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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - January 19, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Surut Moonset 10-51 Ftp Quarter Jan 22 prominent stars Square of North of the mood. Visible planets Mars and Venus m the Southwest . Jupiter Rugh to South 7-07 Saturn due South All times Eastern Standardi Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 13 Kingsport Tenn., monday january 19, 1953 10 pages five cents fair tonight with Low of about 34. Tuesday partly Cloudy and mild. Local noon temperature 36 last night s Low 28 sunday s High 64. Joyous gop prepares for big Day Wilson seeks to pacify Senate pledges hands off pm contracts Poston Washington Mony that set off a storm of pledge to disqualify himself e Wilson will try to overcome controversy Senate opposition to his a Senate gop leaders saw ointment As defense Secretary j Chance that Wilson could no be by promising to keep hands off confirmed in time to be sworn in All government contracts with general motors corp., it was Learned today. With the rest of president elect Eisenhower s Cabinet tomorrow. But they were still hopeful he authoritative be approved later this week without the necessity of sources said Wilson former pm president who still holds of the company s i from passing on pm contracts would be enough to turn the trick. If he does something like that hell have no said sen. Homer Ferguson armed services committee chairman sen. Leverett s. Sal Tonstall a mass said the changing the Law which would be very Federal officials 1 o transact bust-1 Senate majority Leader Rob offer the pledge Ness with firms in which they Lert a. Taft of Ohio said it was up to president elect Eisenhower s advisers to propose a change in Federal Law to permit Wilson 000 Worth Stock will wednesday when he goes before j have the Senate armed services com jest. A private financial inter Mittee to clarify earlier Testi a some were confident that his american tanks planes Hammer reds in Korea air strikes follow Sharp ground fight on Frozen War front Seoul s. Fatten tanks crunched Over Frozen Rice Dies on the Central korean front today and blasted red bunkers and trenches in the Iron Tri Angle sector for the fourth straight Day. Swift Allied fighter bombers swooped Down in bombing and strafing attacks on communist positions North of the punch bowl on the rugged Eastern front. Pilots reported at least 60 reds killed or wounded. U. S. Sabre jets roared deep into North Korea and tangled twice with russian made Mig 15s. Allied pilots made no claims of damage. I Marine planes attacked redi positions on the Western and shooting stars and Austral-1 Ian meteors attacked rail lines behind the communist lines near West coast. The air strikes came after a series of Sharp Savage infantry fights that flared in the frigid pre Dawn darkness on the East Ern end of the Battle line. Al lied troops captured a red out Post near Anchor Hill and staved off comm Ryst counterattacks until Dawn. Then they pulled Back to their own lines. The lumbering patrons teamed tip with the u. M. Fighter bomb ers yesterday and destroyed five red tanks on the Central front. Four red tanks were damaged. The Allied tankers also claimed see War 2 to take office without giving up his Stock. But other gop senators shied away from the idea of starting the Long promised Republican housecleaning by weakening a Law designed to combat corruption. As one senator expressed it it would put us in the Posi Tion of advocating Senate committees today completed approval of All Eisenhower Cabinet appointments except the challenged Choice of Wilson to be defense Secretary. See Wilson Page 2 gop committee head c. Wesley Roberts left elected chairman of the Republican National committee confers with the retiring chairman Arthur e. Summerfield in Washington d. A Roberts is a former Kansas Newspaperman who played a leading role in the Eisenhower will be postmaster general in the new administration. A wire rioting convicts hold four guards hostages in a. I prisoners seek to Force Fine pledges no deals Pittsburgh a thou Sand rioting convicts who set fire to Pennsylvania s sprawling Western state Penitentiary and seized five guards As hostages defied of police to Force them into their cells to Day. The cursing convicts shouting for prison reforms started Sev Mascot resident Bulgaria joins slain in Brawl floods Batter w. Coast areas Rogersville Painter faces murder charge Rogersville Rogersville Painter and paper Hanger accused of slitting the Throat of a negro Man in a Brawl in the Piney Section of town Early sunday is being held without Bond in Hawks county jail on a murder charge sheriff Dan an Derson said last night. De Boyd 42, was arrested at his Home on Sneedville Highway at . Sunday after the death of Eugene Hill 40, was re ported and witnesses told the sheriff Boyd had knifed him. Sheriff Anderson said he was called to the Home of mrs. Jessie in red 10 spies held London communist Witch Hunt spread to bul Garia today where the trial of 10 alleged american spies was reported to have opened in so Fia. Sofia radio announced last night that 10 persons had been arrested and charged with being members of an american financed espionage ring plotting the overthrow of the communist bulgarian government. The radio carried a bulgarian Telegraph Agency report that the trial of the 10 would open today in the Agency said the Public prosecutor handed the Sofia tribunal documents proving the guilt of All the accused. County judge seeks fiscal changes to Aid county business by Neil o Steen times news writer Blountville county judge Howard Poston in his report to the Sullivan county court Here today recommended that the budget and tax rate be considered for adoption at the april term each year. He asserted that Early adoption of the budget would Eive the trustee s office More time to prepare tax tickets and make collections within the year. The budget and tax rate now Are considered in july. He further recommended that the county attorney tax asses Sor and county judge study the proposal and report to the court. If the trustee s office could accept tax payments before the i end of a Calendar year it would help business establishments and private individuals with regard to their Federal income tax re Poston said. The county would Benefit substantially from the Early collection of taxes thus avoiding Long periods of time when no Revenue pc available for the various funds As far As the county Levy is con rescued from mine Drill Laura Mae Heiser of Gilberton pa., relates Story of her ordeal to nurse Rose Ivanoski at Ashland state Hospital Pottsville pa., after child was rescued from mine stripping Drill Hole 22 feet below the surface where she was trapped for 90 minutes. Laura who suffered Only Shock looped ropes from rescuers around her wrists to be pulled to safety. Hole was less than a foot in diameter. A Gen. Ike holds court today in Statler suite wast Langton up presi Dent elect Eisenhower held court Poston termed the county i today for members of his new Mancial condition j administration in a lavishly dec despite the fact that operations since september 1, 1952, have been done without Revenue from Era blazes in the two Cal blocks tax collections. And prison workshops last night. in not a prisoner see court Page 2 shot was fired in the nation s i first prison uprising of 1953. Warden John w. C1 a u d y waited for. An. Early morning conference with top state officials before making his next move. He vowed no Compromise. Huddled in their darkened Cellblock of the 78-year-old prison the rioters taunted fire men who fought two and a half hours before extinguishing the blazing inferno. The rioters freed one of the guards 58 year old Frank Daugherty within a Short time after the outbreak started about 7 . Est. But they stubbornly refused to let the others go until their "13 concessions for peace Are met. The peace f demands were passed out in a note to Claudy Early today. See prison Page 2 five die at Newport Spiel when car hits River Claiborne Man held in death Virginia Farmer shot at Fork Ridge Home rated suite at the Statler hotel two blocks away from the White House. This Day before Eisenhower s county inauguration promised to be one of the most Active hectic 24 hour periods in the life of the former five Star general who j with his wife and Mother in Law Jwill Cut Tanto the White House tomorrow afternoon. Eisenhower today was expected to Confer with gop policy Mak ers in the House and Senate and Here s schedule of events for Ike s inaugural Washington up the program for inauguration Day tuesday All times Eastern . President elect and mrs. Eisenhower their families and members of the incoming administration attend special services at the National Presby Terian Church. . Or. Eisenhower leaves the Statler hotel for the White House escorted by sen. Styles president pro Tern of the Senate and rep. To 9 big names just Plain americans trek to capital Eisenhower arrives in Washington with Mamie and relatives Washington up joyous republicans started a final round of pre inaugural Celebration to Day in anticipation of the solemn moment when Dwight d. Eisen Hower will be sworn in As the 34th president of the United states. From every Section of the nation they dignitaries of the incoming administration great names of business and Industry celebrities of Hollywood and Broadway cheerful throngs of just Plain. Americans who flooded into the Cap ital for tomorrows historic event. President elect Eisenhower himself came in by special train from new York last night with a jubilant wave and a Quick Flash of his famous smile As he stepped i from the floodlit rear platform i of his private car. I several Hundred persons who had gathered in front of Union station applauded As a sleek Gray closed car bearing the president elect his wife and close relatives sped past at the head of a 15-car motorcade on its Way to the Statler hotel. There in the pastel decorated presidential suite three bed rooms four Baths living room parlor Entrance foyer Eisen How planned to remain until the hour of departure for the private service in National presbyterian Church which will open Tomor Row s inauguration program. Noon tomorrow will bring the Climax of the Day republicans have dreamed of through 20 years in the political wilderness. At that time with television meet with the More than 30 members of his family Here for the inauguration. According White House aides of president Truman there were no plans As Seph w. Martin jr., speaker of the House. . President Truman or. Eisenhower Bridges and Martin leave reporting the scene throughout the land the Man from Abilene will take the oath of office right hand raised left hand resting on of Early this morning for the in Tazewell Tenn up a coming president to make the Claiborne county Man is being i traditional Day before inaugural held without bail in Claiborne Tion eal1 on the outgoing presi county jail Here after shooting and killing a Virginia farmer1 this past week end. Sheriff Dan Chumley Anderson Hill s sister at the espionage ring was i . Hill was dead a six rented from an american secret Inch a ounce m his Throat. Or. Service Oase in Turkey which 1 0 dead damage wide Henry Lions who viewed the sent the i0 accused men to i body at the Anderson Home and Bulgaria the radio said in California Oregon san Francisco less flood water raged through the California Oregon coastal Plains today cutting a wide at Colboch Price funeral Home said the Man apparently bled to death within five minutes after the slashing. Hill who was unemployed had reportedly come Here recently from Mascot to live with his Sis Swath of destruction As battered Ter while looking for work. Communities faced their third consecutive Day of storms. More than driven from the week end. Rental rain 1.000 persons were their Over two Days of Tor mrs. Anderson and three men Hope Finch Albert Tarter and Bill Reynolds All negroes who were in the Home when the sheriff arrived were taken to Sofia identified the accused As s. N. Hristov m. A. Strah Ilov Hristov d. A. Serafimovs l. S. Sudev k. A. Arnado g. D. Ivanov b. T. Zonov n. H. Sap undies and b. I. Stoianov. The United states broke Diplo Matic relations with Bulgaria feb. 21, 1950, after months of angry communication Between the jail for questioning but were caused at least 10 deaths blocked highways and j later released under Bond Asma i Railroad tracks and disrupted trial witnesses. All Henry Hatfield was arrested yesterday in connection with the death of James Lambert 32, of Wheeler. The shooting occurred the sheriff said at the Fork Ridge Community Home of Hack a Jmack Hatfield s father in Law. I witnesses told sheriff chum Ley that Hatfield who returned from Michigan saturday met Newport Tenn. Of and several companions president elect and his wife accompanied by their son said see Ike Page 2 bodies of five persons were found in an automobile which was dragged from Pigeon River near Here today. In Middleboro by. After having several drinks the group went to the Hamack Home stopping for drinks at a Road the five All from Cocke House across the Kentucky line been missing since i on the Way. Chumley said. Last wednesday. Sheriff Chumley said witnesses Cocke county sheriff r. W. Told him the men began arguing Smith identified the victims Hamack s House and Al the Turner Price about 28 mrs. Tur Ner Price about 30 Claude Price 39 Bedford Price age not listed and Bill Barnes about 70. Argument ended in the shooting. Sheriff Chumley notified of the shooting by an ambulance Driver called by a member of the Turner and Claude Price were1 party arrived at Hamack s House Brothers and Bedford Price was i at 11 . And found Lambert s a first Cousin of the two. I body on the floor. The sheriff officers said automobile Hatfield was not there. Washington and Sofia Over the treatment in the bulgarian capital of u. S. Minister Donald r. Heath and his today indicated an automobile had plunged into the River. The vehicle was found soon was arrested at the Home of his father Arch hat Field at Little Creek in Claiborne county. Communications. A state of emergency was declared in two Northern califor Nia counties Humboldt and Del n o r t e. Several communities were ordered evacuated. U. S. Highway main coastal North South under water at a number of places in both Oregon and Cal a fornia. From Eureka population Over the mountains to the Central Valley highways were blocked by slides and washouts. Evacuation of Klamath calif., Midway Between Eureka and Crescent City was ordered. Its 500 residents fled to High ground As the swollen Klamath River rushed five feet deep through the streets. Residents said some Homes were sent floating Down Stream. Similar conditions hit the Ore gon Plains. State police said 112 people had been removed from Low lying farm land along the Coquille River. In some locations the water was up to second floor windows. Farmers herded their cattle into upper floors of their Homes and civil defense volunteers began preparing Shel Ter Lor the evacuated. The came witnesses All said Boyd to the Anderson Home some time during the evening. They said he was drinking and that in a Brawl which started shortly after Midnight he see slaving Page 2 major to networks to carry inaugural Washington up the four major television networks finished plans today to televise the inauguration tomorrow of president elect Eisenhower. The networks estimate per sons will watch some phase of the ceremonies and festivities. The programs will be carried by 115 stations in 72 cities from coast to coast. The National broadcasting co. Will go on the air at 11 . Est tomorrow. The Columbia Broad casting system the american broadcasting co., and the do Mont television network will open their programs at . All four networks will stay Ion the air until . Harry Truman becomes Plain citizen tuesday fear 14 killed on Navy planes bomber is shot Down Rescue plane crashes Tokyo up fourteen americans were missing today after a Navy Neptune patrol bomber was shot Down off the communist chinese coast and a coast guard seaplane crashed trying to take off after a nearly successful Rescue attempt. Another Rescue plane was fired on by red Shore batteries and by an enemy fighter. The second Rescue Craft did not sight any of the Crew members of the two planes. The Navy bomber flying a Rou Tine Mission Over the Formosa Straits came dangerously if our and a half the chinese Mainland and was shot Down by Shore batteries. But the Pilot had time to radio a distress signal before his ship Dove into the sea. The White House for the Capitol. . They arrive at the Capitol and go to the office of the president of the Senate. The induction ceremony out Side the Capitol . Songs by the choir of Defiance Ohio College. . Presentation of the colors. Noon invocation by the most Rev. Patrick a. O Boyle roman Catholic archbishop of the Washington diocese sen. William f. Knowland and j ministers the oath to vice presi i Dent elect Richard m. Nixon j prayer by rabbi Abba Hillel Silver of cleveland1. Chief Justice Fred m. Vinson administers the oath to or. Eisenhower. One of two open bibles As he stands on a White painted plat form before thousands of on j lookers in the Capitol Plaza. A three hour 10-mile Parade will follow the ceremony. Offi see inaugural Page 2 Indochina reds in huge assault French Rush help to beleaguered forces Saigon indo China up communist led Viet Minn rebels launched a massive assault on French outposts in Central an Nam the French High command or. Eisenhower delivers his in i announced today. By Ernest b. Vaccaro Washington Gray 68-year-old missourian radiating cheer and voicing deep satisfaction with his stewardship today puts in his last full Day at the world s biggest Job. At noon tomorrow he will be come private citizen Harry s. Truman. Leaving the White House he will see Dwight d. Eisenhower sworn in to succeed him As pres ident of the United states. Then several hours later he will head Back to the Missouri he left 18 years ago As a new u. S. Senator. Harry Truman will be out of a Job for the first time in More years than he can remember and ready to try his band at the novel experience of loafing after working around 17 hours a Day Ifor nearly eight years. He gives Harry s. Tranan the appearance of being in excellent health. Any idea that Truman will loaf for Long however plodded by word that he has Al ready made plans to open up a private office in Kansas City near his Home at Independence mo., to serve As Headquarters for his future undertakings whatever they May be. Matthew j. Connelly Long his no. 1 Secretary and confidante is flying out this week to set up this office in a Kansas City of fice before moving on to new to open up a business of his own. Connelly the Man who cleared All appointments to see Truman at the White House plans to be come a consultant on business and government contracts. Aug ural address. Benediction by the most Rev. Henry k. Sherrill of new York presiding Bishop of the protest ant episcopal Church. See schedule Page 2 polish reds accuse u. S. Of spy plots Warsaw Poland Poland s communist government has charged the United states with aggressive spying Active Tives against Poland and with working out a Volcano plan to destroy the polish nation in the event of War. A government note delivered to the american embassy Here a coast guard seaplane was last Friday and published in the immediately sent from Okinawa to Rescue any survivors and pulled in 11 of 13 who had been on the to dump them Back into the chill Ocean Waters when it faltered on its Takeoff and fell burning into the sea. A u. S. Destroyer speeding from Kaohsiung Formosa reached the area in time to pick up seven from the Neptune and two from the coast guard found no others. A second plane searching for the crash victims returned to its base after failing to spot any survivors while dodging red bul lets and shells. The nary clamped a Complete news blackout on the incident press yesterday said the u. S. Government was trying to de Prive Poland of its Independent existence and to subordinate it to the interests of the american the note which demanded the alleged spying be stopped re previous charge that a u. S. Air Force plane dropped two saboteurs into Poland by Parachute nov. 4 and accused the americans also of other extensive espionage and diversion is activities. American air Force officers previously called the charge that saboteurs were dropped a in Washington last night the state department said the pol ish note had not been received and had no comment. But it was reported that the the Volcano plan worked Neptune was shot Down either out by american staff officers off the coastal port of Swaton said the note assigned to u Tom to or the Village of Shing Hai. Some sources feared the Nep tune May have been within the it is to Connelly s apartment j three mile territorial limit of the the president and mrs. coast and therefore Vul see Truman Page 2 enemy attack. Secret agents in Poland the criminal task of indicating tar gets to be bombed and the Start ing of diversion and sabotage on a Large scale in the event of future War. The French said they Rushing reinforcements to Aid the beleaguered French and Viet Nam defenders of a Khe a vital Road head in the Annam mountains. The High command said ele ments of the rebel 803rd and 108th regiments were reported to have linked up with several regional battalions and to be sweeping Down the Cong a River Valley. The report said the heavily armed communist rebels were Only five Miles from an Khe which is 50 Miles up the re Gion s primitive and Only High Way from the coast. It lies Halfway Between Saigon and the regional capital of Hue and straddles the vital sumo la it fill. 1 to t link to Loyal Viet French outposts in Nam and the hostile Mountain area Inland. The Rebe army was moving toward the nearly isolated City the High command said. The communists were armed with heavy Cannon and automatic anti aircraft guns that limited the effectiveness of French War planes. So lunar takes a Nikitia 01 so lunar Penola Ted. Below been from i Sis too will in j4.4 fond Rover the h major period town in boldface begin at the inon and Iran hour and a Naif or two Houra tha minor periods shown to Piti Alden duration Jam Date ii monday 3o tuesday 11 wednesday m thursday 23 Friday 24 saturday 15 sunday m a agora harm in r m. Lake stages Lake level monday. F it Cherokee. 1.001.8 s. Hollon i.s15.1 Boone

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