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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 21, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeC Mon an own 16 60n6 to sit cwt s vow Reju pm is soupy but Tufey make a cws5" appearance it h6lp6 if one i5 Cyclone a but the Okner Man can ca5y one e these Frcka Nickel apiece Sun High society wa6 Knock in t-herag60f0b4-b to Knock by own Toam i g look at Dat buddy 6oin1 off ice opel Pic me shovel Dis Snow a Dat Little Downie fun wit Dat sled while i Breaks my Back on Dis dad Burn shovel 1 would youse look at Dat Betm Sittin Dere poin1 nothing but sewing j i ha6 to work while deyallha6 fun i As vie races Towa Kythe Motel at who w Motel keeper a pi5covekv in the Cabin vacate by the Trio. All who knows i have it Only the people who left it anc7 whose woki7 will the police Well fill up at the next Sas station amps. Set me a bundle of Cash our of that briefcase or Cam t whole 9a5ket, 1 to full of Ployd Banville spent the njismt., you just wanted to pull your olo gag of making the other fellow wait. Wise Sun r it Ain t the truth. the tape wrong. Dagger is already in the ring and the crowd is roaring Paloska Down the aisle escorted by his manager handlers and a cordon of police this a Subtle something in her voice the tuc5s at the heart mated . Pair figure. Some How i Hap a we la was be trt1 Best Pik Ector m Hollywood but no one cak1 but i wish predict which person Wall Mickle will Click with Coulp see her. A Gamble we All take first Simce Vou a lows she comes in. Her cout act Worth Willioms but work she will Wesp she face a High Ness its just that Ive 5een All next will come their. Footmen but if we hou7 firm behind inter locked shield we got or made along their line Lef right an enemy s tactic 15 almost Voung Man Are Vou enjoying no blast yourself a Iti m . Nothing does amuse chuckled it amuses adv thing the Wor about that sign this la be some than a in treasure pee years on one condition i want a pose that s new and own Gina of the Pepin aka veam it la be Okay after the boy what a meal i wish i could have Eft ten fourths have you fixed Sarge s in chair yet let s see How fast the Varmint can go a Fame All the rom Australia to Kangaroo he mule race Doht touch that you of shoots the stuffs bound to be in Here. Mercy whatsit 22o pounds my goodness. I must be read that wrong i la try it that was the give v i be won the Alt s f co icing. You know what that Means you Money if Vouse married she asked if you had i di2eam-dust. Could i int Fiest you in a Diamond looks jus Youia Wegor a Lettes from Ethel. She s coming Home dial Circle 5-7131 open 24 hours daily City Hall Shell service the trouble with the girl Fri Day jobs is that they expect you to be there monday through thursday too. How cum vy1tm every la set of and thle All. Over the joint a customer will Sav quote Florida court overrules British Miami South Florida woman has the permanent custody of her four year old daughter As the result of a Cir Cuit judge s refusal to Honor a contempt citation from an eng Lish court. Miami circuit judge Stanley Milledge yesterday overruled a contempt citation issued by a British court against mrs. Grace Henrietta Klein. Mrs. Klein was cited for refusing to return the child Ruth to her father Wil Liam Shaw. They were divorced in England several years ago and the Mother was Given custody of the infant As Long As she stayed under the jurisdiction of English courts. However after coming to Miami and remarrying in 1952, mrs. Klein refused to adhere to a court order to return to England. The same guv will pull up when Evert mime s dark and locked and Vou closed and a tip of the Matlo mat to Bill c. Burns co Liose Arizona the Mother was then cited for contempt. Judge Milledge said that the separation of the Mother and child would be the father acted As though he were dealing with livestock not his own daughter. He was interested Only in his rights not his said the judge after awarding the Mother per manent custody. 18 thursday Jan. 21, 1954 Kingsport times All dressed up answer to previous Puzzle love mores sorb at me foe. Break ing a Glass with my voice the Otmer ill Elm and sorry pest auction patrona6e is in Welcome in this. Establishment you Cam t do this to me Twy my activity Capp is paid i m an american citizen t across 1 worn by my i or woman 4 sleeveless garments 9 head covering 12 make a mistake 13 Standard of perfection 14 archaeological form 15 Blackbird 16 slow Onusic 17 Legal Point 18 antagonist 20 expended 22 operatic scenes 23 fragments 25 Pewter Coin of Thailand 26 Young child 28 abstract being 29 exp ungers 32 surf edited 33 lion 35 pendent 36 snooze 39 sullen 41 colonize 44 texan shrine 45 Flower 46 lines a 47 demolishes such gaelic 52 Golf Mound 53 puff up 54 route a 55 augment 56 foreign agents 57 worm Down 1 listens to 2 Genus of herbs 3 three legged support 4 suburban residence 5 City in the Netherlands 6 Oriental Coin 7 make lace 8 Wallow in water 9 Heel Over 10 reparations 11 nuisances 19 Vestibule 21 gifts 23 fastening device 24 macerated 27 capital of Norway 30 musical note 39 31 right a Island 33 dangled 40 painful spoil 34 rubbed out 42 facilitates 37 formal 43 sea eagles is required on 48 european certain Mountain occasions 49 Capuchin. 38 skirts with Monkey 50 summer 5 39 31 w 50 w 10

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