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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 21, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 thursday Jan. 21, 1954__________ Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c p Edward a. Or. Publisher general manager Ben Hyden assistant publisher and asst. General manager w. J. A Caullie editor kills Dunkley exec Ulvi editor merry go round letter to editor 230-23 e. Market Street Ken Capon. Tenn. International news service associated press news Servlia by Drew Pearson press was shut out and the Public shooed away the other Day while the Senate insular affairs committee debated hawaiian statehood behind closed doors. However this column can report that the stately near empty hearing room was rocked by political Thunder and preview of the Stormy debate to come on the Senate floor. The democrats angrily accused the gop of playing politics by turning senator Mccarthy Loose to investigate corruption in democratic Alaska but at the same time refusing to investigate communism in Republican Hawaii. The session had t been going five minutes before senator George Smathers Florida Democrat got Down to the nub of the matter. I he declared All of us Are prac tical to the extent that we recognize that if we get Hawaii in we probably will get two subscription rate by mall first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year. By Carrier Dally and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought Tounch App nth the Law is a Wise son but Republican senators and if we get Alaska in need for blood donations we feel he that if j companion of riotous men we will get two democratic senators editor Kingsport times dear editor May we use your column to publicly thank the people of Kingsport for their great kind Ness to us oar son and his com Panion following the Accident to the six f. B. I. Students on their Way Home for the Christ Mas holidays. We Are grateful for your wonderful Hospital and its staff of competent doctors nurses and administrators. To organizations such As the Mason Dixon lines Hammond Post no. 3, inc. American legion Kingsport press . U. S. Naval Reserve and others who from the goodness of their hearts responded to our Shametha his prov. The times daily tonic Laws Are not masters but serv rules them who obeys Ward Beecher. Rickover Story there is no cinch to that i can assure disagreed chairman Hugh Butler Nebraska Republican. That s the Rumor that is going Laws Are not masters but servants and he snorted Smathers. Ward in t it All in your piped up Sena Tor Arthur Watkins Utah Republican. It begins to look As though it is in s6me body else s mind when right at this time we vote to close the hearings and they Sud Denly find some corruption in Alaska which of course gives reason to believe that maybe a Man named Clay Blair has written we vote Alaska in at this a Book about the development of the retorted Smathers. It must be admitted that Virv in this discovery of corruption in Alaska was atomic submarine which makes very in Terest Irig Reading. The subject matter it go ahead with consideration of self is an absorbing one but the Book has the hawaiian Bill and leave the alaskan Cor 11 the a laments of a novel with a hero eruption until it comes Here As an the element a pleaded Butler swinging his Gavel. Hawaiian commies the Mccarthy committee has been Busy investigating communism around but even a very debt. We particularly wish to compliment the great Volunteer serv ice Given by the women of your Community through the women s Hospital auxiliary. Our Home is in Mississippi but we will never forget Kingsport and its great interest in All Man kind. Sincerely or. And mrs. James Markham Hamilton Mississippi editor Kingsport times dear sir i want to take this Opportunity to thank your paper for the very Fine publicity you gave us during the 1953 Seal Sale Campaign for 1 funds. Each article we feel had its part in the Success of our Campaign the Fine editorial which appeared on nov. 15th, 1953, the daily reminders which appeared on the front Page each Day during the entire Campaign and each of the other articles which helped keep our cause in the minds of the Public. S a villain. The hero is Admiral Rick Over the villain is not an individual but an impersonal Power called Navy brass. The Story of Hyman Rickover is a Horatio Alger Story of the poor Immi though there Are very serious charges of Crant Bov who found Success As the re communism existing in the islands of Hawaii Gianu buy Hisiu it seems to me a bit inconsistent that the suit of hard work and by Over coming Mccarthy committee should not want to in difficulties and villains. There can be Vest Gate communism shouted Smath a Thinz but admiration for the Man. But ers ignoring the Gavel. They have indicated iiuui.11115 v. In the past that communism is the thing it is the difficulties which he encountered that want to Vest Gatei but raise a question. The frightening suddenly turn their attention to some alleged h in Ranf inn in Aln Svi More adequate manner thin about this Book is the implication corruption in Alaska. That if pertain men High in Navy councils i want to say to the senator that this that 11 Seitam men in Navy committee quite thoroughly investigated the had had their Way Rickover would have communist situation in Hawaii quite some been blocked in his career and the de time bristled Butler a elopement of the atomic submarine jeopardized. Not Only that but the implication is Plain that these unnamed men would creased on the islands since 1950. Now about november Washington. Calling by Marquis Childs by w. J. Mcauliffe they say they Are making foam rubber pads for saddles. It i looks like most riders do not need any extra Bounce. It does seem queer that we say a Man is getting too big for his britches when we mean he s got a swell head. A Good memory is a great gift. But what really makes life Liv Able is Man s ability to forget. My husband is indifferent sobbed mrs. Jones in great distress. He never notices what i Wear even a Brand new dress my dear you re Lucky said mrs. Brown. I wish my Joe would be Blind to everything i Wear and a new dress never see instead he notices with a Roar. You ought to hear him Honey. Another dress he screams do you think i m made of Money so Boston is insulted because somebody in the Pentagon implies that some bostonian drink too much hard liquor and be come intoxicated. Considering the fact that a considerable percentage of the Boston population is Irish blood such an implication is of course absolutely preposterous men who get Oul on lir Beach Are divided into the very vain and the completely vain less. Governor Stainback says it is worse since retorted Smathers referring to a recent statement by Hawaii s sex governor Ingram Stainback that communist strength has in try even harder than Ever before to serve our Community in a very sincerely Hugh e. Reams Seal Sale chairman Sullivan county tuberculosis association Washington beneath the polite platitudes about party their discontent is reflected in breath Down the neck of the the snappish behaviour of Mem state department. Out of his a woman says that it is sur prising How Many men with Harmony a rumble of Republic Bers of Congress and party Lead Long experience in foreign pol nondescript shapes secretly tac can discontent can be heard without Benefit of any hearing device. Old line republicans simply do not like the Eisen Hower program. But there is another source of unhappiness. That is Patron age. Republican National committeemen out in the country want to know Why More jobs have not been available to hand ers in Washington who must Deal with this discontent in an election year. Most department Heads Are under continuing pressure to turn the rascals icy Secretary Dulles is Well aware of the importance of con Lieve they Cut quite a figure. On the other hand most women have done this for the prettiest of reasons because Rickover was neither a Boot the Justice department says it has gotten better. So there you blurted senator Russ Long Louisiana Democrat who recently Licker or a regular apparently the sided with the republicans in favor of state Admiral is not a very genial or congenial Hood for Hawaii but not for Alaska spirit his personality May not be All that the anti subversive committee of the Ter "t1 it i in Mitory of Hawaii says that it is worse and could be desired. But we Are asked to be a report in March replied Lieve that because Rickover was not a conformist he had been marked for liquidation As a Navy Man. When we read about the failure of an Alexander Graham Bell to convince businessmen that his idea was practicable we smile and Are Content to let those men remain in anonymity. But we can menace in Hawaii at the present time than it not escape the fact that the men who re was in 1950. As a matter of fact the known the tall handsome senator from Florida. At this Point chairman Butler triumphantly pulled out a letter that he had just received from attorney general Brownell. Read ing aloud Butler quoted the attorney Gen eral s letter As follows the facts known to me concerning communism in Hawaii do not indicate any Rea son to believe that communism is a greater Hollywood by Erskine Johnson exclusively yours Hollywood s new Cycle of violent westerns with More sadism and Gore than Mickey Spillane weaves into his whodunit has Joel Mccrea shaking his head doubtfully and saying movie makers Are ill and the music of Bones being snapped on the sound track says Joel is a big fat mistake and i ought to know because i be been around since Tom waiting to do a scene in a i s they fear a nervous breakdown. More of the rascals at verse the policies of years in re any make Way for Good spouse to a political change. He knows that technical skills Are has been Par required in almost the same de Timulty. He knows that a great never try to kid themselves that and responsible nation cannot they have a Good figure if they abruptly Puli a switch and re really Lack it. Republicans. The pressure titular by severe on the depart ment of state. Old guard sen Gree As in the armed services and that a specialist cannot be Ilkiv cold War and the atom got an a in spelling in the first world age nor Are they completed at the same age. Generally speaking there is no cause for undue concern if delay until 14 or 15, or if they Start before the age of 13. Apparently these changes Are affected by family Back ground racial descent climate and other influences. The appearance of the physical changes of adolescence in girls can be quite a Shock to the girls unless p properly managed. Every girl approaching 12 should be properly instructed preferably by her Mother and made to realize that about one and one half million other girls in the country Are going through approximately the same experience at the same time. The changes of adolescence should be accepted As a step to wards maturity by the girls and by their parents. When this is not done an unexpected event May cause some emotional Dis Tress. It should be explained that the changes about to take place Are the result of increased activity on the part of those hormones or internal glands which have to do with femininity. Those things which Are really important. Ouf our Way w we heroes Are made Mot born

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