower today gave Congress an eight Point program for revising Federal housing Laws with the declared of providing of Wocl housing in Good neighbor j Humphrey interviewed on hoods for every american. Abc s televised1 meet the press their acquittal came on a directed verdict by u. S. Dist. Court judge Albert v. Bryan acting on a defense motion filed Friday at the conclusion of four Days of government testimony. Judge Bryan ruled that the of the fifth defendant the weather Cloudy tonight with Low of 44 degrees. Cloudy and mild tues Day showers Likely and High of 60 agrees. Turning colder wednesday night. Last night s Low 42 yesterday s High 53 noon today 45 degrees. Berlin allies request free elections for Germany Frank l. Gresham will continue but solely on the automobile to Cut three billion dollars from the president s 65 i billion Dollar program. The congressman a leading advocate of Economy said Blunt Fly there never was a budget that could t be he pointed out also that a three billion Dol Lar slash in the budget would eliminate the Defi Cit the president estimated for the coming fiscal year which be gins july 1. Service inc., for the year 1947. Gresham was president and a stockholder of the taxicab com Pany. The other four defendants also were stockholders. Judge Bryan held the evidence defend to sup Eisenhower urged authorize of four More years of Public Here As an goo Tjon q oui More years pud greatly missed by us housing Witch new units Well As by Many other parted. The rate a rt.3. A a members of civic organizations throughout the City in which he was very he was a member of the civitan club of which he was president in 1941-42 and Secre tary from 1942-45. He was elected to the Kingsport safety Council in 1945 for a three year see Alderman Page 10 Joe surrenders firing Powers Washington ins sen Joseph r. Mccarthy agreed today to give up the sole Power to hire and fire staff employees of his investigating sub basis for one to be started. The rate i year is the one now authorized. But this program the presi Dent said in a special message to Congress should be coupled with a new and experimental plan to encourage private Enterprise to meet the needs of Low income families. The government must be a return to the pre underwrite longer term Mort against the other four ants was not sufficient port the indictments. Bricker Bill goes to Senate freeing of pcs said he was sure that when con Gressmen carefully examine the budget they will find few if any. Places where it can be Washington ins the slashed. In whose committee All tax legislation originates came out Over end for a gradual 23.7 per cent reduction in income taxes. Reed states our net objective controversial Bricker constitutional amendment to curb presi with lower Down payments for families left homeless by slum clearance he said. The proposed Stem to Stern overhaul of the housing program should be based Eisenhower said on full and effective utilization of our competitive the president said the Federal government must provide aggressive and positive leadership. At the same time actions and programs must be avoided that would make India joins commies in ballot on Issue Panmunjom ins the Neutral nations repatriation i commission today expressed for Mal disapproval by a 3-2 vote of Allied action in freeing Korea War prisoners last week. India voted along with communist Poland and Czechoslovakia in disapproving the Ai Bidault warns reds West defense Effort no bargaining Issue by Kingsbury Smith Berlin big four conference opened today with the West quickly calling for free German elections and Germany s military association with the West in a strictly defensive French foreign minister Georges Bidault the first speaker at the Berlin conference also promptly warned Russia that our defense Effort cannot constitute the objector Bidault rejected any barter Deal whereby the Western allies would sacrifice their vital interests in Europe for communist Concession in the far East. Solution of Asiatic problems he said cannot be advanced if 3one tries to link them artificially with european problems on a sort of reciprocal he said there was no reason to have the Fate of Austria de pendent on that of and no reason to link the German unification problem with modification of the International status of communist the opening speech outlined Washington threats have been made against Lyle traditional Western Allied the army officer who announced the court martial charges Stanci Dut Bidault hinted the Western Ames might offer rus. Dulles arrives in s. Secretary of state John Foster Dulles talks to newsmen on his arrival at Berlin s templehof Airport after a flight from Washington. Dulles was the first of the big four foreign ministers to arrive for the conference which opened today. A wire photo via radio from court martial charge brings three threats Lilic Illy a Lull i Wii u i against Cpl. Edward Dickenson and As a result he is carrying a gun today for Protection. Col Norman e. Sprowl Public information officer for the military District of Washington said he received five Telephone Ubuntu my n dental treaty making move which made civilians of korean and chinese prison ers who once fought on the Side of the reel s but rejected repatriation after the allies Cap tured them. Man Rule charges that led to a Korea rate of taxation. The congressman said Overall income taxes were boosted 33.7 per cent during the two and a half years of the korean War gets labor Law Issue future Uncertain Avo Iaea Ciao Wurum Washington ins c Mizens increasingly dependent Eisenhower administration drive _ it j. _________1 f v Xiy heur t.ot17 upon the Federal government to Supply their housing three democrats. Mccarthy joined with the other three gop members of the group in approving a motion de signed to end the democratic Boycott which began last july. The action was taken at a Harmony conference attended by the three in Iclal i Kllc o u j . 11u i. . Walkout by the subcommittees for slum eradication and a new Home build King level High enough to insure the eco nomic and social Well being of our Eisenhower said i am convinced that every american family can have a de cent Home if the builders lend ers and communities and the u me local state and Federal govern John l. Mcclellan Stuart Mients As Well As individual Citi to Amend the Taft Hartley Law opens before the Senate labor committee today amid doubt that the secret strike ballot proposal will be approved. Labor Secretary James p. La Clur oui Cecii a a Mitchell appears As the first ution substitute if he is Defeated witness in open hearings on on his stiffer proposal. Symington mo., and Henry Jackson Wash. Mccarthy told newsmen after the meeting that the subcommittee will get together again this afternoon after the democrats decide whether they should return. Mccarthy said he and the i Lar other three republicans voted i on the hiring firing Issue to Clear the slate at the outset of the meeting. He said sen. Karl e. Mundt moved to rescind the Resolution which caused the walkout and it was unanimously agreed to by Mccarthy and Sens. Everett m. Dirksen and Charles e. Potter the Resolution Mccarthy explained gave him As chairman sole Power to hire and fire subcommittee personnel. By rescinding it he said the Power would be vested in a majority of the aged Man found dead after 2 Days in mud Pikeville Tenn. 73 year old Bledsoe Man put their. Abilities anti determination energetically to the he called for Federal loan funds totalling 700 million dollars and Money for Grants up to 250 million dollars to be made available to cities to renovate decaying areas and headed for the Senate floor to Day with republicans fearful of a party shattering fight. A last ditch Effort to find a Compromise on which both sen. John w. Bricker r Ohio and administration forces could agree collapsed last night. Senate debate was expected to Start tomorrow. Republican floor Leader Wil Liam f. Knowland calif., and other congressional leaders meet with president Eisenhower this morning to discuss strategy on the Issue. At the conclusion of a by parti san meeting of key senators sen. Homer Ferguson r mich., Prin Cipal negotiator in efforts to achieve a mutually agreeable formula reported failure. Bricker announced constitutional change As one administration informant said the big Hope now is to get Bricker to accept an Nistra Batchelor says no comment Tolcou recharge Tokyo Cpl. Claude j. Batchelor replied Vilh. With a Sharp no Corn Sweden and Switzerland voted j when asked his reaction against the to news that the army has filed court martial charges against a Calls three of which he scribed As de Sia a Security guaranty plan be cause of the latter s objection to a reared Germany. Bidault said that a stoppage of Hosul ties everywhere is Essen it was Sprowl who announced bring about a general last Friday the army s decision to investigate charges that the 23-year-old sex korean prisoner of War collaborated with the reds at the expense of his fellow prisoners. Disarmament including presi Dent Eisenhower s audacious proposal for a world Bank of atomic fuels for peaceful Pur poses. The French minister showed Sprowl said he has not asked i apparent appreciation of rus for a spice Protection but that he Sian concern Over the Western Resolution regarding the prisoners who were turned Back to the allies by Indian custodial forces. The five nation narc at its meeting this afternoon also Dis cussed the status of eighteen anti red prisoners still held by Indian troops As suspects in prison Camp murders. A spokesman said the com missioners agreed to Send a let Ter on the murder suspects to the United nations but declined to reveal details. India has announced that the suspects will be tried under in Dian articles of War but the Al lies have demanded their re turn. Prisoner. The Kermit onetime fellow Stayback War tex., Soldier is undergoing medical treatment in. Tokyo army Hospital and army authorities said they did not know when he will be sent had received permission from the District Provost marshal to carry his service revolver with him at All times. Referring to his Anonymous callers the colonel said i sup pose they picked me because my name was in the papers with the he wrote off All but one of the five Calls As the work of Cranks. Sprowl said the exception an sex army sergeant who said he Home. He returned to the from the same part of the Pital today after plan to rearm Germany As part of the Western forces. Bidault said the conference should achieve this common conviction that none of our governments will seek to Taring about a rebirth of the German menace to Europe or intend to utilize Germany As an instrument of a policy of Force or As a Long term element in a policy of internal subversion of other yet also noting the Western pass. Me from the same part 01 the a week end Cost try As Dickenson and want desire for a re United Germany de Jcj talk to him in person to the French president Eisenhower s 14-Point program for revision of the act. Chairman Alexander Smith r n. J., chairman of the com Mittee conducting the hearings said he had some doubt of get Ting a favourable vote on the most controversial of the proposals. This would provide for a gov those present at the sunday meeting besides Ferguson and the Ohio senator included gop Batchelor and Cpl. Edward s. Dickenson against whom the army filed the charges were two of the original 23 pro red americans who chose to stay behind in operation big they Are the Only two straighten him out. Stanley confers they later changed their minds. Batchelor is undergoing de Otto curio curl tru . Conference chairman Eugene tnr1ian was asked Uii nun Nain run Walter an Indian on Ciai was Askea it was not known whether the j tailed m Tokyo on subject of pro red prisoners have rejected repatriation came up at the narc meeting but it was considered Likely. Millikin colo., sen. Walter George d ga., and sen. Pat Mccarran d nev., vigorous supporter of the amendment. The amendment would require a Llos wuu1u. U1ljy1u.c Hui to i Ern ment sponsored secret ballot ratification of treaties and exec eliminate existing slums. Federal housing administration mortgage insurance to help Home owners rehabilitate aging see Ike Page 10 among workers to determine if they approve of an ordered strike. Mitchell will support and de fend the president s proposals drafted with a View to making the Law More satisfactory to All utile agreements by the House As Well As the Senate. No pro vision in a treaty would be valid if it conflicted with the constr about the 21 pro red americans and 326 other Allied nationals whom the communists have re fused to accept. The Indian official said merely they Are still meaning the Balky Pris Camps As self styled number one Boss of the stay backs. Fluoridation group meets Here thursday members of the citizens com on Safe budget Richmond a. Gov. Thomas b. Stanley discussed his program with the powerful House appropriations commit tuition. If Domestic Law were involved the treaty would have to be supplemented by Domestic Indian guards left them in Korea s demilitarized zone. Obtain fluoridation of week in Kingsport s water Supply Asl the Law More Sandia Cluny la an us interested la j legislation before it could become Bor and the Public. 1 effective. Ernest Hemingway found alive after air plane crash in Africa Kampala Uganda ins novelist Ernest Hemingway and Nis wife were found alive today in the big game country of East Africa two Days after their chartered plane went Down in a Remote area and survived a second plane crash almost be fore reports of their Rescue were received. The Hemingway taken to Lake Albert by the tourist launch was a Ieuse Man found dead yesterday Al which found them boarded a most buried in the mire of an open Field into which he had ventured. Sheriff ear Cox said indications were Alex Frazier of the Brayton Community tried hard to get out of the mud but that his efforts Only served to mire him deeper. He was wearing bed room slippers. The Field about 200 Yards from Frazier s Home was extremely Muddy from recent heavy Rains death was attributed to expo sure. He apparently was in the Field two Days Cox added. Second plane which crashed and burned As it was trying to take off from Marindi. They escaped injury. The Fate which Hemingway tempted so Many times in his adventurous life As a wartime ambulance Driver a big game Hunter and a War correspondent twice tried and twice failed to end his Brilliant career. Hemingway who left the Lake Alberta area by car after wife May have had a Tough trek the Bush before their through Rescue. Capt. R. C. Judge first person to locate the missing plane declared that it would have been dangerous for Hemingway to stay near the crash scene. He declared angry students clash with police in Madrid Battle Madrid of students shouting Gibraltar for clashed with police today in a Stone throwing club swinging Battle in Madrid. The students carrying ban ners and flags marched through the streets of Madrid throughout the morning shout ing anti British slogans. They massed before the offices of British european airways and roared their demand for. Span meet thursday at . At Dobyns Bennett auditorium it was announced this Wek. Representatives from City Par ent teacher groups and other organizations will take part in the discussion. The Public is invited to attend. Liberated chinese get Welcome Ern ment recognizes that a divided Germany can feed dangerous tendencies among the German people. Bidault made these other Points world difficulties which Are cannot be resolved in a durable manner except through big Power agreement for a general limitation and International control of Arma it was the Hope of France and people throughout the world that the conference would constitute the first step toward a durable amelioration of relations be tween our countries and reopen the Way to a general settlement which would put to a finish the existing division of the referring to the korean truce he said that what was possible s Tsattie was in one part of Tlle world is not Confer with the impossible elsewhere a reference to the War in indo China. He first big four conference n nearly five years began in cordial enough fashion when the our ministers met inside the building. They exchanged greetings and smiled at each other As they entered the conference room and see meet Page 10 tee today As Virginia returned to the state Capitol after a week end recess. The governor whose proposals in his inauguration address last changes budget recommended by outgo ing gov. Johns Battle was scheduled to Essary if the state is to carry out Stanley s recommendation for broader Aid to1 education. Ernest Hemingway Remote but a British overseas airways j British the Bush was crawling with game and there was a Herd of elephants Only a half mile away. There was also a big Bush fire about two Miles Distant which was being driven by a Westerly wind toward the judge commenting on the wild scene below the wings of his transport plane added my passengers certainly had their Money s Worth this the pulitzer prize winning novelist was feared dead when his plane crashed saturday in a Keelung Formosa rated chinese War prisoners from Korea waving flags and grinning in the rain poured ashore from american Landing Craft at this Northern port on ish. Ownership of the British Craft in a for truss Rork which nationalist Formosa today in a Welcome of exploding firecrackers Lively band music and ring controlled fortress Rock which guards the Entrance to the Mediterranean sea. The Battle began when police tried to Stop the demonstrators from marching on the British embassy. The police officers first fired in the air and then charged the with swinging clubs. The students Section of Uganda a aider a area by . My i second plane crash apparently i Pilot who circled Over the scene r Fri Cal it enl had no immediate comment on his adventure. Rated that the novelist and his the Sudan. Protectorate South of Pilot w11u cuu1cia Vuci Woi ii of the. First plane crash taxi but judge s first which see crash Page 10 retaliated by hurling stones and one police officer was injured. One Banner carried by the demonstrators read be careful Queen Elizabeth apparently referring to the Queen s scheduled visit to Gibraltar on her tour of the British common wealth. Ing cheers. The anti red chinese who rejected communism and finally were freed As civilians by the u. N. Command streamed five japanese manned u. S. Tank Landing ships in the Hill Girt Harbor flagged and ban need for the occasion. There were arrivals to Day the Vanguard of expos coming to nationalist China from the korean Neutral zone. Others will arrive Over the next two Days. The first to step on formosan soil was Lin Holn Kuo 23, from wan Hsien Szechy an p r o v i Nee China. The one time communist troops appeared Happy at the noisy Welcome. Each came ashore carrying a nationalist Flag and wearing a nationalist White Sun on his Olive drab Wool uniform. They will be escorted in autos to Taipei for a procession through the streets of the nationalist capital then taken by train to Freedom before the men came ashore it. Gen. Chiang Ching Kuo elder son of nationalist Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek went one of the Landing ships to extend greetings. Young Chiang who is responsible for absorbing the expos into the National life of Formosa smiled happily at a picture of his father being carried by one of the front of it photographers. Men and posed for the Benefit so lunar tables by John Aluen Knight the schedule of so lunar my printed below has been Luken from John Alden in Ghl n sold Nab tables pint your Days so Bat you will be fishing in Rood territory or Bunting in Good cover during these times i Vou club u find lbs Best sport that each Day he to offer the major periods Are shown l bold aet Type these begin at Lamca shown and Lail for an Bour and a half or two hours thereafter the minor shown to regular trap of we what Shorter duration Date Day january 25 monday 28 tuesday 27 wednesday 28 thursday Friday 30 saturday 31 sunday Miner Majer Miner . . Lake stages a Taurat Lake level monday 95.4 tact Jow South Hollon 87 feet Low Boone 12.5 feet Low Henry 5.0 feet Low Chero Kee 00.4 feet Low. Today s skies a until . Moon Lac lust Quarter tuesday Narut prominent stars Bldr Cuba High in Southeast . Sulci Star mrm. Visible planets Juller Ohleh in South in Boul Tibt . Saturn Between Miri us the Moon

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