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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 19, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee6monday, january 19, 1953, Kingsport times c. I uni l Grilii Cost of Brodie twins opera Ion entire world watches with Hope How reporter e b c u a ii i i i j n i a Holn Hope for Roger fear hate As Ike is inaugurated by Phil Nev som with apologies to Winston Churchill for a previous and bet Ter quote it May be said that never before have so Many de Pended on a single Man. The reference is to Dwight d. Eisenhower who tomorrow switches from his role As critic of National policies to author. The former five Star general of the army becomes probably the most powerful single individual of the world. The president elect becomes president. Under president Roosevelt we had the spa the acc and the Tva. We also had a Day. Under president Truman we had the atomic age and the Dawn of the Hydrogen age. It will be years before the Cap sule description of the Eisenhower Era is attempted. But it May be said now that never before in the history of the United states has the inauguration of a presi Dent been watched and awaited beliefs Are such that with or without us they will fight for the same ideals As we. But which is to illustrate an other phase of the problems fac ing the new which vary from support of land by so Many of the world s Mil a Reform in the Philippines the Lions with such a mixture of fear building of a Hydro electric Plant 1 its burdens Are not decreasing. The new president must bal Ance always As did or. Truman the Cost of the world struggle As Between american dollars and american lives. And he must balance too the Good will and integrity of the Deputy in Fla. Tampa. Fla. Chief Crim Inal Deputy sheriff Ross Ander son planned to continue today an investigation of a cock fight ing club where about 100 people held Deputy Bob Smith and a reporter for two hours sunday. The crowd demanded pictures Ellis Clifton of the Tampa trib nations with which we Deal. Une Nad snapped of the Cocks there have been instances where that Good will and integ Rity have seemed to have a closer resemblance to wherein nations have warned us that unless so Many american dollars were forthcoming they would turn Willy Nilly to communism. Which is not to say that the United Strong states friends does not have in both Hemi Hope and hate. Globally the terms of the last two presidents May be divided Between the slow recovery from world depression which merged with world War ii. And the equally slow recovery from world War ii which merged with the still greater struggle Between world communism and that part of the world which still remains free. The office of the president of the United states rightfully has earned the title of killer of the Man who holds it. In India to the extent of our support of the War in indo China and settlement of the Oil dispute in Iran. The communist world already is reacting to what it believes will be the new president s poli cies. Recent tightening of red Security measures both in Russia and the satellites suggests that the next four years will see even More firmly drawn the lines be i tween East and not necessarily with bombs and bul lets. In action. Smith held the an gered fans at Bay with his re Volver until they finally let the pair go without getting the Pic Tures. After All the Tribune did not use the pictures explaining it was not privileged to publish Pic Tures taken against the wishes of members of a private club. Anderson said Smith was sent there to Check possible liquor Law violations and was within his rights in making that investigation and in protecting the re Porter. As soon a Smith reported Back to the sheriff s office an Derson rushed to the scene with other officers riot guns and tear tenant infant Chicago even a wealthy Man could have afforded the operation on Farmer Royt Brodie s sons. The children born joined at the top of the Skull were Sepa rated last dec. 17 in an operation that made medical history. The Cost of the operation and the exhaustive tests that pre ceded it cannot be estimated Hospital spokesmen said. But the entire Bill is being footed by the University of Illi Nois research and educational hospitals in the interest of humanity and medical research. The children Roger Lee and Rodney Dee still Are in critical condition. There is virtually no Hope that Roger will survive but two subsequent plastic operations have been performed on Rodney. The infants have been patients at the Hospital since oct. 31, 1951. The Hospital estimated the average Cost of maintaining a patient at a Day. Thus the Hospital Bill to Date saving for u tiler Nui Tui Tetu Gas but dispersed the crowd not including nurses a rays without using the weapons. Medications a i d operations sheriff de Blackburn said the would about the attorney general s office has probably would be even Vised cock fighting itself is not greater in a private Hospital. Against the Law. Public hearings on Dock rackets Are resumed today Tennessee Farmers news Corner by the associated press harmless to most Otter a in All there is nothing to Stock and human beings. Be alarmed about and yet there if. Is nothing to become particularly homemakers will be Able to excited j Moth proof washable woolens in that says the president of the the washing machine with a new Tennessee farm Bureau federa Tion is the 1953 farming Outlook. Product expected to be ready for Market next Spring. Efficiency is the keynote for Tom hitch added in a by u. S. Department recent talk before the Memphis j Ture entomologists. Agricultural club. I to i hitch sees no Santa Claus this and that resolve now to the 1953 Farmer. But i do not j make Wise use of every acre on believe Good the farm in 1953 farm labor Farmers will have to pay shy-1 is expected to be Short in 1953 lock with a Pound of he i with labor costs rising Sev said. I ent y million pounds of meat taking a look at what is in Worth 50 million dollars were Prospect for hitch said Farmers in 1953, i lost through improper and care less handling of animals in 1951 the Outlook for Dairying in the. The average cow in the u. S. South is Good. Demand will con a now produces about pounds Tine to be Good. The thing to milk. Average production of watch is feed Supply and in Dairy Herd improvement Cost. Associations the beef Supply is i pounds. Will probably go Down somewhat but not into a tailspin. Exports of Cotton probably will be Down by one and a half lion Bales and prices will be a Little lower. Is about Clement declares he has duty to help Eisenhower since the operation private j nurses have Cost about 1 this has been paid from a fund i raised by a newspaper the Davenport la Democrat. The twins were born sept. 16, 1951, in St. Anthony s Hospital at Rock Island 111. Two weeks later the newspaper in the neighbouring town of Davenport started the fund and ultimately raised by the end of last year there new York Only in the fund York state crime commission and the newspaper undertook a resumes Public hearings today in second fund raising Effort to pay the Post operative nursing Bill. The parents however have incurred considerable expense in travelling Between Chicago and their farm Home near Moline 111., and1 in lodgings in Chicago. The Hospital provided a room for them to occupy during the Day but has no sleeping quarters available. The Brodies have four other children one born since the birth of the twins. While the parents have been in Chicago they have kept the baby with them. The three older children have been cared for by mrs. Brodie s parents or. And mrs. Roland Hofmeister who own a profitable farm near prophets town 111. Firemen get flu Waco Tex. Waco fire department Cut the number of firemen aboard pump trucks from five to three today and hoped there would t be any bad fires. Fourteen of the City s 100 firemen Are Down with influenza. F racketeering the teeming new York new waterfront. The list of witnesses for this final phase of hearings which began last month included Joseph p. Ryan president of the called Seq 53 it was developed Hafl International longshore r u. S. Department of Agricula men s Union and William j. Mccormack a millionaire contractor reputed to be the or. Big of the waterfront. Testimony also was expected to come from rank and file Union members who could give first hand accounts of Racket Gim micks that support scores of big and Little Bosses on the piers. Studies in jail Columbus o. Up Ohio state University freshman Wil Liam Furman approached his final exams today with a Good bit of studying under his Belt. Fur Man brought his books along to Bone up for the finals when he checked in to the Columbus City jail to serve a one Day sentence for speeding. Heroic father wrestles Bear to save child Tulsa okla. 600 Pound Black Bear escaped from his Cage at a zoo yesterday and severely clawed an 8-year-old girl while her unarmed father wrestled the animal to save his daughter s life. By the time the Bear was re captured the child s face and Wallace escapes while miming to Tenn. For hearing on robbery head bore gashes that required Washington stitches to close. Eisenhower followed doctor s Little Priscilla Brown was not Der today to take it easy and considered in critical condition save her Energy for tuesday s gruelling inaugural schedule. De unharmed. The journey to Washington the Bear considered to be from new York sunday was her first appearance in Public since she came Down with a bad cold a few Days after Christmas. Aides reported she was tired out by the four hour train trip and retired almost immediately after her arrival with the presi Dent elect at the hotel Statler. Mine victims recovering from injuries Norton a. Spa two men injured in accidents at the no. 2 mine of Coal processing company at Dixiana last week were reported in satisfactory condition at St. Mary s Hospital in Norton sunday. William Joseph Billy Joe Addington 24, suffered a broken leg Friday morning when he was uie Mohawk zoo. Caught Between two Tram cars the animal lunged through Kiln a harmless As a household pet began its rampage when Brown t0 at the Mohawk zoo. The door brushing Brown aside and set upon Tine girl who was playing nearby. While Riding a Coal trip. Bascom Roberts 40, of Hopkins Chapel suffered head injuries Brown said he wrestled the i thursday when caught under a free from daughter she was expected to spend to three times and finally tossed Day quietly i the 12th floor her Over a Fence to safety then presidential suite where she and leaped Over himself. Her husband Are spending their the Bear was prodded Back in last two Days As private citizens. Mrs. Eisenhower was pallid but otherwise appeared her usual animated self As she posed for pictures and waved gaily to the crowds at Union station and the Statler Entrance. Lucille enters Hospital for the Cage with a Pitchfork by Harold Laughlin a Tulsa University student who works at the zoo. The Bear had eyes Only for the Laughlin related. Time and again he attacked her. Only her father s heroic action saved her fourth socialist arrival of baby party set in Italy Hollywood Calif. Lucille Ball who made her pregnancy the theme of her pop ular television show will enter an operating room today for de livery of her baby. Bologna Italy got still another socialist week end. The new group which formed Here yesterday called itself the social Democrat party. It Spain if it s a if it s altered from Guiseppe Sara Gat s girl the producers of i love anti communist italian demo cratic socialist party. The italian socialist party Ted by Stalin peace prize Winner Pietro Nenni follows the communist party line. Recently dissidents left this faction in protest against its subservience to the reds and started still another Lucy will just have to write it off to artistic License. The fans of her top rated video show will see a filmed pro Gram tonight in which the red haired actress is rushed to the Hospital for the delivery of a boy. Tonight s show was filmed far i socialist party As yet unnamed in Advance and it was just a coincidence that miss Ball s _ caesarean Section scheduled lamp this morning fell on the same Hun Cote England up Day As the program. I Farmer j. B. Ratcliffe installed for months to fans have a floodlight in a paddock to Dis watched Lucy and her actor j courage raiding foxes in the husband Desi Arnez in shows neighbourhood from preying on based on i Nancy. The actress s preg his lambs. The first night he went to we really Don t care what it Check on the Success of his pro is but As Long As we already act. He found the lambs Safe and have a girl it would be Nice to i unconcerned while a Fox lady have a said miss Ball at curled up under the big flood Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. Lamp basking in its warmth. Heavy slate fall. Accardo faces arrest on sigh in Miami Fla. Miami Beach Fla. Tony Accardo reputed crime Syndicate Boss recently turned away from two other cities to Day faced arrest on sight if authorities found him Here. Police chief a. W. Simpson warned the suspected heir to the late Al Capone s underworld Domain not to seek a Haven in this Gold coast resort area if we find him Here we will certainly pick him up for ques said Simpson. Accardo who lives in Chicago was told to leave town when he arrived by plane at los Angeles last week and he received the same treatment at Las vegas Nev. A Chicago newspaper re ported he May come Here. Bandit Sells Candy Boston j. Skelly 50, thought there was some thing Peculiar about the red haired clerk who sold him two Candy bars in a drug store. The youth behind the counter rang up the Sale on the Cash Register and then put the dime in his pocket. Police Learned later that the clerk was really one of two Young Holdup men who had forced the real clerk John j. Gately 25, into the Back room to open a Safe. The robbers escaped with1 i Sheffield Ala. In bad Man Howard Thomas Wallace was still free today after his daring dash from an escorting officer. He was reported Well heeled with Money and is now feared to be armed. Wallace slipped away on the pretext of going to a rest room near Here Friday night while being returned to Nashville Tenn., for a hearing. He evaded a widespread search through North Alabama. Police said reports that he had been spotted in several widely Sepa rated locations did t pan out Wallace was being returned from Jackson. Miss., to Nashville for a new trial hearing on his conviction for the daring 1951 Holdup of a Gambler s dinner club. Bonds totalling could be forfeited because of Wallace s break for Freedom. Judge Charles Gilbert scheduled a hearing at Nashville to Day on forfeiture of a Bond secured by Tennessee property which had been posted for his appearance on an Indiana night club Holdup charge. Gilbert earlier ordered the conditional forfeiture of a 000 Cash Bond when Wallace did t appear at Nashville. Wallace was arrested at Jack son of burglary and assault charges. Mrs. Wallace his wife put up their Home and some Cash to get a Bond signed at Jackson. Then Wallace was turned Over to John Cole special investigator for the Tennessee attorney general to be carried Back to Nashville. Cole had planned to Fly his prisoner Back but the plane was grounded by bad weather. So he drove Back in Wallace s expensive Sedan accompanied by mrs. Wallace and the prisoner s attorney. Cole has been suspended until an investigation into Wallace s escape is completed. Jackson police said Wallace had with him when he left the Mississippi capital. Shef Field police said he had plenty of time to get weapons and was considered dangerous. Don t fool with a Chest cold this proven Way Damrau up rub on highly medicated concentrated Muster Ole. It promptly re level coughs and Breaks up local congestion. Muster Ole creates protective warmth on Chest Throat and Baclic. Assuring amazing Long lasting Relief Muster Ole Tennessee Farmers Are warned that the Supply of Quality seeds for the coming year May Bej Short particularly hybrid j corns of the later maturing j new York have a variety. Mcluty in the next two years to try seed prices May also continue j to help Geri. Eisenhower be the High because of increased de greatest president in american Mand resulting from that duty lies above damaged pasture and Hay said gov. Say University of Tennessee farm i Frank Clement at the 48th an j management specialists. J Nual Jackson Day dinner dance j of the Tennessee society in the South offers a greater of York. Port Unity for egg v production the democratic governor of than any othe Section of the Tennessee addressed the nation a poultry specialist the dinner saturday night and but added Warren Garard of i promised to do everything he car. St. Louis its Farmers Are help this Republican presi10 meet the needs of local to meet the responsibilities sets. That lie ahead of Garard said Price in Nis speech he warned that cheaper housing Cost needed in talk of a possible depression come and marketing advantages might bring one on even though in the South Are factors provid to such thing was threatened. Ing its advantage. I i think instead of talking he added about a depression we ought to Southern Farmers do not pro-1 work for Prosperity wherever we Duce eggs needed by local mar the newly inaugurated sets because their Economy declared built around Field crops and Bo-1 he was introduced by James g. Cause they do not use the Best Stahlman publisher of the Nash system for profitable product Ville Banner. Howard formerly of Chattanooga pre sided at the dinner in the Park Lane hotel on Park Avenue. The annual it Dairy herds men s course is scheduled for february 9-12 at the school s Docto urn it i it Knoxville farm. a Uio the course will feature Dis _ i cushions of problems in Rof a nov management with special Era Phasis on selection feeding rec i Taos. N. M. Tbone ords and management milking1 Steak with the works 89 cents.1 and Breeding. That la be the Price of a Steak it Dairy staff members will in a Taos restaurant tomorrow deliver a series of lectures on Only Good Dairy management prac i that Day. Times. Mike Spivey restaurant decided to Salute incoming Tennessee s first outbreak of president Eisenhower Byrom Nuj the dread hog disease vesicular Nofs 19fl2 exan Thema is Well under the Steak goes for to 89 cents. State veterinarian c. E. Kord hamburgers and Chile will Cost says the last of hogs be. J a dime and a Chicken Fried Steak lived exposed to be have been destroyed. Kord said owners will Juke m v 6 rant will Greet the patrons with be paid by the state and Federal governments on a 50-50 basis. The disease was discovered last month at a Memphis Stock Yard. It s a serious Hazard for Swine Happy Days Are Here thro Nch cur two Way radio we can a cab at Jour service in a matter of minutes. 24-Hoir scr vice. Call 2863 safety cabs Serwin Williams products -70bvivs-tayl9r radio programs wept wept pm w k i n 11m be. He. Honda pm Widder Brown Abc woman in my House no o clock Shadow Jones doctor s Wolf Abc Calendar time news Joe 9 night stand of the. World nil mar i family Abc Railroad hour King serenade hour Nec in Bollywood Cameron a Cayze music headline frolic of i tuesday. . On Cryser news Chaser barrel Rou Musij Chaser pals Chaser Chaser Chaser news Roundup to. World sem Como time med Tattoni and to and guis Fra Elers or nothing it Rich . Dave Garroway news from Hollywood can b. Feteau Cifuni of us. Young s Palij music will Dallas Widder woman in my boils. O clock i Shadow Jones doctor wife Kingsport Calendar sports news Joe for remembrance no get stand 7-30-Morgan Beany news cavalcade of America a Btu schedule monday. Jan. 19 00-test falter Newe ices 10-15-Arthur Godfrey Light Obsi one in every family it Klica to Psi and room to Psi of lit. Lbs for tomorrow lbs cookery studio Moore Obsi or nothing ices la Klette Nuci payout in he City lbs is Tucio Smith ind feminine touch of North Carolina Doodt Inci Carson reporter studio studio vespers Studlo watchman. Of and Uve a Studli Edward in bal Como Obsi theatre ices of Firestone Pineci love Lucy lbs said that Jamboree it. 8 birthday club Parade news realty program express Oft networks monday january 19 evening for 15 network silent kiddies or. Abc lbs Vest discussion by news and and commentary Beulah s Newa news daily or. To Stafford Lone Ranger news Man i news evening Maerae suspense Henry Taylor the also to Talent also to Kex Maupin Hall or Voorhes radio opera reporters Mil Lavalle and Eusenio. Bob Hawk news comment Goodman comment a Newt Orcha Atra its attention Mead employees election january the National labor relations Board will conduct a secret ballot election for the maintenance and production workers in the Kingsport division of Mead corporation. You work in a paper Mill you should be a paper maker vote paper makers Jan. 30th members of the International i brotherhood of paper makers Are ready to Welcome you into the first largest and Only organization founded by workers from paper Mills in the United states and Canada. All officers and representatives must come from the Union membership in the paper Mill where they worked. They know your problems. They know your Industry. They Are paper makers just like you. For eight years Mead workers have been groping in the dark. Groping for a solution to problems in their paper Mill. Groping with a weak Miner s lamp has proven that mine workers cannot truly represent the Mead workers because they Are not capable of representing workers in the paper Industry. Is your future secure no it will be with the paper makers. Think As a paper maker talk As a paper maker special value offered on january All Miner s lamps traded in on january will bring to Mead workers and their families a priceless value beyond compare. Higher wages plus a secure future Are All yours when you cast your secret ballot january 30 and vote to be represented by. The paper makers j. Gillis representative

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