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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 21, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeA sub s launching to Marie Greaf Milestone for seas by Dougilis Larsen into it to stretch that endur Groton. Conn. Mie Eisenhower was the Star of an event which history might record As More significant than any ceremony her husband Ever performed. She smashed a bottle of Good Domestic Champagne against the nose of the first atomic powered submarine the uss . Huge movie Book Maga Zine name and record libraries will to kept aboard. Specially de signed air purifiers Wili con stantly Wash the sub s Atmos j phere to keep it fresh and make maximum use of the oxygen which is stored aboard under High pressure. Another startling feature of and sent it grinding into the cold1 the Nautilus is its vast Forward Waters of the thames River room eventually sex Connecticut a petted to carry atomic weapons. At that moment she rendered i during the sub s design stage practically every fighting ship numerous Sample assemblies of on the world s seas obsolete. parts of the boat were sub effects a vital step in the Lone ejected to underwater explosion Range modernization of Ameri a tests. This accounts for the great i can defences around nuclear ex-1 impression of strength and Stur Plosives and atomic Power. Tidiness of the masses of pipes. Probably More important be a wire electrical equipment and cause this is the first use of j instruments. The Nautilus is atomic Energy for ship propel built to stand More Battle Pun Sion the first lady s launching than any sub Ever built. Formally opened the door for a. By vast civilian vises of this tre Bishop Earth Merinous new source of Power for the press tour i huge canvases covered the mid Section which houses the read if you accept the fact thickness of the steel nuclear fission produces Bruti. In from visible. Nautilus. Fission heals distilled instead of a knife Edge the water kept under High pressure sub has a bulbous Bow the most in stainless steel pipes an design for submerged and one half thick. This Hotl travel. Overall it has water is used to turn the water round lines with practically no in another adjoining system into i protuberances to cause extra steam through a fairly simple Junction. Equipment which sex arrangement of gears the steam tends from the Hull can also be turns the sub s propellers. Retracted. The outer skin is sex the Nautilus also has auxiliary a emely heavy Sheet steel Battery and diesel engine plants when Mamie Eisenhower s j for propulsion when the bottle knocked the reactor in t working. Into the water there two unique features of this i still remained a lot of work atomic Power Plant make it done on it before the sub Olu tonary. It does not Over to the Navy for first oxygen. And Only a few pounds operational tests. So Are a lot of of nuclear fuel Are needed to other things about the Nautilus keep it going for months lit its reactor and performance really. One Pound of . Material is equivalent to the in the one thing that can t be Ergy from pounds of kept however is the Revo Coal. Lution the Nautilus creates in even without this tremendous sea warfare Anci the Hope that it but Small package of atomic holds for More and More every Power which does t Burn Roxy poetical use of atomic in Gen enemy subs came within a Ergy hair of Licking the u. S. In both a Church body votes for approval of Suffragan Bishop Chattanooga Dele Congress probes to quiz Robinson on Russell loan Washington ins the Board presents fluoridation Bill editor s note Here is the text of the on Fluri Duson of the City s Vii Ter Supply adopted wednesday Nisi he by the Board of mayor und aldermen whereas on january 5, 1954, a petition was presented to the Board of mayor and aldermen j to f r o m a citizens committee House in american activities formed b the Kingsport coun. Committee sought today to talk f Assoc a with screen Star Howard to f to u in Inson about his loan to ousted fluoridation of the Kings chief investigator Louis j. Rus port water Supply and i whereas on january 20th the investigator was dismissed the Board of a and Alder and the City officials met1 Tito consider the petitions sub rowing from Robinson who fitted b the citizens commit. Was a cooperative witness and the eff a f Florida. Fore the group. Russia termed Tion of Watel in eneral and the transaction open and above of Board j whereas after a full discus _ it was unanimously decided committee members s a i d that the question of fluoridation there was nothing sinister about of the wic water j was the loan but that Russell u which e qualified used bad judgment in pivoting citizen should have aright preaching Robmson. They him set this made Russell s retention on j the staff i the er1 eco be Velde whose action touched by the Board of mayor radar fit London latest Aid to make air travel Dar search expected to be fitted to the Comet Jet air liners this year. Sir Miles Thom As British overseas airways corporation chairman revealed that this revolutionary wartime Aid which enables pilots to detect storms mountains and other air Craft in time to take avoiding action has been fitted to Boac planes experimentally. Kiis7gsport times thursday Tan. 21, 1054 3 official party june january Phoenix ans Lilc. 32, Blind operator of the Candy shop pm Concession in the Arizona state heated by Infra red rays on an Capitol at Phoenix ariz., got a i Experiment Al basis at the end of sendoff from the state s month citizen when he got married j temperatures upwards of 40 recently. Governor Howard Pyle degrees will be provided by held a party with about 60 Capi i sheets of material heated by Gas. Tol workers for Busby on the Day i the method is the same As that he married vivacious Betty Sher fused in France to give indoor Man 21, a Blind Navajo Indian sultans. Off an uproar within the com h the Cut of Mittee told newsmen he is try Kinport that the citizens com ing to arrange a conference be advised of the feeling ooh his of the members of the City coun in regard to this matter. John d. Wimberly mayor Gates to the 122nd convention of Robinson to get his version of the Tennessee of the i the transaction. Episcopal Church have voted to rep. Francis e. Walter elect a Suffragan Bishop rather who charged veld i should have than Bishop coadjutor. This action Here yesterday was left the question of firing rus sell also declared that he would like to talk to rep. Gordon Scherer another committee member said that he would favor subpoena ing both Robinson and Russell approval of the if necessary to get All the facts tomorrow the Pioneer of for governor race world wars. With it. The submarine becomes practically a new atomic weapon. The atomic sub can. Travel around the world far be it travels about 30 l3m by us Chillos Miles per hour and faster in emergencies. It can catch up with just about any warship or commercial vessel afloat launch torpedoes and escape. It can Nashville petitions deep enough and move fas qualify ing Carl Fry of Nashville enough to get away from known a Cand Clale for govt nor in anti submarine weapons. Trie August primary have been it s the Best weapon yet to state democratic ated to combat the russian sub chairman h. S. Walters of mor Fleet. The Only weapon it is Vul Riston. Merable to is another atomic this yesterday sub. Isaid he was not yet ready to the nuclear powered Summa make announcement but was Rine is known to be an excellent the race serious consid platform for the launching of erati0n." he said qualifying be guided missiles off enemy coast tit ions had been signed for him lines. It can land assault troops in 84 of the state s 95 counties on enemy shores act As a Navi Fry is a native of Smith coun National picket ship and travel to Ancl serve i state chairman under the 40-foot thick Polar of the production and Market ice Cap from Alaska or Green in administration from 1945 land to Russia. 1953. In line with a recommendation toy the it. Rev. Theodore Barth of Memphis Bishop of Tennessee. Actual election of a Suffragan must await Church s 95 other dioceses in the United states. The convention voted to re Cess today until reconvened by Bishop Barth to elect the Suffragan Bishop if authorized. It was doubted he could be named before easter. The convention also approved a budget for the com ing year. Largest item in the budget was for Mission Ary and Church Extension work. Bishop Barth also noted the ordination of the Rev. Leon c. Ziilch of Kingsport As a Deacon and the ordination of the Rev. Robertson epics formerly of Kingsport to the Priesthood. Or. Balch was formerly employed by the Kingsport elec tric company and or. Eppes is a former employee of the ten Nessee Eastman company. Bishop Barth himself formerly Bishop coadjutor last september succeeded Bishop Edmund p. Dandridge who retired. Bishop Dandridge now is Dean of the theological Seminary at the University of the South Sewanee. Execution set Seoul korean editor Chung Kook gun 38, convicted As a communist spy will be executed publicly by an army firing squad saturday the defense ministry announced today. Chung former editor of the newspaper Yun Hap Shin Moon was sentenced to death last month by a military court. In the Case. Russell told a reporter he is willing to testify if the commit tee wishes to Call him. Asked i he thought Robinson should be called he said that was a mat Ter for the committee to decide. The ousted investigator said the loan was a matter of necessity after he had failed in attempts to borrow Money from Banks to meet medical expenses for his family. He said he has not yet been Able to repay the loan. Walter and rep. Bernard w. Kearney Rny have led the protest1 against Velde s action and Scherer to the Case. They contend that by passed a attest j. R. Feck Al City recorder f War s aftermath Rome toll of the italian Campaign did not end with Victory in Europe. Wartime explosives have killed More than children and maimed another since the end of world War ii. The teams of men employed to clean up the battlefields were disbanded recently after losing 280 dead and 390 injured. Sweeping investigation of the staff situation. He said i want to clean House wherever it needs cleaning. If any employee in t doing his Job we ought to get rid of ,2. Velde named Kearney Wal Ter and Scherer to a sub com to investigate communist subcommittee activities in the Albany n. Y., composed of Velde Walter and i area. Kearney who Heads the up to study per group said he notes to begin sonnet matters hearings by feb. 1. But Velde brushed aside the 3. Velde said the civil service controversy. He said he be commission has been asked to lived that the personnel Situa Supply the names of Federal Tion has been settled and that workers fired in the past year on the staff is now at your jewel Box your Choice operating charges of subversion. Rep. Morgan Moulder do said if meanwhile there were these the information is not supplied other developments he will seek to subpoena civil 1. Kearney called for a More service chairman Philip Young. Towel gift Days ibs. Mrs. Filbert s Don t spread holes even ice cold quarters Margarine to Send for 1 free Towel Piggy wiggly-121 Market St. Navy spokesmen flatly claim that a relatively Small Fleet of a subs can sweep the world s oceans free of All surface ships. Because r. Submarine has less friction moving underwater than vessels moving on the surface it s conceivable that eventually All sea travel will be moved by atomic Power under the suit face. J. One Day recently work men on the Nautilus were at lunch n Small group of news men were Given the first and last look permitted of the insides of the at least the last for Many years. It was just prior to the Start of putting in the secret controls and instruments. Most impressive feature Are its general size and the Crew Corn j fort facilities being installed. Quarters passageways and Woi i rooms to be roughly twice As Large As those of the Fleet Type subs. Forty five men can watch a movie in the mess Hall. That s about half of the total Crew. A i if will have the most scientific i Cally planned Interior decoration j scheme Ever cooked up for a Crew at sea. Quarters for the old j or men will have colors and for the younger men the Walls will be even the Shower rooms will have scientific colors. Because Crew endurance is the Only limit to the length of time the Nautilus can stay submerged everything possible is being built when you Wake with a headache of works Fasti to ease the pain when you Wake with a throbbing headache you want Relief and want it in a hurry. That s exactly what you get when you use Quick dissolving fast acting by headache tablets of powders. 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