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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 21, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeThursday Jan. 21, 1954 Kingsport times Board budget continued from Page 1 continued from Page 1 against their will. A dentist years of which 126 will be Corn countered that fluorides added to Bat wings. The number of army drinking water Are not a medi Cine but a preventive of tooth de Cay in the same Way that chlorine already added to the City water is a preventive of various diseases. Jones protested against tactics which he said fluoridation advocates had used in having teachers propagandize parents through their several Pat representatives quickly and heatedly denied this accusation declaring the parents had Beer approached on the subject of fluoridation Only at Pat meet Ings. Jones nutrition divisions May be reduced he explained but remaining divisions will have greater striking Power. Or. Eisenhower declared the number of go iced missile anti aircraft battalions will be in creased he defended the withdrawal of the two army divisions from Korea saying it will not impair the ability a renewal of Bill continued from Page 1 for several years. The City welfare commission originally served As a coordinating body for various welfare undertakings both by the City and by private organizations. How Ever most of the City s welfare work in recent years has been death notices ploy about profound truths rarity in modern theater mrs. Alice Brien mrs. Alice Brien 82, died . Wednesday at Holston i new York that i play Fonda pays tribute to the Ley Community Hospital. She profound truths officers of the Navy and been living in the Home of her daughter mrs. T. A. Dodson 805 Broad Street for the last carried on independently of this three months. Group which has become less and j surviving Are four daughters less Active meeting Only three times in the last two years City manager Moulton said. The action on the Library Board followed a favourable rec hostilities with even greater of commendation from Alderman e. G. Guenther head of a com feet than heretofore if this should be the president asked Congress Mittee which had been appointed to go Over details of the trans for foreign Aid a Cut of below the Bers. Guenther reported the Library Board was Well satisfied argued that proper 01 lie recommendations is the real secret of amount voted in 1953. He said healthy Teeth. A dentist european defense comm l needed an for the new plan. It would be desirable if All Chil foods Candy which tends to deteriorate them but said there was no Dren ate build nity is urgently and among other action at the he was convinced european1 meeting postponed from tues will decide this matter night so Board members could attend the chamber of the near future. New legislation requested by Means of control Over diets the president would add fluoridation of Public water j to his spending plans for does offer a Means of control. The 1955 year. His fore he said. Least however is based on the Jones cited figures thai the Assumption that Congress will death rate in grand rapids.1 renew the taxes expiring april 1. Mich., increased after fluorides if Noti Revenue in the coming were added to the water there. Micsa Yeal. Would be id the figures a physician said the figures less to be in error based on the total number of deaths without Tak ing into consideration a heavy population increase in grand a recheck he said showed the death rate actually had declined by six per cent and the senator who made the original erroneous figures of record had retracted his state ment. Here is a breakdown of major 1055 budget proposals u. S. Defense of which would be for the air Force for the Navy and for the army. The total would be Cut below this fiscal year. Foreign Aid Commerce annual banquet the Board 1. Accepted the Low bid of Dobyns Taylor hardware co. To erect a Fence around Andrew Jackson school for 2. Passed on first Reading an ordinance to control the erection of signs and billboards. 3. Passed on second Reading an ordinance authorizing a contract mrs. Dodson mrs. Herman Bailey los Animas colo., mrs. Arthur Holm Englewood colo., and mrs. Marvin Rice birding Ham Ala. One son w. J. Brien Johnson City six grandchildren r. L. Cardwell Montgomery mrs. R. Dunlap los Angeles Mary Betty Nancy and Russell Brien All of Johnson City and four great grandchildren. Mrs. Brien had made her Home with her daughters mrs. Rice and mrs. Dodson for the last five years. She suffered a stroke in november 1953, and had been ill since that time. Pallbearers will be j. Mack Bond Jack Carpenter Sam sul lican e. M. Sams w. B. Jones Fred Morris Smith Byrd and Fred Garcia. Funeral services were to be held at 3 . Thursday at Ham courage decency and duty Are rare commodities in the theater of our time. For that reason alone the Caine Mutiny court martial which opened last night at the Plymouth theater deserves the highest Praise. But when those truths Are expressed with the brilliance of author Herman Wouk spoken by a cast headed by Henry Fonda and Lloyd Nolan and brought to life by director Charles Laughton As they were tonight the Praise of this reviewer is limitless. All but a few minutes of the Caine Mutiny takes place in the room where the court martial of it. Stephen Maryk is under Way. It is probably the most Talky and least Active drama to open in new York in years. But from the time the cast files on army who As he puts it kept his jewish Mother from being reduced to a cake of soap by a nazi overlord while he was learn ing to fight a War. After All the novels plays and stories that have pictured these men As sadistic incompetents they Are words that needed saying. The weather picture by the associated press Chicago Snow Cincinnati Cloudy Cleveland Snow Detroit Cloudy grand rapids Snow Indianapolis Cloudy Marquette Snow Memphis Cloudy Milwaukee Snow Sault Ste. Marie cloy one no ii me Ciao inca Uii trn Prip Hung Only with drapes the i tension and audience interest starts to build. It did t break last night until the cheers started at the very end. The task of the court martial is burial will be in Spring Hill cemetery at Nashville Tenn. With Kingsport utilities inc., . Daisye Cox maintenance of two traffic lights. 4. Received and filed a petition asking grading installation of sanitary sewers and crushed Rock surfacing Hermitage drive East Wood Avenue Fairoaks Road Bruce Street and Montrose ave in the new residential area which would be bet Ween Eastman Road and Kon Jones contended the various military. The latter would be Narock Road branches of medical and dental higher than for the 5. Authorized rental of an in science had been too eager to take each other s word on the benefits and absence of harmful affects from fluoridation with out actually making a thorough study of their own. This he said does t Tell me whether it s current fiscal year but Overall Aid would be lower due to a decline in economic Aid and technical assistance. Atomic Energy an increase of stockpiling a Cut i of univ Yucuis. Going to Poison my system nun by the end of the my health and who i m going to objectives my sue if it a physician answered that the Council of pharmacy of the american medical association 11955 year stockpile objectives will have been met in 50 of 73 critical materials. Foreign information program which has endowed a oxidation an increase of i conservative group the program must have does not pass on hearsay tools to carry out its mis Cence. He said the journals contain closely civil defense a Cut Louna documented records of expert of Federal government made in this Field before will _ assume responsibility of Buve in we Jones said the pro Florida supplies leaving organization to Tion group does t want referendum because City after a i states and localities. Veterans an in Flom to Yosfi. Of there ate one Thalf ton truck and a three fourths ton truck with the old sweeper and one truck to be turned in in Exchange. 9. Authorized Purchase of a new Billing machine for the water department. City treasurer j. Pecktal said the pres ent machine was a rebuilt Model when the City bought it in 1928. 10. Authorized the Moose Lodge to sponsor appearance of a a i circus in the City again this year established of Congress with the Lodge to take full re such a vote and pointed i must reconsider its farm Price is possibility for any liabilities out that those who would stand to Benefit from the the children would not have a vote in a referendum. One Jones statement went used piece of City property to Clyde Groseclose for farming purposes for 5. Authorized advertising for bids for parking meters to be placed on the City owned Park ing lot adjoining the City Hall at the Corner of Market and Shelby streets. The rate will be 10 cents for three hours. Mrs. Daisy s Cox 73, 421 Hamil ton Street Johnson City died at 9 . Tuesday in Alexandria va., Hospital. She is survived by one son j. R. Cox of Alexandria two daughters mrs. Doris Johnson of Johnson icy. And mrs. Virginia sue Young of Livingston ind. Three Sisters mrs. Jack Carey and mrs. Herman Long of e. St. Louis 111., and mrs. Willie Holt Dixon Tenn. One step daughter mrs. Kathleen Greb of Maywood calif., eight grandchildren and one great grandchild. J funeral was to be held at . Thursday at Central free will Baptist Church Johnson City with Rev. W. L. Jones in charge. Burial was to be in High whether Maryk played by John Hodiak was justified in relieving the Captain of the . Caine it. Cmdr. Philip Queen of his command. Under the skillful probing of Fonda As defense attorney Barney Greenwald Lloyd Nolan As Queen is reduced from a seemingly capable and Calm officer to a neurotic Petty tyrant. The acquittal verdict he wins is an empty Victory for Green Wald who realizes he won it by the destruction of a Man whose career was devoted to the service of his country. In the closing speech of the Moines . Paul Clear Oklahoma City Cloudy Omaha Clear St. Louis Snow Atlanta Cloudy i Miami Clear new York Cloudy fort Worth rain new Orleans Cloudy Helena Clear Phoenix Clear los Angeles Clear Seattle rain 53 60 57 51 44 60 25 73 38 31 34 33 8 61 24 63 66 77 53 72 80 -14 54 59 28 which one has that monthly look eyes show cramps misery you too May be Able to hide that tired nervous jittery look each month no matter How much make up you use. Koop your secret Safe Dunn those Days Don t be the one girl m three who shows the Strain Iron Tell tale nerves and cramps has that monthly take Ca Clui a special Medicine trusted by thousands of women Rii is to help insure against cramps monthly misery. A Little Cardui each Day helps build strength so resistance May be creator each month nervousness and Suff Erim loss and Lens look More natural feel Ami sleep better. Ask your dealer Lor Cardui. Hay Tard you Eyo Culi Molo that i Lime during life out of every 3 women from monthly die Omlor. Cardui monthly cramps change of life 13 30 26 15 16 26 1 33 6 9 -14 -20 10 -13 17 62 73 45 19 -30 40 45 26 7. Authorized repair of a one Iancy cemetery Man grader at a Cost estimated by assistant City manager c. K r Fth Marsh at Between and 33 word has been received of the 8. Authorized advertising for death of mrs. Ruth Higgin bids for a new Street sweeper a Dotham 37, who died at her Home at Riverhead n. Y., tues Day of a heart attack. Survivors include a brother Troy m. Price and two Sisters mrs. Paul Onkotz and mrs. Virtually unchallenged except to the degree in which it was answered by the answer Given his argument on the importance of nutrition. That was that parents under medical or dental direction can give their Chil Dren individual dosages of fluorides in their drinking water. He said a Survey had indicated very few dentists did. Support policy. In 1955 support Loans and Purchase of commodities will Likely total but expectation is that a greater part will be recovered. Congress will be asked to provide Worth of surpluses to Aid Friendly countries. Tva net outlay an increase of this will include no new Power generation units. Increase will be due to continued construction of Power plants already underway. Social Security Henry Maupin All of Kingsport. June army. Funeral arrangements Are in Complete. Dickenson released from vet Hospital Johnson City Cpl. Edward s. Dickenson 23, big Stone Gap va., the first Ameri can prisoner of War to return Home after temporarily choosing communism was from veterans Hospital tues Day. He had been admitted to Mountain Home last thursday suffering from a digestive Dis authorities said Dickenson will return to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington d. C., for a final i examination and discharge from White Floral go. Flowers All arrangements guaranteed we Are As near As your Telephone dial go 5-5174 nights sundays dial Circle 6-6657 Groseclose Flowers All occasions dial Circle 6-6108 All arrangements guaranteed sub tax continued from Page 1 toward removing the most serious hardships and tax complications and reducing the tax barriers to continue economic his general tax policy the president said is to return to the people to spend for them selves and in their own Way the Tva continued from Page 1 fall of 1957. If this proposal does not work our or if additional defense loads a drop of main Rea Money. That the government has son is reduction in Federal As teen spending for distance Grants to states. Plan for shifting More of Aid Load to old age and survivors insurance program will be proposed. Highways a reduction of in Grants to states. Labor an in our or 11 Uci Noi. Einn Rinnen a psf of Are placed on Tva he said the i crease of 000 most o i question of starting additional funds to maintain labor de generating units by Tva will be the president asked for an appropriation of for Tva. This would be less than this year s total of the reduced appropriation would be More than offset by additional funds Esti mated available from income and Cash on Deposit with the Treasury. Apartment. His tax revision program which has been underway for the past year included 25 specific propos continued from Page 1 More in farming mining and engineering than in War. I he praised the teamwork of Industry and of the government agencies age arid the Navy which he said made possible creation of this first atomic sub. Carney said the Nautilus marked the beginning of a new chapter in the history of sea Power and he said revolutionary thing that she is the technicians and tacticians j will strive to wring the greatest military advantages from this latest product of american Genius. The Fleet is hungry to put her to work patently this sleek with her wonderful new propulsion Towel gift Days mrs. Filbert s spread Boles even ice cold Margarine quarters to Send for 1 free Towel l. F. Hobbs super Creek re. For a limited time Only take pm Home for Only 1c each come in for a carry Home Carton or two of these Fine Crystal Glass tumblers at this give away Low Price of just per Tumbler As a special to make Many friends fast hurry on in delay limit-6 to a customer als covering Many aspects of in Plant is symbolic of american come taxes on both individuals understanding of the importance and corporations. According to the president s figures the revision would mean about 585 million dollars in tax benefits to individuals this year and about 700 millions to Cor flood control and related portions. Acts a Cut of his proposals include these a tax allowance for interest on the Public expenses in excess of three per cent of income in an increase of housing message to go to Congress monday outlining coordinated and Forward looking set of plans Call for Loans and Grants for slum Clear commended. The rest of the Tva funds Ance and prevention. Additional would be made up of Public housing units rec 000 in operating revenues which would be used for operating costs and construction and 000 in Cash previously deposited with the Treasury. The Tva program Calls for use of for acquisition of assets for operating expenses for retire ment of borrowings and pay ments to the Treasury and in inventory increases and other working capital items. The president said estimated expenditures for the Tva and certain other programs will be the largest in history. A Tva spokesman told a re Porter the president referred to the figure for operating expenses and riot to the Over All program which includes construction expenditures. Eisenhower said the plan to reduce atomic Energy commis Sion Power demands on Tva by to kilowatts would release the equivalent amount of generating capacity to meet increased Load requirements of other Consumers and at the same time eliminate the need Stead of the present five per cent. Working widows or widowers to deduct part of their of sea Power and. American ingenuity in. Inventing new tools for the exercise of sea Power. The Admiral commented that As remarkable As this develop ment seems to us now the Nau Tilus will probably appear to our. Sons and grandsons a quaint old piece of machinery which introduced the transition to a new age of abroad at rates 14 percentage Points lower than on income earned in this country. Child care costs. Parents to husband wrong owes in tax Denver polish immigrant called at the internal Revenue service office Here yesterday for advice on filing her income tax. An agent Laboured Over the re turn with the woman then in formed her she owed Uncle Sam but my husband figured it All out last night the woman pleasantly objected and the Way he had it you owe us so the agent reworked the form. He still came up with Uncle lacking without fur ther ado the woman paid explaining with a smile that s All right. My husband was wrong last year children under 18 or attending College As dependents even if his or her income exceeds the present limit of the com Mittee already has approved this. Heads of households to obtain the same benefits from splitting their income now granted married couples. They now have Only half the Benefit. The committee also has approved this 8_move up the deadline for claim j corporations to pay part of their for appropriating funds to finance additional generating units. 5_give tax credit for a Small percentage of Stock dividends in excess of this year and next year. Persons whose dividends Are less than these amounts would not have to de Clare the dividends on their tax returns. This has ways and Means committee approval. Corporations larger tax deductions for depreciation of their property in Early years rather than the uniform writer off system now in effect. The president said the present sys tem discourages Long Range in vestment and growth especially for Small business. Foreign invest ment of american corporations by taxing their from income taxes to september and december of the taxable year. At present these taxes Are not due until the following year. Individuals until april 15 to pay their income taxes. 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