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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 22, 1959, Kingsport, TennesseePeople know will them Kingsport times or talk in 59 my deaths q injuries 9 vol. Xiv no. 16 Kingsport tenn., thursday january 20 pages five cents j 1 Sally Kobo work at it. 1 9 Ellington stresses schools roads Fow wave follows High winds in local area Glass windows broken Power 11a1ns flood and one half inches o rain has fallen in urea Lei Cincinnati within the Pinsl 21 hours resulting in flooding scenes like the above at Knowlton s Cor iai1 Nln Tusi on the City s near North Side this View was taken from the Ludlow Avenue viaduct with the water level no More than live feet. A cold a nip which settled on this Section today is exported to push hip Mercury Down to Between 5 and 10 decrees above Zero by . The cold Wivo follows Hurr Lynne ilk winds and torrential Rains which swept Neross Tennessee Lerdy. The Squall line bit the trl cloy about u . At hint time the we abhor a Renu lit the nor porn Mensi ired gusts of up in Miles per hour. They blew out three big Pinto windows of the Lii sport armature and electric co. And one each of the Center Street rates thu rent and Franks food co. On cum Berland Street. The storm also knocked out truffle lights no several Krecl inter sections and left n hot Power line dangling in the intersection of West Sullivan with Cluny so Eccl and West churl Cronl Avenue. Tax Lonb Driver j. A. Bleed who lives no the nearby lome stand hotel jumped in and directed heavy irn Lilc through the intersection until re in Lumen arrived. That break temporarily plunged. Cherokee Village into darkness and interrupted Telephone service to Hie Superman Kcal Row area. The electric Power was restored after about 40 minutes but the Tele phones were out nil ibis morning. The roof was blown off the Mendow Lew Golf course club House knocking Down n nearby to Lepione Polc. 1 Lic Vernon Heights Section was without Telephone ice until the break was repaired around 3 . Kings Perl Utill Lucs inc. Linemen meanwhile were repairing sent scr of damage nil Over the territory to hint i Lirlin i Ower Taylor of Lii Knorl Ull Latles is to lion hero working on Power line that fell at Charlemont Avenue and East Sullivan Street last night. Cubans endorse Tri Eastern u. 5. Are re elected a directors and officers of the Kingsport Federal savings n loan association were reelected at the annual meeting wednesday afternoon. James Edwards executive vice president said the Assoc lotion in creased its assets by 14.1 per cell in 1958. It was one of the Best years in the firm s history he snid. A summary of the animal re port shows savings increased by or 14.9 per cell or a year and local racked by Gold floods Snow of savings account holders total b.od9 dividend payments totalled and Home Mortag. Loans were increased by bring ing the total outstand ing to reserves expanded Lorii increase of for the a car. Edwards predicted the construction of about the some number of Homes this a car As in 1958. The Assoc lion will in pc Nail Noble approximately five million dollars to borrowers for the Pur Chase of Homes and financing in estimated 000 both new and exist ing this year he said. Directors reeled cd Are a. D. Brockman Glen Bruce by tub associated Tress Winter s most destructive and bitter elements floods Snow storms and cold dealt misery and suffering to millions across the Eastern half of the nation today. Thousands were homeless in hoods in Ohio. Kentucky. Penn Sylvania and Indiana. Scores of Rivers and streams fed by heavy ruins and Snow overflowed. Flash floods harassed a dozen upstate new York communities forcing Many families to evacuate their Homes. Damage was Esti mated in the millions of dollars. Deaths Rel need to the violent weather and floods mounted. The at St count was 4s. Slates of emergency were declared in Many Ohio cities and in no Insl two new York communities. At mount Vernon in cent Rel torn dec winds dealt Rienth ant destruction in Kentucky. Twister skipped across farming common plans reorganization of government ii flails so it Nashville us line. A Lulard Ell Linkton Enlil Down a legislative pro i him today ral Lenir for a Miler Ouirl Milb on cd Callon and High ways while Hollm other mule services at present Levels. Ill initial and dry so Ilie of neral arvo combly is governor. He made it Plain hint i urn i unruly opposed to Liny new tax or any increase in Nuy so Lului Lcarl Missri 1 iiki1 k Al Langlim culled for n slip pro in development program Neil n u the Senle govern civil which to said would pay Lini Idun dividends 111 i ill Clancy and Economy. 1 ii help create More John for tennies sends in i Rcd Llic sail s tax on equipment for new or expanding plants to reduced from liner to one per cent lie told lawmakers however to would up Prim strongly any other in Cut. I to governor agreed Ullh the mule s Public school teachers that they were underpaid and proposed hint every possible Dollar wll Liln inn Prisi ii revenues to channelled into Dii Callon. Dili to added there com i n i int past which to ii Enol no nni1 re Nln our Lescal inti 11.5 million dollars in being recommended Lor Sicri Misoni in mini Len Lor Public school lunch hrs in Grandos one through he mild. Al Thirlon sold this in Ioune would provide an a Nniro increase of n a car per lonelier Llic first year and i additional Moo raise Lac full Melni year. This would raise the Star Lenv any next fall for n i urn slim lonelier with a collide degree to u year. The proposed increase lulls or Short of Hal song he by Iho infill Nell no Tennessee teachers Askin Clellon. The t13a hns a slice an in Nihil in leu Lor beginning and corresponding increases for Oiler Levels the null mile Beslu and in Ishwer to Iho problem must for our local l u Ger of inc kill uni Lon mild lie suggested Hie million Dollar increase could by convened into n Kwh n year a else in the Evanl Iho local governments Shurld be willing to Ini Ilch Sunlo funds tin governor culled for the Inri Josl building in our he Story to i pulp Lac Lii la a colleges and for the world War if Lilliy Boom which will engulf them in to outlined a 10.fl million ill Lar Caplin a outlay Pori no for Iho com Iii institutions. Ell Limon rejected a Aprl ill Lac Council recommend Nylon that a new stale College be in a null can Lenl Tennessee pos Sibly no Columbia or Lawrence bling. To simply Chi incl afford it no program Durlam the next two years save education will directly influence the lives o Moro than Iho Highway con so Rullon prone no Ellington Lold Iho conc Rel . State Nind Federal for rond building in Tennessee n Iho next blon Luni will total 320 million he sold. This is within to million dollars of Ihu loll not in programmed for highways during Iho last six yearn he added. Ellington sold n million of this local would for Rural and acc. Ondry roaring which Muni be connected into Hie inters Lilc and Pri Mary . As n first slip in turn Clair new Industry he recommended the various state agencies and. Pm icbms concerned Ullh this subject Lanneret Clarence lir Ynn sold veral Power line poles were Iron in by the wind. Some Power incs were blown together and shorted. A Volt line on Lincoln Street burned Down hut the cur was transferred to not lick inc Willi Only n few momentary blinks in Light bulbs. Reports of damage came in from Rock Springs Road the sunny Lac area and the upper end of Bloomingdale rond. Bryan said Hinl widely Scal tired Power full arcs continue to be reported. All the damage is minor lie snid. And no main lines arc broken loony. Lie said these minor would probably occur Long is High wind continues. In the Stanley Valley Section o ily Francis biccahti1v Havana up the War crimes trials of 100 Defeated foes of Fidel Castro endorsed by the cheers of More than cubans no wednesday s Insl mass meeting Here begin today in Havana s sports pal acc stadium. In six provincial Al tics firing year found Effort needed by Jack Des Moines Lown a president Eisenhower Lold the Ohio about a third of the City s is.000 residents were taken from their Homes after the Kokosinc River and flooded smashing through dikes in the downtown i Stvil. Most of the 500 families in new Miami in southwestern Ohio were evacuated by overflows from the Ohio River. Disc Star plans were set up Anc National guard units joined civil inn workers in some of Llic flood Slick in areas. The blockbuster Snow storm which swept out of the Grea Plains and dumped up to a. Foe of Snow across the midlands cur tailed Normal activities in him a rods of communities. The biting stiff winds which swirled the Snow into big Drill Washington api the travel in Many areas travel was snarled in the by cities where the Job of Snow re Moval was the no. 1 probe in Crews worked around Llic clock to Clear the main arteries. Dark ing winds added further t their work in go twins rid of 11 tons of Snow. Won her followed the. Snow into the storm battered Midwest Allen Dryden c. P. Edwards. Jr., James Edwards. Irvin Puller s. P. Plantt h. J. Shivell. George w. Taylor and James c. White. Officers were c. P. Edwards jr., president in pcs , Che Culic vice Prosl Donl and scr Elnory a. D Brockman. Vice president Hugh d Delancy assistant vice pc Sircin and Secretary Virginia Kelly treasurer and Ruth Roberto As Eastant treasurer. atomic explosion Washington api United states might touch off n Pinac club use underground no Mac explosion next year even if it still ties in Grayson county 15 Miles Southwest of Louisville killing two persons a woman was killed and three other persons were injured in Lexington when a television Tower toppled and crashed into the studio. Strong winds buffeted arcs in Central and Western Ken Lucky. In Ohio communities hardest hit by floods included mount Var non. Newark and suburban Han Over new Miami St. Marys and Columbus. In Pennsylvania six communities in the Western Section reported some flooding from the ice jammed and swollen creeks. They were Sharon Oil City Franklin. Mondville East Greenville and in nerd. Some in mimics were vaunted in Sharon As the she Ango River continued to Rise. Rivers also were rising steadily Hawkins county several houses and farm buildings were damaged. One House and n tobacco barn were reported destroyed and the roof blown off another House. Part of the roof of the Charles d. Sisk Home in Wisl Ridge was reported blown off and widespread minor storm damage was reported in . The Morristown Rescue squad reported n barn owned by Sam Johnson at Mooresburg housing mules and steers Collop cd under the Strong wind killing two of the Ulics and iwo sucks. Five Sleurs Republican wednesday nation no Hinl the committee gop must in t making tests. Atomic weapons n Pittsburgh and fears of flood no mounted at cities along the Allegheny River As ice Gorges be an clacking up. Strong southerly winds along the Eastern Seaboard intensified the old front which advanced into tin Vestern Section of the Atlantic Coa so Stales Lorms which diminished. However Bowers and Thunder showers were general from Georgia northward in areas not Hil by Lac cold Roll. Temperatures ranged from the 70s in Florida to the gos from violent Thunder Hil Llic a Pion were injured. Fourteen other animals Csc cd injury. Gusts of up to 15 Miles in hour were reported in Morristown Boul . The weather Bureau no Tri ally Airport recorded winds of 15 to 25 Miles per hour with gusts of 35 to 40 from 2 . To 1 . The strongest gusts there up to co Miles per hour occurred about. G . And lasted about rive minutes the City filler plan measured jl.31 inches of rain in All Wenc Day. It was ankle deep on Ninny streets and they were a Lull wet inc not become a hibernating ele Phant Hinl awakes Only no Clicc lion time. In n message to in Llonel c Hilr Man Mcado Alcorn. The president called for n sustained year around program of Republican Campaign hit which would imprint Llic in nge of progressive leadership on the parly. This was in Harmony with Al Corn s own recommendations to he National co Minillo in us Ini Lal Mecl Lorr of a in Day session hat the parly or Cecli and prac Tice in enlightened Republican 365 Days n. saluting Alcorn s proposal or formation of n year around Campaign Slaff Eisenhower said the sessions Here should become the first step in n con Linious work program of the Republican party thai will never the weather squads a walled 12 already con Rich cd men in n nationwide com Lial ii which cons pro says will Mem do nah for Boul 100 supporters u ii Hlad cd Prosl Donl Fulg Conclo in Alstn. The government loony in rent ened just acc of conv Leto common criminal who escaped from prison Duran the revolution unless they surren dered within i l hours. Three of these were snid to be americans Olio were to Ihu United san pcs Jan. 3 Ullh . . Agriculture Man Slor Humber in Sorl Myrln author of Cuba s new criminal code will proc cult Lac first Ali acc Dofan Danes scheduled for trial Here army officers can Rcd Ullh Lac Lorl Urc or Mur Der of More Ihnn 200 persons. Castro Niter repeatedly denouncing the . Congressmen and newsmen who had criticized Cuba s mass executions Lold wednesday s meeting Hinl Lac number of War criminals his men expect to kill no Mil to Only about one for every persons killed by american a bombs in Japan. Wild wild Ovallie the remark Drew a wild ovation Frojm the crowd. About 350 newsmen from the United Stales and latin America Lac a be placed under Tho department of constr Villon which would to rom ipod the department of conservation and Commerce the department would have in assistant commissioner charged with coordinating nil Clfo la to promote now Industry. In addition three new service divisions would be created. "1 propose divisions of Industrial research Livdur Surla pro idiot on and in office wherein Tennessee can give continual study to to Field of nuclear he snid. With the atomic Hista Lallon of Onk Nikko located within our state boundaries to won d be Short sighted indeed not to recognize the Industrial potential in this culling Llic sales lax on the tools of production for new Industry to Coll need revenues will fall off about two million dollars to year. Bui the loss revenues will be More Ihan regained in the Long Iange Ellington sold by in acceleration of Industrial expansion. The governor called for legislation to authorize local governments to acquire and develop land for Industrial Parks and said he would offer a Bill to allow Highway funds to be used to build Access loads Ellington pledged his support to Hie Valley authority self financing program and snid he would advocate wednesday night. Al least five persons were injured As a result of the storm wednesday. The wind and rain bit Joasil in late afternoon after causing extensive damage in part of Middle and West Tennessee into the Carolines in the new York and 40s and 30s in Lac extreme can areas. New York City s 5fl was near the record High of g1.3 chairman John Mccone of the atomic Energy commission told n news conference wednesday ibis country could be ready for such a lest explosion by late summer Bill would delay it at least until next let was from to in below in a. Itch upper Mississippi Valley and he said this country is under no Northern Zlabis. Injunction to Lorocco underground Northwest tip of Indiana. At South Bend. Ind., one of the cities hard Cal Hil by last week end s Snow storm seven More inches of Snow Ell. Making a total Snow cover of More than two act. Falls in lower Michigan mostly in Western sections were three to live inches. A Carlo Normal Winter won Thor Strong West to northwesterly prevailed West of the Rockies. Blasts to Sec How feasible they i winds fanned the cold air into the would be for things As Carv Ohio Valley and to the and Inz out harbours and tapping ii Wing a Brick period of Spring like source Mccone h temperatures would i wind gusts earlier wednesday. Chol Lanosga Vas snaked by a three Inch rain Asil 75 Miles per hour in Mcnairy county As hit by a damaging twister. Lac i the winds reached n Peak of 01 heaviest Snow during the Nishil As they skipped across the was in lower Michigan and the Cumberland 1 into Easl . The injured were Emory Puricy. La Hancock county Farmer who suffered a broken Back when his barn collapsed on him near mrs. Caro Gober. 40. A Cholla noon waitress Cut by flying Glass broken by High winds and three Adams Vilic carpenters. Harold lit Liefield. Herman thrasher and Cal Coke Ija Macc at Adams Vilic alone was no s200.000. and Vicinity suffered up to 100 . A the weapon tests for a year from front moved across the mate october if he soviet Union Sirij torrential Rains pounded Ashe cot lest during Lac same . Mccone indicated his won Rij wind gusts up to 100 hold Rue . The sections of Western North Stales has said it will not during the Nichlas the i Riun i Lii Trail Alp null Kent Fenil. Nil Vlco Nelv Clyl Rev raid Linly slowly tall or pm final urls and tool evil n i 1 Illch Mioi Ilir Rirs Hilj pm .rir.uon. If 20 s inn Clil. Lair Nyrl Rnell Nuril a Lily nip ind u m enl Niay. Ron a Gilfil Tirol liar Nanri Bro Ilni . . Sec win Glicr map. Tape 11 temperatures Are expected to he no Iii spectators no the trials and one congressman Hep. Adam Claylon Powell . Also May be Huncl. Rep. Charles 0. Porter a orc. The other congressman who accepted Castro s invitation to a Lull Cuba told up wednesday night he. Will Mil attend the trials. Although pm a lawyer. 1 Don t Porlar said. Tii Cre would be no Point in my Al in dirt the the Oregon Democrat mud he came to Cuba to and provisional president Manuel or Niia not to underestimate the help to Cir govt Nimens ran expect from the. United Porlar conferred wednesday with Castro. Urr Lin and Premier m Rte inv. J mini car Donn. He and Powell inn uni a i Werc in cols i dip Day no n no new labor decl Lallon no ibis session. To said Iho governmental reorganization plan would eliminate no program of authentic present need. Indeed we will vastly improve efficiency and service in Many areas by bringing under one roof duplicating overlapping or related reorganization would reduce from to to 18 the number or departments or agencies Only to Hie governor Al a press briefing earlier the governor sold he did not know of Many jobs if any would be abolished by Tho reshuffling. Incl Lei could he cell Mulc How much Money would be saved. Ellington s address Only touched on his programs or of Loci do Palm ends. He said details would be spelled Oul in legislation offered in the welfare deportment would result in n More Mia no administration will regard to our old people Whoso Oul of Senle relatives have refused to contribute reasonably to Alveh Salemne ton sold he would offer n program of vocational and Loch nos 1 training for a dolls. Arcs selected for to will be determined in Largo measure by the needs of Tennessee cells for no a facial scr gallon Issue. Ellington s Only reference o the subject was a local school Tao nid Foi cd the personnel Swul us li1u . Appointments in the game and fish commission. 11 . R.3 a 12 cd 1 a 1 . A 2 . 11 2 c1 -1 a 1n k 3 p in 4 n 171. I of 5 m. It . U . I . M 7 am 7 . 51 k a b s my 57 . I 10 pm 11 . 3 ,1pm Al Lon 21 1 Ollil Iiionlli-7.53 today s skies party in Castro s hotel suite. Ill1? trial to his sir cd wednesday. Ini riled i he example so. By the United Stales and us no is in the crimes trials no Nuernberg is i justification for Cuba s mass cd i editions. J i lie said the trials in Progress Israr Apo in the Hills of Eastern Cuba Are la incr than Llic Nuorn Burc prosecutions which Nassiri remark Hal he would Back up any local school i by to close n school faced with integration. His reference to legislate always n Touchy Issue to Lac lawmakers was equally is vague. Cal Long attention to the Inck of since 1001, Al Ali Igloo sold it is my belief that the problem is one for formed immediately of any request by the col pm Rale changes and Hal decisions of insurance in that re nah will be in Ompy the Over or also proposed hint the general Assembly Eimale he veto Power of the conservation and Commerce Comini Soloner Egton s plan would consolidate activities Nashville a the gov pm mental plan proposed by gov. Buford Ehing Ion today would consoled Etc re were supported by Laws which activities and abolish i no exist when the crimes punished were committed. They so incl Torlay flail Pigom Inkot Star 1.1 t g 21 . Inn. 21 display Burns work London up a collection about damage. Including visible planets of works by Robert Burns collapse of a lower atop a bus gone on display in Moscow to Stop As 25 bus passengers were is Mark Lac 200th anniversary of the Calina. No one was injured. scottish polls by Rah. Radio two radio station antennas were t it Llop Pard Crossville. Llic number of thus we shoo will exceed 400 More or less Lone for every 1.000 killed by America s atomic bombs in Piliro Solmn and Nagasaki. Be said. I tilt United states used the a bomb to achieve Pence and save the lives of Ninny american com . Boards and agencies that have outlived their usefulness. I "1 to he .i Congress men that aside from the fact that . Have 0 act in cuban we arc shoot these thugs to achieve peace 0 . 1 , i . Cow announced wednesday. By Daicy r. And they make sure that a bar of departments. Tomorrow the nun Ign pics and boards answerable Dirac Fly to the governor would be rimmed from 10 to 18. The Sale cons Cavallon depart would be the department of conservation and Commerce. All agencies and pro Grams concerned with Industrial development would be moved into this department. Here arc other major change proposed creation of n division of i Nance and administration Oul o not Asnin the separate departments of a icounl5 and budgets. The plan ing division and Public works division would be placed under lie new division. Placement of All regulatory boards under the department of sur acc and banking. Placone under jurisdiction of he state treasurer the teacher Tirc Mcnol stale a Cllement and old age and survivors insurance diagrams. of the depart ment of finance and taxation to Llic department of Revenue to conform to present activities. Placement of the stale Library and archives commission histor ical commission and stale museums under the department of education. Elimination of Board of liquidation of slate debt sinking fund Board and department of local finance

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