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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 19, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee10 monday january 19, 1953, Kingsport times new officers of the Sullivan county Council of Community clubs elected recently at the Council s first quarterly meeting at Holston Valley High school Are c. Warren Fleenor president left of Holston Valley miss Geraldine Miller Sunrise Emmett Secretary treasurer and j. Mac Bond Holston Institute vice president. Retiring officers were e. C. Erwin Rock Springs mrs. Clifford Hawks second District arid mrs. Margie Lynn Frazier new Bethel. The county Council of Community clubs is made up of the president vice president and Secretary of each of the 11 hog prices level off cattle on downward trend Atlanta Southern hog prices held fairly constant last week after rising almost steadily from seasonal lows of Early december the production and marketing administration reported. At major packing plants in the Georgia Florida Alabama area however where supplies edged up to the largest of the season closing prices Friday ranged steady to about 25 cents a Hun dred pounds below the level of a week earlier. Richmond prices were Down 25 cents. On the other hand a reduced1 hog run at Memphis left prices steady to 25 cents above a week ago and the Louisville Market wound up 50 cents higher influx i ended by higher prices at mid West markets. Closing prices Friday for the Best weight butchers at leading Southern markets were Atlanta arid Nashville Memphis to Louisville. To Montgomery to and Georgia Florida Alabama major packing plants to at Richmond the top hog Price was and at hog buying stations in the tops ranged from to s19.25. Crosby Murray Community specialist Community Dev. Department set up by University Knoxville spa in response to increasing interest in Community organization As a Means to a Richer pattern of Rural living the University of ten Nessee agricultural Extension service is establishing a Community development department. Crosby Murray a native of combined hog arrivals at six Greene county will serve As leading Southern markets totalled Community clubs in the county. The next meeting will be held in about last week the april at Mary Hughes High school with the new Boone club As i previous week and the Host. Porker Newton Herd beats own record in Dairy Mark Topping its own top butterfat cow produced pounds. A same week last year. High beef flow the flow of cattle and calves to Market remained above nor Mal in both the South and the Midwest. Combined cattle and seed dealers become agricultural port agricultural equipment and Supply dealers met recently with agricultural experts at the chamber of Commerce to discuss results from the seeds and fertilizers they sell. Left to right Are Dale Weems Harkleroad feed co. J. E. Ward wards and hatchery j. C. Sampson Sampson feed and produce co. J. W. Crops rates and dates of planting rates of fertilizing and the Best Mcclain county agent Paul Fulkerson Holston feed co. Bob fertilizer analysis for various crops and soils. Purpose of the meet ing was to acquaint the dealers with planting and fertilizing facts so that they can advise their customers on How to get the Best Harkleroad Harkleroad feed co. Webster Pendergrass Tex tension service agronomist and Scott roller Holston feed co. Times news photo by Byland Over All Community develop ment specialist for the state. Milburn Jones will continue As Tennessee. Encouraging Community organization work from its begin scoff county 4-h clubs reorganize set projects Gate City a. I song Leader and Kennie Erwin appointed assistant Leader. Agent Gordon e. Barlowjr. And Mountain pen county agent j. E. Delp have Ley president Larry Frazier launched a program of revitalize vice president Marie Smith Sec ing 4-h clubs in Scott county ire tary Ronald Williams treas the agents visited half a Doz user Wayne Reed reporter in schools in person last week to j Jessie Clyde Dean song Leader help the clubs get organized and and w. D. Wolfe pledge Leader select their projects for the year. Midway Castelene Money the following new president Eddie Lee worked closely with farm fam were elected Daugherty vice president Mil Alley Valley Mildred idled Lane Secretary Billy calf receipts at the same six Ilies sponsoring groups county Southern markets totalled i councils and others in helping head last week the week Rural communities develop before and the same improvement last year. Receipts at 12 other Jdean j. H. Mcleod Extension production in november the cow owned by c. D. And j. centers mainly in the i service director said. This new c e Parker and Newton Herd of 21 j Thomas was next Best with totalled about cows with one dry led the sul pounds. Livan county Dairy Herd in i the association pro vement association in both with 24 herds totalling 703 cows. Milk and butterfat production in december supervisor l. F. Sted cattle and calves last week As the previous week and same week last year. 127 of them dry averaged 28.5 prices drifted generally Down pounds of butterfat and 688 step Aims at making our help More Murray has a Long background of work with Rural Cony unities and song Leader and Phyllis pledge Leader. Hackney president Norma Dell Dishner vice president Doris Carter Secretary treasurer Peggy Kern reporter Sonia Johnson so Najj Dennis r s Henry reporter Beatrice Hillman Joy Benton and mar Keta Blair song leaders Lena Faye Davidson Junior Leader for girls and Larry Kilgore Junior Leader for boys Doris Mcconnell Dolores Daugherty Richard Mcclellen program miss Daugherty adult Leader and Beatrice Hillman pledge lose Ward at Southern markets after j years recovering some from the fall lows by the turn of the year. De Clines amounting to 50 cents and Leader and Phyllis farm families. For Many a county agent he has pledge Leader. As assistant District j Fairview East Tennessee the past i president Hartsel Leader. I Hiltons Harold Pannell Vance pannel vice years devoting much of president Ledford Bledsoe Sec Margaret Depew song Leader angina Depew Secre Thomas treasurer his time to Community work. Rotary treasurer Phyllis Arwood he has contributed to the Nora Lee Rhoton song and Lindell Henderson pledge Leader. Feeding schools for livestock men slated in february Blacksburg a. To agronomic schools for insecticides plentiful Knoxville Tennes see Farmers should be in Good shape in 1953 As far As insecticides a re concerned say it farm specialists. The Supply is expected to increase slightly Over last year. Also since 1952 was a rather Light year for serious out Breaks and diseases there has been a fairly Good carry Over of and Dairy Farmers have been department for february. The Farmers briefed on trends and latest recommendations on silage and pasture farm buildings and equipment and i panned for Charlottesville has definitely scheduled. Agronomists said these schools will be similar to the 1952 school at Middleburg which was attended by about 700 Farmers from other production practices. Re j throughout Northern Virginia. Search work under Way at the or Jonn r can Vii agricultural Experiment of Cpl act tons is on the Agenda for of lne part on the program Are or. C. La. Bender director of research feb 18 for beef cattle and sheep Grassland Farring the Sperry producers and feb 19 for Dairy new York and g. Cussion. One school is scheduled for m chair. To take men at the Middleburg comm d g con. My House. The other school Nelly or h l Dunton and w. Leader Selma Gillenwater Junior Leader wary Ruth Nancy Sturgill and Beulah Bow w. Lewis All of the staff at Vii. Zelop Mentor the Community in a Leader and Larry Livesay pledge the following 4-h clubs elect Louise boat ens program committee Marie Strong pledge Leader miss Elizabeth sailing and Bill Perry adult leaders Helen Johnson re Porter. A Hundred pounds or More were noted on the various classes and grades at most markets. Trends at Florida auctions How pro vement program in his officers at the beginning of right president Frederick Fra a Pattonville Bud _ i Man or. Reports. Pounds of milk per cow. The Herd averaged 53.2 pounds of butterfat and 1071 pounds of milk per cow. The same q with five cows dry had led thei association in butterfat in no ii i lil in vember with 39 pounds per kill finran with b. F. Rutherford Holston Ruiu Iivo 11 ill by. Was second in december j with a 42.3-Pound average from 20 cows two dry. A. K. High Herd averaging 38.8 from Blacksburg a. Or. 500-Pounders grading from Nis new position full Leader Betty Lou Barbara Brickey song Leader. 39 cows four dry. Jharry m. Love Vii agricultural to Low Choice mainly Good j pledge mrs. Top individual cows produced j economist said prices received they brought a Hundred organized Community work in j 80.8 and 79.8 of Farmers Are Drifting Down pounds. Its form began with in adult Nursery landscape Backer Bros. I Ever were steady to Strong. Strict which has produced the the school term last september j Ley vice president Rhea Mccon i in the week s trading at Mont 1 state Champion Community the president Billy Wright Rogers i fort Blackmore Secretary Nancy Elliott Gomery a fairly Long string two years. I vice president Eva Dell Henry president Larue Crook treasurer Martha Lou Childress. Slaughter steers and heifers he is now doing further Secretary treasurer Shirley Rey vice president Valice Flanary reporter Frederick Fraley and showed up in one lot. These work at it and will Jake nolds reporter Anna Mae Anna Lee Kinkead Lou Ann Farmer pianist Faye fat. Both were owned by Parker Ward faster than the prices and commercial grades and Newton. W. J. Smith Bris Farmers must pay for things Tol. Had the third High individual cow at 78.9 pounds. Smith s Herd of 50 cows. 10 they buy. Brought to at Memphis commercial and Tennessee commune i ties about 15 years ago. Spon the of Oil 1jj uric Juji. Vogl we he said farm prices slipped Good Grade steers and heifers i and business groups on an area Ive Points last month dry was second in milk paid by Farmers fell Only i Tion averaging 924 pounds. The Point. While brought to s22, and a Lew. Choice in Small loads brought to Herd of b. K. Bright Kingsport which led the association in no vember milk production at an this lag in prices is at Nashville the bulk of Good or. Love said. He added and Choice steers and heifers for most of the time since i sold at to though Choice basis began in East Tennessee in 1944 and has spread through out the state. Down to or less. Florida aug moved Good feed steers and Manville Shelby Lane president Mildred Sanders vice i president Shirley Lane Secre tary treasurer Alice Ann Gil Liam reporter Dana Estepp average of 901 pounds came out 11940, prices paid by Farmers have 880-Pound yearlings brought heifers at 50 to Only third in december at 903 been Low in relation to those i Utility and Low commercial i Wuh Uhi Jav 25 _ _ i 11-__-i i. To i it a i t 41a u b vhf d d v pounds. The Bright Herd has 22 cows four dry. Two Smith cows tied for top individual milk production at received. While this pleasant i steers and heifers brought to experience could not be expected a handful of Good and Low to continue indefinitely Many Choice steers and heifers sold at 2.446 pounds each. A third Farmers acted As though it North Georgia auctions at to with Utility Grade going Hedges add Charm and protect gardens by Henry free written for Aba service As Long As men crowd their Homes into the cities and limit the boundaries of their property with harsh artificial straight lines Walls and Hedges must Bej used to serve the purpose of background and screen. We choose the hedge. Hedges give the appearance of i neatness and privacy to every j area that they enclose and at the same time keep neighbors children and pets from running rampant through the Garden. Neat Low Hedges Are useful fragrant honeysuckle and Pussy Willow Are among the easiest plants to Force. Cut Young Vig Orous Well budded growth the desired length place in water in a warm room. Cut a bit of Stem off the Bottom every few Days. J a springing with tepid water hastens opening Flower buds. Hedges dress up the Garden and provide a measure of Protection for the Gardner s plants. It possible to grow and Bloom the passion Vine indoors if you simulate Green House conditions. This Plant adores a heated atmosphere and for lining Garden paths and in j they Are attacked by Spruce Gall plenty of sunlight. If Given a pot closing individual Flower Beds. Aphis and Bud worm which j which will not confine the Root they emphasize a formal Gar i makes them less useful for hedge system and plenty of room it Den design and make it More ing purposes. J should Bloom. It requires a sup forceful i upright japanese Yew tax sport and frequent spraying of for tall and narrow Evergreen for a tall hedge. It is free from the foliage with tepid water. Hedges the american arborvitae Thuya Occidental Heads the list. Insect attacks is a rapid grower and makes a firm Rich at Henry free is unable to answer directly individual ques it can be kept at a medium icus Pinata Capitate makes the tons from readers. However height or allowed to grow tall i Best hedge of All but it is More with each column he As desired. It stands clipping expensive to buy. This Plant has ser most interesting and very Well endures a Little Shade attractive dark Green foliage and most frequently asked ques and has Good foliage Down to can be pruned to any shape. It the ground. Is particularly free from after seeing a White Pine 1 is slow growing and easily kept hedge pinus strobes one will be i within Bounds. It forms a com-1 delighted with the soft hedge of any size and can hedge that it produces. Kept very Low for As Long As Timber tree adapts itself readily 120 years. J to pruning and is satisfactory quizzing the Gardener j a hedge eight feet or More in i Many letters received by this height if it is Given a breadth at the base equal to the height. It should be trimmed once or Gardener asking for help in solv ing problems Are of such general interest that they Are worthy of j twice each summer and Small i inclusion in an article. All ques plants used to Start the hedge. Tons will be answered within a the Douglas fir Pseud Tsuga few Days. A stamped addressed Douglas is better than Spruce Tractive background for Flowers and statuary. The Norway Spruce and White envelope will Speed the reply. How discover fur Milf of sinus cold miseries spatial formula containing wonder working chlorophyll shrubs May we Plant tossed Rolof to stuffed amt the House that will pro inflamed nasal , to about vide Cut branches for forcing in Spruce need a Cool moist soil or j doors during the Winter they become ragged and the japanese quince foliage loses its Richness of color. Slender Deutzia Star Magnolia announcing the opening of the offices of Jaynes Delong Public accountants 145 Commerce St. 4658 accounting auditing preparation of tax Petus a. K. Jaynes Kenneth Delong painful pressure clears breathing in seconds i the blinding head and Eye pains of sinus itis the misery of Bead colds stuffed clogged inflamed nasal yield to Al amazing new formula yes. At last medical science has found a Safe easy Way to Stop the tortures that Accra. Pany sinusitis and Bead colds. Sp-49 Zine is this new wonder working for Mula that relieves the painful pressure loosens the thick Sticky mucus up the nasal passages soothes the irritated inflamed nasal membranes. The pain vanishes the pounding stops and you can breathe again sp-49 Zenex is fastest safest Way to dear easy breathing to put an to All your sinus and Bead cold miseries. Eren after one application you will feel the glorious Relief Start working in seconds 23nex at your druggist. Money Back i guarantee Only sp-49 Zine Cole drug stores to top Dollar Loans Homes c. A bait Ico. Realtors z3z e. Market pm. 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