Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Jan 19 1953, Page 8

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 19, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeOkay but i Why dont v Don t 1 need it i m cd Cool As take a water Ricky or. Ricardo you can come in now it s of Ricky in t it wonder thebe s nothing to be nervous about meet of Muff wats in this swamp 1 chubs of Nolf Sam with with has of Fostoff psf sons Pis a Hole the 6whmp awk i wont a Sot wet. Chi not i Txie. Tune 6reat suns. It is empty Wes moved out. But where did he move to thunderat1on1 must t. Rest Tilli find him if its possible. To answer to my Knock and the Bam if i was scared of Little trick it turn n my star.1 Sood Mam and House Hasan empty sound. Dont Tell me i be missed him a6aim i was told in hum Crry to find Martin Wood at his Home Here. Dont climb up there sheriff it s a trick make Cisco show us the prisoner. A on this in i Pont i m xxi look woke so St. V swi look on that flatfqot5 c rm7 am7 x mean Quick to a i m arwk7 the Lap in anxious to see How Long i can hold my under Shell turn to often i m sons pack to own room to f1an my next move i m like a triple malted i font East. I m but this is end of thei hmm at goes with this a goodbye wont i see you Tovio Erow night fathers Doest vhf and me. To see you s besides i m in love , to chess goodbye Matt thanks Forth Emow. And Hanics foe voor one Hope we be to restore her. Wewora Coop Omav Tiu who happened night in Home cd mice to Pis up proof to confirm it Lewenec the take dip know th1 Orol. Cops think Fik bus who the Tene Wettl th6vre Sookim for her. In to Leme 24 her alone i she to a noted to exercise find proof inno cent Lefoke we Tell Eia i to woes her. Pm clothed w40 the looks Aitt of use to to beginning us is one old i to wonder of Man with Only we w use is the a. Brwn x to the old Mam then the went dem an now we re in a Heck. Of a fix. I ult in the View ves. Roll to the hamper an got him self time machined Vou about or and mrs. Jell neck seated next to picking am ei6mt-Morse rarl4v was it for to Llhee up Mer sb4tim6 screen to he s in a see where period he went f of cretan a civilization. He irritates her me Funky let Ive 6ot to sit the part of the body that is most often overdeveloped is the Wishbone. Comes.? Jucy Oell neck t4lkim6 Sot unexpected House guests of from 80wgo-bon6o.we just c4mt leave them my deah would xxi Malmd a july if we 8rou6mt them sweating it out for hours comes 4 jim6le of the Vou 6uessed the merrier we re simply deli6hteo- keep Mouth Happy 60 my i am go snob to Voo 60 or. It tastes so goof to i Swo oyo answer to previous animal kingdom enjoy Lively spearmint flavor. Coli your Mouth Sweet pm horizontal vertical 1 biped animal 4 rapacious animal 3 French feline animal 12 imitative animal 13 awry 14 rant 15 Legal matters 16 defamed 18 landed properties 20 employers 21 falsehood 22 Shade Trees 24 wicked 26 support 27 suffix 30 peruvian Coin 32 Wallow 34 thermometer measure 35 newspaper official 36 Long eared animal 37 asterisk 39 Cape 40 show disapproval 41 French sea 42 hurts 45 foot part 49 rest periods 51 National recovery administration a 52 Ogle 53 Persia 54 read 55 lampreys 58 hireling 57 finish 1 female Equine animal 2 mimics 3 Young Birds 4 squander 5 look slyly 6 one who rents 7 Marsh 8 water Plant 9 Short tailed 25 contends leaping animal 26 bards monday january 19, 1953, Kingsport times i whats on toot Mimo love the team hinge pro res one of the Noble occur tows yes go if it on i m i want listen me i for. I Mankind would still be living in 41 Middle 42 competent 43 Indian 44 foot part 46 algerian seaport 47 Metal 48 Earth 50 hurry i m coat Subatin a. Me a Hunts o string Ceef open now. L a like i have v t help Heup n me but. Lets hear. Itu make to Tel feel 27 speech 28 Lions 29 goes astray 31 withstand 33 Flaxen cloth 38 fall Flowers 10 state 11 spreads 17 spilled out is one who is sick 23 let Down meeting tonight 24 icelandic Saga 40 listens t6o bad we Haven amyous1 around Here who can 6et us teachers better nation would be a quagmire of illiterates a Backwash of i Dot Trust at Gelf with a razor in the same room with him lets go save Beetle cd better wait until Sarge 6et5 reveille in Twe my Aai mutes

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