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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 22, 1959, Kingsport, Tennessee Wisema wine in Firnot Stirt Iii ill Vii Vuu ii in 4 told a porn City in ulan i Wise an Rar Betoi f. Aii Uuno by in circuit Singwi ally i Irik Ltd or snowy or property reported 2w building per i or. A the it uric Iii Ioctl last year w. H. Lloyc thai compared with 221 out of e Trad Al a Pis of. Permits authorizing fit oils who acted of construction i 1951. I of a Clad to q at Orney. Lit found guilty earlier in coun a court and had appealed it to circuit court. In in other he sell Ham icons was lined s100 and sentenced to co Days or drunk mid disorderly. To on r lined owe in Meibos pair Orinc i 30 to Rocert i of Frontier Dor Tor Esio hip Orr 61 0 6-4a-nbc 8 30-lt could by you Ernie Kord look of Roustio Man masquerade part Aumi Ilc Wen he spor in Dat Csc 7i30 tue ii Totin y Abc p-.-0 k Mien Doug re my Huoi is rip it 13 00-Tlc. Tac douse cold be you tet. Ger trans Chariotte thu Bidav my mar Kofl Loo Dan i to him pay tells Sec act Stohn or nip i inn flair Hon c Luh inn not Olin Mian or Nodi Collie a Noe 4 and Urlon Vitric by Der Reneri Orev to weal Nrman Ulda Lilc Chuio Lilli weft Lorn a ulna 11 Rohrl Young culling a tips King Roo Nita married inti 1qmo-Artbuf or Ircy love Lucy n 3d top Dollar love of the of learn tomorrow jul dlr Mabl Kicior an world 5-on Al nun Oren 3-.1d Arl blink Cliar 3-00 big tatti Vetr dlr u Vod drug Hotoi Day 1 Korm Educ of neg he Llytle March a 30 sky Klup Wlos to Ash Vilii Tiiu Banat Oil Corv you trunk do Anmer Liin Popcho .v30 Mickey Moi is 6 00 Leo will Cir win Lorr Eiraj so met t -.10 thin la Allcie a Tel Mcco cd Civ Aho Toom dlr Terr 10.110-Fllehl ditch Lair too pop Cyc b of by pc Bunny Liin on Matt Lorr 11 30 Peter und tour Hunch Lluc Rocc l Lac of Riley 2-Po-Dny in co jul Bent my clock do you trim hic Rlynn Dandy pop icon Mickey Moi is b of co Wulc Ilij Wuhl to Johnson City win 1320 pc Luk Tali trn Elbl lulls top ton k Wnm Hii 1.10 Len oct i Illuri Toji to pc win Lair von a in Tom lip renin mows Tomt i tint i Wrath i co Lect pc cot for Hlll Kulil 11-30. To Tel in Collob cd incl hour be wac pc or Hillier k Collie k Collet Luc Lllian pc Collar it win Loci code Ajo Vor duct in u scr cd Plo cult cd. To do i or Lilc Moloci i-30 s 00. 00 Al 30 0-ha7bor comm a to Lorl Slan Olf ims Dezii of t m Ouer. A Csc for a far h do 8-00 ski Klaimi Esso reporter i 43 Abc Collet Elcor que ten Iff than Mio Ociot Lorp udclc1 he Csc time Loic or Money Godfry time m 00-1 Lotc 11-30 too Mollii lore 6 bile 12 30 Roni Orre i 13 g Mininc too cd jail 5qo i-j5 Loc a orc Lump i Nimy Dean 3-30 Houf Conri j w Bip 3-30 verdict i a Serpi 9wtm 4 be Edge f Slphie thur Mickey oust Collie pc Oblu Larj column pm Mac shop ims kit porn str a tvs. Wal line loss Lull p Narmir " or wifi ill Riillo in inc i Lilc news. I i rarer my Jallim i non do clj1 Ibin n cat Lici soj5 Tim sons Tomt Soni Vlrna jumbo rib u Rit her Junior or top ton non a trn Rirs Oral Sci top Fri 1.13-Blc foil Tco 3.30 hic top ten 3--1s-Bij top trn top run top Trp .1 "9 blk Tup tar top ten Ken. K wittier 00 Google a. Doodle a Lluch 4 2p . Hlll Lurhl c.30-u1b top trn Boobly k blurt Pnat Oil Cyb to Bristol to Dimiat Yogi no or Malone from Hirst Rinol Queen Tot a air Loon a Lyrl Pill he Cook 6 00 pop Csc so Law pm colonel arc Nom tilt Lucr t .10 pm a. the Laminar 30 ii a curl be to j 10 00 von Len your Parl ii 00 a san 11 in a knolls h .lai1 u-30 uni Nav Drvol Lon 7-10 Todne s of Iccari t 10 Honey 10 00 Onlin it m 10 30 hut 11 03 the pm. L Conran Rallon k be on Job be von 3 00 to Niue or r 2-39 Hessel Vouge or. A Loae froth 4 00 Queen or a 4 court fal it Lonc sleep 6 Joejo a Corlet 6 40 Khe i Croce flan Truo Seal i 30 5iji? troc it. Obilt i it a Larrr r 30 Ohp t 10.m All slur Busti Ripall ii co a fits finn. You re at your Best anywhere you Gol turn to int til Eye cd Nib Bend inn Aid lol Kotori loot bin Ooth Lidar slim trim in plea Tor boil men Anc women Only to Egmas neat inc Aid with Esel Uslin ave laut Matlo volume con Iroll to Rotten Dudden. Laud noises of tour pleasure also Faical tuck a wry styles Fot the psf who Don t went i Pheoh come in sub and beak Monotone of Kingsport Romr. In. Phonn in Irr Lar. Dem Oiin Rullon on Liht Norril hearing Toon in. H Soltel Lynll Dunc i. Ii Johnson City Sci Only cd rat teachers irom sixteen slates throughout the nation have already expressed interest in the National science foundation science and Institute for second Ary school ten Liei a which will be held this summer at East Tennes see slate College. Or. Lester c. Hurl sell Churman of he hts mathematics depart Nional and director of the Institute said that the requests for detailed information shout the Institute have been received from teachers in Lnla Illinois j Florida Indiana Pennsylvania Georgia. Aruba my new Jersey new York Iowa Ohio Utah Mary Hind new Mexico and Louisiana the Insull Liln to be in session june 15 to july 24, will enable a select number of go secondary school teachers to Ursile advanced study on the Etc Campus in Tidence and mathematics under expert instruction and b in foundation provisions. The foundation provisions include free tuition a Cash stipend of an allowance of so per dependent to a maximum of s30u. And travel expense for one round trip to Johnson City. Tie Institute program will in clude course work in chemistry i ology mathematics and physics Long with addresses by a number of nationally noted ripest lecturers among the lecturers will he or worn her von Braun inter nation Illy famous director of the army s missile program. Additional information on inc in statute May he obtained by contacting or. Hartsell. Interested persons should con acl or. Hart As soon As is possible. Oklahoma Snow delays deputies from Wise county Seymour alias Lias resigned As rabbi of the b Nal a Liolin Congro gallon 10 accept the up Lull of Kus is Jill Synnot Ozguc in no Rining Lupin Ala ills resignation As rabbi of the Bristol area conservative Congre i gallon made up of jews of Bristol. Ally. Elizabe Lilon port. A int Don. And Marlon be comes cd feel Lac March 1. Lla bbl Atlas and his Wile and three children will leave Lor Bir Mingham Early in March lie accepted the pulpit of the mos thro Lehoul by More the world. Seated there were no incidents report 1 x a Sissi superlatives hat kind of by Oren Kroup to take front lion other s developments. Virginia of spa officials began a die tin re Effort to prevent some school integration Desnute collapse of her massive resistance Laws monday. Ton county. A. School Board attorneys argued before a Federal appeals court that Hie county has not practice racial lion. "1 have never made a picture without Behrik he said. Of my own ability. Of whether i squeezed the most out of my material. Of whether 1 created something that would Bristol synagogue in july of 1950 and in addition to his work its spiritual Lender of the jews of the area has been prominent in Bristol civic activities. He has served is Home service can Ormun and n member of he Board of directors of inc Bris Tol red Cross chapter and is a member club. Of the Bristol rotary Arlington a suburb of washing ton do. Is under court order o admit 12 negro pupils to n Junior he Tjho school by feb. 2. The school Board was to ask a postponement. In Washington. President Eisen Hower said Federal agencies Are Slud ving children the matter of educating of military personnel Wrens the Public s he prepared his scripts Ullh in finite pains. A Good Story h everything. If you have that the director and the stars do not make much difference. They can help a picture a Little or Hurt 11 a Little. But they can t make a Good script into a bad picture or a bad script Inlo a Good he supervised even the smallest details in his films. What did the from to Valr Nln Wise two Wise county it pulls Are snowbound in okla lion after going West to return a Perlso or Here. Deputies Wood Row Yeai and Bill Kelly left earlier the week to return Mallard Frankl Green r who is being held Muskox Lee. Okla four City girls Urchin Parade foul Kingsport girls were among det sponsors marching in the Nti Ijuin Al Parade for governor Iford Ellington. They were Joan Brooks Gloria Cody Judith Mac Duncan and Vila ii. Pill Turson. The girls were members of the nil Tennessee. State College to c sponsor corps. The 12 students who participated Etc and their clip broncs Dot for Nashville sunday morning nil stayed overnight at Seward in Force base Nashville. Stonega ministry Council meets dig Stone Slonger Ria group ministry Council met Ici c recently with the Rev c. W. Nylon in charge of the program. Taylor chairman of the group ministry staff was assisted by he Rev. Dun a orals and the Rev. Line chairman and vice chairman of the Council of the so naga Aren group ministry. The Rev. Charlie Mehaffy. Rols rect superintendent. Big Stone Gap methodist Church wa.3 in charge of inc devotional. Those attending the meeting were As follows the Rev. C. Vav. Taylor mrs. 2. A. Boy. Guy Bloke More. Terry Wayne Shony Nita Williams a pal Chin tie Rev. C. W. Dye mrs. S. E. Banks Henry Lane Trina Lane Bobby Mars the Rev. A d. Me Liffey mrs. C. D. Me Haffey. Big Eloiie Gap. The Hev. Odell Lafon mrs. Wil ind Moore mrs. Charlie in Clious buddy Clark Brendan Beverly Derby mrs. J. E. Hall mrs. Ear Greene Elaine Booher Virginia Fugale Arno or. And mrs. Guj affected by school closings in nor Folk va., site of huge naval base. School officials plan to try to re open schools there in about two weeks. Watches situation the Little Rock ark., school Board asked a Federal court to allow it to re open four schools on t segregated basis Jan. 26 and .0 figure out. Later How to operate under the . Supreme court s de ser Gatlon orders. Georgia gov. Ernest Vandal . A segregationist said he was watching the Touchy Atlanta Situa Tion. Police authorities also were Alert. Both stale and City authorities Felt that in the event of Trou ble they could act to keep the peace1. Vandiver sold his informants re ported practically All negroes were sitting in the rear As usual. People Wear and eat in those biblical times did they eat roast beef or Lamb chops or what it would be As bad to show them eating tie wrong thine As it would be to show them dressed in tails and he made pictures for the Public alone though the disdain of the intellectuals stung him. I have often wondered Why critics Are hostile. If the people Are entertained that should be enough. Every time i make a picture critics estimation of the Public drops 10 per Clintwood Man fined 550 for Runk driving a Young Clintwood va., Man fined s50 in City court thurs a on a charge of driving while Hutoxi catch. Acting City judge Jack Raulston also recommended the Nan s Driver s License be revoked or five months and 29 Days. Tie defendant who was involved flue trouble Lia Vii the answer Shur Flo draft in Ouger installed at flue to work or in Clin pc Southern Sheet Metal works k. Sullivan cd 5-Iz-ll Greear is to be returned Here i Young Brenda Joyce Frazier to be tried Lor grand larceny and j Bobby Jou Collins Andover the Rev. Ben e Pitts e. R. King mrs. Emma Casor. Miss Jenny Mancos. Johnny Mcfarland Dpi jail breaking. He escaped jail Here sometime ago by cutting a Hole in the Wall of the jail. L or several Days after wards Gricar was the object of a search by officers Here arid in Kingsport. In eluded them How Ever and was later picked up in Oklahoma deputies called wednesday of Iti cars Here said saying that inc storm which is How raging in the mid West had forced them to re main there for a Short while at least. They had originally expected to re turn Here with Greear by Friday Cocoa Anyon Alfalfa Switzer killed in wild gun Battle wednesday by Hick nil now in Larrt press North Hollywood Calls. Alfalfa Switzer. 31, the freckled of acc child actor in the old our movies was shot and killed wednesday Ekht in a wild Buttle Over a s50 debt. His former business partner was n an reel Accident. East Center pleaded riot guilty to the charge he admitted he had been drinking the night before he was arrested Bill said he was not drunk at the time of the Accident. Patrolman w. N. Johnson who investigated the Accident and arrested the defendant said the Man was very drunk at the time of the arrest. His testimony was of booked on suspicion of murder to Day Switzer known to his friends As Alfalfa the character he played in the old series currently being re run across the nation in television As tie Little was shot in the stomach by m. S. Bud Stlltz 38. Police reported. Sll Liz a welder said the former Luvelle Star who in recent a cars was Down on his Luck and had several run ins with the Law was threatening him with a knife when he shot him. Demands Money Stlltz badly beaten said Seltzer and a Friend. Jack Piott 31, came to the Home of mrs. Rita Corrigan 38, former wife of stunt bar. Mrs. Rosa horror Kins Dick Hevron backed up by another police finer patrolman Max Lee. A Young woman who was driving the car Ullh which the defend ant s Auto collided said the. Man appeared to her to be. Lotus scaled. She Sikiri very Llytle damage was1 Jolt said opened the door done to either of the cars. To him and Switzer. The defendant told the court he i want that 50 Bucks you Otoe Man crash Corrigan where he Javns staying and began banging on the door. Let me said Swizer demanded or i la kick inthe ii Quinlon wat Betty Collier and three other Man had stayed me now. And i mean n o out All night the night before the Switzer said to his former Accident. He said they got Beer j partner in a Bear Hunting scheme Imboden r. 13. Strong mrs. O. Just Rode around in which Switzer worked Home improvement company 352 i. Sullivan Street cd fiberglas blown insulation Kacic rat Char Loranc i storm windows Ceramic tile Teh Razo floors Reynolds aluminium awnings i a o Down payment i aul Julns Rucj cd ii. S. Short cd 5-2c3j e. Dorlon Ronald Peters. Mavy Banks. Exc Lur the Rev. A. E. Ken Easlon circuit a. M. Hlll mrs. B. E. Kcal Dicky Duncan East Slonic Gap. The Rev. E. H. Insko miss Joe Phipps Ronnie Paignon. Snookie a Ciicle Mcthia Insko or. And mrs. Jim Wood mrs Sheridan Davis. Elmer Kirk. Miss Linda. Kirk. William Harris Osaka or. Tea7 s. D. latest social i 1 1 mrs m c. Belcher mrs. Bill i Juno. D. R. Raymer Brendan Wil Liams. Sidney sue Bledsoe. Roda. Organization formed in this s the Coffee club. Men lose n cog Lull build Llull car. To Culon our program Lotf. Gym dry of Cal and rooms swedish m.1ssagf. Open in Iblis Dinsler o Cah Wolpe nun is Kingsport athletic club inc. 201 i i Star act St. Cd s-8051 Are you gaining any ground on extra income on Allm. Pm a no nor. On in com to he work inc i arc Iny Yon nor. Wily Dpn l to in vesting Rel Fri Cash in my Mon Stancl with Lic Irion of Bill till a in Rcpt trim Divide Ali arc Etc More Ihnn 300 mock on Hie York Stock exch acc mini a paid Rill cml car from 15 to Morr than a of i Tii savr paid r dlvlnrncl.1 Over he . L in we be ird our dividend a Onkit the vicars Szvcs inc Rerp Ralit o ins s Lofv i Nanri of Lor bloc Coupon Hrlic Vail he l canny. Why ii off own your Mac of Amer inn Mecary Leyco. Com Kuci St. 1 Iione cd 5-85 u please sent me your free Hook let. Investment facts " name address the Man told the court he drank guide one of the varied jobs including bartender that he former Lis last Beer about seven hours before the Accident occurred. One of the men who was with him just before the Accident testified the iame. The defendant was originally charged with reckless driving in addition to the Drunken driving1 charge. Judge Raulston allowed the charges to merge. Rosalind Russell damage Here totalled 5 during december Kingsport firemen answered 30 alarms in december. Fire chief c. M. Kenner reported ills week. Damage amounted to that compared to 34 alarms and s2.010 damage in december 1957 and 25 alarms and s785 damage in the last to Only of 1056. All the damage last month occurred in residence fires of which child Star worked at during1 years. The two men got Inlo n violent Argi Nncel Over the debt which arose Over a Bill involving n re Ward for the finding of Stilu s missing dog. Piott said Switzer and Filu he in fighting. During the fight Switzer grabbed a Glass domed clock from a Dresser in one of the bedrooms and smashed it on Liltz s head. Slilla said. Slalz. Who was bloodied and had a blackened left Eye and a band age Over his right Eye when jailed grabbed a gun from a Dresser drawer and Switzer made a lunge la retrieve it. Gun goes off wrestled into the. Living room and tie Sun went off. The Bullet smacking into the ceiling without Hilling anyone. Mrs. Corrigan and her three children a boy. H. And two girls aged 12 and 13. Who had been in there were were listed eight. Other alarms by Mcnuer As our the Bouse fight fled cowering during the neighbor s Home to cull police. Switzer. According to not Possession of Hie Pun briefly but Nolor vehicles. 14 smoke. Invest la i Gol it Back. Ions two Cross fires one repair Switzer Drew a knife and shop and one false alarm. Screamed. Tin song to kill you. By the end of 1958 there had been n.533 alarms in the City s history. Properly loss totalled ?2. H1.720. Kingsport today a Taille Fri. Clytle Aoril Orlam hooked Rue. in Corner room teen can scr farm is. A cd Shell Propri Tresl furl tire is. Mac w b Greene Vuk Blue Bor Grill p Frank l. Cloud recreation Center game room activities n. Telephone co. Is. Klaes por Rene re dec is. Is clonal of Sarre . John set scr Orcen teen Vij. By e 7 pm. While teens Kosi n. To urls poll most is. Mooc Lodge j p m Morr Loti cart Church or h1idav Clrk in club room puny in i Job reims 4 for 5 Tettl Center sati that cd tar . Roll no program in Nln Daryce class in main Audi Orl in p a . Leea i. You said. "1 took the gun away my Al Falla and he Ili Rcw the knife no Stlltz said. That s when i shot so incr s role in a movie was inc a Cadamy award con tending film tie defiant Slan inc Tony Curtis. He. Played a top featured comedy relict part which possibly could have led to More movie work. His Parl in films since Bis Suc Cess As inc kid with the jumping Adam s Apple and soup bowl hair Cut our gang were mostly few and minor. Dodson flacks first John m. Dobson of 901 Birch Kings porn. Placed first in his Sec Tion during the fall Quarter at the University of Tennessee Coll go of Medicine in Memphis according to Erac averages compiled by miss kale Stanley. Act Tlsty he is Coll Nuino his eighth Quarter of study which began Jami Ary 5

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