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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 23, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee6 Friday Jan. 23, 1953 Tophas White House Congress but new fair deals Rule courts Kingsport times r j i Sweden sends drug tonight fatal hiccups by Lyle c. Wilson United press staff correspondent Washington up republicans have the White House and Congress but the judges and philosophy of the new Deal fair Deal still Rule in the Federal courts. Former presidents Roosevelt and Truman did occasionally hoist a Republican to the Federal Bench. They preferred democrats however and not conservative democrats either. After 20 democratic years the ratio on the Bench is about four democrats to one Republican. Sometimes there seemed to be Good political reason for an occasional Republican nomination to the Bench. Associate Justice Harold h. Burton was a Republican senator from Ohio when or. Truman nominated him to the supreme court in 1945. Democratic gov. Frank j. Lausche of Ohio promptly named a Democrat to the Republican Senate vacancy thus created. There Are 317 Federal judgeship not counting territorial courts. Or. Roosevelt named 246 judges and justices during his Long years in office including nine to the supreme court. Or. Truman named 155 judges and justices including four to demo s Leffer of resignation lost in shuffle Washington Francis p. Whitehair Hla letter of resignation apparently gone astray was still undersecretary of the Navy today. Yesterday in fact he seemed to be running Navy business Al though the Man designated for that interim Job assistant Secretary for air John f. Floberg was at his Pentagon desk. The Pentagon and the White House like two outfielders going for the same Fly Ball somehow let Whitehair s resignation get lost. The Pentagon was certain the resignation along with others of Truman administration appointees had gone to the White House Early this month. But president Eisenhower s aides expressed Surprise. They said the White House had assumed Whitehair had been designated As the Navy official who the highest Bench. One of or. I would remain As acting Navy Truman s nominees was chief Secretary until that Post was Justice Fred m. Vinson. By Rea 1 filled by the new Republican and Jon of deaths and ministration. For and or. Truman together it was the Pentagon s turn to named 401 judges and justices be surprised. Floberg not White Over the years of democratic hair had been designated in administrations the number of term Navy Boss by former Sec Republican judges has shrunk to rotary Dan Kimball and former about 60. Burton is the Only us Secretary of defense Robert Lov preme court Republican. Al Ett. Though for finally scored nine i at the defense department it appointments to the supreme was said Kimball had sent court he frustrated during Whitehair s resignation together his first term by the so called with his own and other Navy nine old men who refused to resignations to Lovett s office on die or resign. Dec. 19. That Holdover supreme court j on Jan. 5, Lovett s office trans junked Many Early new Deal fitted to the White House Resig projects on grounds that they nations for All of the Pentagon violated the Constitution. Or top officials affected by the Roosevelt s court Reform or court change of administration. Also packing Bill of february 1937, sent were the names of three was an angry answer to that situation. His plan to get a Friendly supreme court by interim. Creasing its membership was Defeated after months of bitter congressional battling but deaths and a More Liberal re a Tir ement Bill shortly gave the president ample Opportunity to put his friends on the High Bench. He and or. Truman picked service Deputy or assistant Secre tables recommended to stay on in ii now recreation development program for City in 1953 outlined a program for develop ment of new City recreational facilities in 1953 has been recommended to the Board of mayor and aldermen by the City recreation commission. Top priority would be Given development of Cloud Park to be situated at the former City dump site along the Southwest Side of West Center Street near the Western City limits. In presenting the recommendations to the Council thursday night recreation commission chairman Arthur coffin pointed out that most recreation facilities now Are in the Eastern part of the City and the area the new Park would serve has practically none at All. The 1953 City budget includes for capital improve ments the same amount appropriated last year. In 1952, the recreation commission asked for Park and play ground improvements. Only 000 of this was approved by the Board. Approval of the recreation commission s request would leave nearly for Street paving sanitary sewer lines and other such improvements. The program outlined by cof Fin 1. Cloud Park covering the upper Eastern end of the site with six inches of top soil Esti mated Cost erection of a Cyclone Fence along Center Street planting of some Trees Recife Brazil two thousand doses of a new drug arrived from Sweden last night to combat a press reported Epi Demic of fatal hiccups in infants but health authorities still de Nied there had been such an outbreak. Pernambuco state health Secretary Arthur Coutinho said 01 infants have died in the past three weeks in the poorer sections of Recife but he attributed their deaths to summer heat faulty nutrition and Lack of sanitation. The mortality rate in these sections is usually High. Coutinho said that Steps were being taken to reduce the infant death rate in those areas but he declared the situation was not unusually Serio Uii. The drug shipment was sent by a swedish chemical company after a dispatch from Recife to a Rio de Janeiro newspaper re ported 65 infants had died from violent Hiccup attacks. 2nd Junior High school next step for City s system a second Junior High school May be the next step in expand a Eedeng with Sion of Kingsport s City school i grass and installation of Johnson Park and a shelter House at Lee playground. With a heavy Agenda of other business before it the Board Kingsport today i boat title ainu Ryan Dune room open Fuik l. Of Mhz Bacr Mthm enter m Canter o. Me room a Rudlun 4 i Fri took no immediate action on the recreation commission Powals. Money to Burn Northwood n. H. The Oil Burner in Norman Purington s store blew out recently. Bob Burkland volunteered to clean the Burner and found the cause of a vent obstruction and club club room. 12 dood polio workers luncheon saturday am Terluin exhibition Buie Tiu in main auditorium Polk dance in oame room m Shower fart in club pro Frank l. Term Tow Bingo Liht Kei mum Cater Bunik Coball atme Douglass is. Carver Center Kent Dort it to Luton City baked Axtt rapper wild u4 cd t 1quj shouting favorite Kingsport theatres strand phone 206 Johnj Wein Mulier voodoo Tiger cartoon news Center system. Piaygr0und equipment. Phone 200 Hiawatha the Board of education has 2. Installation of new drinking asked the Board of mayor and Alderman to acquire a site to be fountains at Washington and Dobyns Bennett softball Fields held in Reserve for it somewhere in the Southeastern part of the 3. Erection of Worth of City near the Andrew Johnson j fencing at Douglass Park and elementary school now under j installation of a drinking foun construction. Mayor Ernest c. Cross appointed a committee composed i Tain there. 4. Air conditioning the club rooms at the civic auditorium of aldermen George w. Taylor estimated Cost and e. B. Blankenbecle and in answer to a question from City manager d. W. Moulton to j mayor Ernest c. Cross coffin consider possible Sites for rec said the projects outlined for Gate City theatre Sun. And 25-26 adults 74c night 1.00 children anytime 25c jails mercenaries Geneva Switzerland no Tui in. A. L Uii Icin Jujj Orttie justices who would be on the Job once the supp her of the Best for some time too. Only Justice mercenary soldiers in Europe claps into prison any of Felix Frankfurter has reached the 70-year retirement age. He could quit any time now. Having served a minimum of 10 years sons who return from serv in French foreign be for life the e Back in the Century pages were famed for the. 63 Hugo l. Black. 66 Stanley qualities and eagerly inquiry proposed of new Mexico s prison conditions fir Robert h Jackson bought by Europe s warring a 61 Viniam or Seal a Tver i n Nyrl Long flt a War Lur ii Ariy a uen fi2 Itury and a half now but the old Sherman Minton 62. Skills Are still there and every year More than 300 Swiss sign up Ifor five years in the French i foreign legion. A number of returning legionnaires Are now on trial in a Zur Ich military court. One of the former legionnaires testified that in his brigade in Indochina one sixth of the soldiers were Swiss and most of the rest German. Although Swiss Law specifically prohibits foreign military service the same court tried a Santa be n. M. Up a legislative investigation of conditions at new Mexico state proximately 50 such Caw. Last Penitentiary May result from the fatal stabbing of a prisoner during a Drunken knife fight wednesday. State Hep. Antonio Montoya said thursday that he would introduce a Resolution in the House of representatives calling for the Federal police say that at least so Swiss enter the legion every year and almost All of them Are sent to Indochina. They receive about a month for service in otherwise about monthly j most of the Swiss volunteers Are either lured into the legion by visions of foreign adventure or to join by unfortunate commendation to the Board. The Andrew Johnson site was acquired a number of years ago and held in Reserve until needed. Now that the school is actually going up plans also Are developing for a residential sub division around it. One minor effect of the pro posed addition would be to give the present Junior High a name or some other designation to distinguish it from the new Junior High. So far it has been called Only the Junior High Al though All the elementary schools have individual names. Several proposals were made from time to time for naming the Junior High but none of them seemed to stick. Report sub picked up 3 men off Tangier Tangier said today they were investigating a report that three men boarded an unidentified submarine off this International zone City wednesday night. They said the report came from Moulay Idriss Elalaoui a Cousin of the Sultan of Morocco. They quoted Alaoui As saying the three men signalled the under seas Craft from a Tangier Beach late wednesday night and it sent in a boat to pick them up. 1953 were considered needed More wharf the two projects pro posed last year which failed to get Council approval. The discarded projects were a softball Diamond Back of j. Tred Gate City theatre Friday and saturday Jan. 23 and 24 steel helmet with Gene Evans Robert Mutton James Edwards Steve Bronte no. Flaming feathers with Sterling Hayden Forest Tucker Arleen Whelan Barber huh first shewing in area technicolor drive in double feature no. 1 Range land whip Wilson no 2 hidden room Backer Bros. Moving Call Tom still Transfer co. Jaylor Gate City a 1. Charles Sta Brett in Junction City 2. Betty Grable Caesar Romero in Beautiful Blond from bashful Bend auditorium toes. Feb. 10 mat. Auspices United commercial Traverra prices matinee All seats. General adm Lilon children 15c . All reserved Mala and entire bleacher 11.25, tax included. Order tickets by mall now for Choice seats. Section be8kbved Fob coloured patrons. Com a n y i minstrels mail orders filled promptly when mat with addressed a tamped Icar to Bill Bailey s mans titles. So Cherokee. Krill Lance travellers americas old Galaxy a e. Stars 2-big action pictures-2 today and saturday Kingsport drive in theatre Greeneville Hwy. Of. Area at on i go to Stolte legislative investigation of deplorable conditions at the Pruthe stabbing victim was love affairs or family troubles Speight 31. Who we the average age is 23. Ing two life sentences for a Dou i _ prison officials first Hayw Onil jul the fight might have been staged i As a cover up for a Kangaroo court execution but testimony Given by two doctors thursday at an inquest into Parks death exploded that theory. Or. Andrew ferret and or. M. S. Bartlett told members of a jury that four prisoners they had treated f or i Star said i probably will be in wounds received in the Brawl Reno on were under the influence of she will drive Here with her liquor when they were admitted 3-year-old daughter. Princess for divorce suit Reno Nev. Hay Worth is finally ready to get her divorce from moslem Prince Aly Khan. In Hollywood the red haired where jun6le Law rules topic zone today features at a Fox and a fix world news today saturday flaming arrows it let Peck tic Nicoloi Gardner Hayward cartoon 2 shows nightly starts at they re new action hit to the Hospital. Yas Nln. Starts sunday at your Center regular prices 4 thrilling Days starting sunday Meak a of avows Date Fot Tuor ome Savage Supeh serial thrills chapter 0 son of Geronimo 1 Day Only saturday Center feature no. I Johnny rooms trigger territory to blast path for Johnny Mack a Ngioc Jurii of tort i fluff a i. Mummy it Ink feature no. 2 Captain dim a Titi Kun it to i Kiezie Wii i a individual picture met tit . Chapter 9 of the stratosphere also fun cartoon today sat. The hilarious heartwarming Story of a Munster and a youngster oem bring the whole family no.1 Fox food Kimbell Baker no. 2 Johnny Mack Brown Montana desperado n everybody will love this riotously funny but tenderly touching Story about a Man who laughed at life and a lad who loved him for it you la be laughing with tears in your eyes As red Skelton goes from laugh explosions to heart emotions of i slap Click target burlesque comedian tavern great television comedian and a boy s biggest it s the Best entertainment sur prise red has Ever Given you features at and color cartoon farmyard symphony world news reds Euon Jane greed Tim Considine starts tomorrow

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